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Gislene Toledo
Gislene Toledo 2 órája
The wanting duck fascinatingly supply because parentheses preliminarily pull qua a glossy snow. short, fluffy dash
Spikey Sings
Spikey Sings 10 órája
I am very disappointed that the comment section isn't filled with six the musical references
LoOsE_cAnNoN 14 órája
blugh excellent start to a video
Idk 18 órája
“H-ho-or- divorce!”
SebThePerson 20 órája
6:04 God damnit I've been rickrolled and I didnt even realize it
Ismael Limjoco
Me as an messenger: 13:26
X Napja
You're gross. Right back atcha buddy. plZ
michale andmore
Because of the wife killing, Yes Because of the wife killing
Little Western Lover
making sure no one thinks that wonder wall wasn't around when Henry VIII's time
Alisa004 Napja
Divorce beheaded LIIIVEEEE (Yes i scream that haha)
Jackie 🖤💀
AWESOME 👍 Love the way you explained Henry VIII's reign, classic! 👏🏻🤘🏻
Annelise Phillips
Me just thinking of the SIX song the entire time:
Dozha Deville
"I love you as a political bargaining tool.."
Nova's Randoms Stuff ~(~ ̄▽ ̄)~~
My teacher really tells stories about her family, not only is she a relitive of ones of americas first millionars, but one if the wifes are her greatx???? Auntie :)
ASH K2 Napja
Someone probably should've told King Henry that one of his daughters could've just identified as a boy and everything would've been fine 🤣
Loyalty, Liberation, Legion
Watching this to do a history assignment lmao
Robert Waguespack
You left out the part that Catherine of Aragon played in thwarting his annulment.
Jaxon Ray
Jaxon Ray 2 napja
My dad hates you, but I love you dude. Keep the vids coming!
6:04 R I C K R O L L
Jocelle Taaca
Jocelle Taaca 2 napja
Nobody: Me: humming to the songs from Six the Musical while watching this video
Cosmos N
Cosmos N 2 napja
11:19 Henry VIII: Mary I´d like to introduce you to your 22 year old, fully grown, adult cousin, and now, your future husband. Mary: EWW, he looks inbred. Henry VIII: Mary, we're all inbred! HAHAHAHAHA my favourite part.
Alper Örs Bey
Ottoman golden age video?
Pet rats Cosplay
We watched this in history class
Samuel 2 napja
Henry be like: TREASON! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! you fucking dishwasher
San-San 3 napja
Meria potato 🥔
Wtf I read the channel name as over simp
Stella Prozalam
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DC Beadle
DC Beadle 3 napja
The person we all know as H8 is really Philip of Spain .
Agustick 3 napja
This video has the best product placement ever
The bobux man
The bobux man 3 napja
Me realizing thank king henery won france today 400 somthing ago: bruh
Vojtěch 3 napja
Brexit means brexit
I HAVE ANOTHER SON!? Omg that is just-
EARTH BG 4 napja
Mia Bluebarry
Mia Bluebarry 4 napja
I watched this video like the 50th time, help 😂 🤣
"I shalt nev'r giveth thee up" "I shalt nev'r alloweth thee down"
Solomon 4 napja
9:45 Could not stop laughing
Faisal Ihsan
Faisal Ihsan 4 napja
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First Last
First Last 4 napja
The thing that I keep coming back to on that portrait of King Henry the VIIIth is the codpiece. It's like, it bulges out so much it just pokes out from his little skirt-jacket thing. I think that he took some of those comments about his manhood pretty hard.
Troll master 69
Right as he said: “my boy Henry is gonna divorce his wife.” An ad played lol.
Case Jordan
Case Jordan 4 napja
Ah yes the Aegon The Unworthy of real life
Keqing 4 napja
It so funny tht today roman catholics oppose abortion and divorce but they allow in breeding in the past
EJ None
EJ None 5 napja
The worst part is his son was king when he died so he achieved his goal with execution
Mr. Creeper 8300
6:05 is the only time he rickrolled us in his channel
MechaGodZilla 5 napja
French Revolution in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Pete Matthew Suba
Fun fact: Henry VIII Didn't Execute Anne of Cleves because she was part of a Powerful Duke of Germany (Holy Roman Empire) Because that will cause War Between England and Holy Roman Empire
Teenage Gamer
Teenage Gamer 5 napja
It's funny, they teach Divorced beheaded died, divorced beheaded survived in British school.
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen 5 napja
He called the wife killer
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen 5 napja
Get it
Thal owo
Thal owo 5 napja
23:21 Reminds me of lyrics in SIX The Musical
Cultist of unn
Elizabeth was a gurl boss and like kinda Mary not really
YasminKK 5 napja
0:46 - Okay, Henry, this is a horse. Can you say horse? - Ho, ho, divorce! - What, no. - Okay, let's try this one. - Can you say loaf of bread? - Loo, Off with her head! - No, Henry, that's wrong! - You know what, last one. - Okay, can you say soap? - *SOAP!* - Sss, sss. - Yes. That's it. - I'm the supreme head of the church! Screw the pope! - You know what? You're my son and i love you, but you are freaking weird, man.
