BORDER (2018) - The Weirdest Movie of the Year 

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literally nobody asked for this movie, but I'm so glad it exists
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o0O-JD-O0o 3 napja
I havent even seen the movie. I was just watching this review and I'm not going to be sleeping for weeks.
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 3 napja
Good movie
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 3 napja
Lol haven't watched it all yet... Lmao just here after the most disturbing sex scene I've ever imagined in my life.. Yuck
omg I love being a granny!
david winkle
david winkle 4 napja
1800 dob in a troll before they start using social media also hyenas both have similar sexual organs that both look like a penis that the male and female connect to breed so not to far from the trolls
BLAQ JOKER 4 napja
Glad I didnt watch it
Beth 4 napja
I don’t know who has more issues... the director of this film or Ricky.
1:53 I haven't laughed that good in a long time
Richie Cuna
Richie Cuna 6 napja
l’ a m o u r e
so in case you didn’t know this, the term “fairy” actually was used to describe any creature that displayed our level intelligence, but was very different from us. trolls actually fall into the category of fairies. it’s actually widely believed that there were many intelligent species among us at some point. you see movies and tv shows portraying the romanticized version of the fae races. beautiful forest elves, elegant little flying fairies, but you never see movies portraying the more animalistic fae, the ones that were never romanticized. these were thought of as ugly and evil, despite often having good intentions. now don’t get me wrong, i’m speaking from a lore perspective, not a literal one (unless you believe in the lore like I do) and it’s really interesting how they portrayed this version of fae without the generalizing romantic elegant approach. absolutely incredible movie.
l’ a m o u r e
dayum, to be completely fair to the director, they did an incredible job at causing the viewer to feel uncomfortable. and honestly, I really like the idea of trolls. I thought it was incredibly fucking cool.
fem wynn
fem wynn 10 napja
where can I watch this?
Kingbreaker 12 napja
All the Ricky Berwick in this video makes me incredibly uncomfortable.
Jones'n for the outdoors
"This video won't get as many views" gets a mil
Berger Strange Stories
7:09 I find it quite interesting how he could recreate the exact same face i was expressing at this moment
Blu Barlow
Blu Barlow 15 napja
"Do you ever just wish you could just retract into your butthole, and just live there for a little while?" well, yes, actually.
mœr 16 napja
best nut ever
Gravity Slave
Gravity Slave 16 napja
Those arent maggots, they're mealworms. Just sayin
Cyborg Gerbil
Cyborg Gerbil 16 napja
You shouldn’t say the Lord’s name in vain, it is a sin.
Sam. 15 napja
This movie is a sin
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon 16 napja
Welp, I'm good......
Von Kunstler
Von Kunstler 17 napja
I will not see this movie
Liza Wake
Liza Wake 17 napja
Vore looks like an ugly harrison ford
Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart 17 napja
Nice to see Jake Bussey is still getting work
Stupid Hat
Stupid Hat 18 napja
I have been meaning to get around to this film, have to now that I know it has Elvis's stamp if approval. I assumed it would be weird from the trailer.
Shriek 19 napja
props to ali, the movie is interesting and well done but like you said, its really fucking weird
Sean Poyser
Sean Poyser 19 napja
Mealworms, not maggots.
John Towner
John Towner 19 napja
Fark u bro calling me a granny?! I’m only 92 ok!
Ross Egan
Ross Egan 19 napja
Could you not have picked a better picture for the thumbnail..that person is so ugly its frightening.
S̴H̶A̵D̸O̴W̶ ̷F̸R̶E̴D̷B̷E̴R̷ ̵
Disgusting i vomited
Joseph Katz
Joseph Katz 21 napja
I was skeptical, but I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit! very good.
Wtf is up with that scene........Lol there’s no way as an actress I would’ve kept a straight face doing that 😂🤣😂
Caleb Black
Caleb Black 22 napja
My ex-girlfriend made me watch this with her and I think subliminally, she was trying to tell me that she wanted to try pegging.
