ANIARA - A Masterpiece You Haven't Seen 

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I normally don't make videos on movies I like, but this one didn't get the exposure it deserves. I totally understand if you decide not to watch this video and instead watch the movie for yourself (available on Amazon Prime). It'd be cool if you came back to this video afterwards though :) . In some ways this movie is more relevant now since most people feel shut off from the world due to the pandemic. I appreciate all of you that support what I do, it means a lot.
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Kia Picanto
Kia Picanto 5 órája
Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember... But where are those who share the memory?
Ebay Account
The CCP did this IRL
xominty 2 napja
thats just.... crazy
Luxi Vec
Luxi Vec 3 napja
Imagine being the last one alive on the ship
PFI RedNinja
PFI RedNinja 3 napja
Man, that ending gets me every time, I love the final time jump
This movie fucked me up, I was not aware of the complete mind fuck that I was getting myself into, It beats out the ending of The Mist or the Road.
Kiki B
Kiki B 3 napja
Soooooo depressing but soooooo good. Can't wait to finish learning Spanish so I can read the poem it's based on! *English translation is hard af to find and insanely expensive...Spanish Kindle was $10 on Amazon 😉.
Oliver Jovanovic
Knowing people went through holocausts, famines, and piles of misery, this makes a very unbelievable concept. We are far from fragile beings the movie tries to portray. Also very poorly designed conflict with captain. In challenging situation like this, both sides can have strong a arguments for their side, but they made a stupid villain of him. The movie is dressed to look like a hard scifi, but ended up being very superficial for me.
Greta 7 napja
So what's the difference between the Aniara and the giant rock we're standing on? Nothing.
kanna sucks
kanna sucks 8 napja
i wonder why i’ve never heard of this movie... (i’m swedish and i like science fiction movies)
Johnny McWilliams
Interesting, almost
Dillon Mcculley
Dillon Mcculley 10 napja
40k world wide wtd
Johnny Allen Shane Prater
It's like every episode of black mirror all at once.. Crazyy
Edward Dodge
Edward Dodge 12 napja
Very deep movie. Most people won't go for something this dark and this slow though. Still wondering what was in the rescue rocket. Spoiler: this isn't a space travel movie. It's a time travel movie and the ship is a metaphor for Earth's modern technological society.
Angela Nova
Angela Nova 12 napja
I’m not a huge fan of movies like this. Idk, for some reason I have trouble relating to people on futuristic space ships!
Attila Balogh
Attila Balogh 12 napja
And please check out one of the best prog metal bands in history that created eargasmic music about this story in an epic 30min long track in 2010: Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape. :)
Vincenc Max Ureš
I really felt bad for the captain. He was in a horrible position since day1.
Sexy clips by ur dad Cole
As long as there was football, video games, and friends bruh I could live and die in that ship
Lindsay Stough
Lindsay Stough 12 napja
Stan 13 napja
Its region locked sadly, only US residents can watch it via prime ;/
Liz Barry
Liz Barry 13 napja
Hey thanks for this. How long is it? So many storyline. I believe in reincarnation. The more sci-fi I watch, the more I hope I'm not reincarnated into these bleak futures. Hope I go to another planet! A nice one!
Shima Shimanoseki
They Mima system sucks, when it basically committed suicide. And it's sound like a horrible idea to dump all fuel in one go. Sounds like it should have been located on different parts of ship with zero risk of chain reaction
DanielDupernex 14 napja
Thank you for bringing attention to this film.
Stroud 15 napja
this kind of movie is ten times more terrifying than any horror movie
The shot of the algae wasn't to show that the algae reserves were running low -- it was to show that the algae was contaminated. There's a scene earlier in the movie at the algae farm where they talk about what the algae should look like, and that the brown they use as an example is no good. The captain's lies help doom the people of the ship. He keeps giving false hope which, when revealed to be nothing, causes the morale to drop even moreso than if the people were given the truth in the first place. His initial statement of 2 years. Telling everyone that there was a rescue probe with fuel when he had no idea what it was and what was on it. Even his choice to force the Mima to keep runnning even though he was warned it very likely would break, and then when it does break to punish MR. The captain crippled the ship just as much as any collision would have.
m.a 16 napja
It's too much. Smart, but not making peace with reality.
