SWIPED - A Netflix Movie So Bad It Hurts 

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Noah Centineo lol
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A Pelican
A Pelican 8 órája
This movie was made by a bunch of people who doesn’t know the definition of introvert change my mind
Q Nguyễn
Q Nguyễn 23 órája
i actually read and walk all the time . . .
Hoping Star E
sexism the movie
Mister P4ncake
"Bimbo flyin'! Somebody catch her!"
Chau ChhunSamnag
I read and walk dude
Funtime Wolfy
Funtime Wolfy 3 napja
I love and subscribed to Danny Gonzalez
Cat cat
Cat cat 3 napja
Can you review the movie Deadly Detention
Lady M
Lady M 3 napja
Omg that was George Hamilton lol! He was always known for over tanning lmao!!!!
Esther Harman
Esther Harman 4 napja
Can you go on Netflix and talk about the Grudge , ITS OS HORRIBLE
Wednes day
Wednes day 5 napja
Can you watch Dustwalker? It’s on Hulu and it’s bad
Blake Stone
Blake Stone 5 napja
On Tinder, 20 percent of the men get 80 percent of the women. In other words, only Chads are sexually successful. With an app like Jungle, I shudder to think of the statistics.
Joseph Summers
8:40 / 8:50 Holy shit, that is really Kristen Johnston?!?!?!?! YIKES!
Joseph Summers
8:40 / 8:50 Discount Kristen Johnston.
I kept forgetting that this isn't a youtuber movie
Megan W
Megan W 7 napja
Thought you were half decent, then heard the two rape jokes made. You’re vile.
Tefik Beka
Tefik Beka 7 napja
Elvis:who reads a walks Also Elvis:no one Me:who reads ?
TenTonNuke 8 napja
20:48 I'm sorry? $./hardLeft.command ? Did they just faceroll the keyboard and assumed it looked close enough to coding?
Bárbara Muniz
just wanted to say... i read while i walk...
Joseph Summers
@Bárbara Muniz that is nice. but why do you do it if its unsafe and unwise?
Bárbara Muniz
@Joseph Summers im not trying to deny that
Joseph Summers
terrible idea
Zuck looks like a young Idubz
HippyNinjaSimmy 히피닌자스미
Coding is is superpower, that's why the personality change xD
Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen 10 napja
Make videos where the alien in the background subtly and see if people notice (IF you want)
cbapiaz 11 napja
Lance is probably overcompensating for something.....
Cyborg Gerbil
Cyborg Gerbil 12 napja
8:00 Do you even know what a misogynist is? Because I’m guessing you only know the left/misandrist feminist version. A misogynist isn’t someone who makes a comment or two at one woman, it’s someone who hates/dislikes all women.
Logan Littell
Logan Littell 12 napja
bruh i found myself like curling up from 100 of these fucking scenes JUST in this vid not even the movie itself
Logan Littell
Logan Littell 12 napja
lets not ignore the fact that hese using a fucking mac to "CODE" a app and uses fucking termenal to "shut down the other apps" like WHAT LMAO bruh im a programmer"and i use a MAC xD stfu sit yo ass down movie
Montesama314 13 napja
A sex-only app with no dating restrictions is basically begging the FBI to follow your movements in an unmarked van.
Montesama314 13 napja
This movie sounds so fucking dumb and unfinished, but I literally had to stop 9 minutes into this video because FUCK YOU, PROFESSOR. If I did the work, why should I be the one to have to explain to the class? I pay YOUR ass to be the instructor. Get to work! It's telling that the movie is so boring that THAT idiocy stands out to me the most. It angers me on a personal level.
Montesama314 13 napja
Am I honestly supposed to believe that a dude with a face as STUPID looking as 4:45 is getting laid on the regular? His hair looks like it was transplanted from a Dawson's Creek episode, and he doesn't even have a jawline!
Montesama314 13 napja
To be fair, an app that helps the homeless find homes (you know, an app... for a phone... that they probably CAN'T AFFORD) is probably not that likely to make a difference.
Joseph Summers
Homeless have phones
xnɹɔ 13 napja
"And this dating app has no age restrictions" They really saw nothing wrong that line and said heck yeah let's keep that in the movie.
TheGoldenMask 14 napja
What did they do to the lizard mans neck?
