The Season That Killed American Horror Story 

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American Horror Story bad

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2019.dec. 5.






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Roach Damascus
Roach Damascus 3 órája
EGPArk 17 órája
Oh okay. He likes Roanoke better than Apocalypse. I see what’s gonna be wrong with this video
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace 18 órája
Oh yeah- that’s real- the people who run this world LITERALLY worship S*tan, so..... - It’s called predictive programming - they tell us what they are doing in tv shows/movies- I know- it’s weird xo
Cole Busick
Cole Busick 21 órája
I feel like that black girl (not being racist) with long black hair is like freaking everywhere.
Cole Busick
Cole Busick 21 órája
Was I the only one who realized that as Satan he put Morgz's mom?
Peter Kurten
I think the REAL question is there a role Sarah Paulson has played where she was not an absolute, intolerable bitch you want to die 5 minutes after she appears?
Terintia Flavius
Enjoyed coven, hotel and was ok with Roanoke
Alex Iancu
Alex Iancu Napja
αյα αkαԵα
Roanoke was my least favorite. On so many levels.
Marstal 2 napja
Roanoke, after years of Coven being my favorite, is the only season that still genuinely thrills me. Idk why ppl hate it so much.
Dave Young
Dave Young 2 napja
great video, i was really in to AH up until Hotel, i enjoyed every season upto hotel, then after that it went rapidly down hill..roanoke, cult, apocalypse..all awful...and alot of the newer cast i can't stand...esp her who plays barb in apocalypse..and sarah paulson just grates on me now, i cant bare to watch her in anything. Ive not bothered with the last series 2bh.
RhodosGuard 3 napja
I really like 1984. Apocalypse was bad but had some fun stuff anyway.
José Mário Silva Júnior
17:14 you see, that's poor writing, because I thought this was just some kind of cancer or something
José Mário Silva Júnior
12:44 and candles a lot of candles like they never have enough candles
Yeah ive only seen the 1984 season and that was awful. I only watched it cuz i love the friday the 13th series and my gf watches all the seasons. so i was like ok ill watch it with you.
Korina 5 napja
Just checked my watch history on Netflix and apparently I only watched the first episode of Apocalypse and never continued the rest. Good job me
Fearful_eye 5 napja
freakshow is my fav next to asylum and the 1984 season. I didn't like murder house, watched hotel for 3 episodes and got bored didn't watch the other seasons.
Igor Nakano
Igor Nakano 6 napja
kkkkkkkkkkk i agreed
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 6 napja
The outside post bomb world looks cool they shit the bed with the time travel
Infinite Window
The robot lady looks just like elon musk.
Sarah Cline
Sarah Cline 6 napja
if it was that bad it would be cancelled I mean I thought the Donald Trump season was stupid but the show has been confirmed for 3 more seasons at least so its going to be on at least till 2023 rather it gets cancelled I dunno
Zombie Camo
Zombie Camo 7 napja
One of the things I loved about AHS is that the main character can die.... So the stories could actually surprise you , rather than knowing which ppl would die first...or can't die like most series/movies..
Drunk Food
Drunk Food 7 napja
Apocalypse was genial. It was like the final season of AHS. But 1984 was also great.
Barry Piper
Barry Piper 8 napja
This season got something like two dozen combined nominations + awards. It was entertaining and creepy. This is my first downvote for this channel.
taylor maddison
honestly cult and the newest season was the worst seasons
Max 8 napja
Gordon Ramsey clips integrated in videos are the most funny thing I‘ve ever seen.
Payton Withrow
AHS died with Cult after it decided to get way too heavy handed with politics.
Godfrey Sigamata
Winaminamena Mall
Song JiSooYun
Song JiSooYun 9 napja
AHS was literally cult worthy
Alexander Salz
the SEASON that killed it???? how did you get past the first episode?? man this old woman will haunt my memories forever x)
Arthur Tellez Sanchez
The hard-core fans were probably on your side for this.
