Verstappen & Hamilton Collide At Silverstone | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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A thrilling opening lap ended abruptly for championship leader Max Verstappen as he collided with rival Lewis Hamilton, ending his race and earning Hamilton a 10-second penalty. Verstappen was able to walk away but has been taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

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DabTastic 18 órája
And Lewis gets nothing while Max gets a penalty at Monza. Just plain silly.
Joel James
Joel James Napja
Who watched this after reading all the comments from the latest incident in Italy?
MV fans and LH fans are correct. FIA need to ban these two forever and leave F1 to young gen like russel and tsunoda
Steven Varcoe
Steven Varcoe 3 napja
The Italian Grand Prix was karma as Max was in the wrong just as Lewis was in Britain.
Giacomo 3 napja
If Schumacher had done this people would have said he was German cheat. But since Hamilton is British, competing in a British sport dominated by British bias in the media, then he gets eternal free pass and "Lewis is clean" becomes the only narrative accepted.
Metrofilmer88 2 napja
What do you mean. Everyone has freaked out about this incident
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia 3 napja
Oh boy this just got interesting
Coop Shanks
Coop Shanks 3 napja
Ahhh checking this video after 3 place grid penalty to max because he “wasn’t” alongside Hamilton at monza, and this video confirms he was more alongside Hamilton than Hamilton was during this turn. And yet Hamilton didn’t have a penalty for the next race.
Metrofilmer88 2 napja
Lewis was able to continue in Silverstone, so they could immediately give him 10 seconds. Max retired so they had to give him the most fitting penalty they could. If Max had been able to continue in Monza, he would’ve gotten a 10 second penalty instead
Flamy 3 napja
When did Lewis check to see if Max was okay?
Metrofilmer88 2 napja
He asked on the radio while coming in on the red flag. Once he heard Bono tell him Max was fine, he continued on as normal
Tulio Guillen
Tulio Guillen 4 napja
Viendo este video un día después de ver que a Max lo sancionaron con tres puestos por el accidente de monza, veo que la FIA no está actuando bien no ha actuado bien en los últimos 10 años. Aveces me pregunto, ¿ que hago siguiendo este deporte todavía?
Aurélien 4 napja
At what point in the manoeuvre was Hamilton fully alongside Verstappen on this accident ? Just asking ...
Coop Shanks
Coop Shanks 3 napja
Yup he wasn’t even close. Meanwhile at monza verstappen is literally next to him and forced off the track. Then boom three place grid penalty to max. Look this is getting ridiculous how terrible these ‘stewards’ are.
Koffi Serge Stephane Konan
Hamilton l'a doublé il devrait céder et laisser plus de place. Quand on est agressive le résultat est l'hôpital.
Koffi Serge Stephane Konan
Max est mauvais et trop agressive
Koffi Serge Stephane Konan
Il ne devrait pas laisser de la place. Il devrait bien couvrir sa gauche et sa droite. Il est tombé dans le pièce de Hamilton qui est un très bon pilote à ce moment tu cède et il revient la suite toute le monde le connais
Soul 0rison
Soul 0rison 2 napja
This crash was not at all his fault
Fajar Adi Burhani Otoluwa
Came here after Monza. Somehow they both crashed when there's a Sprint Quali. Anyways, This comment section, That is full of Crashtappen and Fraudmilton fans fighting each other, Is the reason why I am unironically became a Nicholas Latifi fan.
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 4 napja
This one is definitely Lewis’s fault. Should have probably been a 15-20 second penalty, not just 10, or grid drop before the next race to the back as well.
unclebob5 4 napja
Hamilton is the most disgusting, self serving and dishonest driver, "just turned in on me!" You should be so ashamed. Woeful also to FIA that they do nothing to curb this behaviour.
KaKasher 4 napja
brawo CHAMilton co ty robisz bobie, do williamasa z toba
Vinsu Karma
Vinsu Karma 4 napja
Verstapen has suicidal tendencies :- \
Mufasa Biin Laden
Who’s here after the Italian gp 🙋🏻‍♂️
ohjajohh 4 napja
danec138 4 napja
Who else is watching after the announcement of Max getting robbed for 3 positions in Russia? Fia are getting paid by Mercedes 🤔
danec138 2 napja
@Metrofilmer88 slap on the wrist for Hamilton.
