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God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5 

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Teddy’s World Insane
I wonder if kratos will get new weapons for this game 🤔
Mat H.D
Mat H.D 33 perccel
Thor: "Are you a calm and reasonable man?" Kratos: "I don't know. Ask Greece." Thor: "Who's Greece?" Kratos: "Exactly."
Mufid Irawan
Mufid Irawan 39 perccel
Yo man, atreus sound, he is a teen now
Demarkus White
Demarkus White 41 perce
Stamped 💪🏾💯
YesNo Maybe
YesNo Maybe 43 perccel
BrandonV 43 perccel
the psplayers are ready for it boooooy
Tricky 45 perccel
I can't wait to play
babar baloch
babar baloch 51 perce
Radhi Karim
Radhi Karim 54 perccel
Thor is fat and i like it
Master Fay
Master Fay 58 perccel
More jörmungandr please game 😌
If they don't send it then I'll press L3 + R3 >:c
Kaden Slife
Kaden Slife Órája
Can't believe I'm so hyped for a game I've never played
Dasamukh Raavan
Kratos is going to wield Mjölnir. Calling it rn.
bhSiegfried bhSiegfried
Thor: "Are you a calm and reasonable person?" Kratos: "Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?"
Vicente Salas II
I don't agree with the complaints about this and Forbidden West being cross generational. I understand them, I just don't agree it's that big of a deal. That's usually the case at this early point in a transition between generations. Sure, naturally the weaker console hardware is going to hold back how far they can push things on the stronger console because the ceiling must move with the floor. But I think the fact these are exclusives means they're going to have more headroom to work with PS5 enhancements before launch and over time with patches because they aren't developing for a wider range of parity. The sky is the limit once the inevitable PS5 Pro releases or they eventually port to PC. Whenever that is. Considering how amazing both franchises still look and play for engines originating last gen, it's understandable the leap isn't going to be as huge graphically or mechanically as an IP designed from the ground up for current gen hardware. Plus, how are they going to make the same kind of return on investment through sales if it's exclusively PS5? Sony reports over 10 million units have been sold since launch making it the fastest selling console of all time but I question how many of those sales went to actual households and how many are still with scalpers. Even if most scalpers have liquidated at least 50% or more of their horded stock to desperate buyers by now, the fact is there are still an estimated 80-100 million more PS4 owners in the world and counting. That's 80-100 million or more copies of GOW Ragnarok and HFW they could be selling vs. if those were strictly PS5 releases.
Klaudia Simon
Klaudia Simon Órája
Rikkytech07 on iG you are truly a blessing to me thanks to you my account is back..
Franco Villarreal
Estaría épico que kratos pierda un brazo aunque no podría usar las espadas pero si el hacha
ME1Kenny Órája
So…is this the part where Atreus finally goes L3+R3 properly?
Faiq Mohd
Faiq Mohd Órája
Thor: you seem like a calm and reasonable person Greek patheons:believe friend he ain't
Daniela Viegas
And soo the prophecy begins... I see that Atreus is still a nagging older boy😂 Can’t wait looking outstanding!!
Chris Fontanez
Can't freaking wait!!! SO EXCITED!
Pinamoo Órája
I really hope we get to fight Fenris at some point.
M Moeller
M Moeller 2 órája
Why did the girl from polar express show up at the end?
FeelinFizzy 2 órája
Odin should be the final boss in this game
Digas 2 órája
Maqsimous 2 órája
I get that this is their "interpretation" of the Norse Myths, but the Angroboda thing is just diversity for the sake of diversity and it's stupid obvious.
Yash Rawat
Yash Rawat 2 órája
Hercules was more bigger and muscular... Kratos:ain't scared of nobody
Tron Cat
Tron Cat 2 órája
Can't wait to smash Thor's head in with his own hammer lol
Harsh Pati Tripathi
Kick me in the nuts if the girl at end isn't Angrboda
Memphis Reines
Memphis Reines 2 órája
Fat thor design is within logical reasoning.
