Rainbow Six Siege - ALL OPERATOR VIDEOS SO FAR (YEAR 1-5) 

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In Todays Video im going to show you all Rainbow Six Siege Operator Videos including Zero / Sam Fisher


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Minniegiant 6 napja
Tachanka video didn’t age well…
Kuzey Arı
Kuzey Arı 9 napja
26:10 me trying to find out who asked
Jerrett Evans
Jerrett Evans Hónapja
Tbh montage looks like he been in hell
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Hónapja
I love twitches voice
one eye Willy
one eye Willy Hónapja
DerMulte 2 hónapja
Twitch drone like " a master piece " also twitch drone : me no jump, me too fat! :o
lui marques
lui marques 2 hónapja
John Low
John Low 2 hónapja
i loved the music that played when the add blew up
Super Pog
Super Pog 2 hónapja
4:05 it’s like a toxic kid describing his setup
General C
General C 2 hónapja
27:55 *YES!* 28:00 *NO!*
Rueloo _
Rueloo _ 2 hónapja
Rainbow is slowly becoming a sci-fi game
Benjamin Darcy
Benjamin Darcy 2 hónapja
Bandits trailer makes him seem really evil, although in his bio he seems like this really nice and wacky guy.
Rusher And longbow
Rusher And longbow 2 hónapja
Ubi is running out of ideas why? Because there use to be 2 operators per season now there’s just one, what’s your opinion?
o N
o N 2 hónapja
2:40 Amateurs *Pumps shotgun with Murderous intent*
Phlog pyro
Phlog pyro 2 hónapja
The tanchanka is still in accurate
uhh dylan
uhh dylan 2 hónapja
“I trust my teammates, and they trust me.” When we get a rook on our team we go off on them
Amin Sobhani
Amin Sobhani 2 hónapja
dokabi video was trash
The Joe
The Joe 2 hónapja
22:25 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
RC3POK 2 hónapja
the trailer from aruni and goyo is the most cute
MASNY 3 hónapja
Rip old tachanka
S K 3 hónapja
1:05, on repeat
QantasA330_Pilot 3 hónapja
UbiSoft forgot to keep it Realistic because there’s a fucking guy who Runs super fast and then some lady who goes to Space and has a Hologram
Txnk ,
Txnk , 3 hónapja
Siege ops vs cod ops. Whoa whoa your joking right?
SergeantTactical 3 hónapja
26:09 when the pizza rolls are ready
The One
The One 3 hónapja
Damn, they have to make a series like fr
Peter 6233
Peter 6233 3 hónapja
26:16 Man she looks cool where is she from? Ubisoft: *“THE MOOOOOOOOOON!!!”*
Torriin 3 hónapja
Everyone Sees Zero’s 3 green dots turn on: Yay! Sees his outfit Everyone: no!
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 3 hónapja
Fookin laser sights
Noah Mcleod
Noah Mcleod 3 hónapja
Tdixxx x
Tdixxx x 3 hónapja
22:38 Bitch
Pinguin 3 hónapja
Of course the British guy shanks someone on the operator video 6 inch blade didn't lose reception tho
༒InstinctEAS༒ 3 hónapja
I main doc and thacther and I am proud you sweatlords
EA Sports it’s in the game
I get he’s named after a fast animal and all, but he doesn’t have to run like he needs to go to the toilet
Fortnite God13
Fortnite God13 3 hónapja
R.I.P the lord tachanka
DQ Plays Games
DQ Plays Games 3 hónapja
I love how fuze’s video is in reverse. It makes it more interesting
RuiWei 3 hónapja
18:33 dafaq where the recoil??
Marcus Kinchen
Marcus Kinchen 3 hónapja
Saif cool tiger
Saif cool tiger 3 hónapja
can some body give me a link to download these
Lindsay Conole
Lindsay Conole 3 hónapja
When twitch realizes her master piece just gets shot by a jäger
Lil Bappo
Lil Bappo 3 hónapja
We can really tell the point where this stopped being a "tactical shooter game" and just switched to being an anime
Hippopotamus 3 hónapja
Matias German Jaimes
Fooking laseh sights
Bengy Sanabria
Bengy Sanabria 3 hónapja
Its been 5 years and we still don't know whats in the canister...
Kuzu-Wan Kenobi
Kuzu-Wan Kenobi 3 hónapja
Fooking laser sights 1:05
Jstn 9874
Jstn 9874 3 hónapja
,, they said it could not be done. They said that you can't nerf somebody for 20 times. They said that he was nerfed enough. They were wrong" -Ubisoft, since the launch of r6s to this day
SkydenHunter 3 hónapja
The music for the Russian’s trailers are just to cool
Ethan Shilling
Ethan Shilling 3 hónapja
Allright who strapped a go pro to sledges hammer
Montana 3 hónapja
This game slowly to be anime... BRING BACK THE REAL OPERATOR!!!
David Pighini
David Pighini 3 hónapja
I'm upset amaru says things in spanish, and flores only says ratero
jocelyn gores
jocelyn gores 3 hónapja
blackbeard has potato aim
Margo Hennessy
Margo Hennessy 3 hónapja
Alibi one is sick is it just cos I’m an alibi main?
