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Watch the new trailer for "The Last Duel" a tale of betrayal & vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In theaters October 15.

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Son of Martha
Son of Martha 8 perccel
If it has Matt Damon does it mean It's automatically good?
Youbian 17 perccel
Two guys from Boston, and an English woman playing characters in France. Helmed by a British director. The French must love this.
S. Pohl
S. Pohl 2 órája
I think everyone involved is immensely talented, but I wish they'd make films that carry society to a brighter place. Themes of war (and in this case, dueling) along with the many "apocalyptic" stories today are too dark and heavy.
Rushikesh More
Rushikesh More 4 órája
Whare is ben affleck
Skyebooo 4 órája
The book is so amazing that it still is one of my top 5 favorites. I hope the producers keep close to the facts and not include modern political themes. The woman is barely mentioned in it.
albahdon amr
albahdon amr 4 órája
matt damon is looking like theo von
A M L 10 órája
Me Too Hunting
A M L 10 órája
The accents are atrocious
All because of unfaithfulness it seems. Tsk tsk tsk.
BlueJay 12 órája
Why is this the first time im seeing this it’s literally made by Ridley Scott with a all star cast and it comes out in October they did not do a good job promoting this
SKS2011SC 12 órája
I cannot freakin' wait for this to come out.
Youbian 13 órája
Fun fact: Ridley Scott’s first film was called “The Duelists” Not that he should retire, but it would be one hell of a full career circle.
Rebecca Swanson
Rebecca Swanson 15 órája
Chris Loew
Chris Loew 18 órája
He beat the dragons so he is ready to take on anything in this movie, that and the time spent on Mars helped also.
Obi Shinobi
Obi Shinobi 19 órája
Federal Bureau of Gaming
This actually looks good. Kylo Ren gets the recognition he deserves.
Jimmy Parmesan
Jimmy Parmesan 20 órája
Good soup 👌🏼 🍵
Jay M
Jay M 21 órája
Looks awesome. I just hope it views history through the prism of the 21st century political beliefs of the writers throughout. I wouldn't want to enjoy it TOO much.
Tracy Martel
Tracy Martel 21 órája
Interesting that Ben Affleck, a man accused of sexual assault and misconduct, is writing about a woman who isn’t believed when she says she is raped ☕️
K. T.
K. T. 14 órája
Maybe that’s because no one believes him Cause he’s a man. Guilty until....doesn’t matter just guilty. See the reflections now?
Brandon Garcia
Kylo Ren vs Jason Bourne what a dream match up.
Alina Mai
Alina Mai Napja
Cameron bissel finally got the big break after his community college acting classes 😂😂
Crystal Morse
Elizabeth Woodville is back but in a movie? Lol
Ben Quinney, III
It’s kind of math
Leon Shore
Leon Shore Napja
The "Me Too" movement goes Medieval. Only in theaters, coming soon.
ashley lodewyk
This looks good. Exactly my kind of movie to get lost in. Making it even better so is, Sir Ridley Scott is at the helm. Should make for a very good watch.
Tray Daniel
I hope both Matt Damon & Ben Affleck wins again for Best Original Screenplay
Challenger 1913
Come on Kylo I thought you turned to the light side?
jbvader721 Órája
It didn't last long.
Ujjan S
Ujjan S Napja
Ridley Scott with another historical epic. You know it's going to be good
Lorna R
Lorna R Napja
I am confused with all these accents.
LocardIII Napja
Jodie Comer: Adam Driver attacked me Mikey Day: except he didn’t!
ambrella Napja
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fico Napja
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Caroline Castro
Emocionante y epico... Can't wait
Monique K
Monique K Napja
she looks like a good actress
C G Napja
This was mentioned on Mysteries at the museum, and why the laws were changed after, wow👏
John Crighton
Very Orion DNA commands here... Again man kill themselves for demon harlots...
JÄGER_rS Napja
This cast is gonna make this movie 1000 times better
Stephanie Michaels
Now this!! Is what im talking about! I love it already!
