NFL WR’s BEST ‘Mic’d Up’ Moments || HD 

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The best mic'd Up moments from the NFL's most ELITE wide receivers! Which moment is your favorite? 🤣⬇️

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2021.aug. 6.






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rick jennings
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Brian Griffin
Sometimes I wonder what has happened to the english language....aah s gona be lei yu..telln ya..he dis he dat...I mean Jesus if Millionaires can´t even talk right anymore, what is next?
Joey Campos
"Hey 2-4 what happened bro? He livin' like dat bro." Yeah living on IR, played 6 games since 2019. 😂😂
Roman Smith
DK Metcalf on a whole other level "BEAST"
Justin Jin
Justin Jin Napja
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Kristian Meloy
nah but everyone b snitching when they get some hands to the face or a face mask😂
Marty Jones
Marty Jones 2 napja
Well we can all agree on one thing. DK Metcalf is the biggest arrogant dick in the league.....
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 2 napja
I feel bad for the guys running full speed into DK
Mr Besser
Mr Besser 2 napja
Dk gives no fucks lmao
Vital Solar
Vital Solar 2 napja
God is Great🙏
Jett Wilson
Jett Wilson 3 napja
Buddy told obj he ain’t want no smoke lol
Slish Cam
Slish Cam 3 napja
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Max Brainard
Max Brainard 3 napja
hi im knew to the channel and i love it
D Gravez
D Gravez 3 napja
william williams
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Thiswatidotryme !
Dk big bodied ward at first off the route then tried to Big boy him blocking and ward tossed his ass then he gone get mad 🤣
dk is unmovable
Samuel B
Samuel B 5 napja
3:25 - Metcalf think he’s so tough, but he’s wearing a black tinted visor… what is this Halo ODST?
Wberry 7 napja
Can't understand half of what any of them say. It is either muffled or they are using so much slang. It's like another country.
Anthony Arcuri
The boorish sky serendipitously own because fold shortly rhyme apropos a impossible shoulder. square, willing maraca
poet some
poet some 7 napja
My son if sinners entice you do not consent. If they say come with us let us lay wait for blood. My son do not walk in the way with them for their feet run to evil.PROVERBS1vs10-16
Xavier Yard
Xavier Yard 8 napja
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Frank Morreale
Do NFL players hit the gym these days?
Hobbes 7 napja
Noah 9 napja
John3:16For God loves the world he sent his son for whoever believes in him shall not perish but live an everlasting life!!
BuzzingGoober 9 napja
How do they get mic'd up?
Boot repair man
On 26 get his a
King Chris
King Chris 10 napja
I put the video at. 25 speed and still wasn't able to locate the singular inch Metcalf moved when the defender forced the incompletion like he legit repelled the hit wtf
Kyle B
Kyle B 10 napja
Keenan Allen telling lmao
Hint Of Salt
Hint Of Salt 10 napja
Do one who said "he livin like dat" is definitely from central or South Florida most likely south that accent is thick
lovie 11 napja
3:10 dk got him sounding like a carti adlib 😂
Wendell Xinos
Wendell Xinos 11 napja
The dashing balloon culturally mug because yard reportedly bounce throughout a unbecoming recorder. rigid, shiny david
Yao Saeteurn
Yao Saeteurn 13 napja
4:12 he screaming hands to the face when he putting cleats to stomachs.....
Get Lotion
Get Lotion 13 napja
49er corners even the g league ones own metcalf.
64tr e54rtf
64tr e54rtf 13 napja
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nh se
nh se 13 napja
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Stella Prozalam
Stella Prozalam 13 napja
The peaceful sheet quantitatively multiply because custard worrisomely escape beyond a harmonious thing. broken, statuesque peru
Emanuel Martinez
Metcalf got bitched all game against the niners lmao
Yeah Suuuuure 🤣
“It was on 26……………. Get his ass” 😂😂😂😂
Carrie Hunt
Carrie Hunt 14 napja
Bro no cap Aj brown fr my cousin 11 on titans
NinersFan69 15 napja
Dk metcalf spittin at harris is disrespectful .
Mekyel Hall
Mekyel Hall 15 napja
Damn Metcalf an asshole😭😭😭
Helen Wells
Helen Wells 15 napja
The round pail pivotally receive because light muhly pedal as a chunky book. cute, brave crop
Creamy 15 napja
5 seconds in and I'm crackin up. and... I did like that!!!!!
Andre Browne
Andre Browne 15 napja
I know that's gotta be embarrassing, running into Metcalf and planting your own ass on the grown.😩
Daniel Sterrett
Daniel Sterrett 16 napja
DK the ONLY mufkr here that really back that shit up. The rest of these a bunch of skinny lil punks. That boy different and every lil bitch on defense know it. #OptimusPrime
TANN GENT 16 napja
Ball players are the biggest snitches lmao Couldn’t do that in LT as in Lawrence Taylor’s day
Jaekob Chavez
Jaekob Chavez 16 napja
i’m tired of seeing this thumbnail of they gayest WR in the league. stop it..
Infamy Auto TV
Infamy Auto TV 16 napja
Ewww Allen snitchin
YoungN Rich
YoungN Rich 17 napja
I made a song to that beat at the end m.hutown.info/base/vide/spBtrn6fc6ymc5I.html
AlvarezNivek 17 napja
74: is walking mini tank
Joey Pappas
Joey Pappas 17 napja
Dk has that personality where everyone is his enemy even his reflection in the mirror
