Jurassic World Dominion: Extended Look Tease 

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Next summer, dinosaurs rule the earth. Get a sneak peek this Friday, only on IMAX screenings of F9.

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About Jurassic World:
From Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic World immerses audiences of all ages in a new era of wonder and thrills where dinosaurs and humankind must learn to coexist. Jurassic World is set against a global backdrop of diverse locations, with a sprawling story grounded in believable science and populated by distinctive dinosaurs, heroic humans, and cunning villains at both ends of the evolutionary spectrum.

Cinema's only dinosaur-driven live action franchise, Jurassic World has earned three Academy Awards® and over $3.6 billion worldwide across four films. Its cross- generational appeal can be attributed to audiences' enduring fascination with dinosaurs and boundless imagination, both nurtured by each new installment. Jurassic World is more than a film franchise. It is a larger-than-life destination for exploration, discovery, and epic adventure. Dinosaurs live again, and they live in Jurassic World.

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Moon 5 órája
I really went to fast & furious 9 in the movies just for this preview. It wasn't even there.
A Mystery
A Mystery 23 órája
It took 3 movies to actually live up to the name.
Kristian Johnson
It the trex dies ima sue
kultrr 0
kultrr 0 Napja
Why does the trex always gets owned it's like Jurassics company hates rexy
Сергей Зотов
fatman Napja
Kyndal Norton
All I can think about is that one Ryan George video “Did you know we make trailers for trailers now?”.
Alex Bautista
Alex Bautista 2 napja
Scorpius raptor
I’m so sad I can’t watch the preview
DarTheGamerYT 2 napja
Noooo feathers will ruin jw😐
Jacob Iannce
Jacob Iannce 2 napja
Giganotosaurus. The arch nemesis of Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Something In Italian
god i love Jurassic Park
Kei Gamer
Kei Gamer 3 napja
So why will F9 join with universal and Jurassic World: Dominion?
A user
A user 3 napja
Who here thinks that this will be a huge improvement from Fallen Kingdom?
The man who speaks in hands
I have a theory that another hybrid is coming an that hybrid fights the t-rex in this look tease but the hybrid was already show in the Lego Jurassic world the Indomunus escape short because if you watch to the end you see a hybrid thats red and grey that matches the dinosaur that fights the t-rex and matches the colors to pause at the first 9:00 seconds but thats just a theory.
Muneeb Shahi
There are going to be no hybrids in Dominion. It's been confirmed by the Director.
AIDAN GM 4 napja
Sucho 4 napja
A preview of a preview :O
please let spinosaurus be in it
Arslaan 6 napja
We want spinosaurus
OLDPCgamer 6 napja
plot twist. kong and godzilla are gonna help humans.
OLDPCgamer 5 napja
@ray_ trilits_ wb and universal crossover and moreover dom is gonna fight for his family too
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 5 napja
King Godzilla
King Godzilla 7 napja
That's wierd, why does the t rex have fur all over its body. Can anyone answer my question please?
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 5 napja
@King Godzilla it’s a flashback to the late Cretaceous
King Godzilla
King Godzilla 5 napja
@ray_ trilits_ but I didn't saw the feathers in the on the previous Jurassic movies. So is the fight is an old story?
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 5 napja
Those are feathers. It’s most likely a young T. rex because young T. rex’s had a whole coat of them and they start loosing them as they get older
Yarius Rabie
Yarius Rabie 7 napja
this is the next E750 and is this like a sneak peek of a trailer or somethin?
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 5 napja
The Anonymous Person
With each movie Fast and Furious starts further away from cars
Elided Montero
Michiel van der Heiden
@JurassicWorld I went to F&F9 in Imax yesterday, but there was no Extended Trailer? Is this only for USA, or for the month June maybe?
Angelo 3 napja
@TEN2TEN haaa haaa 😂
TEN2TEN 6 napja
Indeed, in the Netherlands it was a no show. What is up with that? @JurassicWorld
I am the senate
They better not kill off rexy
Muneeb Shahi
They won't, Colin Trevorrow (the director) confirmed that there will be no movies without the T Rex.
FomorViceroy 9 napja
"Extended" look? This is 15 seconds. What was it before? 5?
