WILLY'S WONDERLAND - FNAF but Nicolas Cage is the janitor 

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Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 2 órája
ngl I never really liked nick cage and his acting. This movie does seem good tho. But I personally think that he ruined ghost rider.
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 2 órája
if anyone wants to hate on this comment then hate idc This is just my opinion
Thx for the review alen the alien
Bed_Wetter99 Oh no my toes got out
Where can I get one of those Nicolas cage cut out bords O.O
Hatty Hattington
Hatty Hattington 6 órája
an amazing movie holy fuck
Maro 9 órája
You should review Banana Split in this case, it's basically this but even worse lmfao
Exotic_cupcake • 30 years ago
Why did you have to add jack black singing Five Nights At Freddy’s I spilled my tea! as a Fnaf fan, this is a brilliant movie, despite the animatronics are.... A bit funky at night
- Alastor -
- Alastor - 10 órája
Thx for the review 💙
Orin Levtov
Orin Levtov 10 órája
Check "Thankskilling" if you on the mood about bad horror movies
raz jak
raz jak 12 órája
Thanks for the review Allen the alien I love Allen the aliens content cool videos bro
Gaming with Ziper
Gaming with Ziper 16 órája
I love how this movie take horror and just says "Hmm...Maybe a turtle saying oh shit in Spanish will be good".
Lewis L
Lewis L 16 órája
You look like jschlatt
Buzzyboi B benson
Buzzyboi B benson 16 órája
thx 4 the review alan the alien!!!!
IzThtJay 17 órája
Nicholas cage couldn’t talk because he was a gta character in Disguise🥸
Zardy Foolhardy
Zardy Foolhardy 18 órája
7:52 excuse me *what did she say*
free man
free man 21 órája
Thx 4 the review Alan the alien
Thunder Wolf
Thunder Wolf 21 órája
MOVIE: RIP AND TEAR , but have brakes
Thx for the review Alan the alien
Gavin Christensen
It’s siren Sarah
sourr lungss
five 😩 nihetes🥶 at 🛐 freddeyess🧛‍♀️
Din Djarin
Din Djarin Napja
thx 4 the review alan the alien!
Tricia Inocencio
Aah, aah ah but the main character is not dumb xD
Awesome_ Fox
At 20:30 isn’t that guy or used to be on vine ?
Beepups •
I literally had to go watch this movie after this review and holy shit. Not gonna lie, it was great. Made a whole viewing with my friends for this and we could not stop laughing. Next on the list 'The banana splits movie'
Dávid Dajka
thx 4 the review alan the alien!!!!
Yepsy Napja
That aint animation, thats an actual animatronic costume.
Possibly Dell Honne
Holy shit It's like a high-budget B-movie the scene with the gorilla cements it.
mohammad adnan babelli
thx 4 the review alan the alien!!!!
xX the gaming toast Xx
thx for the review alan the alien
Michael Demers
I was thinking it was a Banana Splits rip off movie.
LonGo Music
LonGo Music 2 napja
Don't see this mentioned so just in case, I'll go ahead. While the FNAF popularity certainly spawned this and the movie I'm gonna mention, no irritation of it or any amount of silent Cage are gonna out do The Banana Splits. They took that concept, used a REAL kids IP from back in the day and just sprinted with it. Is it a great movie? No. But it's a lot of fun and it's gritty with some excellent kills and effects. You should review that movie, there's also plenty to make fun of 😂
aung paing phyoe
I thank nick have history with the willy's wonderland and nick come to this town with a purpose to kill all the robot.
Kilian Glz
Kilian Glz 2 napja
Thanks for the Review Elvis the Alien!!!!!!! (better heart this one)
Jaxson Mcphee
Jaxson Mcphee 2 napja
Is it just me or does anybody else wanna see a second part to the movie lol
Logan 2 napja
Thx for the review Alan the alien!!
tdROBIN 2 napja
I have an idea for you if you plan on doing a sequel to Willy's Wonderland. If you can't get Nick Cage back how about Dolph Lundgren? He's so underrated and deserves more quality films the last film I enjoyed him in was Skin Trade one of my favorites next to Showdown in Little Tokyo. I thought maybe he could instead of being a janitor he could be a maintenance worker who fixes animatronics. Dolph also might be cheaper to reel in as well. Just a thought since I thought Nick's story was wrapped up already.
Quivik NotPotato
When Elvis says that the punch soda is very videogamey and shows footage of a character drinking Juggernog makes sense, good analogy.
Dreamer Shorts
Thx 4 the review alan the alien
olon1993 2 napja
Have you done a review on Thanks Killing? Great shitty movie.
patrik blue sk
Reminds me of Gordon Freeman from Half Life
Jonathan Herring
Dude, this not even close to FNaF. Plus it’s just drunk, emotionless Nic Cage playing pinball and... I guess terrible, gory fight scenes?
Burak ATILGAN 3 napja
thank you alan the alien
brandon gary
brandon gary 3 napja
the opening was so frickin funny decided to sub (i guess i should)
Jesse Ogden
Jesse Ogden 3 napja
It’s kinda like the banana splits
n1nJaX : 141
n1nJaX : 141 3 napja
Nicholas Cage is speechless in this movie
Skyreaper Gamer
mind assassin
mind assassin 4 napja
I think Nick Cage is supposed to have autism and ocd in this movie. Developmentally he seems somewhat stuck at the age he was when he experienced the trauma at Willy's. The soda and pinball were probably things he liked back then. Patterns are extremely important in both those disorders, and he takes breaks at specific intervals that he absolutely will not deviate from.
Sarah Hong
Sarah Hong 4 napja
Oh hmmm....