RiceEater 3 hónapja
Jägers opearator video should have been him spawn camping then looking at his ADS and then face palming
Noctowl Cactus
Noctowl Cactus 3 hónapja
Fookin lazer sights
JC 3 hónapja
They changed the operators from kinda realistic to not realistic at all
Lamb 4 hónapja
We need a Recruit Video so show him in training
Zenxolu 4 hónapja
Oh Siege, how your concept of somewhat-realistic tactical response game went from spawn peaking sc-fi sweaty bullshit battle pass cow. You're a gumbo soup of identity crisis. And people eat you up like the fat pigs they are. May as well announce and end date at this point
Ashton Playz241
Ashton Playz241 4 hónapja
bro frost kept shooting the body, the disrespect
ThickboyThetis 4 hónapja
7:06 deadass started GER’s Rewind
The Weebified Gamer
Fucking laza sights
Cameron Watson
Cameron Watson 4 hónapja
I love the music in kapkans
I couldn’t really Think of a name
If you think about it how good would frost have been if she was an attacker say bye bye to cav mains.
November Pierce
November Pierce 4 hónapja
I have lost all respect for this franchise after it was turned into a stupid 21st century Gladiator match with awful drama I would have liked it better if characters died and stayed dead
Ruby 4 hónapja
kapkans music is so random
jack grampa
jack grampa 4 hónapja
Skye Mori
Skye Mori 4 hónapja
I don't know why but Sam Fisher is an instructor in the Navy while in it and a leader then now he's like somewhat back to his old days again but older. 🤔😐
cabeza de huevo
cabeza de huevo 4 hónapja
When I'm about to lose 19:10
Victor Bautista
Victor Bautista 4 hónapja
Wamai doesn’t make sense because black people cant swim
Headless 3 hónapja
Tohich 4 hónapja
Oh old tachankin
nick11jl 4 hónapja
Nobody: 10:49 sieges toxic players
Fatt Sniff
Fatt Sniff 4 hónapja
1:05 The reason your here
Hát Heló
Hát Heló 4 hónapja
So lazy that they stopped making these after year 1. It's like the animators in Ubisoft never have to work,we get like 1 animation each year for Six Invitational and that's it. So, so lazy dude...
Cartier 4 hónapja
Kapkan operates video is really really good
Rollinstoned5o8 4 hónapja
Am I the only one who feels that as far as cannon goes thatcher is hands down the baddest mofo rainbow has.. He just excretes badass in every instance of him being shown in the cinematics
Kaes R
Kaes R 4 hónapja
Seeing Ash, Tachanka, Blitz, and Frost in the trailer... They didnt know when they doing a task to capture russian mad scientist they're going isekai'd to terra and being trapped there Edit: here's the trailer hutown.info/base/vide/uHKHx6CBgqyUXbc.html
Anthony French
Anthony French 4 hónapja
19:59 2020-2021
Frzao 4 hónapja
When you only use American voice actors who try and fail miserably at doing accents...
Frzao 4 hónapja
The first few operator trailers from year 1 were okay, everything after that is just cringy garbage...
k papageorge
k papageorge 4 hónapja
Did finka said coronavirusies?
Braixen Assassin
Braixen Assassin 4 hónapja
Every operator video: Badass and tactic as fuck Blitz: Mom get the camera i noscope terrorists
ScopeZ Raiden
ScopeZ Raiden 4 hónapja
Bandit be kinda scary, in my opinion
NahwanRBLX Playz
NahwanRBLX Playz 4 hónapja
Motorkaris 4 hónapja
Good video
Efteron 4 hónapja
"10 kilometres of internal wiring" Her drone is smaller than her own boot. And she's a fairly tiny woman, too.
Deacon St. John
Deacon St. John 4 hónapja
fookin hurts when i pee from mah six inch unmanned drone
doriii boiii
doriii boiii 4 hónapja
Damn towards 2016/2017 ubi has just been ripping gameplay for the cinematics its less animation and more gameplay
Chimbos 4 hónapja
7:30 como se llama ese operador
Weirdest Tea
Weirdest Tea 4 hónapja
What’s in the can 5 seconds later ohh muster gas Ploooooooop
Ty Butcher
Ty Butcher 4 hónapja
Thermite sounds like he’s gonna tell us about gmc’s new pick up truck
FluffierBox448 4 hónapja
Not gonna lie nokk video was the best (my opinion)
Dani UwU.
Dani UwU. 4 hónapja
Rip Aruni
rpgalfieboss 4 hónapja
Mustard gas in the canister
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 4 hónapja
Sledge should be able to break through unbreakable surfaces but his sledgehammer takes more damage.
LoveAlpacas 4 hónapja
Amaru and Goyo's operator video is somehow heart warming
Marcus Rice
Marcus Rice 4 hónapja
What's in the canista Probably rum.
Gui [GD]
Gui [GD] 4 hónapja
Best videos: Lord Tachanka Queen Dokkaebi
Crusader Kight
Crusader Kight 4 hónapja
Smoke:I know what you're wondering what's in the canister Me:Hello brother.
à Ã
à à 4 hónapja
Fuze's is just the best one
InkDemonii 4 hónapja
Maulana Winata
Maulana Winata 4 hónapja
i just realized, is tatcher voice actor changed?
bees 4 hónapja
They honestly need to pay attention to their male characters more and not just put the beauty side of humans into the women of the game lmao..
Zahkee Rhodan
Zahkee Rhodan 4 hónapja
*visible confusion*
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