LetsPlayThomme 17 napja
I loved this movie, too. Another one that I liked that is in a similar vein but much less serious is 3022. You might like that.
Marconi Santana
Marconi Santana 17 napja
this is terrifying
My Name Isn't Important
Probably don't want to watch this if you're still depressed from all of the events of 2020. It's a bummer.
ikram khiari
ikram khiari 18 napja
Ive had very specific, vivid dream about a similar setting !!!!
Metonymy1979 18 napja
I love movies that don't have models as leads.
Jeronimo mod
Jeronimo mod 18 napja
🤔 OMG. I need one of those face down pillows🤷‍♂️❤
Ghostshot990 18 napja
I really like the idea of such a small problem causing such chaos.
Danny Wilkinson
Danny Wilkinson 18 napja
Why is this movie rated so low? It looks like a masterpiece
Kapten Hiu
Kapten Hiu 19 napja
This is a great movie not because it's depressing, but because it puts us, humans, on cosmic perspectives. Not against monsters, alien invasion, or rouge asteroids, but against space and time itself. This movie demonstrate everything that we care about in the end doesn't even matter. Our tools, hatred, hopes, dreams, hard work, family, and even our species were gone by the end of the movie.
Hi Im Jerry
Hi Im Jerry 19 napja
Imagine driving a computer to suicide
Kerrick Doesnt want to
Me, an intellectual, who has seen it
MIKAL 20 napja
Many people mistake "depressing" for "OMG What a great movie".
Tuni Scott
Tuni Scott 21 napja
I saw it a few months ago n way taken back. What a great movie.
roachezmo 21 napja
This review is what got me to watch the movie. Easily one of the greatest movies I've ever seen and currently one of my favorites. Thanks Elvis.
Joseph Katz
Joseph Katz 22 napja
i saw this a while ago, and i loved it
Actressintrain Bri
I watched this and it has been such a long time I forgot how it ended but damn I knew I forgot for a reason because PAIN and being in covid and lockdown since things won’t ever be the same it really effects me watching stuff like this now
zerp blerd
zerp blerd 24 napja
thanks for the suggestion! will check out the original first
Matt H
Matt H 26 napja
We’re all just a bunch of hairless apes on an organic spaceship hurdling through space with no purposeful destination.
William Wallace
William Wallace 27 napja
Those are some "Perfect" tunes in the background of the vid.
Jess Christiansen
Shoals The screeching oak planks and the sudden shock announce the gale has pushed them too far east, trapping the whaler on a hidden rock - the broken molar of a howling beast. She’s listing port. He knows what he should do: furl sails and cut the masts before she tips, supply and board the boats. Then what? The crew awaits the first command from his pursed lips. At best they’ll reach Tahiti. Odds are narrow they’ll find it, though. He braces for the worst: short straws, scraped femurs cracked to suck the marrow, exposure, madness, all-consuming thirst, until their blood congeals and sets them free. He grasps the rail and stares into the sea. By Stephen Scaer
Mr Crompsky
Mr Crompsky 27 napja
So this is where Mima went
Szyperak 27 napja
I've seen this movie, feeling silly yet Elvis?
jalbaugh24 29 napja
What was the spear though
D P Hónapja
this movie would make a cool manga
Kelly Kapowski
Kelly Kapowski Hónapja
3 months turning into 3 years sounds like lockdown
Levi Josipovic
Levi Josipovic Hónapja
This movie is great but couldn’t they just use the escape pods if they don’t have them that was there fault that they died
Enclosed Grand Dad
I'm so glad that someone with a large following here on HUtown is talking about this film. I remember looking for a good horror film to watch on Hulu one night last fall, and I spotted Aniara and thought, "Oh, this seems interesting." But after I saw it, I felt like I found a hidden gem in a sea of mediocrity.
