Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - PlayStation Showcase 2021: Reveal Trailer | PS5 

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console.



2021.szept. 9.






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kunsh 7 perccel
Will we able to play it on ps4
Putra Minang Indonesia
Available for ps4 ?
Putra Minang Indonesia
Ps5 more expensive in my contry
Seget 7 perccel
zaidan daud
zaidan daud 13 perccel
Game spiderman2 can or not play in ps4???
IKEA Monkey
IKEA Monkey 14 perccel
Please at least make Peter look older than 15 in this
Pug_Ability 33 perccel
aw man is coming out in 2023 Ill be patient for it
GOD 36 perccel
I’m so glad the Sony isn’t going to rush this game to meet the release date of no way home
Ghos spider Spiderman
I Hope In Game ps 4 pliisss
Seget 7 perccel
ps5 only
The Gaming Muffin
The Gaming Muffin 38 perccel
There is still a year until it comes
The Gaming Muffin
The Gaming Muffin 39 perccel
Can u get it on ps4
The Gaming Muffin
How do you know tho
The Gaming Muffin
Seget 7 perccel
SwaveyJay 43 perccel
Venom the only one that can have eyes that don’t look like eyes and still look right
Sparky Lord • 20 years ago
What about carnage?
Fabez Órája
lol the dissapointment when i saw 2023
Sparky Lord • 20 years ago
It takes time making a big game like that and trying to make it next gen gotta respect and for their time
Nyein La Phyae
Can we play with ps 4 i have inly ps 4
Seget 6 perccel
only ps5
DarkEcho Órája
Mel101 Órája
My boy Kraven finna be in here THOOO
lauhra martins
lauhra martins 2 órája
Esse jogo lançou 2023 pelo amor de Deus mas eu quero
Zafran Animation
Zafran Animation 2 órája
Coming soon for 2023 Spiderman 2 😱
khalyllife 2 órája
I just realized that it’s only for the PS5 and I have a PS4 😭😭😭😭
johasjod 3 órája
its this true
Sparky Lord • 20 years ago
Duh it's been announced in the PlayStation showcase and it's showing in the official playstation HUtown account
Κωνσταντίνος Νινος
Oh yeah and put venom as a playeble character and he can has the Tentechels attack and a strong attack
Philip Atkins
Philip Atkins 3 órája
That Unfair 😡 For PS5 only
shamim shahbazi
shamim shahbazi 3 órája
I hope this game will come for PlayStation 4 as well
Justice Limsiaco
Justice Limsiaco 3 órája
I knew it was going to be venom before the reveal trailer was out, it was foretold in the post credits of spider man and spider man: miles morales. So if the post credits scene is correct, venom should be Harry Osborn.
Alemayehu Tesissa
That was a bit too much and I didn't know that Venom could say anything except we or I'm Venom
Roy Ma
Roy Ma 3 órája
By the way the Music is a bit Scary than Marvel Spiderman and Marvel Spiderman Miles Morales. But its EPIC!!
ganimete bytyqi
ganimete bytyqi 4 órája
Can you guys pls do this at 2022
iSonic1210 4 órája
My friend said that it was a multiplayer game is it true??
ippantekina TOTSU
Gonna have to cop the ps5 then
Nul qui le mette pas sur ps4 aussi ils ont Marvel spiderman et miles morales la logique aurait voulu qu'il fasse de même ont peut même pas ce procuré la ps5 mais c'est un coup marketing pour nous obligé a payé la ps5
Zextro Playz
Zextro Playz 6 órája
Did anyone notice that Miles has blue AND yellow bioelectricity?
Eh Meh Smeh
Eh Meh Smeh 6 órája
I will be most disappointed if this game doesn't have the black suit from Spider-Man 3.
sikm33 3 órája
They might add it in the future as a extra suit but the symbiotic suit will have it’s own look which matches this peter’s og suit...
Fade 7 órája
I just knew it was venom when he went "we"
Swarup Dutta
Swarup Dutta 7 órája
okay when is it coming for pc?