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 5 napja
This is a tease for the extended 5 minute preview
Indu Jain
Indu Jain 10 napja
This is going to be THE BEST movie of the history because it had been made and is being made by Incredible people. Love You Guys : ) and especially Steven Spielberg
Muneeb Shahi
@ray_ trilits_ why
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 5 napja
Don’t get hyped up to much
Hanzosaurus Movie clips and sound effects
It Said here Jurassic World: Dominion may be the first film that Legendary Pictures may not be involved with to co- produce on this film. Legendary entertainment studios please put Jurassic world dominion please😥🥺🥺😥
Treasure 10 napja
Fun fact:gigantosaurus was in jurassic world the game for apple and Android
Rexy 11 napja
Plz don’t kill the T. rex vs gigs i love the T. rex 🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
PPNNN. 11 napja
Edward Bautista
Edward Bautista 12 napja
This make sad
cRaZyJOHNny BOI 13 napja
yesssss man quetzals
Shewan Film Factory
Im waiting for next dino. who else??
Griffin Check
Griffin Check 14 napja
I can’t wait for Jurassic world diamond
梅。 14 napja
A-Playing 15 napja
Man I hope it gets released early I’m so excited
Midas: King
Midas: King 15 napja
Adams 15 napja
Was that an in dominos?
louis webtser
louis webtser 13 napja
No it was a Giganotosaurus. However Ingen did use dna from a Giga to make the Indominus
Imperial Cities
Imperial Cities 15 napja
0:05 let’s get guys feathered dinosaurs confirmed!!
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 5 napja
It was already confirmed long ago
Jirat Suwanthip Epic
T REX :owwww my head
Hello l'm Ethan
Hello l'm Ethan 16 napja
Megan Walker
Megan Walker 16 napja
That theme never gets old 🔥🎶
O K 16 napja
I cant wait!!
Ruvaitha Rahuman
Hate the giganotasauras😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Muneeb Shahi
@Ruvaitha Rahuman you're just a little kid who is a *TOXIC* rex fanboy
Ruvaitha Rahuman
I hate cuz it’s so powerful and what if it kills rexy and other carnivores and herbivores
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 14 napja
Moros Intredipus
Fikri Adnan
Fikri Adnan 16 napja
Komodo dragon from Indonesia :)
Hello l'm Ethan
Hello l'm Ethan 17 napja
Science: giganotosaurus and T. rex would never ever meet in real life they lived at different times and places. Jurassic world: (breaks system with scientific accuracy) Science: it is…. Acceptable
Dilecia Ellis
Dilecia Ellis 17 napja
My son is so excited for this!!! He's a dinosaur fanatic!!!
Muneeb Shahi
My son too!
Ruvaitha Rahuman
Did you guys notice feathers in the dinosaurs?
Mac Mooney
Mac Mooney 17 napja
I can’t wait to see Jurassic World dominion
8 ballzilla Awesomeness
Me as I watched this trailer: 🙂😃😀😁😄😆yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
impact 18 napja
Sleepy Kid
Sleepy Kid 18 napja
If rexy loses to the giga I’m done with Jurassic movies
Muneeb Shahi
@ray_ trilits_ yeah
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 14 napja
@Eva star unit 73 fr. I don’t understand why everyone’s still mad at the spino in jp3. That was a completely new T. rex
Eva star unit 73
@Sleepy Kid well im a rex fan too but at least i can accept t rex loosing a fight
Sleepy Kid
Sleepy Kid 17 napja
@Eva star unit 73 yuh
Eva star unit 73
You're just a t rex fanboy aren't you?
Marlowe227 Pack Openings
I guess I’ll wait to watch it on HUtown
Muneeb Shahi
Me, too. Let's hope it will be posted on YT
Kofferkoala 19 napja
I hope the Ankylosaurus herd at the beginning is the one Bumpy joined!
Muneeb Shahi
Those ankylosauruses are the ones which were alive 65 million years ago, in the Late Cretaceous period
Jimbo 19 napja
Release date?
Ola Næss Fagernes
I was so disappointed when I didn't get to see this preview when I saw F9 in IMAX😓
Burn Is Asian
Burn Is Asian 19 napja
Man I cant wait for the movie
Raiken Xion
Raiken Xion 20 napja
This is so much better without the music, gives it more of a horror vibe.
SPRINK X2004 20 napja
SD channel
SD channel 20 napja
is the trex gonna have a baby or rexy gona die ?
Muneeb Shahi
Rexy will not die, it's been confirmed
Noemi De Castillo
Ta de madres la película
Kayaan Bedi
Kayaan Bedi 21 napja
Marvel fans and Jurassic World fans : PEFECT COMBINATION... both are awesome and least toxic fandoms
ruvaitha rahuman
oooooo nice😁
Edie Papito
Edie Papito 21 napja
It comes out 2022 wasn't it supposed too come out this year?
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 18 napja
Got delayed because of covid
Javier Parrondo
Javier Parrondo 22 napja
Fking epic!
CAGAN CİCEK 22 napja
Who is waiting for this when they slap us in the face and tell us that is an acro rather than a giga
A Root
A Root 22 napja
Why is every dinosaur backlit? I get that it looks cool but practically every scene!
