Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5 

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Hasnain Hamirani
Hasnain Hamirani 4 perccel
This game got me into Star Wars to begin with..
Shahin 4 perccel
Sam maggs mass effect andromeda and virtual r*pe victim and man hating feminist is writing this game i have lost all interest
Huge hog Lil nuts
Huge hog Lil nuts 16 perccel
Sam maggs is writing it, L for PlayStation
aswer huio
aswer huio 17 perccel
Печально что эту замечательную игру ничего не ждёт...
Arsenal54 35 perccel
Fire Sam Maggs!
Jens Andersson
Jens Andersson 52 perccel
I feel a disturbance in the force... Please, please don't make the player with a voice on the dialogue. You want to feel like you're the character not like you just play the character 😅
Valentine Órája
And then PlayStation Fanboys be getting mad when Microsoft purchases Bethesda
aswer huio
aswer huio 17 perccel
The Return Of The King
Florian Kraft
Florian Kraft Órája
Comming For PC?
Yes? Órája
Does it use fallen order engine or even better? I really hope sooo That game is sooo satisfying to play
ligma_master 69
ligma_master 69 2 órája
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
Shahin 2 órája
sam maggs is a awful writer
Ice Trae Young
Ice Trae Young 2 órája
I hope there's more games/movies/ shows based on the earlier time periods of the SWEU, everyone know about Palpatine and Vader but aware there's at least 25 other sith who could kill them with ease
Warrior Gaming
Warrior Gaming 2 órája
I'm thankful this isnt being made by modern day bioware.
Pedrovsky Pedrov
Pedrovsky Pedrov 2 órája
Why do i, in the words of Han Solo, "have a bad feeling about this"?
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 3 órája
Revan is the poster boy for Kotor
Петър Байчев
Is it going to be and for ps4 or only for ps5
Sunza Biches
Sunza Biches 3 órája
It would be amazing if, after they remake KOTOR 1, they remake KOTOR 2 and actually finish it this time.
Ben 225p
Ben 225p 4 órája
But why for PlayStation only 😞
HiiBillyMaysHere 5 órája
Bruh, only for PS5? They're trying to get boycotted and Sony/ea/dis headquarters burned down tbh.
SpionBlut 34
SpionBlut 34 3 órája
its not exclusive, it will come for pc and xbox too but later
Viktor  Reznov
Viktor Reznov 5 órája
Just checking are we getting this on Xbox too or is it a ps exclusive
Viktor  Reznov
Viktor Reznov 3 órája
@SpionBlut 34 cheers mate
SpionBlut 34
SpionBlut 34 3 órája
It will come gor xbox and pc too but later
Godin The Killer
Godin The Killer 6 órája
Not bioware? I might cop
Rain 457
Rain 457 8 órája
The Return Of The King
Zack Conley
Zack Conley 10 órája
Ok, super worried if it's being made by Aspyr because I hope they aren't going to try keep the same combat and movement mechanics as the original. Let's be honest Bioware evolved into Mass Effect, this remake needs to play like Mass Effect but be Star Wars
rxlfz 10 órája
Is that DARTH VADER?????
tom gu
tom gu 6 órája
Scythe Azure
Scythe Azure 9 órája
No dummy
Justine Ramos
Justine Ramos 10 órája
People quoting the video be like: " Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5" *queue emotional trigger* but for real though, hype!!!
Oi Bruv
Oi Bruv 11 órája
“Revan is the father isn’t he…..” YES
Lil ketchup pacc
Lil ketchup pacc 12 órája
I watched so many vids about this game and now that it’s coming to console is cool
Joshua Daniel
Joshua Daniel 12 órája
Didn’t BioWare make this game?
Joshua Daniel
Joshua Daniel 12 órája
@HumbleBee 55 okay makes sense lol
HumbleBee 55
HumbleBee 55 12 órája
yes but essentially that "lucasfilm games" is the owner of star wars franchise, so why dont they make it themselves.
Dwayne Cox
Dwayne Cox 12 órája
I have never played the original......and so I am so excited.
Suatt38 12 órája
I wonder what Darth Nhilus looks like remastered
CT-7567 12 órája
Very nice *creams*
Amirhosein Herandy
Amirhosein Herandy 13 órája
Uh, where is Bioware?
aus741LX 13 órája
Right I've all interest in this now
CharlieElite 15 órája
Am I the only one who looks at Revens physique and sees a women
Shortcut 101
Shortcut 101 15 órája
It will be a bomb if *star wars unleashed* is remastered too
eric alvarado
eric alvarado 15 órája
they should include ray
KiselinaSRB 16 órája
Meh call me when its on PC.
James Garrison
James Garrison 16 órája
They better have axed the turn based combat and kept everything else
Nerulon Skyven
Nerulon Skyven 17 órája
This 1 minute 6 second was 100 times better than latest Star Wars trilogy together.
スターダスト 17 órája
Yannie Valaziotis
Yannie Valaziotis 17 órája
Wait playstation exclusive?
Minkles13 18 órája
I won't say If, I'll say when.... this bad boy comes to PC, I'll defiantly be keen AF to check it out. I loved it on my XBOX years ago, still have the CD n all haha.
