Men's 100m Butterfly - SWIMMING | Final Highlights | Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020 

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Raymond Victor
Raymond Victor 14 napja
Dressel's win is no surprise somehow but Milak's swim is absolutely sensational
Kostas Hónapja
What is that disgusting black thing on the neck of milak ? Jesus it looks ugly
Thomas ABABA
Thomas ABABA Hónapja
Butterfly swimming i need to master
northsta Hónapja
After Milak crushed the field in 200m fly, he is able to go toe to toe with Dressel in 100m fly sprint. Incredible! 👏
Peter 007
Peter 007 Hónapja
Fantastic race, as a Hungarian I am extremely proud of Kristóf. Dressel is a beast but he almost beat him. Goosebumps!
Chizo5791 Walsh
Chizo5791 Walsh Hónapja
Class act the way Dressel held Milak's hand up straight after the race.
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly Hónapja
Dressel is hot and top. These new swimmers are so likeable.
Filippo Samy
Filippo Samy Hónapja
Ce milac ne vous pas battre dresel
Áron Debreceni
Áron Debreceni Hónapja
Milák is our hero.:)
joc kov
joc kov Hónapja
I think soon, maybe next year Kristóf will defeat him. Kristóf is 4 years younger than Caeleb, he has time to improve his underwather swimming practice.
steppin razor
steppin razor Hónapja
Het zal weer niet, dopingzondaars winnen goud in de buitenbaan. Nog nooit heeft een zwemmer in baan 1 of baan 8 goud gewonnen. Maar de pleuris Amerikanen winnen het. Amerikanen horen iedere dag getest te worden.
Super Bulma
Super Bulma Hónapja
Dressel 👉 Humble 🤝
Odoacre Da Calcutta
Milak swims faster than Dressel. Dressel wins only out of the dive and the underwater kick. Very curious to see how the battle between the 2 will evolve in the future. Milak might even consider swimming longer distances. He's good enough to win them too
O P Hónapja
Back in the 90’s Dennis Pankratov did the same, for 25 m he was under water…
Marko M
Marko M Hónapja
What a great young swimmers,Milak and extraordinary Dressel...whata race !! Great Rivarly !! 100fly, Dressel is a king !
Maria Ivanova
Maria Ivanova Hónapja
Correcr the subtitles if you please!There's no Aladdin of Bulgaria - the name of Bulgarian swimmer is Josif Miladinov!!
Julia Marton-Bíró
Milák is the future :)
Pierce Parker
Pierce Parker Hónapja
Only if Milak has taken an extra stroke at the end, we would have had another 2008 Philips-Cavic finishing moment, and he would won the race. Milak should practice this for the 2024 Paris Games to beat Dressel.
Sövegjártó Gábor
Milák is sensational.
Lauri Gayer
Lauri Gayer Hónapja
man the english arent making a good name for themselves especially these commentators
rneykow Hónapja
Joskata vi se pusna slabaci
Mr B
Mr B Hónapja
OMG Milak!
Marco Brotto
Marco Brotto Hónapja
Reminds me of the phelps vs cseh times
Ferenc Orosz
Ferenc Orosz Hónapja
Just a shorter distance of butterfly
SJW Triggered
SJW Triggered Hónapja
Thank god there was no English swimmer so these commentators actually focused on the winner
János Talpai
János Talpai Hónapja
I love both of them, they are the new generation of swimmers , respectfully to each other.
Farzad Hónapja
What a race !
mattia de serio
mattia de serio Hónapja
Great race, stayed up late just for this. Also, Dressel is by far the most likeable swimmer from the USA team imo
Sinking Hónapja
Very much this. So much more likeable than most of their swimmers over the years. Just an amazing swimmer and nice guy!
Mikel Ostolaza
Mikel Ostolaza Hónapja
Yeah, I want USA to lose in the medal tally but Dressel is a nice guy. Happy that he won
Jeson Derik
Jeson Derik Hónapja
what a race
Louis Banakos
Louis Banakos Hónapja
CD body is a weapon. IF you compare it to MIlak . tbh MIlak can beat him if he focuses on sprints!!
