MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero" Opening Scene (2021) 

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MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero Fight" Opening Scene Clip (2021)
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Say It how it is!
Really enjoyed this movie. Bring on p2...lets make it happen: van dam 2 finally play johnny cage.
Jennifer Caroline Moreira Furtado
Carai que foda
munawar zikri lukman
joe taslim
Chasing Bands
Chasing Bands 17 órája
William Alarie
William Alarie 21 órája
are we really fucking framing Bi-Han as a villain and LITERALLY HANZO HASASHI AS THE GOOD AND DECENT FAMILY MAN?
Demila Channel
Super keren ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍🙏
Ubed Edits
Ubed Edits Napja
Mortal kombat edit hutown.info/base/vide/25illIChYoi1g7c.html
Borz95noh Napja
06:30 Best moment This films
Moo Cha cho
Lin Kuei ninja 1 : quick ! Let's kill him ! He's building his weapon ! Lin Kuei ninja 2 : it's ok. We outnumber him 10 to 1. Hanzo : just you wait you muthafarkhas...
Aaron Liggins
Don’t watch lol shit cosplay stick to the original
Larry Allen
Terrible movie a lot of exaggerated movements and bad actors
{PK} วา,=หลอน
Michael Schneider
Definitely playing nioh 2
Soso Mey
Soso Mey Napja
THis first fight is the only thing you must see from the whole movie!!!others actors are so piece of shit no charisma no history bad talk for nothing !!ashame on the productor realisator piece of shit never do it again ashame on you !!!YOU are so bads
Pentangle 2 napja
It's just a movie tough talkers. You don't like it, don't watch it. Or if you can do better then grab your balls, walk up to a couple thugs or bikers, call them pu$$ies, have them chase you into an alley and see if you can make a weapon out of whatever you find and fend them off.
Leo Stephano Gonzalez Rios
Desde una herramienta de jardinería, hasta la peor manera en que sub-zero moriría.
Md Ashraful Hossain
full movie download link pls
LemonGecko 2 napja
Wait I thought sub zero was the good guy?
Zakjac Da gamer
Why is it so cold in here Sub-zero:BECAUSE OF MEEEEEEE
留学の闇ちゃんねる 登録者急上昇!
I dont know the story and the game though, Hanzo lives in china or Sub visited Japan for sightseeing? How come they meet up during old era.
Gmail Farm
Gmail Farm 2 napja
The real partridge astonishingly nail because font scientifically head aside a humorous cub. shy, stupid governor
Aiden 2 napja
This scene was the only good part about the movie , the rest was just Eh..
Ben Yates
Ben Yates 2 napja
Wrong. It’s Hanzo Hasashi vs Kuai Liang
Mauricio Javier
Al fin una película digna del juego Mortal Kombat 😎
Patrykovski 111
I was at kino on Mortal kombat
dody salfian
dody salfian 3 napja
u can see movie on internet,i has already see it
Kai Ulbricht
Kai Ulbricht 3 napja
Mortal 🔥⚔🔥Kombat 🙏🏻Forever Finish Him!!!!!✌🏻2021🔥
Trucker Dude 23rd
I never knew Subzero was such a cold blooded killer until I saw this scene 😮
Kenneth McDonald
What happened to his family? If they were killed, I ain't watching the rest. No hope = no point watching.
Kenneth McDonald
Is there any swearing in this film? If not I might go watch it.
Kenneth McDonald
The walls of Japanese houses seem to be very thin. Need more insulation. He is the guy out of Ringu. Right?
留学の闇ちゃんねる 登録者急上昇!
Since it is very hot and humid during summer in Japan, the walls of the house is bery thin...
Virna zanches
Virna zanches 3 napja
Scorpion o sub Zero ?? :)
Curt W
Curt W 4 napja
Shit am I watching a spoiler. Dang it.
Игорь W
Игорь W 4 napja
get over here, the best
真田クソかっこいい👍 年齢を感じさせないアクション これは巨大スクリーンで観たい🗡🔥
Top 10 Compilations
one of the worst movie i've ever seen
MOHAMMAD.ÇAV REŞ محمد.جاف راش
Stanley Shady
Stanley Shady 5 napja
I can't get over how gooood this movie was.. literally everything a Mortal Kombat movie should be
As for a director who started newly his action scenes are much better from the more experienced directors
Vinícius Rodrigues
I think this first movie should be only about the Hanzo and Bi Han fight. The second the tournment. And the third Shao Khan. There's a lot in this movie but there's nothing.
Johnny Knoxville as Johnny Cage... enough said
Из города в деревню
когда выход?
Frank Rosas
Frank Rosas 6 napja
No me gusto ... pudieron averla hecho mejor pero no hasta la de 1997 lo supera
Kove 6 napja
meanwhile in the actual game 4 stabs to the heart is merely a tap on the foot
Duncan Gacheru
IKR? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yasir Mansoor
Yasir Mansoor 6 napja
Not sure if
diego alejandro
Uff brutal !!!
