Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street 2015 [FULL VIDEO] 

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Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street 2015 [FULL VIDEO]
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2015.aug. 3.






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hutown.info/base/vide/0p6Eoq1eeoPMcdE.html। 🙏 यह जो प्यारी आंखें मेरा कमेंट पढ़ रही है भगवान उनको उनकी माता-पिता को लंबी उम्र दे 🙏🙏
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Dont book a judge by its cover
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The case of a lot of people.. May be with a high level in study (graduated) but he has no money..
Elio loi
Elio loi 4 órája
Much love
TURBO 4 órája
mohamed zishan
mohamed zishan 6 órája
ZRA 7 órája
That kid is lucky is all I can say 🥺🔥
Meditative music library
My crush❤
Alencb Cb
Alencb Cb 8 órája
الحق لم يبقي لي صديق
This video will teach you to treat people as equals and not differentiate between rich and poor, the difference between them was only his face was covered and see what happened
Ayush Mishra
Ayush Mishra 12 órája
2:13 "So you have chosen death"...
세넓깰뚝많 12 órája
진짜 생산성없는 공놀이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
karen hotcheeks
karen hotcheeks 12 órája
The arrogant crocus biophysically dance because ear pharmacodynamically point notwithstanding a five trick. straight, misty grain
Parmjeet Singh
Parmjeet Singh 13 órája
Goosebumps moment when Ronaldo reveals his face🥺🥺🥺🔥🔥🔥
Akhil Thomas
Akhil Thomas 19 órája
That girl is probably crying rn, cause she had the chance to get his number
Prepper coops
Prepper coops 19 órája
Note all the bystanders rushing in for photo's once they realize who he really is?
God's Child
God's Child 20 órája
Love this. That was so cool! Xx
Frank Gallacher
Frank Gallacher 21 órája
its amazing how quickly the girls suddenly come towards him when they find out his true identity, the girl who didn't give him her phone number must be like wtf.😂
Ca Ngu
Ca Ngu 21 órája
Orang pade kaget 😂
safari appreneurs
safari appreneurs 21 órája
Everyone wants superman but walk past clark kent everyday
Actor Pranav 👀
Actor Pranav 👀 23 órája
1:22 till today she will be upset saying no to him🤣
He is my idol 😂😂😂
Md.khorsed Alam
Md.khorsed Alam 23 órája
Emanuele Petrosino
Emanuele Petrosino 23 órája
bravo ragazzo di origini umili 👍cr7
KT Napja
You ar verry haapy😁
robi kebede
Francisco Oliveira
esse jovem brincando com um jogador sem saber quem era famoso ou não ele brinca muitos a duto não estavam nem aí até ver quem era e vendo que era o jogador cristiano Ronaldo foram todos pra cima dele mais quem ganhou o presente Foi o jovem parabéns pra ele
Eugenio Bevilacqua
Messi treats the ball much better.
Chase Tremblay
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True finder
True finder 5 órája
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Daniel Leka
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
Jakob Mortensen
@Christian Lombardi Thanks
Christian Lombardi
@Jakob Mortensen text him on whats APK💯⬆️
Christian Lombardi
Zaidan Ahnaf
CR7 is the Michael Jackson of sports
Nima kojam Tungi
People won't give you shit until you are a star.
Corey Harmon
Yes you’re right sweetheart
Max Mcilrick
Ronaldo-Takes stuff off Kid-Shocked Eveybody else-GeT HiM
Amrendra Kr. Vinu FF
That girl was so unlucky that she rejected cr7
The_Dude Napja
He seems so crazy in the video
Richstars Entertainment Productions
How people will ignore to play with you because you're not a celebrity, big lesson
Daniel Barasa
I just like how a thousand cameras popped up from nowhere immediately he removed his beard and wig 😂😂😂😂
Mustafa Samet
Ronaldo olduğunu öğrenmeden önce kimse yanına bille gitmedi
Quit Seven Six
This kid was like wWHhahahahTtttTTt?!?!??🤯🤯
Am I the only one wondering what happened to the little white dog? 🥺
Corey Harmon
Hello 👋
Abhijnan Mondal
That girl would be now the most unluckiest human being living on earth😂😂😂😂
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I love it when the notification shows up "Someone liked your comment" and "You have a new Subscriber" it always makes my day
Black solo official
youtube.com/shorts/dW_wYjtd7Gk?feature=share Ronaldo video
Maggie Villacis
Los niños son auténticos y espontáneos.
Salut 👍😎😍
Corey Harmon
Hello gorgeous
Andrew Black
A great example of how most people act like total assholes when they are one-on-one with just a random, average bloke and how they change into dribbling idiots as soon as they see it's a celebrity. Fucking cunts.
Joseph Dockett
False idols
Margaret Hernandez
The dusty spoon electronmicroscopically coil because asparagus usually hug than a gray greasy great sphynx. adamant, wide-eyed voice
Corey Harmon
Hello gorgeous
Gonçalo Machado
3:01 HOOOOOOOOLY he just took his fake beard out and the glasses and ppl already knew, that was so fast omg
The Disciplined Boy
Lol on that lady whom cr7 ask for number but she denied🙄🙄
Coach Mundo
What about the dog?
Nana Mama
Nana Mama Napja
i love cr7
Kare Rabbe
Kare Rabbe Napja
Look at how discustingly the rest of the crowd appares after his reveal🤮
Kare Rabbe
Kare Rabbe Napja
Guess she regret not giving him her phone number now..
