This video will make you want to play Rainbow Six Siege 

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Sometimes you see some gameplay that is SO SPICY, and SO FUNNY, that you just itch to play some Rainbow Six Siege.

And sometimes... you just HIT ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS ON HUtown!!!! You guys are NUTS. Thank you so much, I love you all

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Rowan Phillips
Rowan Phillips 10 órája
2 years old but still makes ya wanna play Marley just too good
Zorlindo Napja
I just turn back to this video and enjoy it so much. Plus after nearly 2 years I noticed… JoJo’s references
Ian Arellano
Ian Arellano 2 napja
2:50 he a real one
Philipp Arnesch
5:13 DeineMumMagMich left the game hahha
YoBoiLukas69 5 napja
Who’s the guy that we saw with the glasses
Vatal Awsome
Vatal Awsome 6 napja
God it feels so nice to see the old versions of maps before their reworks
Parents:be quiet at night Orphan kid: 18:22
Cotterplay 10 napja
5:50 I love how the Text turns around when he does 😂
ilovebadboyhalo 10 napja
And the vid did make me play rainbow six seige
MR Night
MR Night 10 napja
Why are the Frost traps different
For the crusade
Its her eilte skin it changes her trap
Solar Taco
Solar Taco 10 napja
I hope for 5 million subs they finally give him buck primary black ice
Oday Ahmad
Oday Ahmad 13 napja
The onerous pin statistically peel because sandra opportunely frighten than a evasive schedule. fat faulty, obeisant nerve
GMH RIP 15 napja
Marley my brother knows your third editor
Kobster 22 napja
3:00 look at the chat. Most untrue statement I’ve ever heard
The red spy
The red spy 28 napja
You did it, you made me want to play siege.
Sam .S
Sam .S Hónapja
This is the first video I watched for you .. I like it !
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Hónapja
Marley doednt relize someone called him a b*tch
TC Hónapja
Dam, they can give Marley a black ice but not add an anticheat
Im Dead
Im Dead Hónapja
omg there’s old oregon, kanal, and theme park this is a beauty to see these maps before they were reworked again
Bongo Hónapja
just the last clip ( *chef kiss* )
[Me10dy0fDu2t] Hónapja
creme shaver
creme shaver Hónapja
im so lucky. i got r4c black ice at level 60.
de game ster
de game ster Hónapja
what is the name of that music 8:43
Jorick1102 Hónapja
'I hate black skins' ~ Marley 2019 ~ 11:27 Timestamp
Thomas Bowie
Thomas Bowie Hónapja
I got the mp5 black ice before you
Quacked Hónapja
This video didnt make me want to play Siege since I already was..
Sỉ sqạt ngân tịt lò
what is the music of this video?
Frank Parker
Frank Parker Hónapja
Yes, this video did make me want to play Rainbow Toms siege Clancy six
The_Drift01 My ps4 name
Marley when you get four mil I think Ubisoft should give you bucks primary black ice
Armaanboio Hónapja
Hawck_Berry 2 hónapja
This does make me wanna play r6 2 years late…
Pandaboss500 2 hónapja
#marley racist
Jamie Alison Chapman
11:54 😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂
KiongSS 2 hónapja
hey i played it because of you! i have severe depression, PTSD, Trust issue, anxiety and many other things!
Master Danz
Master Danz 2 hónapja
I feel sad for marley coz every purple i get its a new black ice ❤😂
Djadline Simon
Djadline Simon 2 hónapja
I'm watching this at 2:01 Am bro and it's fucking raining
Grieeef 2 hónapja
My second black ice is mp5 is that good
nytr 97
nytr 97 2 hónapja
I have level 127 and I still can't get any black ice :( I'm the unluckiest guy in the whole rainbow six siege community
Brothers Gaming Lithuania
It's been 2 years since i saw this vid and it actually made me buy it and get good so if you see this Marley, Thank you
Ryan Compton
Ryan Compton 2 hónapja
But too bad I'd be playing the current R6... back to ROBLOX
Greg Laurie
Greg Laurie 2 hónapja
I have the Buck black ice you want.
UmbraSan 2 hónapja
R4c black ice is the first thing I got out of an alpha pack
Sk Eszii
Sk Eszii 2 hónapja
Anyone know the name of the song at 8:54?
Sk Eszii
Sk Eszii 2 hónapja
឵឵ 2 hónapja
you're welcome
឵឵ 2 hónapja
Wyatt’s World
Wyatt’s World 2 hónapja
Hibana no he said peace out ayy
A_PERSON_123 321
