Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV 

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Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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MTV 4 napja
Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut: hutown.info/base/vide/tYCC2WJeX2qYYpY.html
rosamaryful2 Órája
@Bentley B There is a HUtown video circulating saying that when Chloe BENT OVER, you could see her Tampon. They even showed a Close Up of it. Whether it was photoshopped….I don’t know
All the Latest ENT
@Badgalriri Chloe says that "Have Mercy" was inspired by Kelis, not Beyonce. She also gave an update on the status of her album and more. Watch here: hutown.info/base/vide/1Id5p3-Gk57Vma8.html
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@Ana Matopea Chloe says that "Have Mercy" was inspired by Kelis, not Beyonce. She also gave an update on the status of her album and more. Watch here: hutown.info/base/vide/1Id5p3-Gk57Vma8.html
All the Latest ENT
@Robbi Duncan Chloe says that "Have Mercy" was inspired by Kelis, not Beyonce. She also gave an update on the status of her album and more. Watch here: hutown.info/base/vide/1Id5p3-Gk57Vma8.html
All the Latest ENT
@Jennifer Thomas Chloe says that "Have Mercy" was inspired by Kelis, not Beyonce. She also gave an update on the status of her album and more. Watch here: hutown.info/base/vide/1Id5p3-Gk57Vma8.html
Queen Mercy
Queen Mercy 4 perccel
Dee watkins
Dee watkins 7 perccel
Beyonce is all over this!!!! Beyonce's Twin!!!
Erno Banks
Erno Banks 9 perccel
😷 her tampoonnnn she on her period 3:05
Apostrophe S
Apostrophe S 11 perccel
Not the cry baby at the end😅
Howard White Jr
Howard White Jr 17 perccel
She a baddie but it felt a lil Beyonce vibe-ish for a bit ! A lio thicker than B but still good performance
Sound Drugz Beatz
Sound Drugz Beatz 19 perccel
Omg she so bad
Ahlaynah D
Ahlaynah D 21 perce
She is becoming her mentor 🐝
Elektra Ripper
Elektra Ripper 21 perce
She has Beyoncé energy!!
Melanin King
Melanin King 24 perccel
Y’all mfs crazy , get this demonic ignorance out of here
Andrei Perugini
Andrei Perugini 27 perccel
Best performance of the award, obviously!!!!!!
Lala M
Lala M 27 perccel
Mic is on huntyyyyy
Cookin with Bae
Cookin with Bae 27 perccel
God is getting us all Talon and one of them does not have your ass hanging out
Shannille Carter
Shannille Carter 28 perccel
I feel this was forced on her and it made me cringe. Her talent is way more than her body. I get she is finding herself within her artistry so I gotta respect the process. I’m not getting Chloe. I’m only seeing Beyoncé 2.0 and that isn’t ok because Chloe can stand on her own identity. Definitely could’ve approached this song better. Her godly hour magical goddess is Chloe. Not this!
Robert Gilstrap
Robert Gilstrap 28 perccel
Little Beyoncé in the house! She werked it.
Cookin with Bae
Cookin with Bae 30 perccel
Another Beyoncé nothing new
Lateefah Jackson
Chloe has such gorgeous voice!!!❤️❤️
Norsha Montgomery
Norsha Montgomery 32 perccel
She reminds me of Beyoncé
Amazinglynn 32 perccel
She summoned Sasha Fierce big time
Joice Elena
Joice Elena 33 perccel
girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl.... OMG
applebug 36 perccel
A zombie apocalypse is coming 2029!! Follow Jesus and get right with God....prepare your household! Prophecy given here: hutown.info/base/vide/0aNl1q-bnqvLdK8.html
Imani sosavage
Imani sosavage 38 perccel
I loved the energy she gives and i crave more I just don’t want my good sis getting set up they could’ve made sure that her tampon was good like it’s a small thing but it’s just not aging well for me but moving on I know she is gonna giveeeeee what’s needed
Chauna Terry
Chauna Terry 38 perccel
Idk about y’all, but that chanting in the beginning freaked me tf out! Like she was summoning “Sasha damn fierce” or something, because all I seen was BEYONCÉ 😟
Autumn Thomas
Autumn Thomas 40 perccel
She gave me chills !!!!! Reminds me of Beyoncé on the performance with her own lil twist to it and she murdered them vocals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naturalz Soul
Naturalz Soul 48 perccel
So sad just selling sex and not her talent.
