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Mango Productions
GodTurtle6 4 órája
24:41 history DOES repeat itself
I have never enjoyed history so much
livingood1049 7 órája
I'm a dumb stinky idiot,,, doomed.. DOOMED!!!
chaotixninja5 9 órája
Oversimplified: "What’s the most American thing you can think of?" Me: "Hard to say since America is made up of a bunch of other cultures mixed together overtime."
LordAnime 12 órája
Fun fact, parts of america still ban alcohol
Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller 14 órája
Do the Spanish American war please
Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson 15 órája
Every time OverSimplified makes a news paper I have to stop the video and read all of the filler text
XxNinjä101xX 16 órája
Fun fact: this is the #1 reason why alcohol is a problem to all 50 states
Jade D
Jade D 18 órája
Fun drinking game. Everytime you see a drunk person in the video you take a shot. You'll be drunk by the 2nd minute I promise you
RedBot_1 21 órája
“Holy heckin’ balls!” -Oversimplified, 2021
hayden qi
hayden qi Napja
11:15 nobody noticed he said "ten thousands" but the number in the text was 1000s.
Oliver Napja
i watched this
Aika Aoki
Aika Aoki Napja
I don't get the download a car joke
Mr. G's Gaming
U shood do the Mexican-American war next
kamui Cage
kamui Cage Napja
Michigan Mother low level moon shining gets life in prison Former lawyer sets up major bootlegging operation from multiple fake companies with liquor he scammed out of the government gets only 2 years gets out kills his wife and gets no prison time our justice system as always sucked
Scott Dalpe
I can attest to the fact that all bad ideas begin in Ohio.
Vayun Yadav
History at school -: *waking up from sleep* Wha-What are we studying again??????? HIstroy from Oversimplified-: Whens the next vid coming, u top all ur exams just by watching oversimplified, one series of vids on the same topic give more information to u than u ever learn in school Which is better?
Mr Boosh Kebab
31:37 try to find wally
Harry King
Harry King Napja
Don't call me FAT SUSAN 🤣
Derick Cheeks
😂😂😂 hey I would like to join the purple gang😂😅🤣
Alice the girl near a water fountain:it's called water. Men nearby:What's water?
Goat 2 napja
Carrie the karen
Sophia Ibarra
Sophia Ibarra 2 napja
I live in chicago and love it :)
HGmatrix 2 napja
Laquisha Gary
Laquisha Gary 2 napja
I think American is due for another prohibition…. Just saying.
daggubati lakshmi narayana
I love my whiskey
Farzan Munshi
Farzan Munshi 2 napja
26:17 anyone else see a familiar bucket?
rich ri
rich ri 2 napja
The dear flock cephalometrically collect because family inherently match midst a unsightly turn. fast, humdrum daisy
Baron William
Baron William 2 napja
Carrie Nation carried the nation by smashing
sasino148 3 napja
6:00 i didn't need to see that
Eleanor Ligon
Eleanor Ligon 3 napja
It says something about a law when one of the states against prohibition was Utah.
Sswifty 3 napja
Lol I just rewatched this video and he said let’s think back to 2005 *me just being born in 2005*
"Now release the lions" *An American Ceasar*
Aileen Del Rosario
the "uH oH" got me
Matt W
Matt W 3 napja
Animator Diaries
Alhamdulillah ❤️ Alcohol is Haram in Islam 😎
HushRush 3 napja
I really don't care who it is, if I owned a bar and someone came breaking stuff, I'm gonna make sure that person regrets the day he/she was born.
Hunger Games
Hunger Games 3 napja
*knock knock* It's Germany, we want our Beer back
Roman Epic Productions
great explanations!
Johnny Rottenpiss
Freddy B. Rodriguez
Isaac Mabbley
Isaac Mabbley 3 napja
WOOAAH -Al Capone
Victor Jackson
What have we learned? Next step, legalizing and taxing drugs.
Elliot Wells
Elliot Wells 4 napja
7:30 😂
Blake Burress
Blake Burress 4 napja
Honey is malware don't download it.
max mihulka
max mihulka 4 napja
31:37 and the find waldol
Ines Gil Yague
you know the part where it says religious places can use wine look at the first window. Its messed up
Ines Gil Yague
Jeff's i it
John Pan
John Pan 4 napja
That's what happens to smoking now.
Jareth Stegeman
Actually his videos were pretty trending not long ago
Tornado potatos KenOK2 OOFF
He sounds like dream
Daniel Dionne
Daniel Dionne 4 napja
When vegans start talking about the vegan lifestyle…
Explained: 4 napja
16:44 Agent himself broke the law!! (by tasting "bathwater")
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 4 napja
From Ohio to all: yeah I’m sorry about banning alcohol, if you’ve had it or not, we all know it’s great
Chitrakhhi Banerjee
This channel should be used to teach history at school
Chitrakhhi Banerjee
He holds back a lot on swearz and anything that sexual to encourage this.
Tyler Black
Tyler Black 4 napja
If the American justice system is a dish, Gordon Ramsey would be cursing Congress and the Judges out in ways never thought possible.
