VAMPIRE'S KISS - A Hilariously Insane Nicolas Cage Movie 

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Annette Denomatth
Omg I need to see this movie 🤣
Jackisback 10 órája
You know what is role nick cage is my favorite? Caster Troy from Face Off.
Josh Groban
My favorite actor is unironically nick cage
dacsus Napja
Overacting? I don't think so. People don't get it, that's all.
NEST TITAN 2 napja
1:48 my crushes room on a nightly basis.
ZbGb 3 napja
Thanks for reviewing this Elvis. My girlfriend suggested this movie because of this video. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. This film is actual comedic genius.
Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight 4 napja
Your a cock mate. This is acting at its most brilliant
Nicholas Cage's Mandolin
The jump up on the desk scene had me in stitches.
gusterele paco
me:omg no way a cool streaming series for horror fans like me "not available in your country" ('-')
Diego Landa
Diego Landa 6 napja
Read the Bible
Rogelio Palos
Rogelio Palos 6 napja
TVTropes Described Cage Approach to acting Perfectly: "It's a common misunderstanding that Cage is a 'bad' actor. He's an interesting actor, as he always makes different choices on different movies to avoid any one particular note (the adage goes that if you can remember an actor's performance, then they must have done something right, and Cage has a lot of memorable performances). He has been part of some of the biggest blockbuster movies, worked with some great directors, and in interviews he is highly insightful, citing obscure artists and references as basis for his performances."
Austin Wood
Austin Wood 7 napja
Hey if you're as rich as him you can do what you want. You're just jealous lmao
Austin Wood
Austin Wood 7 napja
Some of his behaviour in the club is obviously inspired by the style of the vampire in Nosferatu. 13:38 The way he stands tall with his arms down at their side. 13:41 When he turns around he even holds his arm as if he is a clawed/long-fingered being. Very cool actually.
Ebay Account
Ebay Account 7 napja
That superman comic was a STEAL. Literally, the books worth 1 million now.
Jordon 8 napja
For some reason, peter's descent into madness is really unsettling
Joseph Douek
Joseph Douek 8 napja
So it’s one of the movies that should be rated 5/5 absolute trash
With the commentary it just seemed like he was having fun with it.
Classic film
NO PASARAN 10 napja
Jesus Christ. No wonder his kid listens to black metal (which is cool)
BlueMoxxie 11 napja
You should watch Left Behind it is a bad nic cage movie lmao
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple 11 napja
mc st
mc st 11 napja
*Sanity is for the weak!!!*
Gable Sm
Gable Sm 11 napja
They drug a bird lol
The way you added the minecraft eating sound effect to the scene where he eats the roach... God
Preston Coulter
Preston Coulter 12 napja
AWW COMEON Nobody liked that
Ashlyn Wolff
Ashlyn Wolff 13 napja
4:52 Peter: Why are you runnin'? Y RU RUNNIN'?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 5:17 Learning the ALPHABET with Nicholas Cage 😂😂😂😂😂 14:47 "REAL HOBOS" LMFAOOO 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Sentry COD
Sentry COD 13 napja
How did this movie ever get passed post
ojosdelosmemes 14 napja
Blake the Snake / Pookie Beats
This is just an unhinged American Psycho
The Crusader
The Crusader 15 napja
10:13 sounds like my dad
look at my photo yes, that's for you
the more he becomes a "vampire" the more he sounds like trump LOL
Skelet0 Ic3
Skelet0 Ic3 16 napja
Im so glad I live in the same timeline as nicholas cage
NitroCharge 240
NitroCharge 240 17 napja
Truly Nicholas Cage at his absolute best
Compass Rose
Compass Rose 17 napja
Can I just say, unrelated, but it there was EVER a live action Lore Olympus movie Nick Cage would play Hades. You can't convince me otherwise. It makes it twenty times funnier to me imagining it.
Alana Banana
Alana Banana 18 napja
Wait this is a love story?? I mean if I was rich, id buy stupid stuff.
Reverie 19 napja
4:22 😂 I fucking can't.
AngryFruit 19 napja
I love Nic
SNB Sixteen6stars
Mr cage has voodoo shrunken heads? Did hé ever played a witchdoctor at one point?
