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Battlefield 2042 | Battlefield Portal Official Trailer 

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andron bryce S. lozada
World war 2 versus modern vs future let's go oooooooo
Akatsuki 6 órája
In real life all we have to do with are modern technology is constantly bomb them No men needed Just heat speakers and all and I mean all types of missiles
Hi 10 órája
Gotta bring the blimp too
Saf 11 órája
That's it I'm buying the game
Reptile XI
Reptile XI 12 órája
Such a shame it won't have a campaign, therefor no buy for me
Michele Big G
Michele Big G 49 perccel
Nobody wants a campaign at Bf 2042😎😎
Collateral Damage Gaming
Love it. Also love to see BF Bad Company reference
37A 13 órája
1:57 This part is beautiful. WW2-Era soldiers sent to the future and one staring at the burning city being fought with futuristic looking weapons they never seen before
Orion Smith
Orion Smith 17 órája
Cant wait to use ww1 era weaponry against modern day soldiers
Mirza Khalid
Mirza Khalid 18 órája
Should have been named BATTLEFIELD HELL - where soldiers throughout history come into one place to fight against each other for eternity
Cee 22 órája
DaRulez Lulez
The german soldier at the end should've screamed "TELEFONMAST"
FreakyDude Napja
i know where i am going to play now... i will be in portal all the time...
SL Legend
SL Legend Napja
Battlefield 2042 delayed until 2022 February 22
wtf bbq
wtf bbq Napja
People are acting so hyped for Portal, and it's a cool idea for sure, yet nobody plays on any servers that have mods/tweaks as it is. Hell, there aren't even servers running the supported game modes that are included in BF5 (Squad Conquest, Domination, Airborne, Outpost, even Grand Operations is super rare) it's 90% Conquest and 10% Breakthrough games. I just don't see it happening where there's multiple full servers of 128 players playing some random game mode that some random dude invented. Maybe in the first month or two of launch, but give it 6 months and the only *populated* mode will be nothing but Conquest again =/ Just like nobody played Halo with player-made Forge maps/tweaks. Less than a year after release the only mode you could get games in was the standard multiplayer queue. (Unless you had a group of friends to fill your server who wanted to play your custom mode ofc, but I'm talking about open servers running tweaks/custom settings... nobody joins.. much less 128 players)
Ramon Fortunato
i love WAR!
umloucobr Napja
Claudio Rapadura
Qdo vai sai a versão pra Android
pikachumbo 21 órája
O bf2042 e seus modos portal e hazard zone n irão estar disponíveis para celular. É o bf mobile q estará disponível para celular
What’s with the delay DICE?!! I paid for early access for the ultimate edition. This is unacceptable, if you want to win the gamers that have been playing battlefield from the very beginning, supporting your franchise GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!
6666 Napja
Wow nice trailer, Delay 1 month
Gamboa Napja
cant wait to light some azzes up love battlefield games!!!!
Urban Expansion
Someone pls explain whats going on
yyzGarth Napja
IDLES make this trailer
Hugh Jassoul
Hugh Jassoul 2 napja
I’m just imagining that all the parts of the timeline are all canonically connected by a portal, and that’s the meaning behind the word.
Peter Gunther
Peter Gunther 2 napja
This needs vietnam
DJT C 2 napja
Dice are idiots
DJT C 2 napja
@TheKidFromDevon I think you should go back to school buddy. Lol. It's They're .. "Their" means possessive.. as in "their" orange or their apple.
No their not
F Aditya
F Aditya 2 napja
BakerTheDavid 2 napja
Care to explain?
PureAmerican 2 napja
I didn’t think this was battlefield until the launched the vehicle with c4 in to a quadcopter
aiboyswich 3 napja
Which old original game are you going to remake? Dice: *yes*
south killa
south killa 3 napja
I think bf is dead
zeuWinder 2 napja
Yeah i think bf is dead too , you know why ? because they are ded.
Mikhail Preiman
Отлично, именно об этом я мечтал - столкновение эпох, особенно WW2. / Excelent, that's exactly what I dreamed about - encounter of epochs, especially WW2.
