Arthas' Betrayal, Varian's Sacrifice & Saurfang's Son - All Cinematics [Father of WoW Special 9.1] 

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The Fathers of Warcraft. All Cinematics. Six short stories about the most iconic Daddies of World of Warcraft. Includes Varian \u0026 Anduin Wrynn, Arthas \u0026 Terenas Menthil, Talanji \u0026 Rastakhan, Daelin \u0026 Jaina Proudmoore, Varok \u0026 Dranosh Saurfang, Genn \u0026 Liam Greymane.

In honor of Father's day, a tribute of the most iconic Father/Son/Daughter moments in Warcraft, immortalized in the form of six short stories. There are obviously more in the franchise, but these were the ones chosen. Happy Father's Day!

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Varian Wrynn's Story \u0026 Sacrifice [Full Warcraft Lore]
Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=07XUB...

Illidan Stormrage's Story \u0026 Sacrifice [Full Warcraft Lore]
Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeooZ...

All WoW Raid Ending Cinematics [TBC - BFA]
Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXuw1...

Arthas vs. Illidan - Final Battle
Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF6vE...

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World of Warcraft. Chains of Domination. All Cinematics up to 9.1 Recap. Includes Sylvanas vs. Bolvar, Nathanos vs. Tyrande, Anduin vs. Sylvanas, Mourneblade Reborn, Ysera's Rebirth, Denathrius' Betrayal \u0026 Covenant Campaigns with Kael'thas and Kel'thuzad \u0026 Arthas Memories.

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Athelarius Hónapja
**Timestamps** Pick Your Story! 2:17 Anduin & Varian Wrynn’s Story 17:03 Terenas & Arthas Menethil’s Story 23:55 Talanji & Rastakhan’s Story 28:20 Varok & Dranosh Saurfang’s Story 31:35 Jaina & Daelin Proudmoore’s Story 36:14 Genn & Liam Greymane’s Story Hiya Folks! We’re going on a feels trip again. Take a shot every time you hear “Father” and “My Son”. This is a tribute of the most iconic Father/Son/Daughter moments in Warcraft, immortalized in the form of six short stories. There are obviously more in the franchise, but these were the ones chosen that met the video’s specific criteria.
Athelarius Hónapja
Nope they're in the intro. But they don't have a history or cinematic short in-game aside from Gul'dan taunting Grommash in WoD. Sad times indeed.
Wyndell Lee the Spammer
You forgot Grommash & Garrosh Hellscream.
junito1957 6 napja
98kazer 6 napja
We Orphan Warcraft
David L
David L 13 napja
It still kinda sucks that we only have these, pardon the pun "humanising" moments for alliance only, Horde never gets this kind of depth or family drama
Rodney Chan
Rodney Chan 16 napja
Moral of the story, being a dad in WoW sucks
wasahadanen 17 napja
where is carine!!!!!!!!!!
Ahmed K077
Ahmed K077 17 napja
This Video is EPIC🔥
Balázs Kozma
Balázs Kozma 18 napja
Great video! Many...so many family drama... Vol'Jin :'( Fol Vol'Jin! For the Horde!
Oscar 20 napja
Man, it has been 4 years and I still weep a teat every time Varian says “what a king must do”
ali anjam
ali anjam 21 napja
remember a time when anaconda was inappropriate? oh shit wrong video
Richard Lim
Richard Lim 23 napja
is this a Happy Father's day video?
Charlayne Elizabeth Denney
Wow. Just .....wow. That is probably one of the best I've ever, ever seen. I want Varian to come help rescue Anduin. I would love to see Uther's final peace with Arthas. So we need to have some...dare I say, closure, on so many fathers and sons (and daughters). Even Sylvanas needs her father (I don't think he was ever in the game, but still). Anduin is my favorite (his theme is my cell ring tone!) and this whole 'turning' of him is killing me. So many thoughts, too little room. Bravo Athelarius, Bravo.
