Farrier-Hoof Restoration-Satisfying 

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강아지 발톱 깍다가 빡쳤을 때 보면 좋은 영상. 그냥 수긍하고 다시 깍게 됨
Mukesh Soni
Mukesh Soni 37 perccel
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 41 perce
Imagine cleaning a ferrari wheel
Aycan Cicek
Aycan Cicek 46 perccel
Phillip Chiwira
Phillip Chiwira 55 perccel
Dubu Órája
I wanna become a horse for 16minutes.
Dior Cloud
Dior Cloud Órája
Just curiosity…. When he scrapes it and it’s all white does that grow back?
Tensa Hirozawa
Lettry Chan
Lettry Chan 14 perccel
I heard it feels refreshing for the horse
Tensa Hirozawa
like youre shaving off its foot, although im not a expert on horses so enlighten me people
Андрей Андреевич
Пойду своей жене так же сделаю 😀
Guts Órája
That's quite a long time to change one tire
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Órája
4:06 rip ant
Jimmy Wei
Jimmy Wei 2 órája
sassy media
sassy media 2 órája
sassy media
sassy media 2 órája
Welcome to our HUtown channel
蕎麦 2 órája
Shin 2 órája
This horse pretty chill.
nada YT
nada YT 3 órája
Rahul Bhakat
Rahul Bhakat 3 órája
Me : See horse hoof getting cleaned. Brain : Here's Dopamine for you.
Nerbi 3 órája
And when you're spurring a horseshoe into it doesn't hurt?
말린감튀 3 órája
Who's the blonde that keeps her head down next to him?
Look At My Nails
Look At My Nails 3 órája
I love this
Lonely Sad Man
Lonely Sad Man 3 órája
I can feel pain in my foot
NITHISH. M 3 órája
Does it pain for the horse?
IsraeL 2
IsraeL 2 3 órája
Giacomo Urbano
Giacomo Urbano 4 órája
sexy girl 🔞🔞 xxx
Horse Shoe World
Horse Shoe World 5 órája
Farrier work life | Farrier working conditions hutown.info/base/vide/lGKjyGJiaHazYsU.html #farrier #farrierlife #farriertools #farrierlife #horseshoe
Aakanksha H
Aakanksha H 5 órája
Doesn't this cause pain to the horse?
BlazZteR _S
BlazZteR _S 4 órája
No, It's like cutting your nails
Kaylee Ayres
Kaylee Ayres 6 órája
Coconut flakes
IsraeL 2
IsraeL 2 3 órája
Nagito Komaeda gives me gay vibes
Tangerine with salt.
Giridhar Goutham
Giridhar Goutham 6 órája
How often the hoof can be engraved ...will that hoof grow again ?
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway 6 órája
Brandon let's go
Rex Raptor
Rex Raptor 6 órája
This is like going to payless to get new shoes
Spilk milk
Spilk milk 6 órája
One down, three more to go🤩😁👍
Jayson Burns
Jayson Burns 6 órája
I bet the work this guy does in expensive...probaly worth every penny thow...excellent job man...
WhiteG 7 órája
Sei que é unha e tal, mas da um nervoso quando vejo ele cortando, ainda sim foi incrivel de ver a quantidade de cuidado que tem
Igor Donov
Igor Donov 7 órája
he even applied nail polish at the end 😮
zalmi zalmi
zalmi zalmi 7 órája
Yeah, it's me
Yeah, it's me 7 órája
He started being real extra when he was shaping the shoe 🤣 added a little Salt Chef flair 🤣🤣
Elijah Eliseo
Elijah Eliseo 8 órája
He’s hot af doing all that farmer work
Alberto Del Pilar Jr
You need to have a flexible back with this job.
Hiram Abi Sarzuri Zarsuri
Si hago eso, mi caballo me patea con ganas. Pero voy a intentar una vez más, les aviso como me va
Fishbykin 8 órája
lemon cat
lemon cat 9 órája
BBSimoes Simoes
BBSimoes Simoes 9 órája
Parecendo eu quando vou fazer a unha...A cada 6 meses..
Payton Twombley
Payton Twombley 9 órája
Anyone else just thinking about how much his back hurt?