Greg Marcial
Greg Marcial 3 napja
Wow this is cool, from mid WW2 to Modern day
Greg Marcial
Greg Marcial 3 napja
Or to the future
Awoken Strasserist
I've never been happier with a game developer in my life. Stop trying to sell is on realism your a video game go wild be creative this is amazing.
Awoken Strasserist
Ik its not. but my point is I think video games started taking them selves to seriously.
Tayfun Öksüzoğlu
Bf is nowhere near realistic though...
Kemar Hammond
Kemar Hammond 3 napja
Hmmm would be nice if weapons customization was sort of all out, like being able to use long barrels with suppressors, and changing the stock etc. From the vids i've seen doesn't seem to be the case though sigh
3 napja
i tried to say vanguard will be better than this. i tried convincing myself but this looks great. im gonna buy this instead.
Sebastian Sromek
okay we're mid way into September can we just get a dam date for the beta - yeah 22nd I saw the leaks but what about the general public that would be interested in knowing - I'm sure letting there be time to spread the word would be beneficial...
Pickle 2 napja
@PaC Pac is dead. Micheal K. Williams, the voice actor of Irish, is dead.
PaC 3 napja
Bro If you seen exodus short film than you knew that Irish is dead
Rafael Gonzalez
But I don’t have a PS5 yet…
:$lash 4 napja
I want Battlefield to be offline cause the same people made offline for star wars battlefront Please make it happen
James Aurora
James Aurora 4 napja
EL CHICANO 4 napja
Antonio6579 4 napja
Damm, those bad company 2 maps give me so much nostalgia.
the letter 56
the letter 56 4 napja
Feel so blessed to see a supermarine spitfire make an appearance, sucks some American shot it or something. But in all honesty that's one beefy plane to catch up to what I think is an f22 which should be going roughly 7 times as fast
Matty Ice
Matty Ice 4 napja
from 0:06 deadwood should start
DrumtotheBass Woop
64 vs 64 is just going to be utter pandemonium :0
text to speech
No one : History channels in the morning:
Vice Admiral Cole
This is gonna be amazing
Chi121 4 napja
ZiPang looking really different
RedXD 8
RedXD 8 5 napja
Cant wait to launch a tiger tank onto an ac-130
Don't you dare go hollow
1:42 that was soooo cool. Imma try that on my cat. Edit: my cat went back to Hell, I'm grounded and have no Xbox anymore.
preston Gaming
So the amount of customization I just saw gave me a heart attack especially that there’s backpacks now? I think that’s pretty cool I always love the World War II games and now there’s modern era games as well all in one
Julian Seguin
Julian Seguin 5 napja
Dice abandoning realism? *THIS MEANS WAR!*
DANZX FF 5 napja
need for speed undergroud remake please
Bingus supremacy
I just searched "ww2" and this pop up
Commander Tiger 2
Idk why are there Germans in the 19s and modern weapons
Doughboy Productions
Legit the history channel at 3am
Shirou 6 napja
Gadelha 6 napja
Noshar Canals TDM 500 Kills
Michael 6 napja
I cant see any Battlefield Heroes Characters, im displeased. xD
Zalman 7 napja
Это будет бомба!
Alan R
Alan R 7 napja
Imagine this: saint Quentin scar and/or passchendaele, 128 players same map size. The monstrosity of a match it could be.
Kevin 7 napja
Can we just go out of our way to respect the WW2 soldiers fighting armies decades more advanced then they are?
They made a cinematic video of the Community's antics, WOW!!!
Silvestre Vg
Silvestre Vg 7 napja
MCMC 7 napja
When battlefield 5 fails so you shoehorn it in to a good game
Enrico Righi
Enrico Righi 8 napja
Titan mode?
gia huy nguyen kim
I'm ready for a realistic milsim server with 1-2 bodyshot with wide open maps, basically budget squad
DoomGuy MLY
DoomGuy MLY 8 napja
F22 raptor get chase by ww2 plane. That cute
Pickle 2 napja
forze gaming
forze gaming 8 napja
I love how battlefield just embraces the ridiculous tactics that the players make it's just beautiful
demonsluger 8 napja
Finally they have understood that they have a game and can have over the top crazy fun with it too.