Games All Around
Games All Around 5 órája
Never lol
KaioCrap 7 órája
Can’t wait
Fresco L
Fresco L 9 órája
All three characters in this is foreshadowing the movie
Waffles _2018 _x
Waffles _2018 _x 9 órája
Hopefully they bring back the old face of Peter
this Bubbly Goodness
it won't happen
Georgina Matibenga
Can you make a Nixon you with with iron man plese
Georgina Matibenga
I love the trailer thanks for the trailer bye Bye
Georgina Matibenga
Spider hyped see what I did there
Georgina Matibenga
Can you release it faster Plese
Abdi 9 órája
I REALLY hope this is a *coop* campaign!! It'll be SO much fun to play this with a friend. Couch, online, or both!
this Bubbly Goodness
only single player, Co-op wouldn't work
Miles Morales
Miles Morales 7 órája
Sorry to tell you this bud it’s only single player😅
Georgina Matibenga
David B
David B 9 órája
Venom and Kraven as the big bads for this game, followed by Green Goblin and perhaps Carnage for the third game?
Georgina Matibenga
Please be multiplayer ok
YF21_Septic 9 órája
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis 10 órája
I will buy and play this game, even if I have to pay $100 for it.
Jurassic fan
Jurassic fan 10 órája
0:00 *”TRŒŁÍŃG”* 😂😂😂😂😂
Edd 10 órája
Everyone: "It'll be worth the wait." Me: *_still crying inside_*
the running man
the running man 10 órája
Why must I wait two years before playing this game? I gotta get a Delorean only to get my hands on this game
Esther Henry
Esther Henry 11 órája
so eager to play this gmae
MasonGod 11 órája
That’s too far from here!
Kenny Bman
Kenny Bman 11 órája
I hope they make the web swing more realistic , the physics of it felt clunky
Vishruth 11 órája
Ok imagine this game, but there Is a split screen coop with 2 players controlling either miles or Peter 💀💀
Vishruth 9 órája
@LittleGentleman we can only imagine....
LittleGentleman 9 órája
They confirmed no co-op
TSC_Banek1 TSC_
TSC_Banek1 TSC_ 11 órája
Nestorrr 11 órája
It could just be Kraven looking for prey, but finds 2 Spider-men and Venom instead
Só Joga
Só Joga 11 órája
We want a Ps4 version.
ZenIceHero 14 perccel
@Games All Around The PS4 standard to Pro versions sold more than 100 Million units worldwide and still selling around and so turning the back to PS4 users would be selling much less exclusive games
Games All Around
Games All Around 2 órája
@ZenIceHero bro they have made like 10 million check your facts
Só Joga
Só Joga 2 órája
@Games All Around there r many others bro
ZenIceHero 3 órája
Nope thats more than 100 Million people who cant get a PS5 either because of scalpers or the High prices and limited stocks worldwidea
Games All Around
Games All Around 5 órája
Nah man that’s just you
xJoexRipx 11 órája
I would rather not play as the 13%
Jonathan 11 órája
I dont like this day and age. This is 2 years away! 2 years! Dont get me hyped for something that far away. There is no way you can sustain my hype for 2 years.
ZenIceHero 12 órája
I think Venom could become a playable character in Spider Man 2 like the classic Ultimate Spider Man game and that Eddie Brock will become new host of Venom after Harry Osborn
Hola Garu
Hola Garu 12 órája
Do whatever you want but plz make the swinging transition smoother and plz no EXAGGERATED SWAGGERS🙏
mrtreat 12 órája
when does it come is it 2023
Rico Quiman
Rico Quiman 12 órája
is that support to ps4 pls pls playstation
Seget Órája
@ZenIceHero only ps5
ZenIceHero 3 órája
Why not? If Miles Morales got ps4 version so Spider Man 2 can
Games All Around
Games All Around 5 órája
No ps4
GAMER AJ 12 órája
spiderman 2018 alone is better than both the films of mcu spiderman films lets see how the no way home will be i am excited for tobey and andrew
Simp 12 órája
Ps4?? 😭😭
Games All Around
Games All Around 5 órája
Sorry man it’s ps5 only
Bijali Mishra
Bijali Mishra 12 órája
Ree Monke
Ree Monke 12 órája
if this isnt of ps4 i will cry
Ree Monke
Ree Monke 5 órája
@Games All Around guess i will
Games All Around
Games All Around 5 órája
Then cry man
SkyzonX 13 órája
Xbox players right now: 👁👄👁
Kung Lao
Kung Lao 13 órája
Venom looks more terrifying than he normally does.