It's a me, ICY
It's a me, ICY 2 órája
Blake Kerwin
Blake Kerwin 3 órája
“I should be out there looking for Loki” proceeds to carry a deer with the horns on either side of his head indicting he’s probably Loki
Freedom cash
Freedom cash 3 órája
3:04 cultural appropriation at its finest
Tatsuya Hanae
Tatsuya Hanae 3 órája
Now, we waited
Thijs Raemaekers
Thijs Raemaekers 3 órája
Let’s hope you can transfer your stuff from the ps4 game to a new savefile in this game
Seri-ously! 4 órája
Is that Skoll and Hati pulling their sleigh? I can’t be the only one thinking this considering they’re both black and white coats, can’t wait to see what Fenrir is going to be.
Asher Mathews
Asher Mathews 4 órája
Watched this trailer so many times
Bismarck Andrei Fernandez Surculento
GOW Ragnarok. With the participation of Avengers Fat Thor and the inclusive character in a mytholigy where all are redhair or blond habitants.
CioMuda 5 órája
Undying 5 órája
Diversity girl at the end. So pathetic.
Alpha 3 órája
Sure, and according to the myths it's clear that Mimir was Scottish and based on a play of Shakespeare, Brok a foulmouthed blue dwarf and Sindri a germaphobe. Nobody cared about these things, so why are you annoyed with the use of creative freedom for one specific character?
General Deadpool
General Deadpool 5 órája
Go back to twitter.
Katsumoto 5 órája
Im a average gamer but I see no difference with the one on ps4
Alpha 3 órája
It's going to release on both platforms. The PS5 version is probably going to have better resolution and framerate
BlackHawk CZ
BlackHawk CZ 5 órája
I cant find anyone talking about it but i think those horns in the beginning are really important and will have meaning later in the game.
Alexandr Lutay
Alexandr Lutay 5 órája
politicized denigration of European history is bad practice, why don't you do anything in reverse, with the white African gods ??? I am not a racist, I am against insanity !!!!
Alpha 2 órája
@Freedom cash The devs said it was a creative decision and that they weren't pressured to make that decision. It's up to you if you want to believe that or not, as we have no way to verify this. But in my opinion, changing the skin color of a single character doesn't break my immersion, especially if it's not meant to be historically accurate to begin with. I actually can't see how anyone would think that a totally different personality or even origin for a character (Mimir) is less immersion-breaking than changing one's color. If it really bothers you a lot, I suggest you to do some self-reflection. Are you actually annoyed by this stylistic choice, or are just you lashing out at the current trend that everything has to be "politically correct"? I agree that the latter is an issue, but I think it's blown way out of proportion by people on both sides of the argument. I personally believe that this was just a minor stylistic choice that falls under creative freedom. Some might see it as a political decision, but I think that's just because these people want to make it political.
Follow the howl
Follow the howl 2 órája
@Freedom cash Is having a Greek man in the Norse mythology also cultural appropriation then? And a Scottish man? And a Texan? It's ok as long as it isn't a black person? 🙃
Freedom cash
Freedom cash 3 órája
@Alpha Those examples are acceptable because it's granted some liberties must be taken for stylistic/artist/ gameplay purposes. This is a blatant political insertion, they know how immersion breaking such a character would be for some fans. I understand they want more representation but this is the wrong medium. I can guarantee Santa Monica studio was paid big money to have her be black.
Alpha 3 órája
@Freedom cash In this case it's just creative freedom though, it's not like the previous game was accurate to the myths and history. To give some examples : -There's almost no source that vikings had tattoos, yet most characters have a large amount of them over their bodies. -Mimir in the game is Scottish and based on a play of Shakespeare. -Brok in the game is foulmouthed and blue -Sindri is a germaphobe in game and aware of microorganisms. Nobody complained about these and many other inconsistencies, yet here there are people claiming it's not racist to complain about the skin color of a newly introduced character. To use your argument of a white dude in an Asian pantheon, it would be just that: One or two white persons in a mostly Asian pantheon. If it was the case for a large amount of the pantheon, then you could start ringing the alarm bells that this is getting uncomfortable.
