BEHIND YOU (2020) - The Worst Horror Movie of the Year 

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can't wait for the sequel "LOOK OUT!"
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Star Kid
Star Kid 14 órája
how to make this movie last 5 minutes remove the mirror in the bathroom toss the key to the basement boom problem sovled
This movie is like that fight in JoJo Part 3, but worse
Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
How about just destroying the mirrors with fire?
Gaming Goof
Gaming Goof 3 napja
Might I ask who the fuck puts peanut butter in soup?
Sibusiso Maseko
watch Oculus instead
PokeyWartooth 3 napja
New movie pitch: Cat Scares!!!
MindGames 3 napja
"Oculus" was a cool movie about a mirror, but I was a teenager when I watched it so maybe it's stupid too...?
Brion02 4 napja
'Meanwhile in Ibiza' ... LOL!
spysenseii 4 napja
When he said "theres even a jojo villian that lives in a mirror" that got my attention.
Jeffrey Phillip
Why wouldn’t she take the gun?
John Snow
John Snow 5 napja
Try to shimmy out of the way of the knife?? 🤔🤣🤣👌 have you ever seen saving private Ryan? You're not always shimmy capable lol
Jonathan Wyatt
What a cliche horror movie.
Anya R
Anya R 5 napja
The sequel: In front of you. the demon is back and it's not hiding like some bitch-ass in a mirror, it's standing directly in front of you now
Invalid Character
why did I have to also be named Olivia 🚪🏃
Invalid Character
Wake up. Wake up. RUN RUN HE'S *BEHIND YOU* RUN
Doomchap 6 napja
Fun fact: if you go to a mirror in your house at 3am and yell “Bloody Mary” three times you’ll hear a voice saying “GO THE F@CK BACK TO BED”
Blake Stone
Blake Stone 7 napja
Fuck that stupid stuffed rabbit. I would've told that young bitch to shut the hell up and be glad she's getting rescued.
Rory Moore
Rory Moore 7 napja
Mirrors wasn't bad decent concept execution could be been better but not bad
skiffy mcguggles
nice coat of paint on said mirror and wham bam eat some spam yur gud!
Who the fuck puts peanut butter in a soup?
hi its me again
this movie was painful to watch i cannot believe i actually sat through it
Dylan Dodd
Dylan Dodd 9 napja
There are two enemies that live in the mirror in jojo
Jack E
Jack E 9 napja
7:53 warhammer daemon no seriously
Scuba1915 9 napja
Literally the only one who actually knows how to hold a gun got killed by a 6 year old
Tim Tam
Tim Tam 10 napja
That lockbox is a cheap gimmick toy puzzlebox, I know the exact one
The demon is Neil Breen.
Johnny Allen Shane Prater
So funny when he put mission passed ahahah
DurkDa Perk
DurkDa Perk 11 napja
Mirrors is a good movie though
TenTonNuke 11 napja
This movie has a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. For reference Catwoman has a 9%.
PowersReborn 11 napja
finally a movie ive already watched is on this channel B)
Sophie Jameson
Sophie Jameson 11 napja
Elizabeth, Charles and Camila...is this the royal family?
Kashaun Morris
Kashaun Morris 12 napja
How the fuck did they not have Oculus on that list?
Lillith Siren
Lillith Siren 12 napja
She did it for the lols ....
Angelina's Diamond Art
You should talk about don't blink... its surprisingly good and bad at the same time. Haha
Harcus CGTV
Harcus CGTV 12 napja
Love how you used 'Limmy Show" lol
Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert
Mirror fiction is very common...through the looking class. Have you seen Carpenter's Prince of Darkness?
DanE 13 napja
I don’t like how it has 666k views
Shidoku Nebula
Shidoku Nebula 13 napja
Markiplier was too spooky.
edward allen
edward allen 14 napja
ive enjoyed a few of your videos and this one isnt terrible but theres a major lack of knoledge of the occult that is very present in your dialog. specificly its not a horror thing to say something 3 times its an occult thing witchcraft and such usualy has similar phrases said over and over to convey whatever they be doing. mirrors have always been gateways to another dimension why is it weird that there are 10 movies about it in 20 years . they did literaly 11 helraisers and even more firday the 13ths. I jsut constaly think when i see your reviews hes not wrong on most things but some legit real world lore tie ins completly elude u . also when they feed the girl penut butter its cause the alerrgy that is associatied with it is fatal and can cause death for a few seconds if they do that part right. idk about it working like they showed tho i mean 4 epipens i think if she needed more then one u need to get her to a hospital. and one last thing u litearly ask why does the demon want to posses some one if it cant leave the house. casue it did and can shown by when they litearly leave the house and the litle girl kills the adult.
Indominus Wrex
Indominus Wrex 14 napja
I'm confused... which parent is Beth related to? The dead mom or the absent dad?
N-N YT 14 napja
Reviw final dectenaion!
