My LAST Rainbow Six Siege video? 

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Has Marley quit Rainbow Six Siege? That's the question I keep being asked. Today, I'll answer that amongst the normal Champion level waffle, good vibes, and funny moments.

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In todays video I talk about whether I will keep uploading Rainbow Six Siege funny moments. "Has Marley quit Siege?" has been asked a lot. I'll talk about wether I think Siege is dying and if Operation North Star and the new operator Thunderbird is enough new content to save Siege. All during a 30 minute funny moment video. Not a Rainbow Six Siege challenge video, or champion game highlight video, or 1000 alpha pack opening.









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Marley Hónapja
Is this the last of Rainbow Six Siege waffling?
Bielzinho Lima
Bielzinho Lima 12 napja
edweeb Hónapja
Ice Cream man
Ice Cream man Hónapja
@Fatalists inspirational
RetroGaming Hónapja
Stop waffling
Breadmonster 694
Řëåľ Ăłîx
Řëåľ Ăłîx 5 órája
Can somebody give me hooyaaaaaaaaa?
Miguel 9 órája
I know you will post more siege and stuff but will ya post more warzone?
Mohammad Asker
Why are you so good
CG Phillips
CG Phillips 3 napja
Thunderbird was born on April 1st She's a literal joke
Noooooo 😭😭😭
Will Timson
Will Timson 5 napja
there comes a time when custard has his last wiff, dom has his last "MATE" and marley has his last ace... we all dread that day
that hobby guy
that hobby guy 16 órája
Mate you making me cry
Lim Chee Soon
Lim Chee Soon 5 napja
Now, did Dom gave Marley the 3 million?
Grease Master
Grease Master 5 napja
Will Ives
Will Ives 6 napja
Nice cheat
Troy Sponsler
Troy Sponsler 6 napja
I didn't know you were following battlefield, but I'm excited to see possible content on it in the future!
Benjamin Hillenbrand
Where do you get these iron sites
San s
San s 7 napja
Just found your channel, you seem chill, and this is entertaining and well edited.. nice. Have a great day :)
Steve gast
Steve gast 7 napja
Edgey Gaming
Edgey Gaming 8 napja
Waffling? Or hacks
Vickjug Pilot8 ps4
Fuck no Marley you can’t ever stop 😠love ua
Kellen Johnston
you need to do more challenges like Dom
Christian M
Christian M 9 napja
Marley can you make a video of all ur settings please 😭I need to know
Mr Deg
Mr Deg 10 napja
Awsome as always.
Iceyy C
Iceyy C 10 napja
I just reinstalled siege 3 days ago after dropping it over a year ago, I still don't have fun playing it the game is just bad at this point
David Strbac
David Strbac 10 napja
Christopher Dominguez
I’ve stopped playing the game but you keep me in the siege loop with your waffles but I’d like to ask a game where your waffles would be a breath of fresh air and try apex arenas 🤌much love from Texas 🤘
Christopher Dominguez
Until they fix this game 😅
11:16 his pistol wallbang made a :)
Max Moraczewski Chantrell
Paid actors!
Sneakyyz 12 napja
What is the music name at the beginning of the vid?
Sneakyyz 9 napja
@SNitro it is thank you sooooo much :)
SNitro 10 napja
cats walking by yomoti (i thinks that’s the one that you’re looking for)
Vytlo 12 napja
Honestly, as a HUGE Battlefield fan, I really don't understand what's gotten everyone so hyped about 2043. It really just feels like ever since the pandemic started, it feels like EVERY AAA game, no matter how good or bad the past games have been, has been getting way more attention than the series ever have before because people are so starved for more games to play. All we were shown was more of a cinematic trailer of Battlefield 2043 (so it doesn't represent too much of what to expect) where they're doing stuff like Renezukes that have always been in the series. The only big thing to note is that it's finally not a past war game, but that's more a good thing for fans of the series that have been asking for that. Honestly, I'm just waiting to see if they fix the gameplay back from how terrible and formula-breaking BF5 was
Ziya 12 napja
I cant wait for the battlefield, for that sweet sweet marley content where he's actually enjoying something fresh and exciting XD
Demon Angle0
Demon Angle0 12 napja
ayo ong i subscribed to zuffiz from this channel
Zuffiz 3 órája
thank you:)
Crumpet 13 napja
11:15 is anyone going to talk about how the bullets in that wall bang made a smiley face in the wall
Artic_ Hills
Artic_ Hills 13 napja
Anybody that sees this now… I need tips I’m dog shit
Rick Lee
Rick Lee 13 napja
I need to watch him on my pc to see these headshots
Sebastian Miller
Can anyone please tell me what that jazz flute tune in the beginning is called
SNitro 10 napja
cats walking by yomoti. hope this helps!
I I 13 napja
Another game you could jump to is Zero Hour. Reminds me of sieg when it was young
Gabby Wood
Gabby Wood 13 napja
Just realized he's playing quick match
ForeverTrus 14 napja
cut the cap
Generic Idiot
Generic Idiot 14 napja
The mad lad actually linked Zuffiz's channel
Zuffiz 3 órája
a legend
Talia Ucar
Talia Ucar 15 napja
Christian Yesirrr
please i want more rainbow six siege
Dezbo 15 napja
The cantaloupe part fucking kills me funniest thing ever
Vulture 15 napja
not gonna lie marley, i think u should play more warzone.
StealthyPanda 44
@Zuffiz is now on 12.9k, he's growing so quickly 😎
Heldi Behluli
Heldi Behluli 15 napja
I did not know marley played battlefield
warzone tho?