Shayan Ahmed
Shayan Ahmed 8 napja
All bf's compiled into 1
ToxicJackTwT 9 napja
This game is gonna be hella fun... Goodbye social life
ZenkaiWorld 9 napja
This trailer will never get old.
Aidan McCarthy
Why is it that I’m sick of “future” warfare games, and yet this game actually looks kinda sick, including this Portal thing?
Michael Mizzell
Well it looks like you could make a server on a new 2042 map set but then use say, BF3 or BF4 character sets, which is perfect to me. I love BF3+4 the most and still play it on occasion.
Ditcah Studios
battlefield bad company 3 has been confirmed
Baba O'Really
Baba O'Really 9 napja
It's DICE LA it's going to suck.
THR33 5IX 9 napja
I wanna see a Sherman shoot a Jet out of the sky
K 9 napja
It's battlefield 4 and 5 combined
Grenin 9 napja
This game is going to be good worth more than 60 maybe
Reck 9 napja
Bruh the army of EOD bots 😂
Agent XIX
Agent XIX 9 napja
This is going to be chaos i love it
Aguz Wahyudi
Aguz Wahyudi 9 napja
Lol that knife vs Shocker was hilarious
Akazhi 9 napja
Esto es HERMOSO.
A M 9 napja
Looks awesome. Can't wait to get on there and kick all your f****** asses
M11Production 9 napja
Can we all just give Dice a huge respect button for keeping the community alive by actually doing the stuff that we players made in the game? Thanks to us who play battlefield, by keeping the community alive when we're creating new memes inside of the game and thanks to Dice to actually keep on going and making this into a really twisted gamemode, which not many companys would dare to do. I just get the feeling that everyone who worked on battlefield have the same twisted mind when it comes to making fun gamemodes and making creative ideas to brighten everything up as we do!! Amen 🙏😂
JPXVD 9 napja
I like how soldier on 1:57 looking at the new buildings, which looks pretty cool, kinda when you see the cool future things
Reaper Of the North
idk what it is. can you play different games in each lobby? or what?
Raúl Antuña
Raúl Antuña 8 napja
@Reaper Of the North you won't have to
Reaper Of the North
@gas mask gaming sadly i hope its not like you have to buy previous games first in order to do this
gas mask gaming
Yep in this mode
Samuel O'Brien
Samuel O'Brien 10 napja
PenNut 10 napja
Now this, this is a Battlefield.
edbo10 10 napja
oh man back are the days of turning people into tracer dart christmas trees lol also wonder if battlefield vietnam and the bad company 2 vietnam dlc are going to be in it?
Eggbag 10 napja
I hope content from BF4 and Hardline is added too. Would be fun as hell to have a squad of Phantom bows and harpoon guns/mammoth guns.
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 10 napja
I always wanted to fight in the Austro-Hungarian Army against modern American soldiers wielding M4s
Connor Hallums
Connor Hallums 10 napja
Random Collective
Rest In Piece - Michael K. Williams (AKA) Capitan Kimble "Irish" Graves, You are a legend on and off screen it was an honour serving with you my brother ower missions will live on forever and go down in history missed forever but never forgotten Tombstone Signing Off...
why do I exist?
why do I exist? 10 napja
One thing that could’ve made this trailer better was to have a neebs cameo
Oğuzhan Özdemir
history channels at night :
Javier Estavillo
Why is nobody mentioning the short dogfight between a fighter jet and an older military plane? I love that concept
Officer Sofer
Officer Sofer 10 napja
Imagine just normally bombing tge enemy with your stealth jet and a zeppelin straight up comes out of nowhere.
Officer Sofer
Officer Sofer 10 napja
Everyone's gangsta until the britsh landship wins against the M1 ABRAMS
Prince Donnell Hopgood
Rest in peace Michael K. Williams AKA Irish
Just nothing
Just nothing 10 napja
Fun fact prop top speed is jet stall speed