Songs you can't NOT sing along to #1 

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If you don't sing along, you lying!
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Today we take a look at songs you can't NOT sing along to 'cause they're just too catchy!
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Arrroz 34 perccel
How the hell do you get money? Every single video must get copyrighted right?
Reece Guisse
Reece Guisse 12 órája
"Objectively better...in my opinion" Joel "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Inigo Montoya
Jiggler Gaming
Jiggler Gaming 12 órája
Hello Austen power
FNZ 2017
FNZ 2017 17 órája
I literally lost on the last one...
Frankie Trachtman
Joel mentioned that when you draw out words it becomes more catchy and i think that should have been on the the list
A bunch of sing along songs playing* Me, patiently waiting for savage love to be in the video*
Garrett Martinez
Anyone else here say so from Fortnite and hate it?
Pamela Poblete
Joel, say seÑoRita again ... 😋... greetings from Chile 👋🏻
I onle sing along to 'Say So' if it's the japaness version XD
Chiba Tadayoshi
People can't resist to sing along classic iconic songs, especially one with 80s melody.
•Lizz TPN•
Whenever watermelon sugar goes on the class always jumps at “high“ watermelon = 🙂 Sugar =😀🎶 HIGH = 😆🦵🏼
ALEX LOPEZ 2 napja
6:13 LMAO🤣🤣🤣
I do random stuff and also reviews
blinding lights is one of my favorite songs and i love to sing it but idk if i sing along with it
Vladick Helms
Vladick Helms 2 napja
F IM TRYING SOBHARD WITH SHAKE IT OFF. Amma edit this If ever i sing em BRUH THE YMCA i almsot fell Ah dont stop DONT STOp heh I did *not* sing along WUEHE Ohnkow uptown F AAAAAH no Gahd whyyy moves like Jagger. Ohyeah gonna attack me again. That hahahahaah stayin allliiiiiive aaaaah. Heh Ooooh livin on a prayer. This jam. Nope I tried again heh. Lucky taytay's the first one hahhahah... It helped meh not to 🤭
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Lucas 2 napja
Happy isn't annoying. Shake it off is shit. The winner is the VA Flight Instruction song though. If you like the stupid watermelon song u have a personal vendetta against you.
Orlando _979
Orlando _979 3 napja
Almost made it through the entire video without singing along.
JuicyPringles 3 napja
I sing along with blinding lights word for word 😂
Hi it's Edi
Hi it's Edi 3 napja
I have not heard shape of you in 2 years and I still know the lyrics
Hi it's Edi
Hi it's Edi 3 napja
all o diz mi jamme
Natalie Meadows
Ok I admit, I absolutely hate say so by dojo cat
Lea Simon
Lea Simon 3 napja
He should've added "screamable". People love screaming the lyrics at concerts as an example
The EDD 3 napja
Is it just me or is Shai Lebeouf's clap the funniest part of this video 😂😂
mailyn acre
mailyn acre 3 napja
Fun fact you can do RCP properly if you follow the tempo of staying alive
ekill 13
ekill 13 4 napja
Uptown funk certainly has a wordless hook. I just googled the lyrics to confirm, and it literally starts, "Doh Doh doh doh, doh doh doh Doh doh Doh doh doh, doh doh doh Doh doh Doh doh doh, doh doh doh Doh doh."
erin christy
erin christy 4 napja
i really love the don't start now song by Dua Lipa
Amber Dent
Amber Dent 4 napja
Come on Roomie, what's the real through-line for all of these? You can rollerskate and/or drive to them.
Andrew Serrato
Sweet home Alabama lmao
Monday, April 12, 2021 10 : 38 am
Sing along song... "Seno... Demo sonnanja dame... Anyone here?
Callingallgamers none of ur busness
i had to watch this video a second time so i could sing the second watch
Clocks 33
Clocks 33 5 napja
In my opinion Sweet Home Alabama should of had a popular, because who doesn't know those three words and it's a classic.
Ashl3y Mari3 K3lli3
I wonder if Hook - Blues Traveler is on here.. that’s one of my favorites.
Ashl3y Mari3 K3lli3
200? I’m sure I’ve listened to Don’t Stop 2,000,000+ hah
Spencer Pierce
Was losing me until the end there i never got into modern genres of music Im only 19 and im stuck in dad rock
Matilde Jara
Matilde Jara 5 napja
Only OG fans know that Joel sang "Life is a Highway" and "Livin' On A Prayer" in his impressions video years ago 😌
MusicMonkey 5 napja
1:07 ICARLY???
Bartek 5 napja
lmao i singed at number 2 before word "because" ended
Åsa Fredrikson
Would like to ad that some melodies are "dance friendly" in the list.
SpecterKaiu 6 napja
ngl,joels smile just like looks so nice like honestly
Aiden Gallimore
I realized living on a prayer has a wordless hook (the ohhhhh)
Hannah Symborski
Accented words. When they hit a word with a pause makes the word awesome. Makes that word more important and emotionally connecting. Funner to sing too
Shoto Todoroki
Does he not know the lyrics of Viva La Vida?!?!?!?
Jess T
Jess T 6 napja
Does anyone just watch these to sing along to 😭✋
Drew E
Drew E 6 napja
Honestly, when I saw blinding lights, I got some dancing Joker vibes.
Emma Ross
Emma Ross 6 napja
i sang ymca
ZiyGamming 7 napja
I almost sang to al of then I love all of them do you?