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 22 napja
It could either be sunset or sunset and in every shot it looks like it’s behind them
Huey 515
Huey 515 22 napja
I mean it'll probably be uploaded to HUtown too
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 22 napja
Audience: Buys F9 tickets to see Jurassic World Preview Audience: Watches Preview Also Audience when the preview is done: Ight, Imma Head Out!
Muneeb Shahi
So true
Murtadha Hasan
Murtadha Hasan 23 napja
Jurassic would 2022 6 wow you Evil spinosaurus vs spinosaurus and biue and t rex okay me l love dinosaurs dinosaurs new 3 dinosaurs vs dinosaurs 3 Evil dinosaurs biue t rex spinosaurus good 👍 love dinosaurs for you okay
Dusky Entertainment
@Muneeb Shahi yep
Muneeb Shahi
@Dusky Entertainment he/she is probably a kid
Dusky Entertainment
New Kingdom Of Prussia
Ian: "We must learn to peacfully co-exsit with dinosurs now" The US millitary: *"Peace was never an option"*
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 22 napja
Wait....is this a trailer,for a trailer?
Smallz McGee
Smallz McGee 23 napja
Is this a new movie?
kłaczix 771
kłaczix 771 23 napja
Ananto Nugroho
Ananto Nugroho 24 napja
blue will kill the dino that kills the T-rex here is 0:08
Muneeb Shahi
@ray_ trilits_ yeah
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 22 napja
She won’t lmao. And you don’t even know the dinosaur in that shot
Godzilla _420
Godzilla _420 24 napja
When is this going to be on HUtown there is no IMAX screenings in my city
Corinne Hannum
Corinne Hannum 24 napja
Can't wait to see this movie!
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⛏สาย888Too of ไทย⚔
doire aintu
doire aintu 24 napja
Is there gonna be a way to see the preview online
Sesha jelmaan Ular hitam
00:03 it is arambourgiana?
Muneeb Shahi
@Moros Intredipus and you, Morus Intredipus, the MOST CUTEST AND MOST ADORABLE DINO IN MY OPINION
Moros Intredipus
Steffany Conde
Steffany Conde 25 napja
dolita windo
dolita windo 25 napja
I’d say design wise, my favourite here would have to be the Quetzalcoatlus. I’m kind of hoping there’s a bit where cloned versions swallow a person whole like a stork.
AceThe Carno
AceThe Carno 23 napja
copy or stolen text
Sethika Kuluppuarachchi
This is epic
Jonathan Huertas
But the ankylosaurus still looks wrong.
Utahraptor 25 napja
The piano rendition of the original theme gave me chills
Mia@ eros❤️
Mia@ eros❤️ 25 napja
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Farbod Harandi fasih
Wait....is this a trailer,for a trailer?
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 22 napja
No. It’s just a teaser for the preview.
The Shadows dc2
The Shadows dc2 25 napja
It would be amazing to see the spino fight the t Rex again in here
Raven02 25 napja
Гига и Рекс жили на разных территориях в разные временные промежутки. Но нам плевать, нам нужны деньги Giga and Rex lived in different territories at different time intervals. But we don't care, we need money
ray_ trilits_
ray_ trilits_ 22 napja
We know that lmao. You don’t need to turn into a paleontologist whenever a Hollywood movie doesn’t get something realistic. And it’s already been pointed out
aola wili
aola wili 25 napja
Audience: Buys F9 tickets to see Jurassic World Preview Audience: Watches Preview Also Audience when the preview is done: Ight, Imma Head Out!
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus From JP3
Muneeb Shahi
Lets hope it's not like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which had very little to do with Jurassic World, which had me thinking "who are all these new people? They have nothing to do Jurassic World 🤔 I enjoyed the movie but was a bit confused. I'm a big fan of Jurassic Park/World 👏👏
Marco Leone
Marco Leone 24 napja
I feel it’s the exact opposite. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom felt way more inherent to the first Jurassic Park in terms of visuals, better CGI and more animatronics. And also the main feel is truer to the original trilogy, I mean, that opening scene is way better than the one from Jurassic World.
Dusky Entertainment
agreed, the movie focused to much on the humans
HM RCP 26 napja
Is there gonna be a way to see the preview online
aola wili
aola wili 25 napja
Vikas Sarolkar
Vikas Sarolkar 26 napja
It has Kong:Skull island and Godzilla vs Kong kind of yellow filter feel in it
Spartak Yessembekov
I'm not see Gigantosaurus... It's Allosaurus?
Moros Intredipus
It's giganotosaurus
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