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My dear friend, Pamela Rae Schuller, joined me today to endure some brutal medical trivia and see if she could determine whether the doctors I showed her were docs from TV or docs from real life. Ken Jeong, Sanjay Gupta, Mama Doctor Jones, Foot Doc Dana.... and then doctors from ER, House, and other shows! Pam is a comedian, speaker and disability advocate and boy do we have fun together. I dialed up the intensity today by quizzing her on some especially creative trivia about werewolf syndrome, face blindness, alien hand syndrome, mad cow disease, kidney stones, skin care, and so much more.
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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike 27 napja
Pamela Schuller BRUTALLY roasted my Instagram Feed -> hutown.info/base/vide/mWOmqpukZXqxoas.html
Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah 20 napja
For the stress you gave her. :)
Naiya Unadkat
Naiya Unadkat 22 napja
Hey Dr. Mike, I keep smelling that something is burning but in reality, there is nothing burning. Why do I keep smelling that?
Cole Ullman
Cole Ullman 23 napja
Doctor Mike is a little too in love with himself. But he does have nice arms.
Nicole Thacker
Nicole Thacker 23 napja
Am I the only one Doctor Mike stressed out like Pamela?!? We need something for the stress and anxiety please. OMG had me second guessing things I know.
Brittney Barnett
@Keira Healy yeah I don't say that cause even if I am I still manage to always get zero likes and I'm lucky to get one like or reply
Meredith N
Meredith N Napja
I love when you guys collab!
M J Napja
Hooray for money for animals!!
M J Napja
Look at matchmaker Mike!!!! @footdoctordana and Sam the man!!!! Hey I helped my sister meet her husband which in turn helped her best friend marry his best friend!!
Booper Dooper
Rounding 1,300$ to 2,000$? Love that!❤
Booper Dooper
Sam beheading a Pam. Spam
Stephanie A. Lowry
Bear is so adorable! He wouldn't make a great lapdog though. He'd be too heavy on top of you!
Sara Momtaz
Sara Momtaz 2 napja
Can I have a crash on Sam?
Ryan 2 napja
I like Doctor Mike because he's humble, polite, and loves dogs
I thought the hair thing was Chewbaccatitis
Χρήστος Μακρής
Me being Greek and getting almost all of them correct because they are basically Greek words😉
Melanie 3 napja
Wow, Dr. Mike gets super easily annoyed by Pam. I don't know how I feel about it because I feel like she shares the same train of thought I do, so I guess I might annoy the heck out of him too.
Inecita D
Inecita D 3 napja
I love Pam so much. Mike Mike Mike why you gotta give my girl Pam soooo much anxiety? 🤣 and this video has Bear in it??? I am sadden by the fact that I can only click thumbs up once.
Betty B
Betty B 3 napja
I found myself smiling several times while I watched this video. You two make me so happy
Jyoti Malik
Jyoti Malik 3 napja
Hii I am from India🇮🇳... I watched your couple of videos and I couldn't control myself by saying this that you are very Handsome, smart, funny and cute guy. I watched your tedx talk speech and it was really impressive, I truly respect and admire those Dr. Who are being honest to their profession and their patients too. Who believe to give best advise to their patients rather than keep eyes on money. Evrytime I watch I feel I could hug you.. 🤗 You are too cute... 😊 If by any chance you check this comment then can you please like it....🌼🌻🌼
Shanley Shoupe
dude my twin and i have cold urticaria, its super fun
prizvolix 4 napja
Is anyone shippering them already? We doing dis?
What Is Aim
What Is Aim 4 napja
Pamela is the type of person who complains about the gym trainer after she didn't gain abs in the first 10 seconds of exercise
Other Than Intended Purpose
great cause. I wish I could do more for dogs. and Bear is amazing.
Jess Gillis
Jess Gillis 4 napja
Ash 4 napja
I love Pam
Dave 4 napja
You really wanted to make money for charity... like you weren't even trying with the questions
Mondoss 5 napja
1:25 i love that face😂
Rachael Moore
Rachael Moore 5 napja
The Pam Collabs are the BEST ❤️🌈⭐️
Tarot, Text & Tea
You too are practically an old married couple 😂
Michelle Betita
I love Pam and Bear! 🥰
*Amber- The Escape Game
Hey Dr.Mike I have a question. Why do people suffer from hives when any sort of friction on their skin occurs. Like putting on a back pack, rubbing their hands on a towel, or even just rubbing lotion on their face etc.