TokyoGhoul 4 napja
another movie with animatronics is i think a older one i don't know but its the banana splits movie. it isn't as well made but its still good and it uses good practical gore. -Me
TheZillaDude 2010
One of the teens is from Cobra Kai
Joshua Barber
Joshua Barber 4 napja
Were not here for big budget moves were here for the storyline
JJ Gonzalez
JJ Gonzalez 4 napja
Idk about you guys but I loved this movie
Led Vegan
Led Vegan 4 napja
Thanks for the review Alley the Alien!
Christian Chipner
Alien the Alan Lol
thx for the review alan the alien.
Family Account Gilbert
I'm pretty sure they wanted to give the Janitor a Doom Slayer demeanor, but it failed because you know. *Nicholas Cage*
Darran Thomas
Darran Thomas 4 napja
So cage was born literally the last year possible to be considered a boomer? Interesting
Lukas Gensburger
How did the turtle even get there at willys if he’s a Mexican he had to have crossed the wall (it’s just a joke )
DiamondZ Armour
Thx for the review Alan the Alien
Chill Jelloton
Not the f uck in g b a l l p i t
Chill Jelloton
idk if youll see this but the banana spilts movie a an animatronic horror movie where it isnt ghosts! And *spoiler spoiler* they also sequel baited but ??? it was 2019 so maybe
Thailano09 roblox
Ty for the review ailen 💚
Jvsoares5 5 napja
2:26 yo wtf lol
Jackson Oswalt
Thx 4 the review alan the alien!!!!!
TenTonNuke 5 napja
5:31 You've clearly never seen The Banana Splits Movie.
goopy 007
goopy 007 5 napja
Nick in the movie is a silent go getter, nick doesn't want to talk, the difference between fnaf and willy's the children in fnaf are in the suits, willy's had all the killers that resented each animatronic and they took a potion that transferred all there souls into there own preferred animatronic character, if you listen and look closely.
JasZxia 5 napja
I file my nails w/ sandpaper 😳😳
ita pita
ita pita 5 napja
18:46 I actually think that "nick" didn't want her to destroy it cause if there is an option to avoid destroying property it should be the chosen option cause if there is less destroyed property then "nick" will get more money at the end of the night for all he knows... thank you for coming to my ted talk
e m o t r a s hTM
gotta stay fresh, gotta stay clean, bashin' in the heads of murderous machines
Gail shields
Gail shields 5 napja
Mallow knight
Mallow knight 5 napja
Why the fuck is Christian delgrosso in this!?!?!
Sandra Breaston
Eeh how does it get away with so much copying and stuff
Cipher Ace Buenconsejo
Thx 4 the review Alan The Alien!
Life of Adonivich
It should be FNAF movie
RaZor Cash
RaZor Cash 6 napja
I guess im one of the few the really loved this movie then again I love ghostrider just much so...
Johan Huerta
Johan Huerta 6 napja
This is a studio thinking they can make a cult movie on purpose
CrocketManN 6 napja
thank for the review Evlis The Alein!
Ella Macal
Ella Macal 6 napja
*I hate this movie so much-*
swiftskittle 6 napja
i swear if you say that any godzilla movie is bad
Andrew MacMosh
I fell down the stairs while watching the movie
Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm 6 napja
Sad thing is, this is probably Nick Cages best performance.
Alessio Cornacchia
Thx for the review Alan the alien
hanz king
hanz king 7 napja
thnx 4 the review alan the alien!!!!!!!!
Wilson Wakpi
Wilson Wakpi 7 napja
Punch energy sponsored the movie.
1984 PONTIAC 7 napja
Nickolas cage is Mr clean
Seth Valentine
This movie is so god damn stupid, I didn't even make it half way through before turning it off.
Doctor Drill
Doctor Drill 7 napja
Fnaf vr has a vent game mode and what does the imposter use to move around the map quickly vents????!!!!! fnaf vr = sussis amogus 😲😲😲😵🤧🤮👺💩💩👻💀😬😁😎🙂🧐
Doctor Drill
Doctor Drill 7 napja
Wait real life has vents and amogus has vents?!?!,!?!!?! real life also = amogis ventus
Horaiko 7 napja
thx 4 the review alan the alien
William Cramer
thx 4 the review alan the alien!!!!
William Cramer
I feel embarrassed but whatever bro...
Jani Bizjak
Jani Bizjak 7 napja
this movie is a doom version of fnaf, but there is nick cage and not a doom guy, "the only thing they fear is NICK with his PUNCH drink"
Tefik Beka
Tefik Beka 7 napja
This hole movie i sead wow he is strong but when he just rips the zip tie I know he was super strong
DragonCat126 8 napja
Can’t remember the video where it was reviewed, but they brought up the solid point that Nicolas cage probably already knew about Willy’s, and came to restore it to his childhood glory
Tr4ns_l0s3r 8 napja
I saw this movie and said: “Fnaf in real life but with the budget of $5”
Ten 8 napja
Thanks for the Review, Elvis the Extra-Terrestrial
Aaliyah 8 napja
I think his first encounter would have been the greatest time to say something.. “What the fuck...” 🤣
20:34 To be fair. Litteraly The Entire Staff Were Mass Murderer Rapists That Killed The Kids Anyway XD. Somehow I doubt they cared about safety
Five Little Chickens At The End Of The Line,
ArsonBarbie 8 napja
Thanks for the review, Alan the Alien! Okay but why was this movie actually so fun to watch
vlover1500 8 napja
Thanks 4 the review Ricky the rap...
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De4d_B3ast YT
De4d_B3ast YT 9 napja
2:21 lmfao
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