Edward Hill
Edward Hill 9 órája
I wonder how wild horses survive without getting hoof treatment
Tuli Pao
Tuli Pao 9 órája
Great work and service you provide to our great animals I can feel the great sentiment and peace
Algero Channel
Algero Channel 9 órája
Nathaniel Gvb
Nathaniel Gvb 9 órája
That horse needs a good man or woman Pedicure
David Damron
David Damron 9 órája
Madson Hugo
Madson Hugo 9 órája
bro, this is art
Mosqueedo 101
Mosqueedo 101 10 órája
oh boy here comes peta, guy's the horse is fine just getting them nails did
DazedMMJ 10 órája
Why did I enjoy this? Subscribed!
LEZIN 10 órája
esse vídeo prende a gente de um jeito, assisti 16 minutos sem pular nada q isso kkkk é satisfatório
IsraeL 2
IsraeL 2 3 órája
Jaja si yo tenía pensado mirar solo 3 minutos y lo termine mirando completo
Brian Wyant
Brian Wyant 10 órája
Nice to see someone caring for their horse properly
The_boo 10 órája
Why and how did this end up on my recommended? Yet ⟟ still watched the whole thing.
Hanjar Kerim
Hanjar Kerim 11 órája
That guy beside you really has some long hair.
DREAM_FF 11 órája
vân lê
vân lê 11 órája
Russia War with Ukraine | Ukraine's civil war for nearly a decade has no end hutown.info/base/vide/yGGZpol6qmOTorc.html
Dave Blevins
Dave Blevins 11 órája
Hey Richard 👋 Sure looks like this fellow has done this more than once 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
Esther B.P.
Esther B.P. 11 órája
The uneven jury subjectively blush because feast sporadically knot concerning a ethereal thing. rural, aloof ghost
Peyton Brandon
Peyton Brandon 11 órája
They got shark teeth in there hooves
Ana Paula Silva Vieira
I don't know much about horses, but doesn't that hurt the horse?
Shila 9 órája
@Ana Paula Silva Vieira nope 😊. Hooves are like fingernails for horses.
Ana Paula Silva Vieira
@•Gladis Moramay• Great, thanks
•Gladis Moramay•
Mariah Eduarda
Mariah Eduarda 12 órája
Gente isso não dói não? Ksksks n entendo nada disso
Mariah Eduarda
Mariah Eduarda 10 órája
@Noturne54 ah ta vlw ksksk
Noturne54 11 órája
Não porque aquilo não é a pele do cavalo, é o casco dele e se fosse a pele sairia sangue 🤡
Aaron Rice
Aaron Rice 12 órája
Peel the avocado
matthew tedesco
matthew tedesco 12 órája
I bet he's done that before...
Caah <33
Caah <33 13 órája
o cavalo depois disso: uma nova mulher 💅👁👄👁
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 13 órája
I’m surprise the horse stay for them to do all that. I thought the horse would have yank him up and out.
Shirdon Urbi
Shirdon Urbi 13 órája
Me thinking the entire time.. does that hurt the horse
Shila 9 órája
Nope. Hooves are like fingernails 😊
Noturne54 11 órája
No cuz this isn't his skin, this is his hoof, if it was his skin obviously there would have been a lot of blood and the horse would have run away or kicked him.
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hutown.info/base/vide/rqONrWVmonTWesk.html squid game
anjinha Sad 085
anjinha Sad 085 14 órája
Vamos cuidar das unhas meninas👁👄👁💅
anjinha Sad 085
anjinha Sad 085 14 órája
Que satisfatório
Omar emad
Omar emad 14 órája
مش حلو
she'll  Pilgrim
she'll Pilgrim 14 órája
I love it
Pagabio Joseph
Pagabio Joseph 14 órája
Don't that shit hurt?
Noturne54 11 órája
Simone Santos
Simone Santos 15 órája
No people, he's not in the hurting the horse he's taking the horse's hoof
theresa b
theresa b 15 órája
horses have been in our lives for 30+ yrs... daughters working them, riding, watching farriers and vets on farms while attending college for equine science, riding in shows, etc. this is a great way to learn...
Эрнест Денисламов
3 часа ночи, самое время посмотреть лошадиных маникюр
eldos zhunisbekov
eldos zhunisbekov 16 órája
Ну и нахуй я это посмотрел 😐
joshua gaming&stuff
Reminder: no horses are being harmed in the process of the video 😁👍
Blessing Pubg
Blessing Pubg 16 órája
It's sounds like asmer wow 😲 I I don't like it I love it
D FACE 16 órája
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