Joshua Jewell
Joshua Jewell 16 napja
Sorry, but I had to dislike this video. My father was a victim of mirror related death. He saw his reflection and saw he was ugly.
The Mechanic 007
Don't worry there will be behind u origins thts why there's no back story
Violin Kornroller
I liked it for the suspense
Jonathan Hunter
Jonathan Hunter 17 napja
The worst camilla and charles since 1997
Qwetty47 17 napja
Imagine this lady trying to sell the mirrors on Facebook marketplace
Candy Monster
Candy Monster 17 napja
This is why I have a fear of mirrors
Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart 17 napja
Am I the only one who wants these stupid people to die
Noble Vibes rblx
THE WHOLE PLOT IS BEHIND you get it the name is behind u never mind u get it
Nathan Bacavitch
Mirror had me f'd up as a kid
The Senate
The Senate 18 napja
’their aunt is the sister of the girls mother’
Eliwood Nguyen
Eliwood Nguyen 19 napja
Peanut butter in a soup????? Wait what?
123youernt 19 napja
the peoples movie's that Elvis reviews: RANDOM BULLSH!T GO
Dom Bomb04
Dom Bomb04 19 napja
There’s 2 jojo mirror stands hanged man and man In the mirror
Mellow Write
Mellow Write 20 napja
I wish we could just return to slasher stuff at this point. Demon and ghost movies have gotten so disgustingly stale that I might take a movie about a fucking ham sandwich as the main horror movie sub-genre.
Christopher M
Christopher M 20 napja
I just realized the older girl is the little zombie girl from the first episode of The Walking Dead. She needs to fire her agent now.
EmpressObvious 20 napja
There are actually TWO JOJO Villians that use mirrors. Illuso and his Stand, Man in the Mirror in Part 5, which you showed, and J. Geil aka Centerfold and his Stand The Hanged Man in part 3. Good JOJO reference though, I wasn't expecting to see it.
Hiram Abiff
Hiram Abiff 20 napja
(I wrote the bulk of the comment below before I watched the entire video. This movie tries hard to touch on real lore pertaining demons and mirrors, but knowing what I know about the stuff from previously studying it, I find these movies extremely cringy because they often leave you with more questions and needlessly stray from historical inspirations. Pertaining to demons in mirrors for example, I'd have to say that though the CGI is a bit dated now, I thought the scene in Constantine was a lot better because despite being a lot more theatrical for entertainment, it does show how mirrors were commonly used for the purpose of exorcisms to trap evil spirits or demons in real life, or so it has been said at least). Mirrors are something that has always scared people, like standing in the forest late at night; even if we know we aren't likely in any danger, the fear and eerie feeling remains. For many years, people believed when someone died in the home, souls could be trapped in a mirror and would later be seen standing behind you. This fear or superstition was so strong that when someone died, it became tradition throughout the 18-19th centuries for families to cover all mirrors throughout the home with sheets. This was often seen in the days when people did memorial viewings in the their homes because it was a common belief that a persons soul lingered around the body for a short while before moving on. On top of that, many legends and tales exist in relation to seeing reflections, even way before we had larger modern mirrors. Witches and the occult for example, believe you can see things (visions) in mirrors or through the reflection of water in a bowl, often to see into the future such as in the prophecies of Nostradamus. The old superstition that you'll get 7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror was even acknowledged by late Romans who conducted rituals just to remove the "curse". The honest truth is, glass mirrors being first invented around 100AD were extremely fragile, difficult to make and were therefore very expensive. Glass itself has taken hundreds of years to perfect, and even today it is still common to see imperfect glass due to the specific composition of the glass, heat and or pour technique used. This is why homes built in the early 19th century and before, commonly have windows using smaller glass panels that famously have ripples and bubbles in it. With this said, it is understandable why threatening 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror was actually a good method of protecting it.
Plasstyre 21 napja
4:25 Lowkey though, the performance used for this clip was breathtaking, thanks for reminding me about it, Elvis.
Glutius M
Glutius M 21 napja
1123581321 34
1123581321 34 21 napja
I could be wrong, but the line up of epipens that they had in that one scene looked like those tester/practice epipens and not real ones, those are different colors so you don’t accidentally inject yourself for real
An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd
You got something horrifically wrong. An EpiPen is a small dose of epinephrine for anaphylaxis. Epinephrine, the same chemical in EpiPens in case you didn't catch that, is also used for cardiac arrest. 3 EpiPens would be roughly a cardiac dose of epinephrine, the _exact same thing_ that doctors would use to restart a heart that has stopped beating. This means she could have actually completely died, and they restarted her heart. That one part actually makes sense. Do you even do a cursory google search, or do you just list things you don't understand as though they're wrong?
