Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer 

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Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”
Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.










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Catra Sudarso
Yg bisa bahasa Indonesia mana like nya? 😂
Isabelle Manzini
Isabelle Manzini 8 perccel
I've been watching this at least one hundred times and I got emotional and inspired EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love you so so so much for just being a real person.
Sana Shahid
Sana Shahid 13 perccel
I would love to hear this track playing in Lucifer 😆
Mixhael Douglas
Mixhael Douglas 26 perccel
How corny
Charley De Greeve
Charley De Greeve 36 perccel
What a woman ❤️
vanessa papatha
vanessa papatha 58 perccel
Don’t be so mad to others in X factor
ryonna r.
ryonna r. Órája
how many documentaries u gotta make💀
Silvija J
Silvija J Órája
O m g. Love u Demi!
Treble Games
Treble Games Órája
I feel bad for Demi because she’s been on this pedestal for so long we no longer view you heard anything human. We forget that they aren’t some tutti character where all the lines are written they have feelings and emotion whether they’re a rational or not they exist
Christopher Price
No thank you, pity party for a famous drug addict?
Icon_Gold_ Official
why so many ppl disliked this im already in love
Arnaldo Bogado
Arnaldo Bogado 2 órája
Love her!
Cyanessence420 2 órája
To think a drug addict child star is our children's role model... No wonder 2020 was so fucked up.
عالمي#My WorlD
Just be yourself we love as you are
Carmilla P
Carmilla P 2 órája
omg amo demetria
Tyanah Dove
Tyanah Dove 3 órája
Bro I can’t wait to watch this 😢❤️
Back Endmore
Back Endmore 3 órája
That tittle is almost literally so real. Most of these celebrities have done it/do it and that's why they got to the top...then, see consequences and complain.
R S 3 órája
Its hotter then a spoon as demi Lovato's house in here
Charlotte Hayes
Charlotte Hayes 3 órája
Is it just me who is noticing a pattern? Every time a major thing happens to her a new documentary comes out saying she’s better and stronger now but then two more documentaries came and then recently had the overdose and now yet another documentary...
urwrong Órája
Victim complex
La Wanda Robinson
Soo 4 órája
*Haters really quiet rn..*
Geraldine D
Geraldine D 4 órája
Watched it again and it still breaks my heart. 😢
Supra Beyond
Supra Beyond 4 órája
Poor me. I’m rich and famous. And I use drugs. Poor me.
TRASH BIN 5 órája
I have a whole separate Spotify playlist of all Demi Lovato songs. I love her so much
JustVon 5 órája
M L 6 órája
F that B.
Ryan R
Ryan R 6 órája
There are times I wish the opiates had won so that I didn’t have to hear her opinion on trans lives. Oh well. If they haven’t got her this time, they will. Like Edward James Olmos said in Bladerunner, nothing lasts forever. Hehe
eu vieira
eu vieira 7 órája
💛💚💛💚 BRASIL HERE💚💛💚💛
Josh Irish
Josh Irish 7 órája
Comment section is so dramatic
Angelica L
Angelica L 7 órája
One day we will stop hearing about this woman’s life and her drug problem over and over.
Nourah Almubarak
Nourah Almubarak 8 órája
Wait what this is so awesome
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 8 órája
She was #clearly pushed by her parents to be famous so they can be rich don’t matter the cost. Please believe she had to do some pretty messed up satanic sex rituals for Illuminati. This why she’s depressed all the time. Hence tittle “Dance with DEVIL” ... insert any celeb .
Harout Mirzakhanyan
am i the only one who watches this trailer every single day??
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 8 órája
once this comes out, trust me when i say, a lot of people will apologize to demi.... mark my words
Francisco De Leon
She still a heroin addict
yael nezri
yael nezri 10 órája
Be strong Demi ❤️💪🏻 were here behind you.
alondra vargas
alondra vargas 10 órája
so thats why she had songs like sober and heart attack.
Carlos Alvarado
Carlos Alvarado 10 órája
SMH we praising to satan now?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 8 órája
Once a crack head always
Djolivas18 10 órája
Wow more famous for her drug problem then her music. This is what she’s doing now?
urwrong Órája
@Pas Abboud how?
Pas Abboud
Pas Abboud 9 órája
She’s helping others geez
Joshua Merwine
Joshua Merwine 11 órája
Demi has sold her soul and she is part of the Klaus Schwab great reset cult
Enavaniss 11 órája
Rich musicians and their "problems". She can afford help, many others cannot. Their voices are never heard. Only rich spoiled musicians get heard...
Hi 11 órája
nee stee
nee stee 12 órája
Why did it have to be "dancing with the devil" like she's so sus. Obviously sold her soul
nee stee
nee stee 12 órája
Why did it have to be "dancing with the devil" like she's so sus. Obviously sold her soul
sean glancy
sean glancy 12 órája
My crush. Wow what incredible women ... Just beyond gorgeous inside and out
Chella Baby
Chella Baby 12 órája
mat 12 órája
kathryn shaelyn johnson
I know the pain of the others around her from personal experience, I cannot wait for this!
T B 14 órája
drugs are bad mkay
James Gallegos
James Gallegos 14 órája
Why y’all tryna glorify drugs especially herion
Christi Lawnder
Christi Lawnder 3 órája
how is this glorifying? everybody was sobbing bc she almost died?
Nia Bond
Nia Bond 14 órája
Once a crack head always
Zack Hadley
Zack Hadley 14 órája
Any time I hear the devil mentioned in pop culture I wonder how much their soul cost them. I wonder if she knew this would be her life. I’m not sure which is worse: her choosing this or them choosing this for her
Mia D
Mia D 14 órája
Desiree' Knotts
Desiree' Knotts 14 órája
i cant wait for this. im such a demi stan oml.