No want to come cristiano ronaldo and 2:58 come to cristiano ronaldo :))
clifton12345 2 napja
It’s so great because you know he did it just to prove a simple point. Kids are so wholesome. Kid didn’t look at him in disgust because he had a scraggly beard or was a bit over weight. Kid saw someone enjoying a sport he loved and didn’t think twice to join in because everyone has a right to play. Showing kindness when no one else does is literally everything in this life.
Cường Official
Cường Official
Cường Official
Houd Boucetta
Houd Boucetta 2 napja
The first girl who said no sorry ..she still crying till now
Andr K.
Andr K. 2 napja
Da ist nicht Tom Cruise ist hätte ich ihn sofort erkannt
Agapita Calderón
3:06 el niño: maldita sea Fredy mercury eras tú!!!
Thomas 2 napja
people didn't even look at him before he showed who he really was. this explains how much the image of a famous and rich man is worth compared to that of a bum on the street. however the fact that people only watched him after he took off his disguise makes it clear how little his talent is and how much more important he is as a character than as a footballer
Hamza Baber
Hamza Baber 2 napja
This video has a deep meaning
brice malle
brice malle 2 napja
Icecy That's My Style
Wow, but what happened to the cute dog he left behind?
Susmita Das
Susmita Das 2 napja
Ирина Ирочка
Молодец. Вы только посмотрите на этого мальчика. Сколько счастья в его глазах.
Angga Gz!!
Angga Gz!! 2 napja
Crono 🤣😂
Ben Mendiola
Ben Mendiola 2 napja
Judgemental People..... 😊
Ben Mendiola
Ben Mendiola 11 órája
@Corey Harmon come and visit the Philippines.... "it is more fun in the Philippines" 😊
Corey Harmon
Nice meeting you
Corey Harmon
That’s nice I’m from Columbus Ohio my name is Corey
Ben Mendiola
@Corey Harmon hello too from Manila, Philippines😊
Corey Harmon
Hello gorgeous
Jai Parkash
Jai Parkash 2 napja
Cr7 😎
Tasty Foodie
Tasty Foodie 2 napja
RYNSS99 2 napja
Salah server njir
Ander Yeger
Ander Yeger 2 napja
Esse vídeo só mostra o quanto as pessoas adultas não se importam com o próximo comum até descobrirem q sse mesmo próximo é importantes no mundo.
Antony 'La Haya'
Fake ppl after they see it's CR7..hate ppl like that(most ppl)
Mohnish Chaudhary
Face value! Everybody wants to click a pic, instead of enjoying the moment.
cak paled_168
cak paled_168 3 napja
Wau you my favorite ronaldo....iam from indonesia...ronaldo is the best
Bhanu_ rana
Bhanu_ rana 3 napja
Vadim Tynyanyy
Браво Рональдом.
Lydia Morrell
Lydia Morrell 3 napja
I loved this this was so cute 🥰🥰🥰 the lil boy,s face totally lit up when he saw who it was ☺️
Lydia Morrell
@Corey Harmon Portsmouth 🙂
Corey Harmon
Wow.. I’m from Manchester uk 🇬🇧 I stay alone single and no kids .. where are you located in London ?
Lydia Morrell
@Corey Harmon England and you?
Corey Harmon
Where are you from ?
Corey Harmon
I’m pretty good thank you
Dhr Dassen
Dhr Dassen 3 napja
Who wants to be famous? Haha no way.
Eben Felix
Eben Felix 3 napja
i heard the girl he asked for her phone number has become a nun
Jagadeesh Kumar
What happens if he encountered with Messi in streets?
Khatta Bakra
Khatta Bakra 3 napja
@Jagadeesh Kumar you nerd come on are you scared
Khatta Bakra
Khatta Bakra 3 napja
@Jagadeesh Kumar you're toxic person
Jagadeesh Kumar
@Khatta Bakra I don't play with loosers
Khatta Bakra
Khatta Bakra 3 napja
Jagdeesh I want to 1v1 you in football
JORDAN_ OP 3 napja
Who is watching this in 2021 they are legend ❤😂
First Love
First Love 3 napja
At the last, he draw a crowd quickly.😍😲 Experiencing new thing is joy of life.🙂
aayushi dancer
Before the climax people showing out there he is busy..but for the brand (it's CR) they all suddenly unemployed 🤣🤣
Spencer Wood
Spencer Wood 3 napja
3:28 It's nice to see Angel Di Maria still gets so excited when he sees his idol
The Phantom
The Phantom 2 napja
Yeah just like him LOL!
Holy Hand Grenades
At around 3:18 you can hear a woman say "Fuck! I told you. It's Ronaldo!" 😂
Flying Dutchman
Plot twist: The kid didn't know who was it 😁
Yasar Aras
Yasar Aras 3 napja
Adam ya
Noah Bedoya
Noah Bedoya 3 napja
CR7 a legend
david mckesey
david mckesey 3 napja
So beautiful
marcell ellis
marcell ellis 3 napja
Shows no one cares about your footballing skills they just care ur famous
Gino Rossi
Gino Rossi 3 napja
Con tutti i milioni che prende, lo stato italiano gli fa pagare solo 100.000€ e io con uno stipendio da 1.400 euro al mese ne pago 20.000!!!!! Non è assurdo
ff tricks tamil
It's toooooooo good
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