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Scooter NyCiere
Softball Gaming
Softball Gaming 9 órája
Ik sorry y’all but did he and Gab break up
ninii 13 órája
"You cut your hair!" *Howd he know..*
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 14 órája
this is so cool and so different and new and good
The only cure for sadness
Ambbar Ellis
Ambbar Ellis 22 órája
The fact that I did actually cut my hair is making me freak out 💀
Jaycrazy 22 órája
Pupils become the size of bowling balls when i go to see Free Guy. Releasing august 13 i feel them enlarging already. XD im dumb XD
xD I'm not half of those on youtube but I have played it a LOT on spotify lol
Panda Q
Panda Q Napja
me realizing im the same height as Jack
Panda Q
Panda Q Napja
if it gets 100mil maybe some more happy wheels? 😳
Me: Wait, how tall is Jack? Is he shorter than me? *Googles it* *Cries in 5'7"*
Brycen Dolan
I did cut my hair thanks for noticing Sean 💯
Good old jack doin what he does best MEMES
Kelsey Napja
".....and my humanitarian award,,,' subtle flex
How is 5'8" short? Isn't that average for men?
Captain Cookie72
You wanna know how stupid humanity is People stopped buying corona beer because they thought it was related to... You know THE VIRUS! I'm disappointed in hoomanity
Teknik Badger
Jack doesn't care about the bell? 🥲
Jack: Sees logo and says it looks really cool Bartenders: ... Hey
P0T4T0 G0D
P0T4T0 G0D Napja
People that dislike are stinky smelly meanies
Private Jones
It's meme time
DD da Artist
Jack at the start of the video: "Your skin is looking great!" Me, trying my best to not pick my skin as much for months now: *confused happiness noise*
DTwo Napja
is anyone gonna tell him it's like (are the rite is) but arthritis
Bumberton Napja
I like how Jack described the room as if it's the only room he's allowed to be in
raisen bran
omg i checked so see if i was still subscribed... i wasn't i felt so bad, but it's okay! i re-subscribed :D
Garin godfrey
Shoutout everyone who paused the video to go watch all the way a few times for jackaboy
Femboy Gaming UwU
The sontaran just yeeting XD
Fun fact: (corpse) corpse sounds like the dad of B O Y :god of war: or he really the voice actor of DAD OF B O Y
tree tree
tree tree 2 napja
"im half of those" yep i said it
Rabbit Can't Sleep
Jacksepticeye: "I have a carpet now" Me: "Wait till you spill a red drink on it" *evil laughter*
Lance Coffman
Lance Coffman 2 napja
The clips at 17:25 reminds me of the harmonized dog howel
Isabel Nguyen
Isabel Nguyen 2 napja
The harmonization tiktoks were sooooo good
aPengwin 1
aPengwin 1 2 napja
well, sub 0 is still freezing in America
Fernando Mendez
when he said you cut your hair i thought he was looking through my camera.
ghostmistwho 2 napja
ok but there are some studies that say that knitting can help with your arthritis/ decrease you chances of getting it so....
Samuel Wiseman
im like the same height as him prob a bit taller but like he from ireland ans he is short so he is a verified leprechaun.
Char Aznable
Char Aznable 2 napja
Dad brag moment, my 5 year old already mastered understanding negative numbers
Pedro Soprano
Pedro Soprano 2 napja
Did Jack voice bill cipher
Aliquet 2 napja
i'm half of those uwu
olympian godkiller
8:47 grab a shotgun.
Snide 2 napja
Whats a meme?
Mr MCNUGGET 3 napja
Where is the white board
Kasey S
Kasey S 3 napja
Who new the potato was 10° tall
Masked Marvel
Masked Marvel 3 napja
Why yes I did cut my hair
Mr.gameexpert 69
Thanks Jack I did get my hair cut
Ben The Birb
Ben The Birb 3 napja
Tfw I actually just got a haircut a few days ago Thanks for noticing, Jackaboy!
alanna genao
alanna genao 3 napja
The 970 people who disliked this video " hahaha I'm in danger" The 259k people who liked the video " where going on a trip to kill a stupid bitch"
Is it just me, or is Felix's sword bigger than Seán's?
