Elvis The Alien
Elvis The Alien
Elvis The Alien
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Earth sucks, the internet's worse
Tinder Trolling 4
11 hónapja
My Name Was Going To Be Autumn
Anne Hathaway is a great actress, but she is really bad at foreign accents.
United Star Lines
United Star Lines 11 órája
But elvish ?l Have pool n0o0deles.
Mr. Benjobilly
Mr. Benjobilly 11 órája
Every time you cut from the Snider version to the theatrical version it feels like I’m seeing color for the first time in my life.
MP5 11 órája
😂 stop... just stop. It’s leaps and bounds better. Sounds like you’ve got the Forrest Gump syndrome.. you hate it because it’s mostly loved.
Robert Redford
Robert Redford 11 órája
we enjoyed this movie as a kid some of these "criticisms are so bad"
HyperionWasabi 11 órája
The movie was okay. Fanboys really needed to chill over hyping it.
Seriju Scrar
Seriju Scrar 12 órája
Ever tried human centipede 3?
Din ful of sin
Din ful of sin 12 órája
i always wondered how the walkers dived down into water(when the writers made a point to let us all know they cant swim) and attached the chains to the dragon and where the hell did they get the chains!!!???!?! i just watched the whole series again. sure season 6 and 7 had some D+D dumb shit but i couldn't even get through season 8. it got to the point where i didn't give a shit. worse then i remember.
Phenx shock
Phenx shock 12 órája
one time a my neighbors drone was 200 feet in the air looked exactly like that one and i still heard it.
Fin Perkins
Fin Perkins 12 órája
I'm sorry, but Elvis, I will usually side with you on this one, but I too have fallen to Zach Sniders Justice League, and all I hear coming out of your mouth is a bunch of BITCHING. Stop ruining shit for others.
HyperionWasabi 11 órája
If his criticism ruined it for others then they were pretty soft people to begin with.
Tereza Muricová
Tereza Muricová 12 órája
These kind of stories should have stayed in the comics world :DD its just so awkward to watch, but i just think people r so desperate for just any superhero movie, they will consume almost anything. Hey, where is any good writing? Ah!
random vids
random vids 12 órája
when I watched this film we counted all the justice league characters who got kills in the last battle and i said Aquaman going to do the final blow and wouldn't you know but there it is
k0rt0pi 12 órája
if my mom and i were confronted by that first stranger, my mom would've jumped her in less than 1 second
0ne.p01nt.zer0 Zer0
notice how dnd dont have any work these days?
smartPuff 73
smartPuff 73 12 órája
Wasn’t this based on a 50 Shades of Gray Wattpad fanfic
Kamen rider Wolf
Kamen rider Wolf 12 órája
I remember as a kid I was scared of this movie and honestly I can sort of see why
Meagan Carroll
Meagan Carroll 12 órája
I think the pubes were like the tentacles but baby
Keegan Smith
Keegan Smith 12 órája
You should review Knock Knock it's a Keanu Reeves movie it's pretty stupid
raz jak
raz jak 12 órája
Thanks for the review Allen the alien I love Allen the aliens content cool videos bro
M.A. Silye
M.A. Silye 12 órája
got to watch it now
Lexi Majonezik x3
Lexi Majonezik x3 12 órája
It's not a robot it's somethig more like Android
Metatronio 12 órája
Snyder didn't use anything from Whedon's cut. He hasn't even seen Whedon's version. Also the aspect ratio isn't squished, it's the same width with an increased height
Peter Kurten
Peter Kurten 13 órája
l-ASS-o group is a PO Box. The guy taking down the videos is in a hooka/internet cafe in Bulgaria, getting paid $1 a video to remove it and file false claims. And content creators thought youtube care about its creators.
Lavanique Wallace
Lavanique Wallace 13 órája
They should have called it "Thunder Farts" 😂😂
Caleb Fitzgerald
Caleb Fitzgerald 13 órája
I love rule 34
Lizardlikesmemes 13 órája
Man, Surfshark VPN probsbly wouldve sounded better as a sponsor for this.
Vance Bruges
Vance Bruges 13 órája
Do you even Chi, bro?
Logic Builder
Logic Builder 13 órája
On behalf of all atheists, we do not except onision.
xia chen
xia chen 13 órája
the moment when it show up as a brazzers on the side just made me pop up laughing lol.
WeirdIncluded 13 órája
Thank you for reminding me why I have never and will never touch the shitshow that is TikTok. God I actively felt my braincells decomposing.
Caleb Fitzgerald
Caleb Fitzgerald 13 órája
Hey Elvis I want to see you do another nick cage movies called ghost rider spirit of vengeance. Good memes in there
Shiku theTempest
Shiku theTempest 13 órája
I actually made that kitty litter cake once as an April Fools prank for a friend. It actually was pretty tasty. I ate the tootsie rolls separate, though.
Nicolas Lopez
Nicolas Lopez 13 órája
You should review superhero movie it’s free on HUtown
Star Kid
Star Kid 14 órája
how to make this movie last 5 minutes remove the mirror in the bathroom toss the key to the basement boom problem sovled
Dagmar Grandt
Dagmar Grandt 14 órája
Prefer you talking about movies instead of dickheads
A Random Bastard
A Random Bastard 14 órája
i remember watching this in school when i was lime 9, ngl, i was terrified after it
Peace and Tranquility
God it astonishes me that these videos exist.