Jeremy Mize
Jeremy Mize 24 napja
I wonder if Talanji is gonna be back to seek vengeance for her father.
Schubert Aloysius
*_sylvanas_* had to make a very difficult decision. I know how that feels to make unpopular decisions even if it means you go In alone and you know you gonna end being hated and despised for it.. but you do it because no one else could carry that burden, no one ever could..but you live with it.. you may end up walking alone.. but someday you know you will be appreciated for the decisions you made
Rickodo Matazo
Rickodo Matazo 29 napja
And the moral of the story. Dont be a father in WoW.
Dimitar Yanakiev
Succ gd
Aaron Gallagher
Aaron Gallagher 29 napja
I wonder if Sylvanas binding the valkyr was for her or Zooval at this point.
cheungdonald Hónapja
This video is Australian because it's Fathers Die
bo bo
bo bo Hónapja
To be honest, never really liked Rastakhan that much. He died too quickly, the audiance didnt have a chance to feel attachment or any care for the relationship between him and his daughter. Especially because its BFA, ass expansion
Scourgelord Nathreim
I was really pissed they killed him off so quickly. I had been waiting to meet this King of legend since he was first spoken about in Vanilla. Honestly I rather had they killed Talanji or better yet no one since so many Horde leaders are killed off its ridiculous. So much of BFA was poorly written and Shadowlands so far is not better.
did you mean daddies of warcraft?
dale gunning
dale gunning Hónapja
Although we only knew Rastakhan for a short time, he's still my favourite
FrozenFeather Hónapja
31:00 isnt Rexxar a loner? What he doing in the Horde
FrozenFeather Hónapja
@Athelarius imagine Shadowlands Archimonde
The Pillar Ben
The Pillar Ben Hónapja
Rexxar is the champion of the horde, he always shows up when he is needed.
Atte Gröhn
Atte Gröhn Hónapja
all the varians and anduins in the comments, eff that, i want to see garry and grommy hauling some major ass
Cameron McEwen
Cameron McEwen Hónapja
There should be a moment during Shadowlands where Bwonsamdi approaches Jaina to tell her that Rastakhan wants to meet with her.
Puskie Hónapja
This deserves so many more views
Yune Moon
Yune Moon Hónapja
I always wonder when I see the scene how Sylvannas get Vol'Jin on her horse with still sitting of it...
Desgil Danphi
Desgil Danphi Hónapja
Most of these death all involve sylvanas in some way
Desgil Danphi
Desgil Danphi 17 napja
@Jean Avendaño more like she abandoned him
Jean Avendaño
Jean Avendaño 17 napja
Well, not Varian one, she had to retreat to save the Horde, but I am sure she should have called "retreat" to the Alliance, she could have regroup and attack some other time...
Gamermom Hónapja
Is is me or does Genn act like a proud grandfather for Anduin when he holds his speech?! Ps I really hope Jaina meets her father Daelin again in Shadowlands, so she can apologize to him for her naivity , that got him killed!
Matt Bruce
Matt Bruce Hónapja
Happy father's day! Awesome video today to do! Thanks very much!
Shalad Hónapja
10:08pm 6/20/21 274 likes vs 0 dislikes
Creative Gaming
Creative Gaming Hónapja
seeing this video and anduin talking as much as he did leads me to think he didnt become the next lich king by choice, i honestly think he was forced to, with as faithful to the light as we have seen him even in the darkest of times i honestly doubt he became what he will be in 9.1 willingly
Malal 17 napja
It's the same thing with arthas, he never willingly became the LK he was tricked into giving up his soul and thus control of himself to zoval
The Dolphin Queen
that's kind of the point
SaChaeng owns my bank account
I feel bad for Genn and Saurfang. I just feel so sad for those who lost their children especially when they died in battle. Kinda reminds of me of the line "No parent should bury their children"
Joe W
Joe W Hónapja
Like Theoden bury Theodred.... | :/
sassy muffin
sassy muffin Hónapja
happy father's day :") and to our main anime character varian sama
Igor Ukrainski
Igor Ukrainski Hónapja
Anthony Couture
Anthony Couture Hónapja
14:49 I don't know if this was intentional from the writers or not, but I like to think it is. If you watch the Alliance version of the Siege of Orgrimmar finale, Varian says the exact same words "What a king must do" as he prepares to march across the room to the Horde. He said the words to Anduin, who questioned his father. To see him use the same exact words, in different context, is incredible.