SNB Sixteen6stars
Good vampire movie
Firemania64 20 napja
Its weird to think that the FRED movie had more of a budget then this movie.
Bradley Dahlgren
*Its incredible.......its REALLY incredible*
Rugops 20 napja
Elvis please review "Army of One" It's my favourite Nicolas Cage movie.
Carol 20 napja
Love this movie.
Nuzhar Nur
Nuzhar Nur 21 napja
Man I wish I had a trex skull
Hector H
Hector H 21 napja
it like American psycho but with vampires
SuperTeab 21 napja
Could Elivis watch Raw (2016)?
theoneme94 21 napja
24 years wtf? he could easily pass as my father in his 24, and I'm 26
Bhasty 1
Bhasty 1 22 napja
I stopped watching as soon as you said love story. Seriously?
__ 22 napja
nic might just be the coolest person ever just based on his purchases alone
Lynn 23 napja
You should check out the movie "Us". It's really weird and I don't know why it has so much good reviews. It doesn't make really much sense.
gorgeousgambler 24 napja
Please review Ghost Rider 2. Half the movie is filmed to cut Nic's forehead out of frame to hide his hairline. It is the video equivalent of Comic Sans.
zerp blerd
zerp blerd 24 napja
Fight Club is just okay
Claudio 24 napja
Seriously: the only luck of Nick Cage is that he is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and that he is related to several other artists of the Coppola family. He has no acting talent, no facial expressions, and all his attempts to create some expression different than a dumb concrete block, are pathetic. If he had a different family name, would have been discarded even from Bolliwood..
Ravatecu 25 napja
this script actually seems pretty good. In better hands this might have been a pretty good movie, lol
Michael Tofig
Michael Tofig 25 napja
Please review Titanic 2 its on Amazon Prime, its such a great movie
Fyn XandeR
Fyn XandeR 25 napja
Review “The Unholy” please it is the worst movie I’ve ever seen
Mennos 26 napja
This movie is so bad that its so good at the same time :P
Lewis Robertson
Lewis Robertson 26 napja
You should check out the film Pod, its something else
S.S RADON 26 napja
Nick cage in this movie is my autistic friend after they watched hellsing.
Elkaos 27 napja
What I love about this movies that the actress who's playing Alva when she's around Nick Cage when he's acting crazy, she's genuinely looks scared. Like she's not even acting, she's just scared of Nicolas Cage.
Swisher Man
Swisher Man 28 napja
In this movie he’s rich but he has a shitty apartment
Precious Bre
Precious Bre 28 napja
Where are you Elvis !???
Wim Van der Straeten
Nicolas Cage is the greatest actor in the history of cinema. Period.
santiago palacio
Long library's theme song from castlevania SOTN 00:41. Really nice one
Austin Stull
Austin Stull 29 napja
You have to review the 2014 Bollywood classic, ‘Pizza.’ Its on Netflix and is an absolute showstopper
goddamn ducks
goddamn ducks 29 napja
HinduHillbilly 29 napja
I saw this movie in the theater when it was released. The movie press lost their minds over the fact he actually ate a real cockroach in that scene. That was mentioned in every Nic Cage article for ten years. (Have you ever seen Peggy Sue Got Married? That movie was directed by his uncle, Francis Ford Coppola, and his performance was almost as odd as this one, his voice in particular.)
MYOPINION 29 napja
Why did you private you're video from 2 days ago?????????
Jitterzz 29 napja
Working in mortgage, I can’t imagine Cage’s list of liabilities.
