Not so Normal Anymore | Rainbow Six: Siege | Ep.70 

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Things aren't so normal on normal like they used to be, we get slapped around for a little like we are blind...

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Polecat324 Hónapja
We get crazy today and try some hard difficulty but then it somehow sets up us to get our ass kicked on normal... Enjoy the video!
Wyatt Lawrence
Wyatt Lawrence 25 napja
Please do online R6 polecat I love your vids
nifty-shotz 26 napja
Play Online now please!!!
Hey Polecat when are you going to stream on Twitch again
Andrew Ives
Andrew Ives Hónapja
Loving the Rainbow Six content. Hope your having a great day!
fo2dz videos - I go by ty
Man's really said welcome back to ghost recon breakpoint
You should get into multiplayer siege, it fun sometimes. Majority of the time tho is rage, lol
Javon Bennett
Javon Bennett Hónapja
Hey b do some real maches I would like to see them die to u and hopefully I can 1v1 u
NoVa Fries
NoVa Fries Hónapja
Why don’t you play the casual matches?
Connor Caldwell
Connor Caldwell Hónapja
You know your second intro for this video you called it ghost recon breakpoint😭😂
smith helen
smith helen Hónapja
The inconclusive rutabaga biochemically belong because bow utrastructurally wobble from a tenuous cousin. profuse, gleaming format
xtremetamer 19
xtremetamer 19 Hónapja
whats the name of the intro music anyone know?
Jonathon Essary
Jonathon Essary Hónapja
So what’s up with twitch. Does he not stream anymore.
Abyss Hónapja
Do casual you played a lot of bots just peak lean and stuff lol
R6 Xpert
R6 Xpert Hónapja
TheRealXpert Hónapja
TheRealXpert Hónapja
R6 Xpert
R6 Xpert Hónapja
Curtis Ricket
Curtis Ricket Hónapja
Hey polecat love the videos just wondering when we are going to get a live stream
Gideon Lawrence
Gideon Lawrence Hónapja
you should do some quick matches
Salty Broccoli
Salty Broccoli Hónapja
Break the door/window barricade 2 times then vault
i like how he explains crack cocaine (Has he done crack cocaine?) NAAAAAHHHHH
KingstarKev Hónapja
When are you doing the online part its episode 70
the wolf 1234
the wolf 1234 Hónapja
😆 love the videos keep up the good work love all the games you do
Next Gen Proxies
The heady segment mostly name because instrument finallly wail outside a abject drum. vagabond, rigid locket
Tenille Dahlin
Tenille Dahlin Hónapja
Hey man u are very good at the game and when u scream it makes me laugh to where I can't watch the video so I have to replay it many times😂 I love u and ur content keep it going man👍🏽
Jordan Phillippi
@Polecat324 you must double punch windows in order to break in, they recently changed it from the normal one punch.
SukMySalt-_- PS4
U should play rank!!!
Andrew Ives
Andrew Ives Hónapja
Not hating but Jackel is pretty much useless in that game mode. But Polecat seems to make it work. 😂
TItan Farrell Diesel Biker 24/7
Your next video you should play house flipper polecat
Todd Pechin
Todd Pechin Hónapja
Venomblade05 Hónapja
When polecat doesn’t realize he said ghost recon when he is playing R6
Texaswolf2413 Hónapja
Lol facts it caught me off guard
Venomblade05 Hónapja
@Keegan B it’s towards the end
Keegan B
Keegan B Hónapja
He- He said R6 🤔
David F
David F Hónapja
Nothing better than waking up to a polecat video
Logan Seales
Logan Seales Hónapja
Awesome video man keep the good work up haha
Austin Rosenthal
Ghost recon breakpoint content on point 😂 love the vids bro
life 4000
life 4000 Hónapja
Sigurd Oostwijk
Sigurd Oostwijk Hónapja
Anyone else notice.polecat saying ghost recond breakpoint in the second intro??😂😂
yvng Sh00tah
yvng Sh00tah Hónapja
Second intro in the middle of the video u said ghost recon lmaoaooo😂
Kade Walker
Kade Walker Hónapja
Change person nd us ur secondary
Boringtuber Hónapja
There’s a way to fix the screen tearing😂
Jonatan Sek
Jonatan Sek Hónapja
U should probably use a holo not iron sight, its easier
Jake Winterton
Jake Winterton Hónapja
I recommend playing Border Patrol Simulator please it's so good
A Smile
A Smile Hónapja
Dam pc I'm always working when you post so I will never know if you ever read my comments cuz after about 200 you stopped replying AKA giving hearts notifying that you see it or maybe it's 100 I don't really know to be honest
Sarah Perrigo
Sarah Perrigo Hónapja
i order limited edition hoodie for the past 3 weeks delivery date keeps getting push back??
Hiroshi Daikawa
Hiroshi Daikawa Hónapja
as a vet siege player, (as in i’ve played the game since beginning) this was painful ti watch ngl
SilentAgent8001 Hónapja
Wait no one else catch his mistake.... he said ghost recon but it's siege... also I've played this game for so long but polecat is better than I am
Kodak Flash
Kodak Flash Hónapja
I just caught the mistake.....I was like wait a minute.... this is siege not ghost recon
Kaiden Alling
Kaiden Alling Hónapja
I love it when u do rainbow six siege because everyone else when they play the game they take too long to get to the game but can u do more GTA criminal like the old days
410 Rezzy
410 Rezzy Hónapja
play casual or ranked
Nuke Soldier
Nuke Soldier Hónapja
Rushabh Patel
Rushabh Patel Hónapja
Try a pistols only video!!
Ghost TheGamingLegend
I like how you say welcome back to ghost recon brake point like half way though the video and yet your playing Rainbow Six lols. someone done fucked up there edits lols anyway how are you doings.
