The Russian Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1) 

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OverSimplified 11 hónapja
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hi, I'm from Russia. the fragment of the video about the Russian Empire almost does not differ from the present time in Russia)
POGSupa 12 napja
not 69%? Bruh
Something random
Why not 69% :(
Nikita Muntean
Nikita Muntean Hónapja
So close to greatness
Neo #30
Neo #30 Hónapja
Zaffyr Órája
15:49 Duma? more like: (unfunny pp-joke here)
Ignatius Radityo
Ignatius Radityo 5 órája
Tertarik dengan keluarga Romanov dan jadi kesini karna kelas Om Rumi :D
flowkaykay 9 órája
The video it neither funny nor informative. The attempt of making it funny and entertaining leads to biased informations, it's more like a lose-lose-situation here.
Moustafa Abdin
Moustafa Abdin 9 órája
poor kid
Omer Aziz
Omer Aziz 10 órája
Can you make Indian,Turkish Revolution or independence please
The Indian Subcontinent
Yep,I too requested
Subhadarshi Kar
Subhadarshi Kar 11 órája
Can anyone decode the beeped words please 😂😂
Man 11 órája
Russia: Is improving This enraged Lenin, who punished Russia severly
Coffee leaf
Coffee leaf 19 órája
French monarch be like: *S U P* In heaven :)
RedAndRex 2.0
RedAndRex 2.0 21 órája
Не хочу это признавать, но это правда.
why dont you do a video on world war 1? there are literally millions of documentaries out there about WW2 but not many at all about WW1... not even sure what WW1 was about or who fought who lol.
Shartywaffles 18 órája
He already did that, it was his first video so it isn’t as good as his newer ones
Basel Hesham
I really need to read about history any recommendations?
Dyki Napja
Hydra 54
Hydra 54 2 napja
"Does this guy look like a dictator to you?" _cough_ I lost it
Paolo Buenaventura
Im russian
Lucas Harvey
Lucas Harvey 2 napja
This is very well done.
Luisz Eduardo
Luisz Eduardo 2 napja
5:42 I found waldo!
Olszymanski 2 napja
It's not a Communist joke until everyone gets it. Yes, I stole a comment because this *OUR* comment
THE GEEK Extreme
I studied russian revolution in history classes in school and I didn't understood anything and don't remem anything but after watching this video I know everything about russian revolution.
Old Glory
Old Glory 2 napja
Ra ra rasputin they shot him till he was dead
Yvonne Greig
Yvonne Greig 2 napja
Wait where's wally was in the stampede
marvan emre yılmaz
1:24 ottomans: Haha amateurs
Gothic Wizard
Gothic Wizard 3 napja
Tsar??! Pronouncing zar instead of car!? My ears hurt
no no
no no 3 napja
8:16 das cap
Cristina Garrido
"And also, a massive ill-tempered jerk" Aren't all communists one?
Daniel Lagos
Daniel Lagos 3 napja
5:42 Hey, I've found Waldo!
aa 3 napja
I love the 8:15 part😂
Caterina Del Galles
This is embarrassingly shire and cringe worthy. A Yank, of course.
Lindsey Esparza
Myself_ Avi_
Myself_ Avi_ 4 napja
8:03 😂Loved the music dude , but I forgot it's name 👻
Npg Helmons
Npg Helmons 4 napja
Fun fact: Rasputin was assassinated 5 times in one day. First poisened wine, poisened food, shot in the chest that really made him die, after he came back to life eight minutes later, he was shot again en after that fifteen minutes later again after which he really died.
Casa del Mar
Casa del Mar 4 napja
Every BEATDOWN *whip* *slap* *parent whooping*
Arnav Rawat
Arnav Rawat 4 napja
my teacher played this is an class XD
Xx_Lawa10_xX 4 napja
10:07 😂 lol
Ivan Pico
Ivan Pico 4 napja
Amazing, well done guys.
Ольга Григорьева
Не думаю
The Pro
The Pro 4 napja
At 5:43 I found Waldo
Anthony Gonzalez
I was today years old when i realized in 0:39, the number on the conducter is 420
Derpy Possum
Derpy Possum 5 napja
5:41 - 5:53
Kunal Kherajani
Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work
BloodClaws 5 napja
I wish history teachers are humorous like you.
Thanh Thuy
Thanh Thuy 5 napja
and also that mean this channel have travel half of the world to my laptop
Thanh Thuy
Thanh Thuy 5 napja
im a Vietnamese that live in VietNam that rule by communsium regim but its still good , communisum isn't to bad at you think
Thanh Thuy
Thanh Thuy 5 napja
0:16-1:13 this is how MrBeast grown up
jared glinka
jared glinka 5 napja
The aberrant creek expectably train because deadline regrettably satisfy apropos a panicky priest. enormous, sassy bottom
Felicía Alexiz
I'm watching at 5:00 AM.
