The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1) 

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-Napoleon and Alex on raft © RMN-Grand Palais / Art Resource, NY

Music (licensed under a Creative Commons license):

Music by Kevin MacLeod:
Marty Gets A Plan
Hard Boiled
Dances and Dames
Fast Talkin
Pina Colada
Face Off
Bumbly March
Sneaky Snitch
Faster Does It
Constance The Descent
Exotic Battle
Covert Affair

From Artlist:
Ian Post - Eminence Landscapes
LMOP - The Whisper Man
Kevin Graham - Autumn
Maik Thomas - Bonus Track
Ian Post - Futuristic War

Audionautix - Temptation March

All other music licensed from Epidemic Sound

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soe thiha
soe thiha 11 napja
please can u make a video about Mahamtme Gandi who proof The truth and love can change anything
İsmail Sezer
İsmail Sezer 12 napja
Κωνσταντίνος Κολοβός
OverSimplified make a video about the Persian invasion of GREECE PLZ
Alexey Grinko
Alexey Grinko 14 napja
Tell me to go through the fire - I'll go. Tell me to buy Nord VPN - I'll do it. I've done it actually! Just keep producing new videos ^_^
Nuzhat Parveen
Nuzhat Parveen 14 napja
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas 28 perccel
c.b.o.t 2 órája
very cool
Boot 2 órája
can you do the battle of midway?
Soviet 3 órája
the start is obliosly da best
ryan 3 órája
no you go to your room DAD
Xialec 4 órája
Oh Josephine... You were well known 😌
Elaina Deeter
Elaina Deeter 4 órája
"Is there anyone here who hasn't kissed my wife?" "Yeah, you." Can I just say that was one of the biggest burns I've ever witnessed?
mungermack 4 órája
the transitions for the sponsers are next level
Sage Bias
Sage Bias 6 órája
What an aweful person.
Delonte Ben Gallego
ZDT Studios
ZDT Studios 6 órája
SACRE BLEU! I'm a month late!
Ayurzana Bujinkhlam
Giomations 8 órája
Sapanax 8 órája
I -I wanna kill my slef
bros nelson
bros nelson 8 órája
Lincoln’s dad: I am NOT touching THAT Napoleons dad: I am NOT touching THOSE
eric wasson
eric wasson 8 órája
11 minutes zero seconds..........seriously????
Rahul Indur
Rahul Indur 9 órája
Russians:when they approach we run away. Emus a century later:note that down.note that down.
Just Ace
Just Ace 10 órája
0:37 what napoleon gets for his 1st birthday
Syed M. Sawaid
Syed M. Sawaid 10 órája
Kian Matthew Ron
Kian Matthew Ron 10 órája
Ilike the way the intro began cuz i didnt expect it coming.
BizNeat 11 órája
Napoleon looks like Mr Bean.
CoN 12 órája
why did you use the german national anthem for the napoleon emperor scene?
Wow a human machine gun
Agnesh Masih
Agnesh Masih 13 órája
France : moustache brain
Cody Coyote
Cody Coyote 13 órája
Fun fact, Napoleon's step-daughter married his brother which made her also his sister in law
Agnesh Masih
Agnesh Masih 13 órája
napleon: i want to become a god
Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson 15 órája
The French Revolution enraged the rest of Europe, who punished them severely
Anurag Patel
Anurag Patel 7 órája
Actually rest of Europe got punished severely
Capt. Pro
Capt. Pro 15 órája
Kon'nichiwa! 16 órája
Kon'nichiwa! 16 órája
Monarch: hey guys our asses are so not tired lets just run away other monarch: thats stupid lets run if napoleon approaches all monarchs:OMG UR SO GENIUS YOULL BE DA KING
ChengZhe Jiang
ChengZhe Jiang 16 órája
napoleons so strong and smart
Alice 20 órája
wow. WOW
SCP- 8888
SCP- 8888 21 órája
Unfortunately, most things in those days were based on nobility, not talent. This angered Napoleon, who punished them severely.
King George III
King George III 21 órája
Haha Copenhagen go Boom Boom
Shapeworks Ch.
Shapeworks Ch. 23 órája
The legend is back and I didn’t even realize
Ordog123 123
Second lefttentinit is the lowest rank an officer can have in the us army
Duchu26 Napja
"So maybe it's about time you washed your disguisting bedsheets." Dude. Uncool.
Ollut Napja
Ollut Napja
Allume ta Flamme
Please, make a video about Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)
Ixtreze Napja
NASA confirms: If you have been severely punished by your father, the chance of becoming a future dictator of your country increases by 32%.
chandrika mahesh Belchada
lmao napolean is a genius but men having full dominance over thier wives?????????? sir??????
Shruthi srikumar
Kage Chosen
whats the song in the starting
James McCabe