Colin Hughes
She gets sentenced to being burnt at the stake... Soooo her husband loses and she's judged? Thanks tailer for ruining the film. 👍👌👍👌👍
Ricardo Cantoral
Ugh, I hope the film is better than this dumb trailer.
Starbel Napja
This movie proves love don’t get you kill , a female does
Laszlo Szabo
Ridley Scott: The Duellists (1977) was an amazing movie. I have high hopes from this one!
Creeper 2 napja
Seems like every time Matt Damon and Ben Affleck write and act together, they need a Driver. They had Minnie in good will hunting, and Adam in this one. 🤪
jbvader721 Órája
True. Though Minnie and Adam are not related. Yes, I checked.
Andrew Blanchard
Helen Watson
Helen Watson 2 napja
Leg get tire when standing while still
Reynaldo Luna Jr.
Me Too: The Quickening
Robbie Atwell
Robbie Atwell 2 napja
I love Jodi Cromer, I first saw her in My Big Fat Diary(I think that's the name)and then on Dr.Foster,and she has soared every since.I can't wait to see this...and was that Matt Damon?Looks good!!!
i-Prime Productions
Oh look! An "evil patriarchy" movie... how... original 🙄
rg31404 2 napja
The husband wins the duel btw
Sam Shao
Sam Shao 2 napja
I shall watch this trailer everyday.
André Ramos
André Ramos 2 napja
Its there something like happiness, see new movie produced by Ridley Scott! Long life for him !
Shawn Hart
Shawn Hart 2 napja
Jodie comer is amazing
Chomp Chomp Food
Kylo Ren time traveling
zunkwind 2 napja
That lassie is everywhere just now!
Steph.O 2 napja
Damon and Kylo don’t have accents in this… Getting Kevin Costner, Robin Hood vibes. No likey.
John Mick
John Mick 2 napja
This looks great and refreshing
Danny D'Munru
Danny D'Munru 2 napja
Just a Red Viper vs Mountain high budget scene. I'll pass it, thanks.
Sir Boring
Sir Boring 2 napja
Hey it's one of those side missions on Mount & Blade
Erica flores Contreras
Hope it’s good
COO415 2 napja
Adam Driver, dark, brooding & haunting. And jousting, character is now completed.
natalie ruegger
metoo: medieval edition.
Brian Talbert
Brian Talbert 2 napja
I dont buy Aflec and Damon as medieval characters. I think Adam driver is believable though.
jbvader721 Órája
I can buy Jodie Comer and Adam Driver. But the Boston Boys? Nah.
No Fate Eric
No Fate Eric 2 napja
Why is no one speaking French?
Coolguy 387
Coolguy 387 2 napja
Because it’s an English language film directed and produced by people who speak English
chaoticdog85 3 napja
It's cool that Theo Von started acting.... good for him
Heidi Holdridge Frantz
Looks a little miscast. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon? Not heroic historical character actors in my opinion. Maybe they will prove me wrong but I have my doubts
Kutark 3 napja
Am I the only one who thinks Matt Damon looks really out of place here?
Brittany Lyles
So basically someone read Badass of the Week and decided to make a movie.
Mike Smolyansky
Since when the French care about infidelity 😂
Buddy 3 napja
Annnddddd EVERYTHING is spoiled.. why ?!
beatmonkey 3 napja
1:22 Christopher Waltz!
Steve Doyle
Steve Doyle 3 napja
Looks good, pretty stoked to see this motion picture. It is however, a little dissapointing that my boy Sam Brooks ( extra #47) does not appear in the trailer. Do better 20th Century Studios, give the people what they want!
beatmonkey 3 napja
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Jek V
Jek V 3 napja
Cant wait to watch this movie…ben afleck blonde??? Still processing :)
Amma Opoku
Amma Opoku 3 napja
Can’t wait
T-Bull9989 3 napja
Ok. I'm in. Looks cool.
monika 3 napja
I’m a simple girl, I see Adam and I click
Eddy Blanco
Eddy Blanco 3 napja
Jason Bourne vs Kylo Ren "Should be interesting enough"
ProAssassin84 3 napja
Ridley Scott doesn't disappoint.