Genesis, Doer of Things
Mmm beer
Iwan Janowka
Iwan Janowka 5 napja
Sometimes i ask myself if the prohibition really existed or if it is just some weird metaphor tale for the war on drugs because the parallels are so obvious...
manifestgtr 5 napja
This must’ve been around the time that someone came up with that old cliche: “What’s one thing you’ll *never* hear a guy say? This party would be sooooo much better if my chick was here”
Venice C
Venice C 2 napja
Patrice o neal said that
Takeshi Nakazato1
Calling the guy "Ned Flanders" was legendary
perfectsplit 5 napja
This shows that Al Capone was popular and praised in the short-term. Like Hitler. In the long run history, however, they are both condemned as monstrous villains. How will history remember Joke Biden, George Floyd, or Black Lives Matter?
perfectsplit 5 napja
Oversimplified is better than Crash Course World History. (Sorry, Mr. Green) History classes in school should be taught like this.
I mean yeah but crash course also uploads wayyyy more. More quality desnse here but there's a lot more of crash course for you to binge.
perfectsplit 5 napja
Saudi Arabia has prohibition right now - and somehow they are able to make it work. I guess prohibition can work - in a tyrannical society.
Kunal Kherajani
Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work
Your Agent
Your Agent 5 napja
"You know em, you love em." *Shows Ad Me: oh yes, I do love ads
Hydr4 5 napja
Thanks to honey i haven't went outside in the last two years 5/5
Tronega Rickroll
Where’s walle 31:39 top right corner
Yaser Khilji
Yaser Khilji 5 napja
Damn wom*n
MrBrockman407 5 napja
"You see liberal democrats? You've always been this way!"
Nitish Adhwariya
We are all bunch of stinky idiots😂😂truth indeed.
Oliver Edens
Oliver Edens 5 napja
This whole thing could be easily avoided if Americans could hold their liquor
Patrick Chang
Patrick Chang 5 napja
So basically, idiots tried doing things and end up making it worse very obviously
Walter Edwards
Why couldn't we do this with weed
Wym? Like that's basically what's happening now.
Lies 5 napja
4:03 Why are the Dakotas unified?
31:41 top right
Ngo Hanh Phuong
The oafish character distally chop because shallot laterally bomb anenst a right quilt. invincible, magnificent christmas
calvin stewerd
to crazy
Deepmalya Das
Deepmalya Das 5 napja
You should make one on the Colombian drug cartels
Mark Henderson
Um, no. If you don’t like America, you can vote to change how it’s run. That’s how democracies work.
Poland 3 napja
Well many people and country hate Americans
Mayhem 5 napja
Did anyone else notice waldo in the roosevelt speach scene?
Marvin 5 napja
17:07 Fun Fact- The Cutty Sark was a rum runner and as a result has a whiskey named after it.
pjm 6 napja
Fun fact: Chicago murder rate under Capone was 10.5 per 100k Chicago murder rate under Lori Lightfoot is close to 20 per 100k
pjm 6 napja
Isn't women pronounced weemen?
Doris Stinnett
The little organ historically unlock because bomber postnatally memorise given a crabby dungeon. productive, clear chauffeur
Ngo Hanh Phuong
The tired lathe pathomorphologically float because moat increasingly scare lest a direful answer. exotic, unwritten virgo
Techy Turtle
Techy Turtle 6 napja
The prohibition led to the shutdown of one of the governments biggest business and led to them making income tax a thing
Cem Özkan Sarışen
Before watching this video, I didn't know that American's had the dummest excuse for prohibiting alcohol.
Carson Thorell
If the whole nations was really drinking at work, I could see how that would cause such a movement.
Yeniçeri Ağası
There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out
Merih Dinc
Merih Dinc 6 napja
4:28 and 26:16 there is a secret bucket in the background
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 6 napja
*drinking alcohol is a right just like owning a firearm*
Achmed Dschönüsi
alcohol is shit
Bailey Comardelle
n 6 napja
I dun get why the women protested... Isn't the logical solution to get divorced, get a job and only marry a sober man?
Ethan Crooks
Ethan Crooks 6 napja
I found Waldo 31:37
Uncle Scotty
Uncle Scotty 6 napja
Uh ooooo
Tbj Tbj
Tbj Tbj 6 napja
And women in politics are still coming up with dumb ideas .
Tbj Tbj
Tbj Tbj Napja
@The18thDoctor i looked around a bit. There are some studies about the looks of a candidate effects vote. But they are saying with low info votes. I did not see one that goes by sex. Maybe you can find it.
Tbj Tbj
Tbj Tbj Napja
@The18thDoctor yes bacily. And to a extent they usto vote for felling more than rational ideas. As soft as our people have gotten i don't know if there would be a difference there now. As far as the poll go it being from back then I don't know if its online. Hope you can find it. I might try looking for it to.
@Tbj Tbj I’d love to see a source for this poll. So you’re claiming that women as a demographic predominantly vote based on fluff ideas like a candidates looks or romanticism, and not based on politics? Is that what you are saying?
Tbj Tbj
Tbj Tbj Napja
@The18thDoctor well my point was I guess wrong to say in politics voting was more correct. I remember when they did a poll on who were you voting for and why. With Bill Clinton. It was something like 60% of the women that said they were voting for Clinton. The why? No politics no plan no nothing but he looks better than the old guy.
So are men. What’s your point?
Joe T
Joe T 6 napja
This was trash
lightdark00 6 napja
Did the push for temperance help start the Federal Reserve as well as income taxes??? Should have never banned alcohol.
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