Aardappeltje Hónapja
I would want to see Liam (Genns son) in the shadowlands. And Varian ofc.
sarba 20 napja
@Im mega tosci big rip
Im mega tosci
Im mega tosci 20 napja
when varian was killed by the fel magic his soul was destroyed
sarba Hónapja
Varian is in Twisting Nether, no?
I never wanna SEE my warchief Thrall bolding and crouching again Shadowlands did him good
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson Hónapja
When I think about father's in world of warcraft... My first thought is deathwing
Rose's Zen Garden
god damn, way to make me cry on a day i cant take joy in anymore.... not a father myself, and my father lost his shit and tried to throw me out into the cold a few years ago. now you have a compliation of dead dads, and dads watching their sons die.....
philippe blais
philippe blais Hónapja
Thrall's a dad. As is Grom Hellscream. So is Turalyon, Alxeandros Mograine -even if he only shows up in cutscenes- Cairne Bloodhoof, Bolvar Fordragon, Deathwing -though mainly in Nefarian and Onyxia-, Tirion Fordring, Edwin VanCleef, Velen, Magni Bronzebeard.
philippe blais
philippe blais Hónapja
@Cameron McEwen Rhakeesh. The eredar Kil Jaedan sent to destroy the Exodar. Whom Velen thought was dead since the fall of Argus.
Cameron McEwen
Cameron McEwen Hónapja
Who are Velen’s children?
philippe blais
philippe blais Hónapja
Turalyon, Velen and Muradin appear in cinematics though.
Rose's Zen Garden
but allot of them dont have cinematics, which is the primary focus of this video
sevgi karabacak
sevgi karabacak Hónapja
Arthas omg ,❤️❤️❤️
Hi im Darkfantom
fucking goosebumps everywhere
Orc Peon
Orc Peon Hónapja
Vol'jin was, in fact, a father and deserves to be in this video.
Wolf PR
Wolf PR Hónapja
@viorel ulics actually Varian was killed by fel guards as well and Gul'dan just did that last 1%
Orc Peon
Orc Peon Hónapja
@Cameron McEwen He had several - most unnamed, but the youngest is Yenniku.
Cameron McEwen
Cameron McEwen Hónapja
What was the name of Vol’jin’s son?
viorel ulics
viorel ulics Hónapja
yea what a weak father hahaha he died killed by a fel guard hahahaha so weak Varian at least died like a hero killed by Guldan not a random fel guard hahaha the horde and their trash cowards leaders
Orc Peon
Orc Peon Hónapja
@Rose's Zen Garden Ugh, I wish. Ya get what ya get, but really, he was done a disservice and deserved a lot more.
William E. C. Fogwell
It's great, but were is Denathrius and Renathal?
Cameron McEwen
Cameron McEwen Hónapja
@William E. C. Fogwell We’ll need more information than that.
William E. C. Fogwell
Renathal called Denathrius father. At least in Dark Aspirations quest. Then we have his confession, that he consider Nathrezim his siblings, because they are made by Denathrius.
Athelarius Hónapja
Has it been confirmed they’re father son? I just saw he was one of the first Venthyr, whom Denathrius seems to have a closer relationship with.
Skoll Shorties
Skoll Shorties Hónapja
I'll never forget the Father of the Horde. RIP Varok Saurfang.