Midblade 3 napja
Always wanted to see an R rated version of "A Knights Tale"
Chris B
Chris B 3 napja
Leonardo DiCaprio is the only actor missing from this movie haha. Looks great!
Chris B
Chris B 3 napja
Disney has some hits coming out this fall! 👏🏾🔥🔥
Chris B
Chris B 3 napja
I kinda wish they cast was French or at least that the actors used French accents. But that's just the history buff in me lol
jbvader721 12 perccel
@billiey giles It worked for "Amadeus". Everyone speaks in their normal accent and hardly anyone cares because the acting was so good.
billiey giles
billiey giles 19 perccel
@jbvader721 Agreed, the acting is what counts. As long as it's understood where it's taking place, accents aren't really needed and often distract.
jbvader721 Órája
@billiey giles I don't mind this cast going "full Amadeus". As long as the acting shines through, accurate accents are the least of my concerns.
billiey giles
billiey giles 2 napja
@Coolguy 387 I've always thought it was dumb to have a whole cast play French, for instance, but speak English with French accents. Why wouldn't French people speak French to each other? Just forget the accents altogether.
Coolguy 387
Coolguy 387 2 napja
Well if it where directed and written by Frenchmen the whole movie would have the actors speaking their native language and they wouldn’t be speaking English at all and they would have to use English subtitles
Denise Herud
Denise Herud 3 napja
Um no. More Villanelle, less victim🙄
Zach S
Zach S 3 napja
The action in this movie looks insane! Hopefully it won’t be like a 2 minute fight lol
Danny Woodchuck
Movie of 2021.
Ghost Face
Ghost Face 3 napja
Ben Affleck playing this type of role🤔
Nory Reynoso
Nory Reynoso 3 napja
I love some much history's films...this one is a real true history....justice for women in middle age was so difficult....It was difficult to believe the truths that they told, therefore regardless of social rank, they were punished, condemned, tortured and burned at the stake either for blaphemia or questioning the honor of a man. This fact that the film narrates is really very interesting. Also with an actor like Adan Driver, the film will be more than magnificent. Damon and Affleck, familiar faces and talented actors. I look forward to it.
Poppy 3 napja
Thought it was Theo Von in the thumbnail lmao.
Outcast 0033
Outcast 0033 3 napja
I'm always weary of movies focused on a female character this heavily. Is the story historical? Yes. And it might even have some historical accuracy too. So what am I talking about? Consider what they did with male action heroes in the 80's. The first Rambo movie was good and believable while the second movie got heavy handed with the action hero idea and went off the rails. It was still likeable but as the heavy handed action hero approach continued the movies became difficult to take seriously and the same can be said with films centering around a female characters now. Often the other cast members act in ways that make no sense just so the woman can come off as empowered while not appearing to earn it. I guess we will see how this one plays out but due to the recent track record I'm not expecting much.
Red Sky Preparedness
All this mumbo jumbo over a dual between two actors? Talk about missing the pulse of relevance. I'm renaming this film to 'The Irrelevant Dual' Starring the social justice warrior Matt Damon.
Kylo Hepburn
Kylo Hepburn 3 napja
tvshowmemes 2021
How could this be the last duel when pistol duels were a thing
tvshowmemes 2021
@Black Alien thanks for the info
Black Alien
Black Alien 3 napja
It was the last Judicial Duel AKA trial by combat. Of course, people still dueled, but guilt or innocence was never again OFFICIALLY settled in this manner.
Austin Lawrence
Is this like the original Me Too? Lol
Hikaro 4 napja
So this is the story of Adam Driver's character from SNL's Medieval Times sketch, right?
Francesco Méndez
What the hell? What happens with those helmets? HALF HELMETS?
Sails Fast
Sails Fast 4 napja
Hoping this epic "tale of betrayal & vengeance" doesn't turn out to be a non-epic "tale of medieval me-too & non-wokeness"....
grandmaster Jim
And 100 lbs women beating 260 lbs guys. That trope is getting old and tired.
Boringname 4 napja
M2: the beginning lol
Allen Williams
Alzheimer's🌠🎯 Opportunity :