ANDY LIKES 10 napja
For just saying her NAME for so many times you get a A*
I liked Cody fern's acting on season 8 The problem is "the DARKNESS" was clueless the whole season and the End was too sudden with no katarsis
Me: What do you like about Season 8 AHS fan: No one talks about Season 8
julie mette
julie mette 11 napja
the best was Freak Show, the worst hotel, Lady Gaga ruined it, boring to die, I never finished it, anyway Jessica Lange was the queen of this show, best villain that was, so beautiful, so tortured, so powerful, we loved loving her and hating her at the same time, without her everything was over, they tried to continue, for me without success , she had such charisma
Michio Vs Monika
I am 21 and on Social Media I sometimes see videos of like a 6 year old who is SUPER Good at break dancing or something, or that girl you showed, 9, who is a drummer, I have seen old people who are very good at tech and people my age who are very smart at science. Then you get me, a person who is here watching this video on HUtown hah, clearly, NO ONE is equal...
OneSidesOne SonicLabor
Disco stu
TheMakAttak 12 napja
If this is an underground bunker, then how is everyone not suffocating from the excess amounts of smoke from fire and candles? They most likely don't have fireplaces considering it's a BUNKER.
Colin G
Colin G 12 napja
i knew someone called Wilhemina - she was Scottish - but the name is female version of Wilhelm. as in Kaiser Wilhelm II from World war one fame... i have no idea why someone in Scotland would call their daughter this
Allie L
Allie L 13 napja
i liked murder house(most), asylum, and coven. freakshow was alright, hotel had good concept (but idk just didn't like), roanoke had some good parts(liked reality show), cult was eh, apocalypse had good premise but delivery not that good, 1984 was awful.
EDEN EDEN 13 napja
you misunderstood so many points.
Elizabeth Ashby
Elizabeth Ashby 13 napja
I didn’t like apocalypse that much but my favorite part by far was the stew is stu line. I hated Evan peters in a bowl cut they did him dirty with that character
M C R 14 napja
Key takeaway: *Witches be crazy* :3
CheyenneMarie 14 napja
I honestly enjoyed watching Apocalypse, but I kept forgetting that I was watching AHS. Like the whole vibe of that season felt different for some reason
Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander 14 napja
Oh, come on. Roanoke was a million times worse than Apocalypse!
Juupeli Pönis
Juupeli Pönis 14 napja
this video is the real horrible thing here, shit host, shit video
G0dgrave 14 napja
The "Darkness" looks like an anime villain
Bee 15 napja
"who holds their phone like this?" bestie doesn't know a lot of middle-age women, does he? Every single one of them holds their phone like this when they do videocalls. Do you not have a mom?
P2dalow 420
P2dalow 420 15 napja
Shit man, Apocalypse was awful, but so was Election, now that killed the show for me. I love Roanoke, I felt it was fresh compared to the rest of the show.
Marcel 15 napja
I Love all Seasons of ahs, but Apocalypse did have its flaws
catastrophe 15 napja
i have mad respect for people who are able to put themselves out on the internet and share their opinion , even if they can get a large amount of backlash. hope you're all doing well and are happy and safe !