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 14 órája
Wait I thought she wasn’t engaged anymore?
Briana Deleon
Briana Deleon 14 órája
Gave me chills
Christina M.
Christina M. 14 órája
This made me cry💙and made me miss my baby sister. She lives close to me but i rarely see her. It's tearing me up.
Joan Bell
Joan Bell 14 órája
Lo quieroo ya no aguanto la espera ....
The Black Joker
The Black Joker 15 órája
One Word... *H E R O I N*
Christian Romero
Christian Romero 15 órája
Focus on your own life as much as you focus on your favorite celebrities. See where that gets ya. Guarantee you, you're better off.
Christian Romero
Christian Romero 15 órája
Parents who put their children in the entertainment are gross
Duke 15 órája
The double standard is strong
Feel My Flu
Feel My Flu 15 órája
I have never heard of this person nor care
Feel My Flu
Feel My Flu 4 órája
@hello bye it’s not
hello bye
hello bye 15 órája
Autumn Peterson
Autumn Peterson 15 órája
I hope this is free
Kat Ali
Kat Ali 16 órája
Her : be careful Demi : okay 😀I’m always careful Only a few people will understand this ,
Iveth Li López G
Iveth Li López G 16 órája
amv wolfgirl
amv wolfgirl 16 órája
Demi is an inspiration
Chelsea Miller
Chelsea Miller 16 órája
Oh Demi, honey! Soooooo much love❤ & peace✌🏼 to you!
jack willis
jack willis 16 órája
She’s lucky she is rich, if she were a regular heroine addict she probably would’ve died in the streets like the rest. But nope she got enough money to have a dude with narcan on standby
Duke 15 órája
Also she is immune to legal trouble due to her wealth. I hate the justice system. It’s quite literally pay to win
BABYJESUS x831x 16 órája
She's definitely on my "don't pull out" list.
FanCrush 16 órája
Who is here after Demi and Ariana revealed that they are colaborating?
Jody Durante
Jody Durante 17 órája
Hunter Walsh
Hunter Walsh 17 órája
I have watched this 1000 times and I cry every-time
MariaLareina_babygurl Oribello
Ur a very strong woman!"one of my idols!"😍❤🙏
Jay A
Jay A 17 órája
Try living a real life then tell us how hard it is
Bezaleu Trajano
Bezaleu Trajano 17 órája
Tô tão anciosa aaaaaaa mds,Brasil te ama demi
Selina Lima
Selina Lima 17 órája
Music King
Music King 17 órája
lovatics let's do an online campaign that says Demi Lovato For The 2021 Grammys
Music King
Music King 17 órája
Music King
Music King 17 órája
Music King
Music King 17 órája
lovatics hagamos una campaña online que diga Demi Lovato Para Los Grammys 2021
Mr. NOrespond
Mr. NOrespond 18 órája
Maria Fernanda Rodrigues
i'm so NOT ready for this
David Winehouse
David Winehouse 18 órája
I hate the rich
Erika Bagley
Erika Bagley 19 órája
Sooo every time she relapses she’s just gonna keep making documentaries for us to feel bad & think that she’s changed ... isn’t this like the 3rd or 4th documentary she’s made after relapsing ? I used to really love Demi & her story but.... I’m over her. It just seems like a game now. Like she’s never gonna be fully sober. Maybe if she’d stop pressuring thst sober narrative on herself she’d actually get better.
Pas Abboud
Pas Abboud 9 órája
And dont comment
Pas Abboud
Pas Abboud 9 órája
Not interested that dont watch
Pas Abboud
Pas Abboud 9 órája
Lol the second proper documentary
carlos Eduardo
carlos Eduardo 19 órája
17 m 😍 vem Demi lovato 2021 vem aclamaçao D7 documentario Feat com ariana grande ..
Ruth Ortiz
Ruth Ortiz 19 órája
So did she overdose on heroin or was it laced oxy.?
Julia Collins
Julia Collins 19 órája
Is it gonna expose satanic pedophile hollywood???
Nena 19 órája
Im ready for this
Andrea Delgado
Andrea Delgado 19 órája
Lton Sync
Lton Sync 19 órája
We Love You Demi... So Keep Doin' It Solo... I Know You Are Stronger Than Ever... ❤
Cansu 19 órája
Listen and stream #whatotherpeoplesay
50hellkat2 19 órája
When much has been given and much is expected therein lies the dilemma.
Melanin Queen
Melanin Queen 20 órája
Can’t wait I love Demi 💕
Christina Sanchez
Christina Sanchez 20 órája
Thank you so much for this demi. You have no idea. Don’t be ashamed there are a lot of other young beautiful girls that struggle with herion addiction.
lifeofPinkLady Mona
They all sold their souls
Natalie H
Natalie H 22 órája
I just wish that being in the position she is in and has been in, she would not have not blown off other people that have approached her with some of the same issues she has gone through like the fan that had gone up to her and bravely said his story in a meet and greet. Now that she is telling her story everybody wants to pour out this sympathy for her that she has not expressed for others.. so my question is why put her on a pedestal? Is it just because she is brave to talk about it? Is it because of how they make her look in this documentary? I need some logic and sense to this not just because they’re a fan of her.
Binks 22 órája
Demi is a joke, "gender reveal parties are transphobic" 🙄
Lë Fröge
Lë Fröge 22 órája
Is that Elton jhon?
Batman 23 órája
Humans are always screwed
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