Metrofilmer88 2 napja
Not really. That 3 positions is about as equal to a 10 second penalty as you can give to someone who can’t continue the race
El Mayimbe
El Mayimbe 4 napja
Big Hamilton guy, but I am a NASCAR guy first so...Max did nothing wrong there. It was a game of chicken and neither guy budged. That is called...RACING. Love Hamilton, but he should have gave him the corner and then got by CLEAN in a lap or 2. Did Hamilton get amnesia and forget about SILVERSTONE?
ProjectVII 4 napja
It just happened again
Esteban Lebrun
Here after Monza
Wanderley Anjos
Safadeza de verstappen. Hamilton ia se sair bem nessa corrida. Carater ruim de verstappen. Me lembrou o schumaker
Į.Bröwn🌺 5 napja
Max ainda com um carro melhor, continua sendo imprudente!
Lázaro Mendonça
@Rafaela Santos lembre que o Hamilton fechou tb o Max. Se você ver a largada toda hora passou 2 carros tranquilamente. O Hamilton não deu espaço de um carro para o Max
Lázaro Mendonça
@Rafaela Santos Rosberg fez a defesa normal da posição. Se pode mexer apenas uma vez. Hamilton forçou uma ultrapassagem sem espaço e tirou o Rosberg e ele mesmo da corrida. MT parecido com o Max em Monza forçou uma ultrapassagem onde não tinha espaço
Rafaela Santos
@Lázaro Mendonça o rosberg literalmente fechou ele kkkk não acho que teve nada de extraordinário, o LH tentou ultrapassar, em um lugar ok, e o Rosberg quis proteger a posição.
Lázaro Mendonça
@Rafaela Santos pesquise sobre Espanha 2016. Em q o Hamilton força uma ultrapassagem extremamente agressiva no Rosberg e acaba q tirou o Rosberg e ele próprio da corrida.
Rafaela Santos
imprudente é pouco, o Hamilton já evitou vários acidentes com o Max então ele fez bem em não ceder.
高睿辰 5 napja
Take even today, lol
neelesh dayal
neelesh dayal 5 napja
Watching this after Monza 🤣
MrCrazyBubba 5 napja
Max left him enough room
oktay yilmaz
oktay yilmaz 5 napja
Lewis was just too fast to the corner..
Iestyn Owen
Iestyn Owen 5 napja
Here after monza. Crash no 2, So far.
leewat 5 napja
They are really killing each other now😰
TheJokerit19 5 napja
Silverstone, Monza, I wonder where their next collision will happen.
Metrofilmer88 2 napja
Both had sprint races so my best guess would be Brazil since that’s the location of the third sprint race
cinamonrollcutie 2
I was so surprised that this time both were out of the race bro....I was shocked....I was busy keeping up with highlights on my phone and the moment I checked my TV ...bam the crash happened. I get their competitive spirit but they need to be careful otherwise one or both of them could end up ☠️ in one of their brawls on track. I'm glad MCL won the race today tho, it was interesting to see how everyone did without the top contenders
Felipe Magalhães Oliveira
Vamos dizer que o Verstappen deu o troco hoje
M. Salah
M. Salah 5 napja
Mersby 5 napja
Here after Monza 2021
Louis 5 napja
Verstappen got his revenge 😂
Metrofilmer88 2 napja
@AntiT3rror not really. Had Max been able to continue, he would have most likely gotten a 10 second penalty. However, since he also was forced to retire, they are penalizing him with the most equal they can
AntiT3rror 4 napja
but sadly fia double standards and he got penalty
Frankie Garza
Frankie Garza 5 napja
Hahaha this looks familiar
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS 5 napja
This aged well, Monza 2021 says hello
Chris2003 5 napja
Here after Monza 2021
DARK SIDE 5 napja
again, seriously??
jussayin mipeece
so what are we going to say about Crash Max taking out Hamilton this time?
NAVIN SIVA 5 napja
Im here after they 2 crashed again
Abimanyu Rainy
And they crash again at monza
Atharva mestry #f1
Huge power for the mercedes before hits verstappen on turn 8 to win the race but in sprint verstappen won
sheffieldgeek 8 napja
2019, 2020, and now 2021. This has become a classic. It shall be written as the "Hamilton rear hook" in F1 textbook.