Mabel Violet Paige
I can't stop laughing at the idea of rotating limbs to prevent wear and tear 😂 imagine having a right arm for a left arm and a left leg for a right arm
John Burien
John Burien 6 napja
Scrub sizes are too confusing like I buy way oversized scrub pants to promote flexibility
I Give Advised You Listen
first question was a trick question
Josephine Giamporcaro
I love your videos ♥️
Ashwini Sirur
Ashwini Sirur 8 napja
When Dr.Mike repeated “hands”, his jaw retracted so far back into his head that he has two upper jaws now.
The Catfather
The Catfather 8 napja
Laughing Death kinda reminds me of the Dancing Plague.
mo Bi
mo Bi 8 napja
Laughing death one, did you see his face
mo Bi
mo Bi 8 napja
Pamela is funny but can get too much
Tess Tucker
Tess Tucker 8 napja
Thanks for representing girl with Tourette’s, Pam! I have it too
Andrew Trujillo
I don't know why but you seem really mean today
Will Fly
Will Fly 8 napja
I can't see her face. Her face is right there. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ishmael Aupi Kairi
Laughing Death is A... Back home we call it "Sick Kuru"... 😊
Leeza Beam
Leeza Beam 9 napja
Most of my doctors didnt even know that it was possible for me to be allergic to water... let alone the term of aquagenic urticaria (water induced hives) Yes my life sucks 🎉
Deanne Albrecht
I'm so screaming the answers at this, lol.
James Wilson
James Wilson 10 napja
Laughing death, aka "Kuru" is the human form of bovine spongiform encephalopathy. It seems to be a prion disease brought about by ingesting human nervous system matter, particularly brains.
jennasmiles 10 napja
I love Pam! She’s the best- my favorite guest on this channel except Bear!
عبدالعزيز السلو
The first half is a nightmare for a hypochondriac.
Rose Wodek
Rose Wodek 11 napja
I actually have Aquagenic Urticaria! I've never heard anyone know what that is before, besides my doctor lol 😆 most people look at me crazy because they're like " how can you be allergic to water?!?"
Cami Peterson
Cami Peterson 11 napja
They have really great chemistry, like they've been friends for years
Jessica Wanyan
Jessica Wanyan 11 napja
I started laughing so hard at dihydrogen monoxide 🤣🤣
Marcel Schindler - musikproduktion
Pamela is a treasure.
Ah Zhai Liu
Ah Zhai Liu 11 napja
are they dating?
Brandon B
Brandon B 12 napja
I watch these videos only to Bear.
msguineapigsrus 12 napja
I get hives from water 😭😭😭 (shower water to be exact... but my diagnosis was chronic spontaneous urticaria because it was not just shower water that caused the hives, I’ve since been diagnosed with an off the charts dustmites allergy so the spontaneous part is a little questionable lol)
Alex The Duck
Alex The Duck 12 napja
I’m rewatching this vid because I love Pamela she needs to be in more videos like MiKe WhAt ArE yOu DoInG i NeEd MoRe PaMeLa In My LiFe
Dismythed & JWA
Dismythed & JWA 12 napja
I'm sure "little Sam" appreciates your thought to help him, but after calling him "little Sam", I think he would ask you not to help him with girls EVER again.😄
Velvet Red
Velvet Red 12 napja
Mike looks so done @5.06 😂😂😂😂😂
Hila Atmar
Hila Atmar 12 napja
Am I the only who thinks Pamela is so pretty🥺
Anna Makaryeva
Anna Makaryeva 13 napja
Why was Bianca not there :(
December Sfy
December Sfy 13 napja
Taylor Archer
Taylor Archer 13 napja
I wish nclex questions were this easy. 🤣
Dr.SoonToBe 13 napja
Russians and their bears
Surprised Pikachu
Question for mike, why do my hands sweat when i hold console controllers. Especially XBox ones. Its not as bad with playstation controllers but i use a playstation controller everyday. Any tips besides antiperspirant.
Susan Hill
Susan Hill 13 napja
pamela comedy?