F OS 22 napja
3:24 fuck this scene of the movie was so shocking and hard to watch. I don't think I will recover
Treelord 23 napja
It’s nice hearing you talk about a movie you actually enjoyed
Denise Murray
Denise Murray 23 napja
You know, it‘s interesting that male trolls had vaginas and female trolls has penises. Since they’re not human, it adds to their to lore. If the movie had any intelligence, could’ve also made an interesting statement on transgender identity.
Misha Lechuga
Misha Lechuga 23 napja
this man is amazing because of his bootiful content and....HE MADE A JOJO REFERENCE!!
Dave 23 napja
Your chin is so, so, so, punchable! Thanks for the odd flick to watch though.
L S 24 napja
I laughed soooo hard at your dogs reference 🤣🤣🤣
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 24 napja
This guy reminds me of a junior Varsity Pewdiepie.
Kriptos Bear
Kriptos Bear 27 napja
What in the wattpad
maggie g.
maggie g. 27 napja
this movie was actually so good
Matt H
Matt H 27 napja
So easy a caveman can do it.
Revaxx 27 napja
I saw the thumbnail and instantly thought "what the fuck is this troll creature doing on my screen" and turns out they are actual trolls
Josue Cruz
Josue Cruz 27 napja
Ohhh fuck man yeah your right
Tiki Cat Studios
ok ima watch something else
Gabriel Thornton
The dogs were spot on hahaha
Thea DesertMinx Read
Sponsored by Geico?
1958darkstar Hónapja
I’ll bet she has a lovely personality. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Kero sucks Watch my latest video
This movie seems more like a fetish film then any thing Like if you told my this was an adult film I would believe that
flukeman022 Hónapja
Was expecting the title to be a clickbait, but no he is bang on
Ginge1008 Hónapja
Wait so female trolls have dicks and male trolls have vaginas... What... 🤔😂🤷‍♂️
Carol Hónapja
-cecil-on-life -
I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry while watching this
lauren dV
lauren dV Hónapja
Hahah “fucked a toad on the side of the street”
Susan Kerr
Susan Kerr Hónapja
Look like mealworms to me, not maggots
Tulio Pereira
Tulio Pereira Hónapja
I hope you know your werid buddy
Vi De
Vi De Hónapja
OK, so an adolescent talk about one scene for 4 mins in a full movie. Guess yr audience are pple going through puberty where reactions, reflections and thoughts about a film is limited to “omg”, “euuh”, “kool “, “awesome”
Manu halm
Manu halm Hónapja
hahah to this guy there are foreign films wich have this niche quality and come with subtitles wich is a quirky trope they have and then there's regular cinema, the one normal people watch, wich I dare to assume is USA films.
Manu halm
Manu halm Hónapja
It's not that weird and it's quite lovely, it's a romance fairy tale set in the present with just not the cutest creature of nordic folklore and a sad ending
Carlton S. Campbell Campbell
HELL NO!!!!!
Amy Weber
Amy Weber Hónapja
Ooh!! They're having an Ogre-asm!!!!
Mish Nelson
Mish Nelson Hónapja
Thank GOD I watched this wearing headphones
Jessi Smith
Jessi Smith Hónapja
they kiss like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in that one film adaptation lol
Psychonauts Hónapja
Did anyone else think they were neanderthrals at first?
Shawnc Harris
Shawnc Harris Hónapja
Gen z should never review anything ever!
Adi Hoile
Adi Hoile Hónapja
I thought the you were going to say that they were Neanderthal
Sentra Hónapja
Ricky Berwick is fucking hilarious
Let's Do This!
Let's Do This! Hónapja
Let's do This! 5:34
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar Hónapja
Yea..I’m going now 😀
user6960 _
user6960 _ Hónapja
it’s so annoying to see people only mention their appearance, we get it omg move on
hacman87 Hónapja
This movie is just straight up that always sunny movie pitch episode about Dolf Lungrid smelling crime
Caleb Mclean
Caleb Mclean Hónapja
Filium Hónapja
Bro I’m making the same faces you are and now laughing and making this comment
Ashley Hónapja
there are reasons certain people are seen as unattractive. because they are and no one wants to pass on inferior genetics. that sex scene reminds me of the home episode of the x-files. ya know the one. the inbred one.
I thought this movie was about inbreds ngl...