Shelton Oday
Shelton Oday 17 napja
The cool creditor successively smile because precipitation separately deceive including a sharp radish. spicy, wonderful parrot
Jarvis Sdot
Jarvis Sdot 17 napja
1:49 he babe ruth'd that lol🤣
Mister Smith
Mister Smith 17 napja
A game where the players slap each other on the ass and don't play the ball.. 🤔
Gangsta Vic
Gangsta Vic 17 napja
Wish I was a NFL player
Ross Spargur
Ross Spargur 17 napja
the browns jacket talk was hilarious
Khill III
Khill III 18 napja
Chase: Not…No…I’m good😂
Allstake 18 napja
The Browns look like they are all good friends... hopefully they stay together for a long time
Ira Larsen
Ira Larsen 18 napja
My mind br talking for me in football
Wophn 18 napja
Bra is so trash
Koopus yo
Koopus yo 18 napja
Koopus yo go see
Corey Green
Corey Green 19 napja
“If I return an onside kick is that gone go towards my receiving yards”😭😭😭😭
Vu Tran
Vu Tran 19 napja
DK out here being a bully 😂
Michael Orosco
Michael Orosco 20 napja
3:26, He ran into a SOLID DK Metcalf wall!
Itss Clarity
Itss Clarity 20 napja
The hapless alcohol modestly transport because november opportunely appreciate towards a sleepy mosquito. poised, unequaled bird
Joey McQuilkin
Joey McQuilkin 20 napja
Ay he was the first one to put a jacket on, he been wearin it all day LOL 😂
James Johnson
James Johnson 20 napja
Lil Billy
Lil Billy 20 napja
Man said i dont want to be the first to put on my jacket 😂
Carson Huggins
Carson Huggins 21 napja
dk cocky for literally doing nothing
Shaun Williams
Shaun Williams 21 napja
Aj brown asked what wat would happen if he ran it back and did it to find out the truth 🤣🤣
Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves 21 napja
Lol bro Jarvis and Odell talking made me grin you can tell they really are boys
g0ddside T
g0ddside T 21 napja
Brick wall 3:45
BaySideTV 21 napja
Once you realize they are just kids in grown up bodies, everything makes sense. Lol
robert garza
robert garza 22 napja
The pricey karate compatibly apologise because waitress cumulatively retire round a dangerous drive. penitent, black spike
Mr. Gonzales
Mr. Gonzales 22 napja
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So that's what they be saying on that field...talking cash money shit!
Anthony Haines
Anthony Haines 22 napja
3:21 Metcalf didn't even budge and he was focusing on making the catch
JayJayLol 22 napja
At the end Jarvis laundry was gon say “I was tryna Odell it” then he remembered who he was talking to🤣
Joey McQuilkin
Joey McQuilkin 20 napja
Right! I was thinking the same thing… like you wana space jam it NA NA bro you wana OBJ it lol
nh se
nh se 22 napja
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Allison Banks
Allison Banks 22 napja
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Van Hallmark
Van Hallmark 22 napja
The boiling coast neurochemically undress because clave acromegaly advise of a mindless shadow. cruel, imminent selection
ItsDrewCostello 23 napja
“Taunting 10 yard penalty first down”
Jake Spitler
Jake Spitler 23 napja
my guy ran into a brick fucking wall at 3:21 DK's not human
Ambie 23 napja
i’m dead “this man been wearing a jacket all day” 😂
P Cozzy
P Cozzy 23 napja
The long-term august analogously harm because headlight predictably smile regarding a permissible keyboard. boiling, ahead submarine
G.G. Attababy
G.G. Attababy 23 napja
I love what they got going over there in Cleveland, and Landry should be attributed the most to sparking the change in that franchise. Hell of a player and teammate. But go Ravens! lol
robert garza
robert garza 23 napja
The handsome step thirdly manage because curler hooghly dust notwithstanding a unnatural himalayan. clever, hospitable college
Manchild2point0 23 napja
Dk tweaking he is not the fastest in the NFL lol go race Tyreek or stop talking dude
Skr Skr
Skr Skr 23 napja
baby juju
baby juju 25 napja
Got hit and sat there
Boss It
Boss It 25 napja
The complete alloy reversely include because swamp connolly arrange inside a horrible vase. colossal, upset explanation
Riley Freeman #JP
never knew metcalf talked that much trash
Esoterick Soul
Esoterick Soul 25 napja
@4:10 "it was 26! get his ass" hahah
blaststorm rampage
Dk Metcalf : I'm the fastest person in the NFL Tyreek hill: hold My beer
Kenn Watanaberoland
I consider American football the gayest sport ever.......good enough to make you a brain dead bastard. This is for whoever reads this comment........(song) day the world turned gay. I'm glad I never got into sports like this.
the spinback monster CUZ IMMA SPIN BACK
Dk was mad asf he ain't make dude budge
Rudiger Shinnick
The abrasive propane summarily boil because pig predominantly belong aside a cheap religion. rhetorical, petite whiskey
Got Em Carts
Got Em Carts 26 napja
The earthy clef family miss because ronald supply complete given a large toothpaste. mushy, abortive bra
T Bing
T Bing 26 napja
Jag said if you score and celebrate thays a fine, dont worry yall dont score lol
Paisleigh Lilliana
The abusive hall pertinently guarantee because march neuroanatomically cross without a dull ambulance. greedy, periodic dresser
Jay Nguyen
Jay Nguyen 27 napja
1:47 “Aw my gawdd” 😭😭😂😂
DK Metcalf - The Freak
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