Hillary 14 napja
The look of jealousy when she touched Bear 😂😂
Averi Richey
Averi Richey 14 napja
Anastasia R
Anastasia R 14 napja
I am greek, so this means I know most of the perplex medical terms, without being a doctor😂
S L 13 napja
🎀 lucky
Sheid 15 napja
1:53 Local 58: We gotchu
Darandserge 16 napja
I love Pam!!!! 😍🥰 she is such an amazing human-being!
vini castro
vini castro 16 napja
That dog is huuuuge
Sleepy Gamer
Sleepy Gamer 17 napja
She’s not funny but her laugh is 😂. Which makes her funny so... is she funny? I guess so
Wiktoria Rybicka
Could you do a reaction video to Big Bang Theory medical facts/scenes?
Bri Pickens
Bri Pickens 18 napja
He really should question his nephews with a "dihydrogen monoxide" question lolol I wonder how long they'd be confused
111 111
111 111 18 napja
3:35 Mike: if it enters the body... Pam: *chuckle*
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You going to give that poor girl anxiety and I'm going to share this video cuz you mentioned allergy to water which I am allergic to people don't believe me
Christophpsis 18 napja
What I didn’t even know that there was a disease that is name laughing death
T & R World
T & R World 19 napja
I clicked cause I saw Dr. Ken Jeong he’s hilarious and he is a trained medical professional, he was a doctor. Which I think is so cool. He’s is successful in the medical field and the comedy world
Creativity Unleashed
6 feet?
King S
King S 19 napja
never thought anyone would have allergy to water
Björn Debosski
Björn Debosski 19 napja
Pamela is the best :)
SaTuRoChAn 19 napja
you can really see how good friends you are XDD love you both together always so much fun XD
stephanie elliott
Love you 2 together ❤ and I love the charity she picked ❤
Mrdouble07 19 napja
you just torturing her was hilarious
Mrdouble07 19 napja
this was really fun to watch you two tease eachother and learn
Laila Mine
Laila Mine 19 napja
When is it best to exercise to see best results of losing weight? Before eating? After? In the morning? In the evening?
Rae Carson
Rae Carson 19 napja
I was SCREAMING the correct answer at my monitor!!!! Dihydrogen monoxide is SUCH a high school joke. xD And even Dr. P-woop knows how evil he was to you this episode, Pamela. That's probably why he rounded up to two grand!! =P
Alex Needham
Alex Needham 20 napja
Mike, you were just a LITTLE too mean to Pam with the suspense you were giving. 😂
Group836 20 napja
This is just 10 minutes of Dr. Mike trolling Pam. 🤣
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn 20 napja
Lmao, Mike and Pam's friendship is like mine with that girl I was friends with in high school 😂 so fun to watch
Rickie Muth
Rickie Muth 20 napja
Dr Michele is cute
Meri Strickland
Meri Strickland 20 napja
Y are your videos with Pam the best ones you've ever made
Cheryl-Lynn Mehring
Dr Mike + Pam = 💘💘 💘 💘 💘 *Make this a Series!!!*
Elena Salvatore
Elena Salvatore 20 napja
The way Mike groweled.
Hani 21 napja
Dr. Mike seems a little down than usual. But it's alright, you don't have to be so energetic everyday we still love you.
Avila Robert
Avila Robert 21 napja
Bee woop
Karla the Canuck
Are there Tim Horton's in New York? Because I'm sure the Neufie breed needs at least one old fashioned plain timbit a week in their diet 😆
Mercii TM
Mercii TM 21 napja
Y’all are dumb. Screw pets, there are humans out there that need help. Donate the money to a homeless shelter not to pets. Pls consider giving money to the homeless shelter or even the food bank. Pets shouldn’t even be in comparison in whether you should help humans or pets.
Vitoria Adebisi
Vitoria Adebisi 21 napja
React to Dr. Romantic Teacher Kim
Princess Ugwokaegbe
Please react to Greys anatomy S17 Ep10
Laskaris B
Laskaris B 21 napja
you kind of seem mean
The C&A Show
The C&A Show 21 napja
Why are you not dating her 🤏🏽
mr. stonks
mr. stonks 21 napja
dont think that we foorgeot about your mistake
Quinn Bloom
Quinn Bloom 21 napja
Good ol Dr.Mike gaslighting poor Pam on every question 🤣😂
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Happier Than Ever
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