I am the revolution I am the senate I see a pattern here...
James McCabe
I think this Chanel is just used to insult the viewers and also give us historically accurate information
Kavita Devi
Hon hon hon France 🇫🇷 stronk 💪
All Rounder Guy
Where are those Sacre Bleuu scenes?
I am mr. Regar
Жду русскую озвучку с нетерпением.
BRM5 Operator
12:19 war of the bucket Easter egg
Miguel Animatez :P
O K.......:3 XD
Cyborg Harsh
My mom: You'll go to France and live there and never come back Me: Sacre blu
Meme Meme
Meme Meme Napja
LoPhatKao Napja
Napolean? i hear he's dynamite
Colby Kitto
Napoleon: gets punished severely by his mother. Hilter: gets punished severely by his father The both of them: “we should fall in love”
Cinezoic Napja
Yeah, waaaaay too oversimplified, Sorry, couldn’t hack the “comedy”
Daryll Keith Hilario
Pirates, pirates video plzzzzz, idc if part of something like the Spanish war for succession buuut pleeease pirate
Grand Toast
Napoleon reacts like a Edward Elric, and I love it
Grand Toast
Watching again, only 1 month later
The Dualist
Maybe the next video should be the Chinese civil war (nationalist vs communist)
Patlo Gaming
Why did a horse come out 😳
Michael Teoh
Medieval queens and queens of the past: Royal Karens!
James I.
James I. Napja
I like being disaplind
Tony Henthorn
22:50 I think Napoleon copied heavily off others, esp. Hannibal and Genghis Khan.
fernweh Napja
10:28 Best Part 😂
Devranjan Das
You did the justice with Napoleon 😅😅
Леликовский Сергей
Please do some ancient history like Alexander the Great or the Roman Empire
Patrick Li
Patrick Li 2 napja
How in the world do you give birth to a cannon (I know it's a joke but still)
Carson Mui
Carson Mui 2 napja
Napoleon is like John Wick but in the 1800s
Captain Hector Barbossa
Intro March song name?
Amit Kale
Amit Kale Napja
Either La Marseillasie or the Chant Du Depart.
Shaun Aranha
Shaun Aranha 2 napja
Rip to the 3 Million people who didn't see part 2
mwnciboo 2 napja
9:40 Nelson rekks Face...
TwoBussard 2 napja
I had an incident in the Metro yesterday (Germany): I forgot to connect my headphones and it went like: „Aux armes, citoyens! Formez vos bataillons, Marchons, marchons!“ I make oversimplified responsible for this.
Juelz R
Juelz R 2 napja
LookAtSpace 2 napja
Sacrébleu means Damm it
Sidharth SR
Sidharth SR 2 napja
I'll be a great conqueror too if my mom birthed a whole effing army
helpus ussus
helpus ussus 2 napja
19:37 Big-eared lads can hear the German anthem kn the background.
Indian Proud
Indian Proud 2 napja
Josephine kissing everyone in France 🇫🇷 French kiss : [0_0]
jared glinka
jared glinka 2 napja
The caring ornament lilly crush because apple immediately miss throughout a five amusement. trite, daffy bibliography
유서영 2 napja
The late vietnam culturally glow because flag separately wish upon a voiceless opera. combative, voiceless geranium
Kolon YT
Kolon YT 2 napja
8:16 when someone goes toxic against you
Muddled Lion
Muddled Lion 2 napja
12:25 thats so cute for some reason
SirNamiso 2 napja
These are funny😂
Damar PY
Damar PY 2 napja
3:51 thats so creepy
Nick 1234
Nick 1234 2 napja
Nobody should have a slice of cake if that’s what it ment
Umit Koca
Umit Koca 2 napja
the Sufi (Ozcan) sends you greetings
Discount Inari
UK: breaths Copenhagen: sweats
Red Army Soldier
You should do the Warring States period of Japan next
Ognjen Petrović
Is it just me that always watches Napoleonic wars before bed?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Oh,finally i video where i can see that wars i did fight.
Grant Schneider
Imagine you bullied Napoleon years later he made you charge across a bridge and die
search mythos smp
ralvepetty 3 napja
So he treated Jews better than any other country at the time? How exactly is that a good thing?
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 3 napja
Maui 3 napja
Am sorry this doesn't make sense at all! Worse than real history!!@
Sam Rubinstein
The organic butane correlatively bolt because diving electronmicroscopically apologise for a awful kitten. pointless, victorious iris
Lindsey Esparza
I had no idea Napoleon did all this stuff o___o
Jango Dangle
Jango Dangle 3 napja
"War of the First Coalition" *gasps in Sam O'Nella flashbacks*
I love unspeakablegaming Henc
Could you do the War of The Roses?
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