Freedom cash
Freedom cash 3 órája
@Follow the howl it's called cultural appropriation. Imagine having a white dude in an Asian pantheon of Gods, You'll be singing a different tune then, "this is white washing" "racism" etc. People play games to be immersed in mythical worlds, if studios don't respect the real life lore and mythos, then why should we respect their game.
Omar Khalel
Omar Khalel 5 órája
Wow amazing
tom spalding
tom spalding 5 órája
I’ve watched this like six times now.
Thu Hương
Thu Hương 5 órája
Please has more enemies, weapons and bosses this time
Gaming with Thabo7811
I think I'm already addicted to Ragnarock I have been watching this video since it came out
Maccer from the north
PlayStation exclusive 😁😄
Ania Fiecek
Ania Fiecek 6 órája
Start thinking like a general. Kratos: I did and I stopped
Silver-Eyed Wolf 44
0:57 Take the reins boy, there is a bug on the windshield lol
WEBZ 6 órája
"you will get your answers well some of them" it means another game will come bois
Mo 7 órája
1:47 any Resident Evil fan here thinks it kinda resembles the Hunter Alpha?
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 7 órája
Loki varient identified
Akaza .
Akaza . 7 órája
Man kratos has the one of the best character development I ever see to killing and picking up fight with anybody-> "To war is not the only way, killing somebody has consequences" 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Ярослав Кученко
3:05 BLM (
【Zen Koji】创始巨人
Kratos is just like the quite kid in a class, just don't make him angry or he will *L3 + R3*
Drako 8 órája
I don’t know if my heart can handle the fight with Freya.
Vex 8 órája
I already see more of a variety of bosses here,very promising
Daniel Smid
Daniel Smid 7 órája
Well it is supposed to be final Norse Mythology so I expect a lot more
Dr Fabulous
Dr Fabulous 8 órája
No one going to talk about the African girl in the Norse Mythology game? I’m fairly certain the Norsemen never conquered Africa. If there is an African heroine in Norse Mythology could someone please explain?
Rogue Morrigan 14
@Freedom cash So the girl is from Jamaica then?
Freedom cash
Freedom cash 3 órája
@Rogue Morrigan 14 northern Africans are a completely different race, different phenotype, genetics, DNA etc etc. Not even close. Like saying polish and chinese
Rogue Morrigan 14
@Freedom cash Maybe not completely black, just dark enough to appear as if from that region.
Freedom cash
Freedom cash 3 órája
@Rogue Morrigan 14 North Africa isnt black, they're Mediterranean
Rogue Morrigan 14
Vikings got as far south as North Africa, so it's not implausible.
moongame 8 órája
This is Spartaaaa!!!!! Yeeew
BellAqua 9 órája
Never would've thought kratos would be regarded as a "calm and reasonable" man
TheMarionick 9 órája
This is gonna be a top Tyr game
Larva Ml
Larva Ml 9 órája
Everybody talking about thor and tyr, no one about freya
prasad Tale
prasad Tale 9 órája
King Of Seven Seas
Akarsh Mohanty
Akarsh Mohanty 10 órája
Finally 🔥🔥🥶🥶
Unity 3D
Unity 3D 10 órája
Well now Tyr, what a nice set of hands you have....
Maxim Zyuryaev
Maxim Zyuryaev 10 órája
iggy 10 órája
Literally looks like a ps4 game but just slightly better smh
Ayo Tall Thing
Ayo Tall Thing 10 órája
"Are a calm and reasonable person?" Greek Gods: Are you Kratos?
Toshiizo -Gumi
Toshiizo -Gumi 11 órája
When Chester went to Isekai: The boy sure looks like Chester to me.