Jennifer Mesidor
Jennifer Mesidor 49 perccel
Everybody be lip synching lol but nice presentation though
Juan Renilson
Juan Renilson 54 perccel
K S.
K S. 58 perccel
Slayed 🔥🙌🏻
Adrian Orsini Russo
Uma das poucas que consegue ser melhor que a versão de Studio no ao vivo.
anime tsunami
anime tsunami Órája
Not sure why it’s an issue to compare her to Beyoncé when it’s obvious they are very similar. I’m pretty sure Beyoncé is her and her sisters mentor. Chlöe killed this performance just as Beyoncé would😌
Liz Jacob
Liz Jacob Órája
Creepy my pores raised....sis accepted the darkside 😭
Melinda pham
Melinda pham Órája
lets keep raising cardis... then go to church after lol
Leea Robinson
Leea Robinson Órája
this was not a beyonce level performace i wanted more from the chosen one
Honey Love
Honey Love Órája
My ass was stuck lmaooo when it ended I had to come back to reality
Kenneth Daniels
she is dancing exactly as Beyonce BUT she isn't Beyonce. Sigh. Not authentic here. Just another one of Beyonces children. Where is Normani?
paulo souza
paulo souza Órája
Tracy Drummond
Did anyone notice the color of her dreads? I’m just saying didn’t people say when your in the industry they dye their blonde it has a meaning behind it
W4ka Órája
here y’all pea brains go…
Btchgaming Órája
Young Beyoncé ❤️
Bajan Roses
Bajan Roses Órája
Honey Nicole Reign
Justin Kirkendall
Holy crap she killed this
Devine Deva
Devine Deva Órája
The Messy Youtuber
Whats up with the Halloween theme??
Shanaya Palmer
Yeah, I see Beyonce all through her performance. Not the Beyonce then but the one we see now and she kilt it
Cher Mar
Cher Mar Órája
Chloe done a amazing job I enjoy her performance go girl.
Maeghan Penn
Maeghan Penn Órája
Chloe did not come to play! Not too many artists that can perform like that! She getting ready to take over!
Jihan Putra
Jihan Putra Órája
2:03 the mask of the female dancer on the left got off and she immediately placed it up again. Idk this maybe not important but yeah. Have a great day everyone
Danielle Ashlyn
Lmao not Nicki Minaj getting sued AGAIN today!!! 😭😹😹
Mason K-Ron
Mason K-Ron Órája
She given me Beyoncé vibes but she kill that wonderful good🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Renata Sabino
Renata Sabino Órája
Que vozeirão!
Yo that intro was awesome! Yo she shut this thing down! Oof
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Órája
The worst Beyoncé performance ever
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Órája
ntokozo mkhonza
Claudinho França
Nesse vídeo tem um vocal que parece a voz da Beyoncé, eu fico pasmo quando escuto!😍😍😍
divaquana Órája
Chloeeeeee chloeeeeeeeeee can't stop singing
rosamaryful2 Órája
There’s a HUtown post circulating around saying that when Chloe BENT OVER, you could see her tampon. They’re showing a CLOSE UP showing it. It could be photoshopped….I don’t know. I’m just giving y’all a heads up just in case you run across it.
Vee Fenty
Vee Fenty 2 órája
Dwala Aiken
Dwala Aiken 2 órája
Shame on her/ her parents!!! So sad!!!
Marie Morisset
Marie Morisset 2 órája
Wow no word! She kill it.