Old Lady Ovaries
"Two commentary channels much bigger than me". I've never heard of them until now lol
Nevermind 15 napja
WineNot 16 napja
Insecure males are painful to watch/be around
I have a micro penis, Anyway
Ah yes, singing in a huge crowd is something I, an introverted nerd, would do. Definitely.
Amy Ray
Amy Ray 17 napja
Pretty sure I saw this stupid movie, and it was so horrible I can't remember if I did or not lol
David Cannon
David Cannon 18 napja
If you want garbage then review liberty mutual ads
J R 19 napja
Elvis - you are hilarious. Beyond.
Barnabás Molnár
No age restriction, No verification, No address, no name. Hmmm this app sounds like the perfect thing for dark web human trafficking. Your victim happily comes to your door front.
Mike FromMN
Mike FromMN 21 napja
I had a “friend” who would invite girls over and be like “yeah bro you have to leave” like then why did you invite me over?
Marilyn Matt
Marilyn Matt 22 napja
This movie looks like it was made by students just walking around strangers on the streets and asking them if they want to participate at a project and none of them ever took acting classes. Oh like a lot of young/ new actors today. I almost threw up. 🤮
The Upward Spiral
Irene huh?! Small crossover! Sweet
Microsoft collective
I can hardly watch the review because of the clips of the movie in it.
Mlgdash 24 napja
A normal lele pons movie but from wish
So basically he makes BUMBLE for the women. I gotta tell you that app sucks too and you get a LOT of entitled women on there.
E. M. Rivera
E. M. Rivera 25 napja
7:09 "who reads and walks? no one" Me: 😐
TPOE 25 napja
8:58 this actually happens a lot in college. It happened to me more than once
הגר גדליוביץ'
4:09 "I'm not going to tell you what my last name is and I'm not going to tell you where I'm from or where I go to school... And the best part is, I don't have to." Of course you don't have to! You met her ON CAMPUS. She doesn't strike me as the next Nobel prize winner but I'm pretty sure she can figure out that you go to the same school as her. That's what happens when you don't read your owns scripts.
FightMelmao 26 napja
8:58 ...... this literally happens in school. That’s why whenever I finish an assignment or a task first, I’ll just pretend I’m still doing it to avoid explaining.
Dame Mixslayer
Dame Mixslayer 26 napja
I read and walk sometimes.
Abby Colby
Abby Colby 28 napja
My only objection to your critique is that no one walks and reads. I have walked and read at the same time many many times.
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth 29 napja
I just need to see as many of the boys get horrified by swiped as possible
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth 29 napja
“Creepy rape kiss” is a terrifyingly accurate description of that energy
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth 29 napja
Oedipus Jamesplex
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth 29 napja
“Let’s match when we see each other on the app sometime” is actually one of the least sexual propositions
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth 29 napja
You have to hike out into the wilderness with a spear and salvage a dude. He’s like hunched on a desk in chinos deep in the pines, trying to catch birds. He doesn’t know how he got out here but it’s all he can remember anymore
Swollen Thooth
Swollen Thooth 29 napja
Every man is in the jungle They’re trapped
TERROR Hónapja
Press this: 10:02
Samanta García Ojeda
"I coded an app for homeless people to find a shelter" I don't think that one made any difference
Carol Hónapja
The 3 sex crazed guys did a good job looking like they'd be incels but also have STDs at the same time.
Kudret Spyrou
Kudret Spyrou Hónapja
"Jungle" would be the favorite app for Onision 🤣
reiko Hónapja
i thought this was a horror movie
CardboardGhost Hónapja
7:05 slide to the left but ok....
Queer Quesadilla
"Who reads and walks? No one" Third grade me who read and walked all the time
Ilana Bailey
Ilana Bailey Hónapja
I think the only accurate part of this movie was the reading and walking. That actually is a thing that does happen XD
PrincessKLS Hónapja
I find most dating apps are just for sex. It’s hard to find a site or app that’s made for relationships.
PrincessKLS Hónapja
Rob looks like Nick Carter.
Linda Maria Hauksdottir
Can you post and that the walking dead
Logan Harris
Logan Harris Hónapja
7:05 my loong time girlfriend way back , she would walk around the neighborhood reading... Its how i met her.