Mario 11 órája
0:48 "Who loki is?", I thought you was loki bruh 😅
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 órája
He's talking about why the mural called him loki. He's trying to find who he is aka loki
Fountain of Fire
Fountain of Fire 9 órája
Nope. You misunderstood the ending.
kAL 665
kAL 665 11 órája
Hope kratos got a valkiria wings an use to fly. like old games
Eerkie 8 órája
hmm u saying something
kAL 665
kAL 665 11 órája
Randy Lawrence
Randy Lawrence 11 órája
Im literally tweakin for this!
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 órája
Death 11 órája
Can’t wait to watch jack play this 😱
Mohamed AlYazidi
Mohamed AlYazidi 11 órája
I wish they didn’t show tyr
King Of Seven Seas
@Fountain of Fire that is Tyr, already confirmed
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 órája
@Fountain of Fire yes but if it is him...Don't worry. Heard this game will be 40 hrs and this tyr reveal is just scratching the surface of what's to come. There will be plenty of other surprises and this probably happens super early in the game
Fountain of Fire
Fountain of Fire 9 órája
That’s probably not even him. Remember, it’s a trailer. Trailers can be misleading.
Þórálfur 12 órája
nice cultural apropriation
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 órája
@iyendeezont stupido is talking about a girl who is black. Smh people should accept it and move on
iyendeezont 11 órája
What do you mean? Explain
Reece Murphy
Reece Murphy 12 órája
You see Freya attack you in this trailer which means that Odin has free’d her from her curse as Mimir states she is unable to attack anyone, not even in self defence! So it should be interesting to see how much of an involvement Odin has in this game!
shutter 12 órája
thor: you seem calm and reasonable person. me: famous last words.
Ashok 12 órája
1nonlybaby_ace 12 órája
So if I can’t get my hands on a PS5 without paying over price for it I can still get this new game on PS4
Fountain of Fire
Fountain of Fire 9 órája
Emily An
Emily An 12 órája
Atreus: stop thinking like a father for a moment and start thinking like a general!" Kratos: inhales "BOI!"
If they all ready played it on ps5 then just release it 😜
FrostySniper 7 órája
That literally doesn't make sense
Rahul Barman
Rahul Barman 12 órája
such nice graphics 😍
Brandon Little
Brandon Little 12 órája
I'm interested to see how this Freya thing works out... If I remember correctly... She had a curse on her that prevented her from bringing harm to people physically or by means of magic.
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 órája
Correct. I'm curious as well 🤔. But remember she visited mimir while we were in jotunheim and asked where Odin kept her wings. She must have found a way to break the curse as well
Emily An
Emily An 12 órája
Cpala 12 órája
Don’t mind me just here for my 200th time
ghost all avina
ghost all avina 13 órája
My dad play on Playstation and is it coming to the ps4?
Fountain of Fire
Fountain of Fire 9 órája
GAMER AJ 13 órája
why this looks like 30 fps?
Eric Mondragon
Eric Mondragon 13 órája
Sonrixx PUBG
Sonrixx PUBG 13 órája
Wahyu Setiawan
Wahyu Setiawan 13 órája
Is that skyrim remake?
Sam Since1985
Sam Since1985 13 órája
How people disliked this? Not even Phil
usuario3547741 13 órája
22:00 .. 30:00 SONG??? 😢😢😥😢
Jackarooo oo
Jackarooo oo 13 órája
Is this the final game ?!
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 órája
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Ceegk 14 órája
I thought Freya was cursed to not being able to fight anyone by Odin 🤔
Intro Duction
Intro Duction 7 órája
Correct BOI
thor akarbind
thor akarbind 14 órája
OP bhai
Ang Giroux
Ang Giroux 14 órája
DarkMatterKev 14 órája
PapaGianTV 14 órája
Cannot wait for fenrir vs jormungandr... cannot wait