Bright's Kohai
Bright's Kohai 29 napja
glad that nic cage continues to wake up and choose violence
TheAntiTrope 29 napja
Lol that was actually just John Malkovich saying "with all due respect... what the fuck?" I think he caught a glimpse of the Nick Cage future and couldn't understand how this man made hundreds of millions 😂
alexya 29 napja
where did ur sci-fi video go :(((
Ole C
Ole C 28 napja
@alexya just right for the weekend. Thanks for the info!
alexya 28 napja
@Ole C HE REUPLOADED IT!! his best video this far, 10/10. Sci-fi captures what many other pieces of media can’t. Glad that video is up again :)
SparkShark 29 napja
I just wanted to watch it. Hopefully he reuploades it
Ole C
Ole C 29 napja
I know right.. I wanted to finish it today :( One of his most interesting ones, especially since I love sci-fi
Kaden Collins
Kaden Collins 29 napja
Do kung pow
Coopdawg720 Hónapja
Wait he existed in 1989
HafizhWK Hónapja
Do you private your science fiction genre analysis video? I'm not done watching it
「Kasey von Roo。」ʕʘ‿ʘʔ
2:55 I'd call Vampire's Kiss an amazing movie, but not Fight Club. VK is underrated art while FC is overrated.
Neanderthal Nation
... bro where'd u go?
SukiiTheArtist Hónapja
Could you please watch Love on a Leash, I promise you it will be the weirdest experience
Serenity Rain
Serenity Rain Hónapja
I went to go back to ur latest video and it’s not there😭😭 I need those movie recommendations
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Hónapja
What happened to the most recent vid
Luis Hónapja
Not sure, but i watched the whole thing before it was taken down
Tomatron Hónapja
Sameer MTB
Sameer MTB Hónapja
ye im confused toooooooooo
Vosiss Gaming
Vosiss Gaming Hónapja
Okay dud anyone else hear the way buddy was like "oh the birds were drugged like what you thought I was a good enough actor to catch a bird" idk why but I died laughing lol
Jeremiah Boglin
Jeremiah Boglin Hónapja
Can you please review this movie called Dead Tone. Its a movie 😑Its on tubi
Marshall Miles
Marshall Miles Hónapja
So that's why he had tax issues
Sara Vinci
Sara Vinci Hónapja
I'm not entirely sure he was acting
megan griffith
megan griffith Hónapja
Finally someone reviews this crazy movie!!
TERROR Hónapja
Hey man can you review Nobody sleeps in the woods tonight in Netflix, It's Painfully Stupid
Dianne Hónapja
I would love you to watch Killer Sofa please!!
suhaib Hónapja
please review the movie : 8 a south african horror story
Gunjan Tripathi
Gunjan Tripathi Hónapja
Nic cage is a legend
Yin Yang Edits
Yin Yang Edits Hónapja
18:55 my friend's dad bought the castle off Nic Cage, and he lives in it now, and he has had a bunch of weird pets too, like a ferret until it ran away, he would take goats for walks as well lol. it's in Somerset Bath, we used to able to see it from our school, I've been there it's really cool because the inside is stone as well as the outside, but the cobblestone walls around the grounds keep falling down and there's a graveyard near the back garden, you can also see it if you're on the cycle path next to the main field witch has some cows in it i dont know just thought that was cool :)
Yin Yang Edits
Yin Yang Edits Hónapja
@Keith Marshall you win 😂
Keith Marshall
Keith Marshall Hónapja
@Yin Yang Edits Lmoalol
Yin Yang Edits
Yin Yang Edits Hónapja
@Keith Marshall lmao
Keith Marshall
Keith Marshall Hónapja
Kristian Dies_alot
Review lil nas x’s new song, the music video for it is so cursed It’s called montero call my by your name He literally did a uhh..... thing with the devil
Lifes Glitch
Lifes Glitch Hónapja
Please do the hills have eyes 2 it’s great 😂😂😂
Dopey Cat
Dopey Cat Hónapja
watch the minis
Asher fuller
Asher fuller Hónapja
I will unsubscribe if you dont
H KH 26 napja
Shut up
Asher fuller
Asher fuller Hónapja
Can you do people ruin my hero acidemiea pleas season 5 is out and its popular
Deniss Dumitra
Deniss Dumitra Hónapja
Watch playmobil movie. Its so bad
Honorus Hónapja
Please make a review of the first Russian blockbuster "Major Grom: The Plague Doctor" on the superhero theme. I think it turned out well!
Oh fridge ABC
Oh fridge ABC Hónapja
Please make a video on a movie on Netflix called beneath, less than ten minutes in and I regretted it Big fan of the videos by the way
i DIED at the intro XDDDD
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