Radiated Leader
Radiated Leader Hónapja
Tina come get some ham
Blue Mouse
Blue Mouse Hónapja
She looks like a combination of Lena Dunham and Greta Thunberg
Vivalaleta Godfrey
I found the storyline sad but true. It was highly comedic at times and the acting was amazing.
marc sibony
marc sibony Hónapja
Who is the other dude in your videos? Is he your bro?
Mary Angelique Cruz
I feel like laughing at the mating scene lmaojjcyjchtxjhfyfxthc
Certainly11 Suspenseful22
Futa? Mpreg? Right up my alley.
alan mcclure
alan mcclure Hónapja
Great Review on a Great movie, as i also loved this movie, and through my initial repulsion in the beginning, I found myself mesmerized with the ability to see Tina's beauty as a different species, as they really made it believable,,, even the gender reversal among Trolls, made sense having a little background in ancient Saami Lore of stories of creation. when Hell was at the old North Pole, later to be named Helsinki by the catholic church. Given some of the mythology even touches on what later became known in other cultures as as the Baphomet or goat of Mendez(a very trollish goat-like
Anthony P
Anthony P Hónapja
I watched this movie a long time ago. It was one of those movies that make you feel weird for a while after watching it. The sex scene scarred me for life tho
WarMarmot Hónapja
I clicked on this thinking it was about trans men. Now I'm offended and telling my teacher.
Certainly11 Suspenseful22
What gave you that idea
David Palmer
David Palmer Hónapja
I think guys who wear hats indoors are douche bags.
Donna Lehman
Donna Lehman Hónapja
I saw this movie. It was pretty sickening.
Goku x Sephiroth
So... Hang on, *she* grows a dick... does *he* grow a vagina? How does this work? I must know troll anatomy before I sleep tonight!
Mike Grandcolas
Mike Grandcolas Hónapja
You know...if it looks like a troll, and smells like a troll, and grows a male part outta her female part troll... then it must be a really good troll movie.
OZ Hónapja
They look like Neanderthals (if you will search for reconstruction of Neanderthals' faces, this is exactly what you'll get).
Ari Fisher
Ari Fisher Hónapja
I'm cringing so much my face popped inside out. So I subscribed
dadgrade78 Hónapja
This movie was perfectly weird. I loved it!
The wobbegong
The wobbegong Hónapja
The absolute BEST thing about this movie is how precise it is. If you grew up in scandinavia (Trolls play a big part of the myth culture in scandinavia, dont really know why) or just know a lot about the scandinavian troll myths you will notice just how accurate and true Border is to these myths, and i think it makes it a lot more enjoyable, because everything makes complete sense if you have that knowlegde going forward. I dont really know why that is tho. My guess is that, because trolls are so abundant in scandinavian fantasy tales and myths, its so cool to see them in cinema, instead of something like an ogre or non-scandinavian troll (?) like a horror movie enthusiast who got too see the monster his parents told him about in a horror movie. Maybe its some weird kind of scandinavian patriotism, lol.
KR Diaz
KR Diaz Hónapja
Serious question: Do women trolls really grow penises and men trolls give birth?
Zack Austin
Zack Austin Hónapja
Your Awesome man, keep up your shit. Cheers
Pippi Draws
Pippi Draws 2 hónapja
That is not what i was expecting...
keith courson
keith courson 2 hónapja
Dude. I am SO glad that you watched and reviewed this film for me so I wouldn't have to.
_6EQUJ5_ 2 hónapja
I thought they were Neanderthals.
Aanonymous Amanda
Aanonymous Amanda 2 hónapja
I think that they look like the cavemen from the old insurance commercials. Thank you for sharing this movie! I loved it and I don't know if I would've found it without this video.
Bismarck 2 hónapja
Frog is more beautiful than that person
Random Canadian
Random Canadian 2 hónapja
This is just some weird-ass live-action hentai of a high level of degeneracy. You have: Reference to Vore Futanari Mpreg Ugly Bastard Pretty sure the fact that they aren't human has a specific category, but I don't think "Monster girl" quite fits Birthing "Public" Transformation (? The review said she *grew* a dick) If anyone knows legitimate categories, please add on to the list!
prizraks 2 hónapja
those are MEALWORMS!!!!!!!
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