TheSovietNerd 3 napja
i know this is a month old but just looked and i was unsubbed how did you know jack!!!! i need answers
Karolina Novo
Karolina Novo 3 napja
my parents love all the way lmao
Roko Mandić
Roko Mandić 3 napja
Pov: jack's is actually tall to me but small in one reason 178cm in the jack
Cheese 3 napja
uh sir how did you know i got a haircut
A Ryan
A Ryan 3 napja
you asked if i cut my hair (i did yesterday), you then said my skin looks great (i’ve been healing up the acne really well lately). i’m now crying. thank you so much you gremlin man :]
Darijan Tancovski
Petition for jack to go back to the shed for nostalgia week
Alpha 3 napja
17:01 it’s toast and Felix NAOOO
Supreme Team
Supreme Team 3 napja
2:10 i disagree strongly but pop off king👑😂😂😂
Patricia Lie
Patricia Lie 3 napja
When is this weirdo gonna join the Dream SMP? Or visit it, I just want Wilbur and Jack to scream at eachother
iTs ToASt aND fElIx NoOoOO 17:01
puff panda
puff panda 3 napja
Hey Jack..... Im hAlF oF THosE 0_0
LC Plays
LC Plays 3 napja
2 fucking tall demons appeared in my room after that intro, holy shit!
Merling 3 napja
After that intro im officially scared af
Hanni Khadija
Hanni Khadija 3 napja
Soooo true. I work with a second and first grade girl and they literally didn’t believe me there were negative numbers lol
Ethan King
Ethan King 3 napja
It’s the coffee
Pogg Clown
Pogg Clown 3 napja
Imma miss the old set up, but this one looks soo GOOD! I'm happy for you jack
Damon Jones
Damon Jones 4 napja
"Your skin's looking great!" I was expecting him to follow it up with, "Can I try it on?" lol
KhriZ KhaoZ
KhriZ KhaoZ 4 napja
Bro you 5,8
Tommy_ 84
Tommy_ 84 4 napja
So did you move rooms in your house or did you move to a new house?
Sulfur X
Sulfur X 4 napja
MountainGem 118
I honestly needed this it made my shitty mood feel so much better
Michael Greer
Michael Greer 4 napja
Jack: did you cut your hair Me: no it has actually gotten longer
Dustin Martinez
Wait that means American subzero is colder than everywhere else
Mark Stites
Mark Stites 4 napja
I feel bad for the neighbors sleep schedule
Nostalgic Havoc
My gf when I'm flaccid 4:34
Mika Martin
Mika Martin 4 napja
Jack: You look different! Did you cut your hair? Me, who just dyed my hair blue: 👁👄👁
Jessica Straw
Jessica Straw 4 napja
jack/séan/sean(whatever ur preference): your skin is lookin great!! my self confidence: 📈📈📈
A-Okay RJ
A-Okay RJ 4 napja
I just finished rewatching FMA Brotherhood and I felt the Edward Elric energy from him saying, “I’m not short!” 19:56
Argo Arcade
Argo Arcade 4 napja
Im doing homework so not watching the screen and i thought sean was tryna speak simish xD
That One Ravenclaw
Jack: did you cut your hair me, who deadass cut my hair: :0 HOW'D HE KNOW
Fatima Shams
Fatima Shams 4 napja
here before 27M subs
Pointless 4 napja
I have been a fan of you for a very long time now and I have just come back to your channel after a few months and everything has changed and I love you dude
Pointless 4 napja
Thank you jack yes I did cut my hair
Texan Gaming
Texan Gaming 4 napja
How did you know I got a haircut
Megan Brooks
Megan Brooks 4 napja
8:52 If I saw that coming into my yard, I would SHOOT IT WITH A *BAZUKA!!!!!!* Unless it proved to me that it means no harm and has chocolate for me. Then I would give it a warm blanket and a cookie.
go pokemon
go pokemon 4 napja
how dare you burn my gamer man Tommyinit
just voices
just voices 4 napja
Revisit deer simulator
Dexter Cobb
Dexter Cobb 4 napja
I’m half of those :)
Brody Sargent
Brody Sargent 4 napja
I just learned your dad died in so sorry if you need to take a break you can just say something in advance I'll see you on a while though also nice place you got there
Karizmaa 4 napja
I bought the coffee and hot chocolate. And honestly, it was delicious!
R Shadows
R Shadows 4 napja
His face when the guy broke the ice logo was soooooo funny! 🤣
Aiden McCorkle
7:27 iM hAlF oF tHoSE!!! 😩
G Coop
G Coop 5 napja
HAHA *m e d i u m*
My grandpa got into the icu rn we are praying and i remembered the meme time cures any sadness so i watched it , i hope you guys stay safe and remember put you masks on(correctly)😷✌️
Ayannah Molina
For the first time I actually changed the viewing settings to max HD (1080P) and holy shit it's like I could give Jack a real high five in front of me
Lmao 5 napja
Jack:you’re skins lookin great me with multiple sunburns watching this: 👁👄👁
Brynna Dorsey
Brynna Dorsey 5 napja
Tried to smash the like button but ended up missing and ocking on a new video. Came back to like tho
n0rieh 5 napja
The last time I watched your channel I had longer hair and I started doing skincare Jack wtf are you stalking me 🏃😰😰
Jeff。ExE 5 napja
I'mma call you dad, if that's okay
Hanan Khater
Hanan Khater 5 napja
I actually just cut my hair today-
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