Dean Branson
Dean Branson 8 napja
If this was schumacher , he would of been disqualified from the championship for taking out a rival. British media protecting this cheater too much. Watching Sky in English has been a bore and bias for a decade now. Half the pundits said a 5 sec penalty was harsh. cmon man.
Alejandro Corleone
hamilton rules....
Dario Garcia
Dario Garcia 13 napja
Thats amazing, A month later and I still think it was a very bad move by Lewis, Clearly he had the right side free, and clearly Verstappen had priority in the corner.
Zora Orbitz
Zora Orbitz 13 napja
The commentary was magnificent
Tinou 13 napja
If they give Hamilton just a 10 second penalty for that, might as well let Hamilton crash every other driver out of the race and take the win that way, ridiculous 😑
Charly M.77
Charly M.77 14 napja
Lewis hamilton te pasaste de lanza 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
Ali Cia
Ali Cia 15 napja
I can’t be the only one who just doesn’t see where Hamilton could have gone
NootYT 19 napja
Hamilton had absolutely no room to make that overtake when he did, and then understeered/ early apexed giving no room for Verstappen
NootYT 19 napja
10 second penalty smh
Lewis Gordon
Lewis Gordon 20 napja
Looks to me the fault is Hamilton’s. He ran a bit too deep, running’s tad wide & wasn’t going to be able to hit his apex. If Lewis had it doesn’t look like Max would have touched him.
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 19 órája
@Sagnik Bose he was talking about silverstone not monza
Alexander Strachan
@Sagnik Bose That had nothing to do with the Silverstone crash.
Sagnik Bose
Sagnik Bose 4 napja
This aged badly see what happened in Italy
Terpal Lebar Official
greetings from Indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩
junior junior
junior junior 22 napja
sina RaziZadeh
sina RaziZadeh 22 napja
Hamilton is a real loser
Marcos Paulo
Marcos Paulo 23 napja
I have to assume Max played clean. You can note his move 1st from left to take the perfect tangency/raceline. Only after this movment he take rigth, but LH already "into" Max. LH could avoided this hit. We all fans of F1 lost a great race. Its a joke.
LEENEY 24 napja
Am I the only one who is just enjoying the war between Hamilton and verstappen fans? Also the crash already happened, I don't understand why arguing is going to solve anything
LH44 24 napja
botas 29 napja
botas 29 napja
botas 29 napja
botas 29 napja
botas 29 napja
Peppi On fire
Peppi On fire Hónapja
Hit the apex hamilton
Richard-Anthony Gilbey
He’s a real racer Hamilton
lentokone toveriturbiini
I Want that Bottas would do great on race, but I hate to see Mercedes being Mercedes
Kian Andrei Binag
I literally just pooped my pants because Lewis Hamilton collided with Verstappen. I am a Hamilton fan but ofc, I am mad for colliding with Verstappen.
ioann geo
ioann geo Hónapja
Max Verstappen.. you are not an attack pilot. You are a great pilot and you are fighteing always for the top. The same comments they was saying about Ayrton Senna.. but he was never give up. This championship is yours.
Will Hónapja
I love it and watch it over and over. Fly Red Bull Fly
MIKEL CSR2  reviews
Shingo points
Why does this have 35k thumbs up
Danny Meades
Danny Meades Hónapja
Just turned in on me he has did this multiple times now cant see no one pass him hope someone puts him into a wall at over a 100mph
P2/L1 Hónapja
Hamilton was first into the space Verstappen wanted. "Just turned in on me!" It's on Verstappen.
ebk60 Hónapja
Everyone who likes Hamilton seems to think this is perfectly ok but everyone else thinks this was unsportsmanlike.
ABC DEF Hónapja
Lewispin Hamilton
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Hónapja
other person if you take them out of the race. It's like you're violating the speed, but just let you go." OH THE IRONY!