HippoCookie 7 napja
I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) is a song that you can listen too on repeat for hours, How I Met Your Mother knew this too
Eおじさん 7 napja
my sing along song is i could give it up from pusher
What The Hoop
What The Hoop 7 napja
Not my main one but I do
Abagail Horstmyer
Why does when Joel wears black he looks like Harry Styles?!?!?!? Especially in this video!!
WolvesHeart 7 napja
Happy and sweet home Alabama are both from despicable me
Captain Drinkalot
honestly the only reason why I kinda know the lyrict to shake it of is thanks to The Hillywood Show and their Supernatural parody
Harry Styles Watermelons
when I see harry styles i click
cindy shea
cindy shea 7 napja
I’ve had stayin alive stuck in my head for 3 months
Nathan Meadows
I used to roll the dice
GamingTime 7 napja
Doja Cat Say So is predictable: Count stays 4.
Tijs Westenberg
"Its opjectefly the best in my opinion" : Joel
Mudamation 8 napja
10:50 the Minecraft version is better
NoahAgainstHumanity _
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma 8 napja
I don’t think the “Indian” from the village people is problematic because he’s actually native.
guitar with Alex
Being a metal head kind of helps with this
Daimon Colliver
I dont understand myself. I dislike "Happy" for some reason I dont know, but I cant help but dance the introvert in public dance. Which is slight movement in the corner
Sanity's Edge
Sanity's Edge 8 napja
I didmt sing along at all this was misleading
James Ram
James Ram 8 napja
I gotta admit Blinding Lights got me there😂😆
yt_yALEX 8 napja
Bruh I lost Because most of the songs I know them
Catalynz 8 napja
Songs you can't NOT sing along to -- one of the categories should be just how ubiquitous the song is. It's at least partially how frequently it's in people's ears, even when they're not actively listening to it, so that it's just that much more familiar when it comes on.
Simon 8 napja
At 2:47 he litteraly just put his head in a marty video and he tought we wouldn’t notice.
Oohhhhh~ were halfway there ohohh~ Squidward on a chair!
Emerson Sutton
2:47 only the real ones recognised Marty Music
Mihlali Jantjies
Joel is the Sprouse brother who chose music
MatkoFN 9 napja
Roomie: Didnt sing almost every song Rommie in his head: singing all the songs
Gerald Stephens
Just like Baby Shark.
Adam Sitkin
Adam Sitkin 9 napja
y u wearing a turtle nek
Dan Keldeo
Dan Keldeo 9 napja
in elementry i had to dance to the song happy infront of the whole school cuase my teacher made us do it
dwatts64 9 napja
500 miles is most certainly an anthem if you're a Scot.
DuoGamerz_15 9 napja
Okay living on a prayer and YMCA have to be the most iconic songs because our parents grw up with them
Gamma77 9 napja
+1 Speed perhaps?
kuchesezik 9 napja
i can only listen to kmac's i'm gonna be
Megan 9 napja
I got a tad too excited when WMS started playing. I think everyon's awake now oop-
James Phillips
You have a beautiful voice roomie
Lillian Kraft
Lillian Kraft 9 napja
*Selena Gomez song plays* MMMM MMM MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM ME: jumps out my window
baku simp
baku simp 9 napja
any one else still laughing about how the editors put 'stenaline' in stayin' alive?🤣
orangefast282 9 napja
I was holding my breath and covering my song, I DIDNT SING ALONG
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar 9 napja
Happy makes me very unhappy
Daniel Caba
Daniel Caba 10 napja
Roomie You look Darius kincaid in the hitmans movie young version
The Man with the upside-down face
At Wrecking Ball, i wanted to crush my Headphones *SO* badly, cuz i hate it
XxVodka_RulezxX 10 napja
He looks like a geography teacher
Kaylin Rhudy
Kaylin Rhudy 10 napja
I just subscribed
Fisz Plays
Fisz Plays 10 napja
I sang to all the songs I failed .. except senorita tho and watermelon sugar and viva va lida and im gonna (500 mil) and look at her now ok I admit it I didn't sing all of it but I sang more than half
Late 4 dinner
Late 4 dinner 10 napja
My main sing along is you dive love a bad name by Bon Jovi
KZ6 10 napja
I love that hey ya is a Jojo stand.
Ace Shirai
Ace Shirai 10 napja
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Outkast, Village People, Journey, Proclaimers, Doja Cat's Say So (Metal Version), Bon Jovi,...everything else makes me puke!
IDazza RFC
IDazza RFC 10 napja
I think the only reason that wrecking ball is a sing along song is because how much it was fkn played on the radio
Christine006 10 napja
11:40 *Niall Horan and James Corden flashbacks*
Jake Modesti
Jake Modesti 10 napja
where was all star
Angelica H
Angelica H 10 napja
I think the reason why people memorize these songs is because they are over played on the radio.
Random Canadian99
Fun fact: if it wasn't for Neil Young's Southern Man Lynyrd Skynyrd wouldn't of made Sweat Home Alabama
Fluke Mortoli
Fluke Mortoli 10 napja
Lol blinding lights is definitely one of my favorite songs so yeah I sing along a lot. Lol also viva LA Vida is definitely a favorite of mine too. and dang you are good at singing it
Jaqueline 10 napja
I hate Outcast Hey ya song
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