THUNDER FORCE - The New Worst Superhero Movie? 

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Thunder Farce
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Lil Boi
Lil Boi Órája
Zombie nazis
Rio Fourie
Rio Fourie 9 órája
It was ok
Lavanique Wallace
Lavanique Wallace 13 órája
They should have called it "Thunder Farts" 😂😂
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 14 órája
*Are you feeling it nowwww Mr.Krabs?*
Latin Letters
Latin Letters 17 órája
Noooooooo the guy from toy soldiers making that horrible rock skip joke
DasKame 21 órája
i dont know Seems to me like a NICKELODEON Movie
KaijuCreeper 21 órája
This movie is the best movie ever! The raw chicken eating asmr was my favourite part along with when they played fortnight. 19/10
5PVC3 Napja
I'm not getting notifications for your cahnnel
Snowy Napja
The movie couldve been good, if not ok but they gotta make it shitt
Hasan Garmarudi
Nerd is the n word in this movie's universe
this movie was great lol
Withie The Wither
Whenever I watched this movie I did think it was better than I expected, but I was expecting a complete dumpster fire with no redeeming qualities so that's not saying much. It had some good moments but they are heavily overshadowed by the bad moments. I'd probably give it a 3.5/10 at most
Hugo Tate
Hugo Tate Napja
6:01 ....
Ernesto Valencia
hate to break it to you but those are lobster claws that your holding
Franjo Cupic
My friend wanted me to watch this shit and said it was good lmao
Sully Groot
Why does melissa McCarthy have a career?
walter soprano
"Melissa Mcharty plays a girl cal-" No, Melissa Mcharty plays Melissa Mcharty
Possibly Dell Honne
"I'm not a nerd, i'm smart!" "I'm not [derogatory word for person who is intelligent but reclusive], i'm smart!" "I'm not [term used for at least 3 generations of media to refer to people who are deeply intelligent and have extensive knowledge of their subject of research beyond what is commonly expected of them], I'm smart!" She's right. This girl can't be a nerd, she dumb as hell
Dadko Napja
10:25 Why is there so much dirt in this exposion? She was underwater!
Charlie Pereira
Do scary movie 2
Has Melissa McCarthy ever been in a good movie?
KR6 Productions
That ThunderForce, Niko and Team America ASMR was top tier ✨👌
SirFrosty2204 2 napja
Lol it’s just a flash ripoff
LordBerdus 2 napja
Jason Bateman crab walking out of frame made me laugh way harder than it should have
Marc Duval
Marc Duval 2 napja
have you tried looking into the 2010 movie Rubber it's terrible but in a good way
Stephanie Barnes
You know calling someone can be funny in a "ironic" or "the person calling another person an lame insult shows how pathetic this person is" like but...this is not what happened here
Lil Man Cruz
Lil Man Cruz 2 napja
The only reason I watched the movie was because Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo were involved in the soundtracks heavy metal ques (the theme song is ass). A quote from Ennio Morricone fits this movie "a great score, after all, can't save a bad film, and a bad score - so it's said - can't sink a good one".
KINGsoar99 2 napja
Kinda ironic how making fun of a comedy is funnier than the comedy itself
VECTOR 69 2 napja
At class some kid said this movie was the best movie they had ever seen
TheBestLamb 2 napja
I thought the movie was alright 👍
Ditya Alamsyah
was that mantis??
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders 3 napja
Oh god, Melissa McCarthy
Clayton Davis
Clayton Davis 3 napja
Pretty sure when he runs away side ways with his crab claws up is a zoidberg nod
Bob Cartwright
So he runs away like Zoidberg?
Daddy-0 Long Legs
Zoidberg approves.
sara kate
sara kate 3 napja
may i ask whats up with fat shaming them every 5 minutes throughout the video?
leo allen
leo allen 3 napja
Honestly it just started off meh for me. The kids were given some completely unnatural lines. Very hard to not come off stiff with those. Didnt bother to watch the rest.
Apis Mellifera
I can´t stand that Melissa McCarthy plays literally the same Character in every Movie...
Sleep Deprived
My opinion is, I dont think it was that bad, it was funny, made me laugh a few times. But i respect your opinion.
LEGOMAN 2 3 napja
Hey, I watched this movie. It was not very good.
Dimitris Tzivas
This guys laugh is like there is no main act only the intro..nice video though
Steven Fraser
Steven Fraser 3 napja
After directing her in Thunder Force, Tammy, The Boss, SuperIntelligence and Life Of The Party, I'm beginning to think Melissa McCarthy's hack director husband actually hates her and wants to destroy her career.
Stoat the Mammal
I watched this movie because it was a superhero movie, and I finished it so it wouldn't be in my continue to watch feed
Rex Rekt
Rex Rekt 3 napja
I thought it was good for teens it is
sargenator1 3 napja
It was pretty shit but Jason Bateman was fucking hillarious.
MonsterGuyX 3 napja
It's killing me every time you refer to a 35-year-old and two 50-year-old actresses as "girls" lol But yeah, this movie stinks like hot garbage.
Denzel Skywalker
MightyCawl2 3 napja
No one: Elvis the alien when a women-led film comes out: 🤬🤬🤬🤯
Erik Fisher
Erik Fisher 3 napja
Terrible fucking movie.
Ethan Mesa
Ethan Mesa 4 napja
Do Sia most offensive and horrible film Music Let’s say not a fucking word out of your mouth not even one word
Dack 4 napja
I wasn't going to watch this either as I have more sense I just got through this, to me the title of the movie should be Total Farce.