Skoll Shorties
Skoll Shorties Hónapja
@Athelarius Totally. The BfA Finale in my eyes will always be the stuff between Saurfang and Sylvanas. Not so much the stuff with N'zoth, that really should've been the next expansion.
Erick Olivares
Erick Olivares Hónapja
Dathremar or anasterian y kalethas, or garithos and his father haha, lilian vos and his father, moiran and her father, thral and his father at least the film of warcraft 1 would be nice a short one but it is ok, meditvh and his father lol the comics lol, shandris and malfurion father adoptive, garrosh and grom, voljin and his father senjin i think in wacraft 3, dreadlords and father jailer lol or sire dinathius the bad fathers, haha archimonde and kiljaden sargeras adoptive father bad father, cairne and baine there is a few cinematics, muradin and his father just some books, the old gods and father void haha, human race and father titan, illdan adoptive father and illdari, narru and father light, druids driades and father cenarious or centaurs who he dont recognize them haha or marlone and cenarius and etc lol after it second vid of the bad father of warcraft and adoptive fathers too 3 vid lol
Tyler McNally
Tyler McNally Hónapja
Michael Cardassi
Happy Father’s Day 👨
Honorio Navarro Mesa
Happy Father's day! I wish you had put Terenas's words to Arthas during the Wrath of the Exanime King cinematic (though I guess it was a lot of editing already). 34:02 I hope that during Shadowlands we can add a new father to the list, but it is very complicated XD
Cameron Sharp
Cameron Sharp Hónapja
Varian the undisputed GOAT
viorel ulics
viorel ulics Hónapja
at least he died a Hero not lame dead from a random fel guard like voljin the weak
Wesley VL
Wesley VL Hónapja
Varian needts to com back for the allaince
Athelarius Hónapja
The idea to sacrifice him in the Broken Shore sets the scene for the expansion but it cost the Alliance its finest king. Definitely miss him.
MJD Hónapja
i need a varian and anduin moment in shadowlands. Even if it's just a small scene.
Firenz 17 napja
@Juan Posada IIRC, the arquitecture of the Scourge was supposed to be deeply influenced by the Nerubians´. Now it seems that it has existed for eons in the shadowlands. Blizzard changes the lore whenever they want. I wouldn´t be surprised if Varian manifested through the Light (or something similar). Uther did it already in wow classic, during a mission that takes place at his tomb in the plaguelands
Juan Posada
Juan Posada 19 napja
@MJD "Fel is fueled by drawing life from living beings and consuming their souls, utterly destroying them in the process. ... When a soul is devoured by fel energies, it produces more fel and is utterly destroyed in the process." - its canon, people who die with fel magic, their souls are permanent gone. so no, we wont see varyan in the shadowlands, at all
Xerony Lloyd
Xerony Lloyd Hónapja
@Episode Update Blizzard always changes lore in some way. Like Varian's soul was such a powerful one that Gul'Dan couldn't destroy it. I would like it tho, Varian is a legend
Dell Smith
Dell Smith Hónapja
@Andrei 'kames' Muntean he already returned to voice thrall so wouldnt be to hard to voice varian
Cameron McEwen
Cameron McEwen Hónapja
@Andrei 'kames' Muntean He’ll return for the animated series.
Marcin Wiśniewski
"I saw the same look in his eyes when he died. Terenas could hardly believe it. Hahahaha!" - Marwyn
Athelarius Hónapja
Marwyn, always loyal, even holding the gates for Arthas to enter Lordaeron in style. Works every time.
Pedro Silva Souto
In the Shadowlands Anduin needs the help of his Father Varian more than ever!!!
mehmet aras
mehmet aras Hónapja
for the father is father must fall of of the lich king of
Neckmostle Hónapja
@Spyrit2011 okay if you say so but I wouldn’t be surprised if blizz contradicted themselves and just brought him back during shadowlands and then somebody will probably point this out and then they’ll probably do a retcon just because they can
Spyrit2011 Hónapja
@Neckmostle Look when someone is killed by fel magic their soul is destroyed, bottom line. Stop attempting to make up the lore, there is nothing between the lines. The only way to bring Varian back is through time travel.