A_PERSON_123 321 2 hónapja
how u get so good
jat singh
jat singh 2 hónapja
11:31 Marley racist confirmed?
T7 Brazen
T7 Brazen 2 hónapja
"I don't like black skins" Ill let it slide Morgley
silent rook plus
silent rook plus 2 hónapja
"i dont like black skins" marley 2019
MonkeyMan 2 hónapja
Always nice to come back to see gameplay of the r6 I loved... it's so sad what happened to that game 😔
For 2K
For 2K 2 hónapja
Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Marely getting the MP5 Black Ice...Congrats bro
lorand 20
lorand 20 2 hónapja
On 8:46 what song hi used?
Silas Winther
Silas Winther 2 hónapja
I love your videos
Allstate- 2 hónapja
Fav part 18:17 lmao 🤣🤣
HBB544 2 hónapja
It sounded like throat singing at the end the it sounded like destiny 2 music. 🥰🥰🥰
petit pain
petit pain 2 hónapja
hey @Marley my first black ice was on mp5 it's good ?
LoudBoyJackson 2 hónapja
I always watch this to get in the mood of siege.
Sketti 3 hónapja
What's the first song called?? Please, i need this lmao
Trey Iscool
Trey Iscool 3 hónapja
My first black ice was mp5 hahah
Dorian Birde
Dorian Birde 3 hónapja
2:06 lmaooo the reference on "idot" 🤣🤣🤣
ClipsForTheBoys 3 hónapja
Too bad mp5 sucks now😂😂😂😂😂😂
945scopattached 3 hónapja
The Golden Age of Rainbow Six Siege
No 3 hónapja
3:47 it’s over Marley, I have the high ground
Symstikk 3 hónapja
what song is playing at 8:57 ?
Symstikk 3 hónapja
someone please help
MARK YAMATO 3 hónapja
At this point Marley never knew the painful journey the he had to face at his later on pack opening……….
Fruity Axium
Fruity Axium 3 hónapja
Twomads horrible mic
AKACreeper 3 hónapja
Marley:First round with black ice mp5 ace let's gooooooooo Siege:Round 2 won
SHIFT OFF 3 hónapja
3:14 hello there
Jack Flim
Jack Flim 3 hónapja
The near cousin systemically bump because mile gully pinch mid a spicy ashtray. whimsical, hot huge toy
Yale Red
Yale Red 3 hónapja
The used shark finallly bow because software cephalometrically walk lest a strong hamburger. quiet, cruel calendar
Thomas Bowie
Thomas Bowie 3 hónapja
I’ve had the mp5 black ice for ages
Alexander Ellis
Alexander Ellis 3 hónapja
Onlinesquad Gaming
Onlinesquad Gaming 3 hónapja
am i the only one who watches that while rainbow is loading
Stephen satarn37
Stephen satarn37 3 hónapja
Actual footage of Marley playing siege medal.tv/clips/21IEa2hXFJNx5/TD6Ve3qgG8Af
TheAssasin0 9
TheAssasin0 9 3 hónapja
I got rainbow like 4 hours ago
Venom 1 3 6
Venom 1 3 6 4 hónapja
11 56
Carmela Ortega
Carmela Ortega 4 hónapja
There is know why you got the black ice
Nicholas 4 hónapja
Gonna be honest I wanted to play siege before watching this lol
Jackson Neese
Jackson Neese 4 hónapja
this so juicy dude u wouldnt beave
LKA 4 hónapja
Guy in 3:00 "Sweaty b*itch" Nah mate he waffled right there mate
CEO of Funny
CEO of Funny 4 hónapja
11:30 😳
lonetiger306 4 hónapja
4:51 I said the same thing tbh
Manuel Alfredo Delgadillo Farías
Marléy see this video to play siege
Seth No
Seth No 4 hónapja
I'm so confused I thought Kanal was already reworked way before Warden
ross green
ross green 4 hónapja
EpikGamur96 4 hónapja
2:24 where did the recoil go
bot playz
bot playz 4 hónapja
My second black ice was the mp5
Jeffrey Meyer
Jeffrey Meyer 4 hónapja
Bruh every vid of yours makes me wanna play rainbow
Eon 4 hónapja
marley racist confirmed???????!?!?!??!?!?!??!
Teo 4 hónapja
what was the song in the intro?
Ryder Schroeder-Theoret
As soon as the vid starts I want to play seige
Sillyy 4 hónapja
ahh the gtood old days
Steve Wynn
Steve Wynn 4 hónapja
Pleasant Pancake
Pleasant Pancake 4 hónapja
I heard the holyness of the halo 5 theme song
Erik Lorenz
Erik Lorenz 4 hónapja
The guy that left had a german name. It said your mom likes me.
Txnk ,
Txnk , 4 hónapja
It would suck for anyone that is watching this video but doesn’t play siege😭✋
Jen Ambrosini
Jen Ambrosini 4 hónapja
gasper 5 hónapja
anyone know the song at 1:16???
Deggiboi 4 hónapja
Flower garden-koji kondo
NONO__YESYES23 channel
Have your account
Fake Hunters
Fake Hunters 5 hónapja
I love hearing HUtownrs say my nick name it’s Juan
Max Miller
Max Miller 5 hónapja
"I dont like black skins" -Marley 2019
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