David C
David C 19 órája
As long as it's a PS5 console exclusive and not held back for PS4
Mitthrapath6 19 órája
imagine if they remake kotor 2 as well
Alex Palmer
Alex Palmer 19 órája
Waited for ages
Jeric White
Jeric White 19 órája
matt kylie
matt kylie 19 órája
Keanu Reeves
Marco 20 órája
Different devs, but they better not simplify everything like how Bioware turned DA: Origins systems into a childish mess in Inquisition.
jay rob
jay rob 20 órája
this better be a limited timed exclusive or i’m quitting gaming
Wong 21 órája
It will be still better than hunters
Douglas Masters
Douglas Masters 21 órája
Revan: I am Revan! Before me, you are nothing!
Griveous with his lightsabers
Fire sam maggs
minij hooi
minij hooi 22 órája
throngs of devotees.” - HK47 At least I imagine that’s what he’d say, before making some smart mouthed comment about terminating such hostilities. They better have him in
aipcs aipcs
aipcs aipcs 22 órája
Sourav Kamila
Sourav Kamila 23 órája
For those wondering about, where they can plays this game? It's Launching day one PS5 and coming later on PC...this game Fully funded by PlayStation, so it ain't gonna come to Xbox, Sony's official Twitter confirmed it
Ian Galleguillos
could see a possibility that roblox reaches playstation ???
tom gu
tom gu 6 órája
@minij hooi I hope she will. I want a thicc hot jedi woman.
Ian Galleguillos
Ian Galleguillos 21 órája
@minij hooi o sorry not speak inglish busco for traductor
minij hooi
minij hooi 22 órája
But will Bastila still be hot?
Pupsonian the Great
Ulaş Napja
Last boss must be darth nihulus,not revan.if you do epic game last boss be revan but if you do a corner stone game history;you build last boss must be nihilus
Flat Arthur
Flat Arthur 21 órája
Darth Nihilus was in KOTOR 2.
Sonic Hyperion (Kelagy)
Alexander XII
Holy... that's awesome.
HN Napja
offline or online ????
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 23 órája
Mizu Napja
a remake? noice
Mikail Jaffer
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GkStelar Beo
K I'm buying a ps5
lofffy Napja
after 7 years on the PC, it was finally time return to console.....
L3on Cull
L3on Cull Napja
PS exclusive ... Edit: OK Nether Mind it ist also coming to PC so im Happy :)
ssonline Napja
What's this white stuff?
Zen Voltage
The game is going to be bad the lead is a feminist who hates white men so the Revan name will probably be ruined
Thunderbug 21 órája
All she has to do is copy paste stuff written by superior writers. Even she can’t mess it up that badly. *Laughs nervously*
It’s a time-limited PS5 exclusive that will be available on PC and then Xbox and most PS4 players don't have a PS5 yet. That's why I think more people are going to play it on PC.
Mj Apusa
Mj Apusa Napja
“Only for ps5” Me:😀 WHY!!!!!
Jortysol Napja
But will Bastila still be hot?
tom gu
tom gu 6 órája
This is the most important question.
Travis Webb
F u singed xbox player.
Deskdrawer Napja
I can't wait for Darth Malak to walk out of the shadows wearing a MAGA hat and an, "I hate women." t-shirt.
Layne Carbajal
And here's where I put my disk of KOTOR for PS5 IF I HAD ONE
Genkishi Napja
Lock 178
Lock 178 Napja
The best gray Jedi. The best Jedi and the best Sith. EVER. The best Star Wars caracter.
Baron Sumedi
Sam Maggs? Sorry, no
Sotero A. Gomez
I never played KOTOR1… i did however KOTOR2…. So, ill be playing this one to exhaustion! 😂
I hope they simplify the very technical roll, saves, & attack system. Im excited to see if they do anything different with the gameplay, bit Im still hyped to play an optimized version of the old combat system.
Ethan Mitchell
When I saw revans mask I screamed like a 7 year old again and I haven’t felt that happy in a WHILE
Commander Console
I won't touch anything that has sam Maggs attached to it. Pass.
Tasty Gaming
Isn’t the game that was suppose to be released on the ps4 but never was ? And now I’m suppose to believe a remake is on the way ? Hmmm
Aaa Bbbb
Aaa Bbbb Napja
Hughie Doherty
I have always wanted a star wars mmo for PlayStation 🥺 can you play as a jedi or sith class in ktor 1? I hope they bring real time combat too.
Heart Pirate
Well it depends on your actions. There are 2 endings
Patrick Napja
A ps5 exclusive? Seriously?
Spaceboy Napja
I wish ths was on xbox do to no one can get a ps5
Pls tell me its gonna be on ps4 as well pls dont be a ps5 exclusive 😭😭i still cant get my hands on one
merlin2345 Napja
Never played the original KOTOR and don’t know much about it. Guess I’m in for a real treat!
Faris Hisyam
May the dark side of the Force be with you
Yoda'sAdoy Napja
Day 7 of watching the most recent KOTOR trailer until I can play it on my pc
Julian Sanchez Harris
Never had a xbox so i def slept on this game back then.... Being able to play this in the future will be such a joy.
No PC?!?!?!?!?
Give Sony a mysteries box for not continuing Kotor 2.
jose Alas3
jose Alas3 Napja
AND electronic arts
Sam Mayes
Sam Mayes Napja
I now have a mighty need for a ps5
OffBeatMeat 96
I mean what's the point of owning a series X at this point?
Jose colon
Jose colon Napja
As an Xbox guy I'm extremely jealous.
Govvy Napja
Will there be a PS4 version??
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