AHS cant seem to make its mind up if it wants to be a suspense/thriller/semi horror show........or an SJW/political statement show. That and they seem to write episode by episode as they come out, because every season starts out strong but by the middle is so bloated with storylines and so turned around from "twists" that the writers clearly get completely lost and overwhelmed so that by the late middle through the end of the season its all just a giant mess dragging on and on until they just say fuck it and kill it. Coven was just obnoxious with the feminism and "wahmen" power, Cult was.......Jesus Christ do you think they dont like Trump and conservatism? I think saying it was "heavy handed" with politics is putting it MILDLY. Never even finished that season. Think I have 2 episodes left or something. Although......I must say that Sarah Paulson shooting the Mexican bus boy and having to deal with the outrage was actually kinda brilliant, and a hilarious flip. But that season must have gotten them a big ol stiffy for preaching cuz then this season came along and was almost as bad. "Technology is the enemy", "the mess men made", whining about rich people (although I appreciated the retort of "it was the rich people's money that made this possible"). That and it just seemed to drag on FOREVER......I swear there were 18 different times that they basically started a whole new story line. It just kept getting more and more convoluted and bizarre. I wouldn't say Apocalypse "killed" AHS.....because I think it just goes up and down. Even hotel got a little tiresome through the middle, although Lady Gaga was pretty fantastic. But you had Coven, Hotel was a little meh, and then Cult and Apocalypse, but all were followed by better seasons. 1984 followed Apocalypse, and while it was nothing special, it was decent and I think they realised just how bad things had gotten cuz they reined it in BIG time. 1984 was pretty much just an 80s nostalgia/80s horror movie spin off show. All that said.......this well may have been easily the worst season. Even Cult could be amusing at times. This was just......like a 16 year old who loves M. Night Shyamalan and Stephen King and tried DESPERATELY to make something deep and spooky with crazy twists and turns. Fucking stupid, and aside from her endlessly screaming "aaAAaAaAAAAwwaAAhhhhh" through a yawn all throughout Roanoke (and that English accent was just.......uggghh) this was probably Sarah Paulson's absolute worst. Coven is a close second. Its funny......for how brilliant Jessica Lange can be, Sarah Paulson is the exact opposite. Christ she's so godawful.....
Jarrod Wexler
Jarrod Wexler 16 napja
Apocalypse was a great idea with absolutely horrific execution. They tried to do way too much yet still somehow accomplished nothing and the ending was awful.
DebYl 16 napja
Its sad
Ed 16 napja
in my opinion. American horror story died with Hotel. a lot of people liked Hotel. i was kinda.... i liked it and didnt like it. it was fine. but Roanoke, although i liked what they did the first half, kind of fell apart for me. cult i just was so annoyed because of the same popular gimmicks and i just saw it as cheesy as the president they were making fun of. apocalypse was fan service, 1984 was just to please that "everything needs to be 80's because it was so great" even though 0 of the people watching even grew up in the 80's and didnt see a 80's horror slasher until dead by daylight and friday the 13th made it popular. i was kinda glad they skipped a season. maybe the spent more time on the writing... oh wait. they instead of Ratched which.... i wouldnt even consider in the same universe as the source material.... it would of been a on par american horror story script. but it was a bad prequel to a classic novel/movie. the first 4 seasons i will always see as good and creative. not so much after that.
Edmur A. Marques
FINALLY someone think this season suuucks
Honeyluster Alias
Exactly 666 plot holes.
Honeyluster Alias
Best way to watch something I don’t wanna watch.
Baby Grogu
Baby Grogu 16 napja
The show lost me as soon as coven became a thing. Definitely felt like it was becoming a show not written for the demographic I belong to
megasus 16 napja
Elvis should do a vid on a series of unfortunate events on Netflix. Not horror but quite funny to watch
MiTaReX 16 napja
But what kind of psychopath watches later seasons without watching previous seasons of a show?!
Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes 17 napja
Gay Fierri😂
Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes 17 napja
I think apocalypse was pretty thought provoking with how it brought together the seasons but I guess you can try to change my mind😂
Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes 17 napja
Personally I think cult was the worst season
Laura B
Laura B 17 napja
I actually thought the idea of bringing the old characters back was brilliant, but I agree it wasn't executed very well. Still basically enjoyed it tho🤷‍♀️ Roanoke was my least favourite
Onyx Nite
Onyx Nite 17 napja
I thought roanoke was the beginning of the end
Angelina Russo
Angelina Russo 18 napja
Apocalypse wasn't horrible but it's still my least favorite season it had to much fan service
Stacey Sturgill
Stacey Sturgill 18 napja
See I thought Cult was the worst. Bad acting from Lena Dunham. I mean really bad. I hate DT as much as the next guy, but having a complete breakdown over his becoming President was kinda unbelievable. I watched a few episodes and couldn’t even finish that season, it was so bad.