DEVILS 6 napja
not everything is so bad in Russia. this video is one big mockery of Russian history I'm Russian and I know history well and it's funny
Yeniçeri Ağası
There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out
Ben Neron
Ben Neron 6 napja
France: de ja vu
Igor Vesić
Igor Vesić 6 napja
Why arent all countries comunists😭
Sebastian Housden
'Cause communists can't spell and it doesn't work.
Annabelle Chiara Queenmora Husen
U cant make learning history enjoyable Oversimplified:
Bobby The Alien
People in dislike 9k: God dam it now l can't hack according they use noreVPN
James Giles
James Giles 7 napja
8:03 8:04
TheMadmanZero 7 napja
Russia's idea of punishment was to exile people...to Russia...
Pro gamer country ball
This is funny
Harshit Yadav
Harshit Yadav 7 napja
I actually got ashamed when he said people like you could get a girlfriend
Bharath 7 napja
Great video man.....Nice editing
Bence Gaming
Bence Gaming 7 napja
the guy who say that we should kill the tsar looks like stalin but younger
Gaming Prisoner
So funny to i love this guy
Olga Boyko
Olga Boyko 8 napja
Where’s Waldo
Creative name
Creative name 8 napja
Fun fact: there is a song about Rasputin Yes it’s called Rasputin
Some Curious Person
Also fun fact: they sang how he died
Jeffrey Freas
Jeffrey Freas 8 napja
if only Father Gapon did BLM protests
taisey 8 napja
Ced Trash
Ced Trash 8 napja
The chief weeder contradictorily knot because millisecond aditionally repair as a supreme grease. melodic, abusive cappelletti
Harsh Raj Thakur
8:16 😭😭 not happened
Andy Wu
Andy Wu 8 napja
Australia uses Free Healthcare
vwgames49 2 napja
So do pretty much every first world country in the world except the US
Proglitcher 4000
PCP Newport
PCP Newport 8 napja
you really should do one on the long march & chinese land reform
BlockoRithims 8 napja
Peter TDT
Peter TDT 9 napja
Who else found waldo in the video? 👀
ArrowZ 9 napja
Tsar Nicholas : *Gets his head sliced off* Video : B A N D A I D
Tangkistang Sadboi
Oversimplified, do a video on the Arab-Israeli Wars... Please...
Eleanora Dzen
Eleanora Dzen 9 napja
This is more details as to why the people revolted that most western media cares to portray for the Russian revolution. The people were inslaved and traded like currency… but they weren’t called slaves and people don’t care!
James Martin
James Martin 10 napja
4:36 Girly girl beard!!! WTF..
Swiss Chocolate
Swiss Chocolate 10 napja
good video
Z/E/D 10 napja
Damn i feel sorry for the Russian folks, they went from bad to worse many time's through the history.
Eshika Pandey
Eshika Pandey 10 napja
8:15 Bruhh!! I'm a girl🙄
Cyrus Jacobs
Cyrus Jacobs 10 napja
Hallo Ich bin cool
endarasman 10 napja
3:00 I knew it! i've seen this bar scene before!!!
AdityaDev A
AdityaDev A 10 napja
Did anyone notice that rat (giant one) protesting? 11:48
Breno Basso Cenci
russians:we will never surrender to germany germany: sends a guy who gives good speeches, who was studying in switzerland, back to russia russia: listen here you little piece of shit
Gamer A
Gamer A 10 napja
GT GodSlayer
GT GodSlayer 10 napja
B O Y .
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas 10 napja
This is still my personal favorite, Rasputin's reveal is prefect.
Casey Flynn
Casey Flynn 10 napja
I have seen this video like 5 times and I only just now noticed Waldo in the crowd XD
Linus Pog Tips
Linus Pog Tips 11 napja
France: yo wanna try x ? Nah let's do y. What about z? Yeah I fuck it.
Ahmad Waleed
Ahmad Waleed 11 napja
Oh naaa dude, this RASPUTIN guy is hella freaky. Ima have a hard time sleeping tonight.
Aishwary Gaonkar
Well the part where he said "even People like you can get a GF" - I guess that would have been a real convincing point at that time for youngsters who chose Communism.
Manjula rajendran
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher 11 napja
Thumbnail’s a bit wrong, Tsar Nick was not Lenin’s opponent, he abdicated in March 1917, long before Lenin’s October Revolution.
Ketan Vemula
Ketan Vemula 11 napja
Can you do 1857 revolution
Mustafa Hamidzada
im in english rn trying to research the russian revolution for my speech this is actually helping me, thanks lad
Unspecified Character
I am faamous
John Smith
John Smith 11 napja
The scrawny acknowledgment reversely discover because price concurrently move versus a knowing backbone. pathetic, tasteful square
robina david
robina david 11 napja
They bombed Alexander I's son and he survived then died
Jessda27 11 napja
>place is the uk >decides to put a canadian national locomotive
Joy Welch
Joy Welch 11 napja
The innocent conifer pathophysiologically smile because atm traditionally mine from a tacky february. mean, bewildered yacht
g0r3 12 napja
Me as a german: mhhhhh seggsy lederhosen 😩
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