Lax Itivity
Lax Itivity 14 órája
Çåñ ¥ðµ rêåÐ †hï§?
keegle beegle
keegle beegle 14 órája
This is just engame but worst
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 14 órája
*Are you feeling it nowwww Mr.Krabs?*
Pierre Valente
Pierre Valente 14 órája
It was one of my favorite movies when I was a child 😭
Luca Cerasuolo
Luca Cerasuolo 14 órája
Lazarious 542
Lazarious 542 14 órája
I'm not a big dc/comic fan but damm I think you missed alot of things in this movie with the explanations especially you muct of been HAF! Haha. it was all explained but did not shove in your face like other films. me and my misses enjoyed the movie while not great it was a good watch. Interesting video even though you definitely missed alot of things.
Brianbasshunter 14 órája
Once you have experienced ego death firsthand through psychoactive drugs, this movie makes an insane amount of sense. I didn't necessarily relate to any of them by any means, but the entire story develops more depth and meaning.
the channel with no name
nobody gonna talk about mr.bean??
Peter Kurten
Peter Kurten 14 órája
Night of 1000 Cats. Worse than The Sand.
Sapık Derviş
Sapık Derviş 14 órája
bet this is a good video but I cringed so hard, I don't even think I can finish watching this XD
BoganGaming 15 órája
"Having a commander that is also a sexual love interest was very uncomfortable" Riiiight... coming from the industry that produced Harvey Weinstein?
Brian Klauder
Brian Klauder 15 órája
The Scandinavian girl singing is going to be Aquaman's love interest. In Aquaman's new movie Why not. Right?
Vida Kazlausiene
Vida Kazlausiene 15 órája
Blossom watching this be like: Blossom: nooooooo u cant just expose me Elvis: haha expose go brrrrr
Derek Davidson
Derek Davidson 15 órája
Looking forward to Dune
Sleuth Entertainment
Not only a horrible superhero movie but a perfect example of the decadence that is suffering the films today and how the new generations accept this brainwash to end believing they are watching real good cinema Tremendously sad what is happening to the cinema, and we ain't seen nothing yet....
Laurent 15 órája
Bro, she could beat the grown women because she is a literal god. I love you man but you don’t know the context...
Smoppet 15 órája
He appropriately talks like the Ultimate Warrior 😭
Gayest Picture On The Internet
I don't mean to be THAT guy, but. This guy's an idiot. I agree on the color grading but. This guy...
espo gaming
espo gaming 15 órája
Basically Chucky if he was a drone
Please comment on german horror movie "goodnight mommy", it's so sick and stupid you'll love it....:-))
Dante Group
Dante Group 15 órája
Bruh this movie was so shitty
OTAKU GOD 16 órája
Linke Socke
Linke Socke 16 órája
Can't wait for the videos of him getting arrested or beat up by some angry person during one his "gansta pranks" or whatever.
Πηνελόπη Μαρ
I've watched this movie 4 times... i don't even watch horror that much. Is there a problem with me? I actually find this film amazing.
Gaming with Ziper
Gaming with Ziper 16 órája
I love how this movie take horror and just says "Hmm...Maybe a turtle saying oh shit in Spanish will be good".
Derek Davidson
Derek Davidson 16 órája
Lewis L
Lewis L 16 órája
You look like jschlatt
EGPArk 16 órája
Oh okay. He likes Roanoke better than Apocalypse. I see what’s gonna be wrong with this video
ExCorvus 16 órája
1.33:1 is just 4:3 in disguise 🤣🤣
Tyler 660
Tyler 660 16 órája
That same chant they used 30 times drove me nuts
Buzzyboi B benson
Buzzyboi B benson 16 órája
thx 4 the review alan the alien!!!!
William Drogo
William Drogo 16 órája
Honestly you look like Joss Whedon! No wonder you so eager to defend him....🤣 Just like you and whedon you both look like a shit... Spread happiness
William Drogo
William Drogo 16 órája
Honestly you look like Joss Whedon! No wonder you so eager to defend him....🤣 Just like you and whedon you both look like a shit... Spread happiness
William Drogo
William Drogo 16 órája
Honestly you look like Joss Whedon! No wonder you so eager to defend him....🤣 Just like you and whedon you both look like a shit... Spread happiness
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 15 órája
Stay mad
W.D. Dragneel
W.D. Dragneel 16 órája
Ahhh if only we could go back to the blissful times of "I don't really know who this Jake Paul guy is"
ric Gikonyo
ric Gikonyo 16 órája
Critics can't write, work on or Make Films, Why do we take them seriously again? Oh those who can't do Teach and those who can't Teach, Critic...
dunnowy123 16 órája
I can't believe people believe this is a good movie lmao. It's absolute shit by any standard
Saraeri Lika
Saraeri Lika 16 órája
I have 1 min to die so plz like the comet
aung paing phyoe
aung paing phyoe 16 órája
I wound get a terminator as my my friend instead of this horror show.
oreo icecream
oreo icecream 16 órája
This movie had many slow moving cinematic shots with a bunch of music that made me role my eyes. It just extended the time of the movie. It added nothing artistic.
Lioedevon427 16 órája
I need somebody to talk about Can of Worms. The first 30 minutes suck, but then it gets really fucking weird. Even the poster art is confusing and weird
Craig Kandell
Craig Kandell 16 órája
This movie will make Guillermo Del Toro say WTF
SubToMyChannel 17 órája
As a 11 year old, about to turn 12, I disgust this film, and especially the part when Netflix respects their "values".