Neckmostle Hónapja
@Spyrit2011 but it’s also stated that lesser warlocks need them and I don’t think that Gul Dan is a lesser warlock besides That one cutscene in legion where anduin talks to his father hints at that being his spirit not to mention that cutscene takes place on the broken shore after we beat guldan so if guldan did hold onto his soul it would probably be to torment him for his personal amusement so it looks like he either didn’t have to use it because he was so powerful or he didn’t want to lose a plaything Edit: also I wouldn’t trust that lore too much when player warlocks can generate soul shards without killing something
Spyrit2011 Hónapja
@Neckmostle According to the lore, fel magic both destroys and claims a soul. When warlocks kill something they gain a soul shard, they use that should shard to cast something. When Guldan killed Varian he used a soul from another being, and he took Varians soul for another spell i e soul shard, the soul is destroyed by converting it to a soul shard.
Pedro Silva Souto
I hope to see Varian in Shadowlands... i wonder if that red soul that strike the Arbiter could be Varian's soul under the control of some evil force?
Pedro Silva Souto
@moved to a new channel If the only way to ressurect Varian's soul is to use Fel magic to destroy someone soul, that would not be a problem because they can use the souls of those evil Scarlet Crusaders at the Scarlet Monastery and with Fel Magic ressurect Varian because he is a good and gentle father and his life is more precious that those evil racist Scarlet Crusaders
@Episode Update no
Episode Update
Episode Update Hónapja
@Piladinzbanowany you are talking about arthas soul right ?
moved to a new channel
It's not a thing about cursing a soul or just damaging it. Fel magic works using the life essence of a being, including it's soul. Gul'Dan pretty much disintegrated his entire being as a whole and we have already seen a couple of characters from Legion in the Shadowlands that pretty much proves that theory already.
Rose's Zen Garden
@Coconut-Farmer plus argus is known as the titan of death.
Felix Eduardo Durango Chavarría
Genn Greymane is the worst father.
Orc Peon
Orc Peon Hónapja
100% - lousy king, too.
Kevin Novák
Kevin Novák Hónapja
what ? how
José Ximeno
José Ximeno Hónapja
Cairne and Baine never shared a father and son moment in WoW, the only thing I can think of is when Rexxar rescues him in Warcraft 3. PS: Pamela Father in Darrowshire Chain Missions in my personal opinion.
Chris Navarre
Chris Navarre Hónapja
They had a really good moment in War Crimes also when Baine was chosen to defend Garrosh in his trial. Very touching, but unrepresented in actual gameplay sadly
Phoenix Ascending
Unfortunately, Blizzard had Baine and Cairne share a father and son moment in the Warcraft book called "the Shattering" when Garrosh killed Cairne in the Mak'gora. When Baine has a private cremation ceremony for his father, Cairne comes to talk with him is spirit form.
José Ximeno
José Ximeno Hónapja
Yes, it is understood, you would have videos for if you put all of them. My comment was more than an afterthought in my mind.
Mr Orc Shaman
Mr Orc Shaman Hónapja
Thralls a dad, though his son's not been developed yet. Grom's a dad, though the WOD isn't technically Garrosh's father, but still, its Grom so...
Mr Orc Shaman
Mr Orc Shaman Hónapja
@Athelarius fair enough reason.
Wyndell Lee the Spammer
All these fathers are dead. Except for Genn.
Максим Жуков
We can fix it, eventually
Wyndell Lee the Spammer
Both Genn Graymane and Varok Saurfang lost their sons to undead.
Wyndell Lee the Spammer
Daelin was a great father. He was too mad that he couldn't accept the Horde after the death of his son.
Wyndell Lee the Spammer
Varian: Give this to my son.
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