Lewis Hannam
Lewis Hannam 17 napja
try apex
King Troll
King Troll 17 napja
start playing escape from tarkov trust me youll love it !!
vinnie_.11 17 napja
I really wana download r6s now after watching this vid
Corey Harrison
Corey Harrison 17 napja
no dont stop playing siege Marley
Roberto Lopez
Roberto Lopez 18 napja
See you space cowboy
Lucky DeFox
Lucky DeFox 18 napja
Video title: maybe last siege video Me: ok I better see a custard clutch if this is the last one Also me: Also I hope there are more Juan clips
Rebecca Lun
Rebecca Lun 19 napja
Is this clickbait or real?
Altona040 19 napja
Dear Marley. I just want to tell that I love to see your game play, your onetaps and everything else. You are my favorite and the most sympathetic Siege player I've every seen. So pls don't stop rainbow six siege waffling. 😉
Gvunm 19 napja
26:29 [ALL]gibalaktz: dropshotted like a lil bitch 💀
Kye MacDonald
Kye MacDonald 19 napja
Don’t stop uploading on this game your so good at the game and everybody is entertained when you upload about it
KillerBot500 19 napja
This made me spit my water 12:00
Kev Dev
Kev Dev 20 napja
Can we apreciate the smiley he did with his hipfire. 11:16 🤣🤣
Sebastian Valenzuela
I will always love the content
KETCHUP 20 napja
I remember being at 8 subs oh I still have 8 subs
Ethan Villalobos
tom vd bos
tom vd bos 21 napja
Jimmy Kibble
Jimmy Kibble 21 napja
man what a like to dislike
yeeter_man154 14 napja
Jimmy Kibble
Jimmy Kibble 21 napja
dudopa 21 napja
Joris de Vries
Joris de Vries 21 napja
This is so sad, he doesnt like the game no more. but we encourage him to play it so he does. hopefolly this hes rich af
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper 21 napja
0:40 why tf did they not plant immediately
Bill low
Bill low 22 napja
Rip siege ⌛
Sprint Wyvern
Sprint Wyvern 22 napja
The kills sound juicy and delicious
JD Smith
JD Smith 22 napja
I wanna see more of you enjoying any game you pick up. It's you and your editing I enjoy, not the game.
Holabackacha 〰
My man said everything we all wanted to say about seige
Skabora 22 napja
I have quit Siege as well, people have to keep in mind that a lot of the players have been playing for almost 6 years now and a map rework plus one/two operators isn't enough content per quarter to keep interested. There's newer games that get more content faster, or have more content already. Siege is only a glorified search and destroy...
Randy Kakaruk
Randy Kakaruk 22 napja
No please Marley, you're videos is what keeps me liking the game, I even like to fuck off in rank like you and the mates do just to keep it interesting. Keep the vibing and waffling up please
DankuMemes 22 napja
6:33 press x to doubt
Captain_QT 22 napja
@Marley you gotta play escape from Tarkov, I feel like it’s emanating waffle,and fat beans.
britainz 23 napja
Well turns out that was a fucking lie
GamerX3Z 23 napja
pls do more r6 videos
Things2watch 23 napja
Marley needs to stay with siege ples. Or go to ark. Ark is fun
svmoki 23 napja
1:35 ty for re4 leon death sound, much appreciated, marley.
Rome Fielden
Rome Fielden 23 napja
honestly marley you do you boo id love to see it when you take to the skys in battlefield 6 bro
Ashley k
Ashley k 23 napja
Dear Marley, Please do not stop playing siege i love you video's and you inspired me to play siege and whenever i get the notification that you posted a new video it allways makes my day
Craig Finger
Craig Finger 24 napja
Zuffiz has 12k now
JusticeForFire 24 napja
Marley I would try apex or gta there rly fun
Have you try playing Valorant ? XD just curious
りかRika 24 napja
That poor dokkaebi at 11:44
Thinkfastdude 24 napja
@11.17 he didnt ads and wallbanged the guy which is cool but the smiley face he made in the wall is cooler :)
jaiden leach
jaiden leach 24 napja
Can we get a compalaticion of ur loses
typical.Artist 25 napja
Welp that was a lie
KeyKey KMK
KeyKey KMK 25 napja
11:17 the Wallbang even looked like a little Smileyface
Austin Hayes
Austin Hayes 25 napja
Hey Marley how is you're day going so far
total trash mammal
So that was a lie
yeeter_man154 14 napja
Shadow Kid
Shadow Kid 25 napja
I just rewatched every Marley siege video and this came out and then I put it off because of the title.
Febrian 25 napja
Taco Bell’s Bathroom
So custard says dom is having a seizure and then in the next clip custard dies by a dude named Kaaulo WRLD well that not okay
Rucka Rucka
Rucka Rucka 26 napja
do more warzone!!!!
RoadtoGodly 26 napja
Play some apex
Jesse Ibarra
Jesse Ibarra 26 napja
I love your videos Meaty Marley I’ve been watching a long time and your video gives me the confidence boost that I need I would be sad if the siege videos stoped but as a wise man once said all good things must come to an end i will keep sporting you whatever game you play because I’ve been here since day one I’ll be to the end love you Marley.❤️
Brian Lin. TW
Brian Lin. TW 26 napja
Marley where’s your L85A2 black ice at?
collin slifko
collin slifko 26 napja
The people who disliked don’t want Marley to go
collin slifko
collin slifko 26 napja
The people who disliked don’t want Marley to go
Kapitan_Koli 26 napja
Now Marley going to play warzone
Cbk13 _yt
Cbk13 _yt 26 napja
If it’s yah last vid I salute to u🤧🤧
Frabbled Gaming
Frabbled Gaming 26 napja
WE WANT MORE SIEGE dude your an absolute GOAT at the game
Vyzskr 26 napja
musty custy