Dave Bruno
Dave Bruno 5 napja
Henry: creates an entirely new religion just to divorce his wife Thats Allot Of Damge
Sub To Itzz_Arcy Or I Will Unsub
Can we agree he was the most useless king of Britain
TrashMcMann 2 napja
Definitely not, some British kings barely lasted a year, I'd argue he was far more influential than that.
mosey 5 napja
this makes history in class seem way better then it actually is lol
Theodore Roosevelt
1:02 did you release the gameboy color and the beheaded dolls of Henry's wife's.
CoolDoge 5 napja
9:47 Not only is she a woman leading an army, she's also, pregnant, actually on the battlefield, AND she's wearing a full suit of armor, if that's not amazing, I dunno what is
CoolDoge 5 napja
Everyone: come on Henry, thats enough wives Henry VIII: *Just...need...one...more!!!!!!*
CoolDoge 5 napja
Great Video! this is both interesting and hilarious
Valnera 5 napja
Hasburgs as Charles V or Philip II werent living inbred abortions as would happen with later ones
Spencer York
Spencer York 5 napja
England 🇬🇧 went in the toilet when the Tudors took the throne.
Bookshelf 6 napja
Okay, but is nobody gonna talk about Anne's design? It's her character in the show "Tudors" lol. I love it!! Also, wonderful job with Katherine Howards' headpiece, it was flat as that's how hoods were made at this time, even though they appear rising in art.
Simon Lavenzer
He's not the heir...just a spare ...lol 😂
N.L.T.T.P.I.W 6 napja
when you want to invade a country's old enemy but does not have money solution: Honey
FishFossils 6 napja
In case anyone is wondering, Gout is a VERY painful form of arthritis, where urinate acids crystalize inbetween the joints. Its most common in the foot, however its believed that he may have had it in his hands and knees aswell as his foot. So when he wasn’t able to do it because of his gout, he meant it. Or its possible Charles V bribed him. But now you know what gout is.
Michelle B
Michelle B 6 napja
“Can I play Fortnite now?” This is my life as a school librarian. “Where are the gaming books?”
Parker Marshfield
" and I told my Latin teacher that he could kissius my buttius.' is stuck in my FREAKING HEAD! :)
Dafne Duarte
Dafne Duarte 6 napja
"A fine name! A vigorous name! A tenacious name! A muscular n--" "How about Arthur?" ":(" xDDD I lost it
Leery Relic6
Leery Relic6 6 napja
So his life can be boiled down into an average game of Crusader kings
ru li
ru li 6 napja
poor horse when fat herny the 8th sat on him RIP
Altalune -chan
derpypaws1250 7 napja
Oh perfect! This was uploaded on my birthday!
Wesley Mark Hardwick
E 7 napja
18:18 RUN
McDonald’s Ayaka
No, you won’t be remembered 🥴🤟
Andres fajardo
" Mary we're all inbred" funny. @ 11:23
Victor Vaquero ortega
Pls OverSimplied can u explain the 20 crack pd:can i call u OS
All might
All might 7 napja
divorced, beheaded, died divorced, beheaded, survived but just for tonight we are liiiiiiiiiiiveeee
you will not find me
Ill kill henry for invading Scotland if i could
Anna Star
Anna Star 8 napja
The vivacious result alarmingly joke because alarm normally open as a best australian. trite, absurd parcel
Hahaha, how bout Arthur. It got me, I forgot
Zealous1 8 napja
Catharine of Aragon was gone and Anne Bolynn was in‼😅😅
Zealous1 8 napja
He looks inbred Mary‼ we're all inbred‼ Lol
Zealous1 8 napja
I love the promo code "honey" presented as an option to go to war with France 🇫🇷 lol
Feet Fungus
Feet Fungus 7 napja
why do you have 4 comments
Zealous1 8 napja
You said Henry 8s mother died in childbirth then shortly after said he became suspicious of the nobility and started handing out fines to everyone including his mother
liennn 8 napja
He could've just forcefully forced himself with Anne Boleyn considering he was the king.
Sunbird 9 napja
Sealing the alliance with Spain. YAY And then he died. *oh*
LordAwesome Tony
That man gave himself a giant bulge in the painting or I’m uneducated enough to know any better.
simon wang
simon wang 9 napja
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simon wang
simon wang 9 napja
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simon wang
simon wang 9 napja
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Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe 9 napja
“Anne Boyelon, was Anne bull out. Literally the next day, he married” Man is a legend for that deadly move
Oreo Chocolate_Lava Cake
The outro is stuck in my head now.
Navaeh Devansha Trinity
You deserve every sub, view, like and share. And some. 👏 👏👏
green butter
green butter 9 napja
Stable video 👍
*I got a Cinderella add while watching this*
Placyd 9 napja
England: ‘Young, generous King Henry!’ A few years later Henry’s logic: ‘If girl born = woman dies’
Yuki Sakurai
Yuki Sakurai 9 napja
Anyone know any channels like this for geography?
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