Druid 6 napja
Сходил за водичкой блять 🤔😥
Michael D #2
Michael D #2 6 napja
Japan is the good guys
Summer boy gaming and vlogs
It is b hon silly
Yvette Mckinzie
No quite life for a samauri. Let the kiling began!!!
What about kuai liang?
Death Smoke
Death Smoke 7 napja
Noob Saibot....
how cute the baby
Davi Bernardes
I don't know why, but I have a theory that this beginning that Quan chi is disguised as sub zero, even he already used magic to hide his identity.
Sebastian Ferreira
This movie was garbage.
chinh doan
chinh doan 7 napja
chinh doan
chinh doan 7 napja
Edmund Gan
Edmund Gan 7 napja
6:04 is honestly the most satisfying kill ever
Peter 2 napja
You’re a sick man you know that
Hari Gunawan
Hari Gunawan 7 napja
5:42 reminds me of that last samurai movie scene
Mister_ Logan08
This movie would have been better if they replaced cole with scorpion
Awi Mahendra
Awi Mahendra 7 napja
Aku dari Indonesia, yg cinta seni dan budaya,, dan mencintai saudaraku di sluruh dunia,, jaga kedamaian friend😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
Eric Spartan
Eric Spartan 7 napja
Wow I gotta see this..
sandpir8 7 napja
OMG this movie was AWESOME! It's been a long time since I've seen a movie that I was actually happy that I parted with $$$ to see.
Heisenburg 8 napja
Crazy to think you’re scorpion’s main weapon is a gardening tool...
James Newsom
James Newsom 8 napja
I enjoyed taking a fat crap more then when I watched this movie.
Alice Smith
Alice Smith 8 napja
The baby father is cool
Alice Smith
Alice Smith 8 napja
It looks like peace here
Muvuca Video Locadora
Amei.. apaixonei.. maravilhoso
Psyborpunk 8 napja
Yeah... that guy at 6:23 that only got kicked in the face... pretty sure he's still alive lmao.
Tugasku 8 napja
Joe taslim love u..
can çelik
can çelik 8 napja
Rock n Roll
Rock n Roll 8 napja
Initially I got some vibes of Kung Fu Panda where his mother was killed by peacocks, but later that was totally Mortal Kombat. I'll be watching.
Oscar Mesakh
Oscar Mesakh 8 napja
so that how scorpion angry. i thought the bad guy was scorpion but when u see this u know who the bad guy is
Vartan Shamirian
fuk the guy was like 50 ft away he couldn't look around a bit?
vogeN 9 napja
well, i expected the movie to be like exactly ingame characters. I mean like you know, buffed absolutely better costume... And yeah i'm disappointed
Sam Shepherd
Sam Shepherd 9 napja
Hanzo Hasashi is dead, call him Scorpion.
Ian Bowen
Ian Bowen 9 napja
I might play some of mk11 today to tho
Ian Bowen
Ian Bowen 9 napja
How I'm trying to be
Ian Bowen
Ian Bowen 9 napja
Quick with it tho
Ian Bowen
Ian Bowen 9 napja
Especially since im.a scorpio myself ruled by planet Mars the warrior
Ian Bowen
Ian Bowen 9 napja
This is my part tho
EmanaChrist Ime Etim
Does anyone has the subtitle for this movie please
Bayu Adam
Bayu Adam 9 napja
No Avatar fanboys say this looks like Avatar yet ?
fabricio villanueva carrasco
Donde se puede ver esta pelicula gratis algun dato
So imma throw this out there, what about previous mortal kombat tournaments? There's been at least 9, I'd be interested to see what happens in those, especially if outworld are always playing douche tactics.
NJ 9 napja
That's the only part I really liked in the movie and the best fight scene.
Lady Esmeralda
Oh, i love Hiroyuki Sanada, he's so handsome! My fave film that he's in is Hideo Nakata's Ringu (1998)
Lady Esmeralda
@Noah Rodrigo the remake is also awasome and i loved it, both have a special place in my heart ❤️ And i heard about Twilight Samurai, it seems really cool, i'll soon watch it ;)
Noah Rodrigo
Noah Rodrigo 2 napja
Yes The original Ring is awesome. My favorite movie from him and also one of my favorite movies of all time is Twilight Samurai.
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose 10 napja
5:25. Top 10 best live action anime battles.
Cyber 10 napja
DarknessLightRose Gemini
Love this
Claudia Akemi Oshiro
Sou um zero a esquerda
Kolyan Kenipa
Kolyan Kenipa 10 napja
Одноразовый фильм. Первый фильм в сто раз круче - шедевр!
Mrylyyn The Whitless
Nico Rod
Nico Rod 10 napja
Was it just me or was i the only one screaming "GET OVER HERE!" At around 6:25
유리형Naver 10 napja
허리우드 진출, 아시아 배우 중 몇안되는 멋진이미지
Dhaka Warriors
Dhaka Warriors 10 napja
Stupid movie
33 HaZe
33 HaZe 11 napja
To jeszcze nie był Scorpion tylko Hanzo
The demonic war disconcertingly mine because hydrofoil lily observe until a sophisticated sparrow. parsimonious, curious attention
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