Keith Anthony
Keith Anthony 2 órája
I hope the beginning is the intro on her album 😍🥺🤞🏾👏🏾
Cassy De Bijl
Cassy De Bijl 2 órája
She is born to performe 😀
KUMIHÖ 2 órája
Shay Hunt
Shay Hunt 2 órája
She killed and are period!!!!!!!
f 2 órája
insane. she is INSANEEEEEE
Jairo Sva
Jairo Sva 2 órája
PERFEITA NIVEL FODAAAAA DONA E DONA E ARTISTA DE VERDADE.. Serviu voz, talento completo, alimentando as gays como elas merecem...
Raquel Florent
Raquel Florent 2 órája
she's repping Beyonce so well!!!😍
Oakland K.
Oakland K. 2 órája
Beyonce raised this girl WELL
LatinaBabyGirl Let's go
No vocals at all stay in the studio 😂
Noonie Davis
Noonie Davis 2 órája
Her initiation fire dance for the higher ups
jac s
jac s 2 órája
Nicole Woolfolk
Nicole Woolfolk 2 órája
Lari Dias
Lari Dias 2 órája
Rainha da noite
Lari Dias
Lari Dias 2 órája
Apresentação maravilhosa
Lari Dias
Lari Dias 2 órája
byron logan
byron logan 2 órája
This performance was cringe
Freddy Wilson
Freddy Wilson 3 órája
She was possessed and it showed. May she find Jesus Christ
Iciss Cooper
Iciss Cooper 3 órája
Yes little Beyoncé 🥰💕💕
Mikael Gabriel
Mikael Gabriel 3 órája
Beyoncé 2.0
Sam Porter
Sam Porter 3 órája
Damn. She sounds so good live.
Deborah Ramos
Deborah Ramos 3 órája
Yesss Chloe!!
Brittney Brown
Brittney Brown 3 órája
Straight killed it❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Tanya Sowell
Tanya Sowell 3 órája
Lawd have mercy, is there anything wrong with wearing clothes? I love the performance tho... I'm still traumatized from Lizzo but I love her too :)
Stacy Banks
Stacy Banks 3 órája
Its the vocals for me!!
daddylicious 3 órája
I wish there was a studio version of this performance. EPIC AF!!!
Trinity Izzard
Trinity Izzard 3 órája
STRAIGHT FIYAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok where's the tampon
Queen Liyah
Queen Liyah 3 órája
Eleazar Camato
Eleazar Camato 3 órája
the fact that this live version is better than the studio version
Neisha Little
Neisha Little 3 órája
Soooo proud of her!!!😭😭❤️
Tomás Lima
Tomás Lima 3 órája
This girl has a genuine talent. At the right time she will be popular. I feel that.
M. 3 órája
The bg with her name reminds me of the new Sabrina on Netflix. Hey Chloe, the the dark lord is the one calling. lol
Ms Francis Lifestyle
What in the illuminati-she-walking-around-with-beyonce-old-demon with the chloe name in the background on fire like she got lost in hell kinda ish is this that people cant seem to read through to see this ish is demonic... y'all ain't woke for sure!
Zanteria 3 órája
I can see why people would think shes trying to be like beyonce, yet beyonce Is her mentor and she's signed under beyonce 🤷🏽‍♀️
vaiola bazile
vaiola bazile 4 órája
Freddi Brandyburg
She sounds exactly like Beyonce
Pedro Henrique Fonseca
well, i guess we can change "VMA 2021" to "Normani and Chloe master class"
Mya Bisram
Mya Bisram 4 órája
Beyonce all day 💯🔥
Asta Is A Beast!
Asta Is A Beast! 4 órája
I’m surprised nobody really mentioned how this performance screams Illuminati from the beginning and especially that ending. 3:14-3:53🤦🏽‍♀️
Tracy Drummond
The color of her dreads says it all
Jenifer Sebayana
Jenifer Sebayana 4 órája
Okay!!!...Beyonce vibes!!!🥵🥵🥵
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