Muntasir Mahmud Nami
I hate it bc I ain't a console gamer but I am a spiderman fan
sahije johnson
sahije johnson 15 órája
Yeah me too I guessed it
Webslinger 15 órája
As the song once said.. “I’m ready I’m ready!, to take on the world I’m ready!”
Josemi Chaps
Josemi Chaps 15 órája
this is E.P.I.C
Smurhh 15 órája
The only thing that could beat this would be an intro the spider verse game. Come on PlayStation, you know you also agree 😏
Kailen Osborn
Kailen Osborn 15 órája
Can someone find the music used for the trailer?? I cant find it anywhere and I’m not waiting 2 years for the soundtrack to come out if it’s even in the game..
King Uub
King Uub 15 órája
would love to play as venom
Joe 15 órája
Kola 15 órája
make it co op!!!
Fortemile Hc
Fortemile Hc 16 órája
Yassine 333
Yassine 333 16 órája
Woooow venoom
夜Nighty 16 órája
i just want a bigger Manhattan map
shoe lebron
shoe lebron 16 órája
that doesn't sound like Harry
daniel lee
daniel lee 16 órája
Stunning Grahpics!
DannyVerse 17 órája
now we finally get to see how scary venom could be lol
The One Who Griefs
The One Who Griefs 17 órája
Its gonna come out in 2023 because of the movie "Venom 2" i think
Mikal Mercado
Mikal Mercado 17 órája
I want to go to Mikal’s deli
Bastian rodriguez rojas
Someone notice that maybe the villian talking is kraven?
ϟAmps Thunderhoundϟ
It is
dominic voice
dominic voice 18 órája
Is this only for ps5?? Hope it's also for ps4
ZenIceHero 2 órája
Its possible that they will make PS4 versions of Spider Man 2 because they want to the game to sell well a and give a long term support to the PS4
LittleGentleman 9 órája
Only ps5, no way are they gonna spend the time making versions for the previous console generation 3 years after the current ones been out
As soon as I heard the voice I knew it was venom
Eros garcia
Eros garcia 18 órája
I wonder if this time we can go outside manhattan ... that would be cool !!
this Bubbly Goodness
they'd have to expand the map somehow, hopefully add the other boroughs
Dutch Van Der Linde
Peter and Miles joining forces against Venom , this is crazy 🤩🤩
MrBartman002 18 órája
This sequel better the arkham city to its arkham asylum
Natalie Balderas
Natalie Balderas 18 órája
Zachary Biell
Zachary Biell 18 órája
This looks like its going to be to Player
Eth Oakes
Eth Oakes 18 órája
That 2023 is the worse part. Take it out.
DmitriyAllen 18 órája
*You look at the updated suit and are happy and then you remember about the new face of Parker...*
Guilherme Picollo duarte
Get over it
DmitriyAllen 16 órája
@Nick Rios Not for me.
La brightskin
La brightskin 16 órája
I don’t mind it
Nick Rios
Nick Rios 16 órája
But after playing through the remaster the new face actually fits better than the old.
Kristoffer Varas
Kristoffer Varas 18 órája
playing as Venom in free roam?!!
Chizel 18 órája
Is that Kraven the Hunter🤔 that would be pretty cool to see. He did wear the black suit for a while in the comics. We'll see
Glitchy 18 órája
Ok why show us 2 years before?
Bijali Mishra
Bijali Mishra 12 órája
I think game is ready but they are fixing some bugs that takes 2 years
Hydross :
Hydross : 18 órája
Who cares... ps5 doesn't even exist..
Brian Peterson
Brian Peterson 19 órája
bro what if gwen was here
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