Rin Kurusaki
Rin Kurusaki Hónapja
Couldnt get anyworst until "skins " appeared
BTGOTEXO127 Hónapja
why does every character in this movie look like they belong in a lifetime movie from 2008
Edgar Cabrera
Edgar Cabrera Hónapja
19:37 George Hamilton?! Damn, I knew his career hit rock bottom nowadays, but I didn't imagine that it was straight up drilling the Earth's core. Wait, how old am I that I recognized this dude?
ka wa
ka wa Hónapja
7:07 made me hit the subscribe and bell button 🤝
Omustiia Hónapja
This movie is ridiculously sexist towards both men and women.
cisco fritsch
cisco fritsch Hónapja
I honestly read and walk all the time...I’m not even tryna b funny..if I read sitting or laying I fall asleep so I usually will take a walk and read or just walk in circles around my apartment complex n read 💯
Ettie Vocelka
Ettie Vocelka Hónapja
The dramatic eggnog splenomegaly compete because candle bioinformatically live amid a entertaining parcel. bustling, keen cormorant
funmen Powell
funmen Powell Hónapja
I thought it was a horror movie
Assimil8 Hónapja
their app idea is literally just the 'personals' on craigslist
Liam Huefner
Liam Huefner Hónapja
danny gonzeukuitlutfhtjtfyh isa good dude
Elof Kjellson
Elof Kjellson Hónapja
I am just glad that videos like this exist so that I do not have to subject myself to such torture for a full movie's length. I salute you for your sacrifice to us all, sir.
c r
c r Hónapja
Can we get a spinoff with the sister
Digitus Medius
Digitus Medius Hónapja
nerd city is one of your patrons oh my god
Jo Lynn
Jo Lynn Hónapja
Fkin hilarious
Loki's Child
Loki's Child Hónapja
$20 says "Crab" is actually a virgin and is lying about getting the seccs
The Grand XBunny
We need more characters with crustacean based names like Crab. I mean, we should appreciate crabs more considering this script was written by one sitting on a keyboard.
Coffee Wizard
Coffee Wizard Hónapja
Mark C
Mark C Hónapja
If you wanna know if you're old, did you recognise Sally as the teacher because i'm assuming the fact she wasn't mentioned means i'm old and lots of younger people don't know who she is.
Jobob Joestar
Jobob Joestar Hónapja
I thought this was supposed to be a horror movie until about 3 quarters through the video
Maybe Cakes The Raccoon
I probably shouldnt have smoked before watching this. I’m dying laughing at your facial expressions 😆🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😆
Azu Covins
Azu Covins Hónapja
I know it's completely irrelevant but I just ate an amazing New York cheesecake
WingedFish117 Hónapja
7:08 woah woah woah thats my favorite activity
daniel harper
daniel harper Hónapja
Had to see your review again after watching Amanda the Jedi video.
Toranksu Hónapja
get with the apps
Natalie Nussbaum
This movie is just gross.
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Hónapja
"every mental disability" *Shows vid of Jake paul*
Velvet The Sylveon
Just so you know, throughout my time in middle school I would read and walk all the time. So people do in fact do it. Not defending the movie, its terrible, but I felt the need to say this.
insert name here
This movie is so bad that I already watched it and didn't even realize I did til the end of the video🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Skid Row Siam Hanghal
As an Asian, counting to read and teach in front of our classmates as punishment is puzzling. We would count it as a privilege.
Saying someone's name over and over again gets to me too. In the Tom Cruise Mummy movie, all Russell Crowe does is say "Mister Morton", even when the only person in the room is Tom Cruise. This is Russell Crowe we're talking about here, he should really know better.
Belorum Hónapja
I ... actually used to read and walk as a teen quite often xD but I've never spontaneously put out my book while I'm already walking, it was more of an "oh crap! Its my bus stop! But the books so exciting now! I can't stop" But except for that... yep. This movies incredibly dumb.
Sir JJ
Sir JJ Hónapja
I'm only seeing snippets of this movie and I already hate it.
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray Hónapja
This movie takes an OK concept (that dating apps are stupid, and that we should go back to traditional means of "hooking up" like actually TALKING to other people) but handles it badly. It would probably be better either if it had more jokes (including hilariously BAD matchups) or a serial killer. I don't think it was written by a disabled 15 year old, but by somebody's Mom, and I say that because I myself am somebody's Mom and I know the work of my own kind.
See actually his grandpa is sexified santa from Too Cool For Christmas, so it's a cinematic universe
a duck
a duck Hónapja
As a introvert I can confirm we dont just do full 180s
Thomas Berman
Thomas Berman Hónapja
When he did the "endurance" bit I thought he was going to transition into a blue chew ad
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