Nuzhar Nur
Nuzhar Nur 21 napja
13:52 jeez, unexpectedly, that startled the heck out of me
Nuzhar Nur
Nuzhar Nur 21 napja
9:24 the dashboard/ glovebox/ gearbox exists for a reason guys Heck, even the pocket things in the doors could have been used
RandomSchitt 22 napja
At least in JoJo, Araki did something creative with the mirror, unlike most horror movies
Inhale The Lipton
The year was scarier than the movie :P
Zoikollo 23 napja
you mean PTXD
frigid anomaly
frigid anomaly 24 napja
Damnit Elvis. My phone was on 3 percent I started this video. It was so immersive that I forgot it was DYING and it died. And I got pissed lmfao. But now I finished and uh- good content my g
M Balazs
M Balazs 24 napja
omg....this is such a bad move idea :D lool
Gabby! 24 napja
Can you do the hills have eyes?
Dergus 25 napja
when he is getting over powered by the demon, why doesn't he just drop the mirror
Jack G1872
Jack G1872 25 napja
Hahahah no chance theres a limmy skit in this video thats class😂😂
Ara 25 napja
There's a movie in my country called Mirror and the premise is that when people is about to die their reflection won't show in a mirror. I was a kid when i saw that (not fully so idk what's actually going on) and I'm scared to look into the mirror for a good while
Kristoff Morales
"Right behind you" -spytf2 oMg is tHiS a tF2 rEfeReNCe Btw why are mirror always bad? Mirrors are awesome
Trey Gibson
Trey Gibson 26 napja
9:15 better not look at the rear view mirror.
Lt. Sloth
Lt. Sloth 26 napja
that Revolver looks like a S&W 500, or something similar. that Nurse with i presume little no no Firearms training has a higher chance of hurting herself with it than anyone else xD and that Kid tryina Fire it would probably break her own wrist and knock herself out with it. fucking Ludicrous, that thing has fractured peoples wrists and shit with its recoil because that couldn't handle it properly...
Pant Onium
Pant Onium 26 napja
ngl, the base story could be interesting, a demon you can only see with miror, kinda cool, the lady has a creepy obsession with the devil that killed her sister, sure why not. But the execution god...
fortkit 1
fortkit 1 27 napja
No it's stuck in the mirror so then it can leave with in the body
Jianna Sandoval
Jianna Sandoval 29 napja
She should've just spray painted the mirrors. 🤷🏻‍♀️ That stuff NEVER comes off
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Hónapja
Mirrors are cool concepts. Best mirror horror movie? Oculus
Mr. JelloSalad
Mr. JelloSalad Hónapja
You fool! There are 2 Jojo villians that live in mirrors
Deliverer of Darkness, Shogun of Sorrow
Maybe it was holy peanut butter?
Wake Up
Wake Up Hónapja
“There’s even a jojo villain that lives in a mirror” yes Elvis ....... just one
justice mwandiwanza
9:24 there is no way that girl has a 50/50 chance of going to the backseat 🤣🤣
Luna Hercine
Luna Hercine Hónapja
Let's make a movie of this cliche but what's in the mirror is naked girls. The main character turns around and the ladies are gone. He then has a break down and his life spirals out of control. As he realizes the ladies were not there to have unprotected sex with him. I'm thinking Nick Cage is perfect for the lead roll.
identifies as a saxophone
My brothers friends cousins mothers brothers siblings uncle is an exorcist and so i can 100% confirm that they use peanut butter to ward off demons
identifies as a saxophone
1:44 Theres 2, actually
Rustic Duck
Rustic Duck Hónapja
Two jojo villains actually
Giantbaldbird Hónapja
The sequel reveals that the monster is secretly dormamu
Pancake Hónapja
Joey Hawbaker
Joey Hawbaker Hónapja
I'm wondering why they: A) they didn't get rid of the mirrors (like you did) and B) why Claire and Olivia's aunt and uncle live in the house in the first place if there is a demon there
Duda Binder
Duda Binder Hónapja
OMG I KNEW I RECOGNIZED THE AUNT IT'S JAN BROBERG (there's a documentary about her called Abducted in Plain Sight, one of the craziest stories I've ever seen). I'm so glad to see her, I hope she was good in the movie.
kii whee
kii whee Hónapja
Maybe aunt beth saw Occulus and said "nu uh nope fuck that....I'm just gonna put some wall paper over this shit and call it a day.." LOL!!!! seriously though this movie really did suck and I really DID try to find the good in it, but the aunts face at the end ....with the smoke puff demon...hahahahahahaha priceless!
Michael Hayden
Michael Hayden Hónapja
Unexpected Jojo reference
Major Hónapja
Am I the only one wondering why no one tried an exorcism?
Levi Hónapja
What if the monster was in front of you the whole time!
the scariest mirror movie out of the mirror movies is mirrors
Rainbow Girl
Rainbow Girl Hónapja
Erik, King of the Rats
There are /multiple/ Jojo villains that live in mirrors
BTGOTEXO127 Hónapja
wait..how is beth their aunt if the other sister was killed when she was like 7??? were there 3 sisters?
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