H Money4269
H Money4269 Hónapja
Thats just a racing incident Over in America we'd call that an example of the classic bump n run gone wrong
Tony Starkes
Tony Starkes 17 napja
GamingGamer01 Hónapja
Here's how I viewed the whole thing: First of all, Hamilton was only given a 10 second penalty because the FIA/stewards only award penalties based on causes, not outcomes. Michael Masi himself said this. Secondly, this was a racing incident. Hamilton saw that there was a gap on the inside and went for it (as any driver would), and Verstappen turned into the corner and tried to defend his position but just got caught up in it. Also, when you look at the onboard view from Hamilton, you can see him back off to try to avoid it. He did not want to cause a collision and it's clear that it was unintentional. He got the penalty, he served it, carried on, and won. Also, to everyone who is upset about him celebrating: I understand you to an extent, but at the same time, he wasn't aware until after the race that Verstappen was in the hospital. He asked over the team radio if Max was OK, and Mercedes told him that he was.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Hónapja
Bye bye "Supermax" 😂😂😂
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Hónapja
what lewis did to max was like what chicj did to the king from cars on the final race
fabian rodriguez
Bruh this is how i drove playing f1 on my ps1
Erick Akuma Fuentes
Searching for food On youtube
Was that hamilton's voice saying safety car?
Tyheim Brown
Tyheim Brown Hónapja
Jimmie Johnson would never do that
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Hónapja
I started watching F1 recently and couldn’t understand why my friends hate Hamilton. Until this. Now everything he does irritates me
Stanley Lau
Stanley Lau Hónapja
Since this incident in Silverstone, Max Verstappen struggling while Lewis Hamilton is back to his best. Thrilling battle between these two when F1 resume in Belgium.
Progje Hónapja
from what i see is that Verstappen hitted Lewis with his back tire and Verstappen came out badly. All Lewis wanted is to pass Max from the inside. That is obviously clear in this video.
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu Hónapja
Why does everyone got problem to Hamilton?
BUSMEN Hónapja
Max turned on Hamilton
Kdbdkd Dodndk
Kdbdkd Dodndk Hónapja
Letss goo hamilton🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙
Jimmy Hónapja
Hamilton fans this year truly are like a wife seeing her husband repeatedly beating up a kid in the streets and still be like 'I love this man'
13 x 10 s
13 x 10 s Hónapja
Lewis is winning the championship now by 8 points . Shows how crucial standing his ground was here .
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Hónapja
Just waiting for palmer analysis on this incident.
Creeper 8 napja
Nice stealing Comments. Sore loser
wentao liu
wentao liu Hónapja
this is why we miss Maldonado LOL
Jumpman Lane
Jumpman Lane Hónapja
Max turned into him. Look at his front wheels.
Jay B
Jay B Hónapja
He does have a corner to take here. Also look at Hamilton's front wheels locking up and not turning, with all that room on the inside.
Pedro Costa
Pedro Costa Hónapja
Bye bye "Supermax" 😂😂😂
Ren Amamiya
Ren Amamiya Hónapja
I was there…
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Hónapja
0:27 The more I watch Hamilton's perspective, the more it reminds me of using RR3 opponents as late-brake barriers...
Charming nowhere to hide
to, and we can have racing like that up and down the entire field, all race every race.
Yaseen Gaffoor
Yaseen Gaffoor Hónapja
I started watching F1 recently and couldn’t understand why my friends hate Hamilton. Until this. Now everything he does irritates me
M E Hónapja
Hopefully he gets a hefty fine
1stelist Hónapja
The Hungary incident with Bottas sweeping Perez and Max out of the race, makes it the 2nd race in a row where Mercedes cars take out Red Bull cars. With the money involved and the records on the stake, it wouldn’t surprise me Mercedes team orders instructed the pilots to do this. For how many more races should this happen before someone seriously investigates these incidents to probe criminal intentions ?
Charming nowhere to hide
some action but they cry like babies all week....
Maciuś Hónapja
Why does everyone got problem to Hamilton?
Lucas Javier Hoquigaray
Vamos Mercedes !!
Hizer Saduan
Hizer Saduan Hónapja
sokong lg LGBT main pon srupa depa langaq blkg jgak laaa
Sándor Pandur
Sándor Pandur Hónapja
sotiris kapsomanis
Mercedes is the dirtiest team in f1 for many years....and FIA what a joke...you almost killed an opponent and you only get 10 sec penalty... disgusting....
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