Louis Banakos
Louis Banakos Hónapja
@Mihai Flaviu Suhani thank you for the correction and bless you that you get my point : ) :) :)
Mihai Flaviu Suhani
Beat, not bit :))
MM XYZ Hónapja
Szép volt fiúk🧡🧡
Lucas Deschenes
Lucas Deschenes Hónapja
Dressel 100% on EPO
Davide Hónapja
Wow Milak!
Mikhail Urmich
Mikhail Urmich Hónapja
thanks for spoiling the results
FH Hónapja
Spoiled the race again with dressels head in thumbnail
Name Nick
Name Nick Hónapja
következöre meglesz :D
Take a shot every time they say the name Milak
Marian Teplan
Marian Teplan Hónapja
In 1984 Olympic games Gaines won 100 freestyle in 49.80. Amazing, how the sport has evolved. I expected dominance from Dressel, but at the end, it was very exciting competition with Milak until the last meter. I am looking forward to the next race between them.
Marian Teplan
Marian Teplan Hónapja
@RunForPeace 2020 olympic champion of 100m butterfly in the same Olympic games 1984 touched in 53.08s. In Tokyo you would get 44. place with the same time, not even close to semi-final. Now you see the progress?
The Mountain
The Mountain Hónapja
Swimming has evolved so much more than track and field, it's ridiculous. Several world records are still untouched or barely beaten, whereas in swimming, the previous world record barely wins a medal or even makes the final 10-15 years later
RunForPeace 2020
It has been 40years my guy. 100m running WR was 9.92. Now it’s common place
Mariela DLA Mendez Morales
Martínez is from Guatemala, not Guam
Mario Gar
Mario Gar Hónapja
They both are incredible swimmers but Dressel is faster because is a real sprinter... Milak doesn't have the speed of Dressel but he has a better second part of race because he do 200m... However Dressel 49.45 WR and Milak 49.68 ER and second swimmer on this race... I think is enough!
Kata H
Kata H Hónapja
Dressel is not faster, his first 50 is faster. Just for the sake of accuracy.
joc kov
joc kov Hónapja
I think soon, maybe next year Kristóf will defeat him. Kristóf is 4 years younger than Caeleb, he has time to improve his underwather swimming practice.
Simon Vaško
Simon Vaško Hónapja
Milak reminds me phelps and cavic except that dressel won. That closing speed by Milak was incredible and he went fastest back-half split ever 26.03 on second 50
Hmkls Hónapja
Realistically he did a 25.0 second 50 because the butterfly turn is after touching the timing pad and takes approx 1 second to do, so his second 50 is completely crazy
Eduardo Guia
Eduardo Guia Hónapja
@Marko Nikolic AHAHAHAHAH
Márton Farkas
Márton Farkas Hónapja
@Marko Nikolic dont be child please
RunForPeace 2020
@Marko Nikolic and there was election fraud 🤣 …. 60+ failed lawsuits later
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Hónapja
Cavic won that race. Biggest olympics robbery ever.
c c
c c Hónapja
dressel was long on both walls it couldve been a 49.1 or .2
Lorenzo Stabile
Lorenzo Stabile Hónapja
Very true: he managed to obliterate a world record even with these two huge mistakes (his finish was horrible).....insane!
Cranker Hónapja
@RunForPeace 2020 when did he ever mention phelps? stop being a jerk and creating narratives🤡
RunForPeace 2020
Dressel is a pure sprinter. He’ll never surpass Phelps. But a great sprinter nevertheless
Ivan Jeromela
Ivan Jeromela Hónapja
Congrats to Milak. Whish he won the gold he deserves. No offense to anyone but Dressel only has insane start and underwater. Remove that and it's completly different story.
joc kov
joc kov Hónapja
I think soon, maybe next year Kristóf will defeat him. Kristóf is 4 years younger than Caeleb, he has time to improve his underwather swimming practice.
Márton Farkas
Márton Farkas Hónapja
@Arturo González Luis i dont understand you!! Im hope Kristóf will be better in underwater in a future, because this part when he all hungarian swimmers have to improve! What wrong this opinion?
Márton Farkas
Márton Farkas Hónapja
@Jeson Derik yess i agree! This is, why am hope better underwater technik in a future in Hungarian swimmers
Arturo González Luis
This is a pointless discussion. It doesn't matter what the qualities and technique of a swimmer are. The important thing is to win. And Dressel won.
Jeson Derik
Jeson Derik Hónapja
@Márton Farkas Its a sprint race. Underwater and start are very important