Nicolas Nicodemo
I actually liked that movie, welp my opinions have magically changed, how did that happen?!?!
RhodosGuard 4 napja
"Yeah, I'm crabby!" - Bryan Dechart
Fluffle Warrior
Am I the only one who thinks the main actress is so horribly unfunny? (forgot her name and don’t care... Melissa or something)
G fuel gamer 69
In my opinion this movie is gooood
Bacon Creepy
Bacon Creepy 4 napja
I'll defend the whole 'they didnt exxplain why it only effects sociopaths' thing sometimes irl random things effect random groups for no good reason. thats about the only thing ill defend here
Robert Granger
Somehow Thunder Force stole my writing ideas; I was working on a universe for my stories I write where criminals had powers WAY before heroes did. Either the writer stole from me or we just had very similar ideas.
Why does the kid that went into the trash can sound like atreus from god of war 4?? When he said “ok” he legit sounds like atreus. I think he might be the voice actor from god of war 4. 2:19
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside 4 napja
i torrent downloaded this movie yet i want a refund
Joi ri
Joi ri 4 napja
Thunder force has the worst cast of superhero ever lmao
Emperor Maoh Shin Chandelier Mirage
Jason Batemon looks like an older Elvis
Kamatsu Drawz
Kamatsu Drawz 5 napja
after seeing the movie, I just... Wanna kill myself bro, I'd rather literally watch nickado mukbangs for an hour than watch this movie. Cause ofc
Will 5 napja
That only funny part you speak of is scuttling, and is taken from Zoodberg. Bateman should have whoop-whoop-whooped to pay homage
Ethan Zarp
Ethan Zarp 5 napja
Elvis, please. Please no more mukbang jokes, please. The amount of times I almost emptied the entirety of my stomach cavity on to my keyboard this video was obscene, so from the bottom of my heart, please, no more Nick Avocado surprise guest star noises. Please.
blair Hemlock
blair Hemlock 5 napja
ngl I kinda love it
peanutinjector Eichelberger
I like how the guy with crab arms is a better character than the two lead roles
Charlie 5 napja
i just wanna know who is letting Octavia Spencer make these recent movies
Commander Vaughn
Elvis could you please review the ghost rider movie with Nicholas cage
Tuncs Alive369
Probably the quickest film review I've seen
Marlon Hoek
Marlon Hoek 5 napja
My mother and my brother saw it, and they didn't even finish the movie. That's how bad it is
Ultimate Empress
Why is it that every single super hero ever has to have super strength.
ReactKing 5 napja
I'm watching it right now. Im past the middle and I'm like ummm.
Mason Marine
Mason Marine 5 napja
O my god he did not cuss
[Hold my Apple juice]
when she uses the taser she turns visible again. like the f***ing arbiter when i shoot a needler round?
[Hold my Apple juice]
lmao i could make a better superhero movie in a week
Oh wow the movie actually has real actors
wtf s
wtf s 5 napja
when she went invisible I felt like I could've just thrown myself out of my window, that scene was so fucking cringe.
Cyber Kirby
Cyber Kirby 5 napja
FAZAE 5 napja
dude this movie is good, i enjoyed it alot, this is ur own opinion and in my own opinion ur a trash yt
Sayl0 5 napja
I watched this and got eye cancer
My thought on the ending was; If the hammer is strong, couldn't she just toss it out the window into the lake? why did she have to be with the bomb? if the suit was the reason, to "minimize the blow", shouldn't she have been the other direction, so that her back was upwards and the blow went down the water and not up? I should just stop thinking.
Ariel Kars
Ariel Kars 5 napja
Who's that occasional guy eating all this food? Now he's really funny. I can't believe they make such crap and call it a movie. It's appaling
Jordan Alexander (ja1944)
Guys I think the characters don’t like being called nerds
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer 6 napja
ELIVS THE ALIEN pls do tusks if you haven't already comedy horror its horror ible haha sorry
Michael W
Michael W 6 napja
I really liked Thunder Force when I watched it. It was so bad it was funny and I think that was the point of the movie and I hope they make more.
Cliffy 6 napja
Haven't seen it. Trailer said it all. Stay away.
alesul2007 6 napja
I have no words how bad this movie looks
chris R
chris R 6 napja
why did they not just throw the damn bomb into the river
Angry Boi
Angry Boi 6 napja
Mr. Krabs and his force go fighting for the krabby pattys
fn station
fn station 6 napja
I watched this with my mum and we spent half the movie debating on what we thought the raw chicken was made out of 🤣
unqverse 6 napja
I loved it idk what your on
Asgardian Queen 1014
Everything is just garbage.
Asgardian Queen 1014
Why do they even try to make movies anymore?
clarence shadow
I think it was a great movie
Tomo Kotarski
Tomo Kotarski 6 napja
Please do monster hubter
Jay Louis 82
Jay Louis 82 6 napja
You make a valid point about the humor coming from failed attempts at humor. Some of the jokes were so dumb, you had to laugh. Lol!
Cameron Babb
Cameron Babb 6 napja
I saw this movie and the one part were crab explains how he got his powers is so stupid I swear.
just chillin
just chillin 6 napja
bro react to serbian film, this film will make question humanity
Lothar 6 napja
Where is Snyder Cut review?
Lothar 6 napja
@Wes Papes Oh :/
Wes Papes
Wes Papes 6 napja
Taken down possibly due to SnyderBro hate