go away - cece
go away - cece 18 napja
u speakin facts tho
VegeTarble Spunion
Season one was so strong, I remember being excited for season two to explain stuff.... lol
siix siix
siix siix 18 napja
I'm not mad! But I really liked it. I loved every sean.. except season 6 (the one with Cuba gooding jr) wasnt really my fav but I loved all the actors I will admit that apocalypse started veryyy slow for me but all the flash backs of Michael's life I REAAALLY enjoyed
softelle 18 napja
Amy Ray
Amy Ray 18 napja
I loved this show!!! Hotel and Cult were okay but not as good as previous seasons. Roanoke, Appocolipse and 1984 were terrible!
Fırat Yıldırım
Who else spotted clips from Begotten in his merch trailer
Rick Carr
Rick Carr 19 napja
Roanoke was by far the best season, It was actually scary at times
Florencia Medina
apocalypse was good but the end with the new antichrist sucked
Taddawson68 Dawson
Dude. Ryan has more perspective, creativity, than you have in your tiny hairless balls. Check your bank account compared to his then get back to us.
James Charles
James Charles 19 napja
I started if with that season bc on my phone it said it was season 1..........I didn't really like it and stopped after the first episode
jacob alan
jacob alan 20 napja
Hail Satan. Am I right or am I right
Lizzie Walker
Lizzie Walker 20 napja
Cult was literally the worst season like it was so boring
Jordan Southerland
I’m not saying that it’s not a dumb show but mr Langdon in this season is the Antichrist (spawn of ghost, Tate and violets mom from season 1) so all the holes in the plot plus weird supernatural things can be explained by that
Biese 21 napja
I really enjoyed apocalypse, but i guess everyone has a different opinion and i respect that
The Missing Toothbrush
I enjoyed Apocalypse, I loved the crossover between murder house and coven. Not to mention we got the one and only Jessie Lange back. It’s hotel I did not like...I just couldn’t get into it. So I skipped it.
Kavina B
Kavina B 21 napja
Unpopular opinion. 1984 is my favourite season
John Towner
John Towner 21 napja
A shomelette.
Leah X
Leah X 22 napja
Oh but come on “the stew is stew” is iconic. Never laughed so hard lol
Keilynn De LaFranc
I didn't like Apacolypse either but 1984 for me was a closer return to form, I don't know how the rest of the world felt about 1984 but I liked it, I grew up during the slasher era so it was nostalgic for me
QualityGaming Studios
I never liked AHS honestly, murder house felt either depressing or like a massive joke
Calum Galbraith
Calum Galbraith 22 napja
ngl i quite enjoyed apocalypse, then again though i had it playing in the background while doing homework so i wasn’t fully paying attention, i think maybe i just liked it because i was happy to see the cast of coven back
Nick Chimchal
Nick Chimchal 23 napja
Roanoke was a disaster season, utterly horrible. The rest are good.
JRax 17
JRax 17 23 napja
I feel like American horror story of fell off after cult and apocalypse was honestly just them catering to the fans because it felt like a fanfic come to life which is probably why it was so badAnd actually I didn’t start out bad if it didn’t really have anything to do with the witches and it kind of kept the vibe of the first couple episodes I actually would’ve liked it a lot more
Mike M
Mike M 23 napja
The thing that annoys me about AHS is that every season ends with a happy ending. It gets old and played out and I honestly lose a lot of the fear that something bad might happen since in the end, it's typically a "happy" ending.
KikoKnees 23 napja
yenno what woudlve easily solved this, made the season "cult: apocalypses" and left any other connecting seasons alone
The HBIC 24 napja
F me
Toppa Epps
Toppa Epps 24 napja
Apocalypse is my second favorite season behind asylum. It’s actually the season I’ve rewatched the most too🤷🏽‍♂️
I used to work for the Cooperative, here in the UK. Giving advice on dividends and funeral plans... Wasn't all it's cracked up to be.
Dad Bod God
Dad Bod God 24 napja
This is basically the plot of the fallout series
joe cunningham
joe cunningham 24 napja
1 and 6 were the best