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea Hónapja
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
AK 47 highbred good choice sir Cersley good choice👽🛸✌️🇺🇸
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
ur dad
ur dad Hónapja
Play ranked rainbow six siege. im platnium 3 in ranked r6
BroNova Gaming
BroNova Gaming Hónapja
This man said welcom back to ghost recon break point (solo)
Daniel Walshe
Daniel Walshe Hónapja
Yeah 😅
NeektheGamer Hónapja
Not you brother. I die like every round 😂
Jay Lamier
Jay Lamier Hónapja
DAMNIT I MISSED THE NOTI! Well i still get to watch jordan play.😂 thats good enough
Finn Arthur
Finn Arthur Hónapja
What is the game called ?
Walbanger G
Walbanger G Hónapja
Purple Ivan skipper
My Saturday has been completed by polecat Me: going to sleep Polecat: bro why don’t you stay up for 5 more hours and watch this epic video Me: hell yeahhhhhh seeeehhhh
Lcgx Hónapja
When will polecat continue the Cyberpunk 2077 series?
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
SIR POLCAT MY NAME is Jason = I OWN 5 months on THEE AMERICAN Calendar. How so you ask = a stupid Riddle ( first letter of month starting in JULY ) I love your vids n have a 1997 Subaru Outback Sport with 80000 miles rebellion k( rebuild) I like yoyr videos and that’s that
Dorothy A Kai
Dorothy A Kai Hónapja
He so awesome love he videos just wait until he gets the update. Cause they changed favela
Bill Fletcher
Bill Fletcher Hónapja
Watched every R6 video... Love them all! You're hilarious!
The Bandit
The Bandit Hónapja
Just started playing rainbow lol
Fireflam Silcox
Fireflam Silcox Hónapja
Love the vidz
Derek Maestas
Derek Maestas Hónapja
Hey Polecat, I love the way you’ve been mixing it up lately, doj, far cry, ghost recon, keep up the great content man!!
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
POP THAT FUKER ! RUSH RUSH RUSH 🇺🇸🇺🇸✌️👽🛸🌏 Thank you for sharing Vid 👽🛸
cartwtf Hónapja
whoever disliked this video doesn't know what content is
Josh Hónapja
Just found the channel, love the siege vids!
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
BRIGHT LITE --KNIGHTS got you Brethren ✌️🛸 👽🛸
Ahsan Moore
Ahsan Moore Hónapja
Wow what a video Polecat
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
SOLINE to POLECAT ,,, you can MULTITASK like a God 👍🇺🇸 👽🛸
Xofroggy Hónapja
Tried playing this game, ill stick to watching you on it XD it feels clunky to me, also love how this has 2 intros XD perfect
Mr. Agent 48
Mr. Agent 48 Hónapja
Joel Villegas
Joel Villegas Hónapja
why does he only play against AI ?
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
BRA you keep ammo because you can’t rounds you fired. You Firefighting n drop magaz === you just dropped 10 Rounds nipple nuts. 🤔 👽🛸
Hunter Southard
Hunter Southard Hónapja
Does spoonbill have a channel
Hunter Southard
Hunter Southard Hónapja
He should so make one
radioplay12 Hónapja
good job polecat
Swaggy Boi
Swaggy Boi Hónapja
Can you please play battlefield 2042 when it comes out
John Marks
John Marks Hónapja
Ya cod didn't work for me nether I couldn't load into a map
Aden Codling
Aden Codling Hónapja
Cant wait for you to play Extraction when it comes out
Supplelyracer 62
Siege six rainbow
Leonardo de pinchiè
I got sick
layla estill
layla estill Hónapja
Early for once!
Mason Gregory
Mason Gregory Hónapja
Is it just me but when I see a HUtown play a game it looks so fun then when you play it you get bored after 20 mins into playing the game. Anyway nice video been watching for a while
North Carolina
North Carolina Hónapja
Bedtime? More like Polecat time!
A A Hónapja
Was about to go to sleep but it can wait😂
Smokin_G13 420
Smokin_G13 420 Hónapja
Should be a good one ☝️keep up the great work pc
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
As a side note, I received shirts ordered and SNOLINE is pleased ✌️👍🙃🇺🇸 👽🛸
Brayden Gabhart4
Love the videos
scotty b gaming and singing
Love your content brother
Love you polecat
Robert Hónapja
Your a god compared to me
michael Hónapja
Polecat have you heard of a thing called bed time it 1020pm Lol keep up the good work
shane falco 016
shane falco 016 Hónapja
Oh perfect a siege video excellent way to wind down a super scorcher of a day thx PC
Armaan Chauhan
Armaan Chauhan Hónapja
Just got out of the shower and now it’s time to watch some polecat:)
jack dean
jack dean Hónapja
I was going to sleep... but shit now I can't
Jason Byrd
Jason Byrd Hónapja
2 PAC song ALL EYES ON MEE 👍😂🇺🇸
Nat UKR Hónapja
Brain: Sleep Polecat:Nooooooo!!!!!
Poopin_Purple Owl
Wait, things arent normal "anymore?" Since when were they ever? 😅
Firefighter Sucess
Hey polecat! Just wanted to say hi. you're a awesome dude, great content creator. one day I will be talking to you in a discord call when I'm in dojrp. 3 months left!
Officer Devon
Officer Devon Hónapja
That scream never gets old lol
Jacob Green
Jacob Green 27 napja
When he screams he sounds like the guy that does the voice of archer and Bob on bob's burgers lol
VoltXxShot2 Hónapja
Hamish Hussey
Hamish Hussey Hónapja
Also do u mind if I say something
SzkiTon TV - Végtelen történet
SzkiTon TV - Végtelen történet
This Is SO SMART!!! 😂 #shorts