Tier lll
Tier lll Hónapja
Another video is not within our lifespan
ammar farras
ammar farras Hónapja
This, and Melancholia (2011) gave me deppression and cosmic horror vibes. i mean i feel like empty and kinda shiver through my body just by thinking if i'm in that situation. really good movie
GuitarsAre LikeStupid
This was great. MIMA was one creepy piece of technology.
King of Rivia
King of Rivia Hónapja
H0nestly it was decent but it wasnt really good - i know its supposed to be deep etc. but i think its also just kinda lazy when there is not a single plot twist
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Hónapja
Such a cool looking movie! I will definitely watch it. I loved how you broke it down, great video. Thanks for introducing me to this movie.
Draconic Vanguard
Okay I just have to say: this highly advanced spacecraft, no doubt built by the best engineers, is taken out completely by a *single* screw? Was there no protection on the most important part of the ship?? LOL
Joseph LaPlant
Joseph LaPlant Hónapja
I need to see this movie. It looks amazing. My only thing is, if i was the captain and i heard we would have to jettison our fuel right after i did a course correct. I would use what ever time i had to correct course and risk blowing up the ship. Itd be better letting everyone die a quick death then put them through that. Side note, futurama covered your question why they didnt ask for help. If they were going at full speed when they started drifting, they would never slow down. So if they sent a rescue ship it would be going at the same speed and never catch up. Add in the fact it would take hours if not days for transmissions to be received. So they would also just have too much of a head start. After their lost though. My best guess would of been to blow up the ship. Seal the hull and find what ever they could blow up. You would lose part of the ship, but the explosion might of been enough to change course back towards our solar system. If not they would of died faster, which in my book would of been a bonus as opposed to decaying ship cults.
Brooklyn Wetzel
Brooklyn Wetzel Hónapja
Have you checked out the poem it was based on?
Cit Sol
Cit Sol Hónapja
This is why I would never want to go into space I think I'd rather die on earth lol.
Beni Fahr
Beni Fahr Hónapja
I love watching this Video knowing no-one knows the movie while I literally thought the same about it as you
Douglas Harley
Douglas Harley Hónapja
*10/10* easily the best movie i've seen since "get out".
george sebele
george sebele Hónapja
Shit this is mad depressing. Cant watch it twice.
Tommy Sands
Tommy Sands Hónapja
this movie sucks!!!!!!!!
MysticJP Hónapja
This movie gave me an existential crisis for an hour so I'd give the movie a 10/10
MysticJP Hónapja
I honestly was in shock when I saw the 5,000,000 year card
Absolut Hónapja
I actually turned this video off halfway through because I realized that I needed to watch this film without knowing the whole plot. This was one of the best films I have seen in the past few years!
Mixed Martial Anime
Theres a happy version of this starring chris pratt and jennifer lawrence.
S1lm6 5
S1lm6 5 Hónapja
This movie is amazing. I suggest anyone who saw this video still watches it, there is so much good acting and its filled with emotional moments that are definitly worth expiriencing even if you know the ending. Its such a great movie and i am disappointed not more people know about this masterpiece.
I have.
Joel Nilsson
Joel Nilsson Hónapja
I have not seen the movie, but I did read the epic poem in high school. To this day, it is one of the greatest books I have ever read. It's a forgotten classic, and it deserves much more recognition than it's given.
KA ZS Hónapja
I knew about Aniara because the album "Tiara" from Seventh Wonder. One of their song says "Unlike Aniara, you won`t fall to your demise" (refering to Tiara, earth's new hope). This is an album wich concep it's the same, false hope and depressing ending. Just saying.
Starry Hónapja
I'm aware that I am an earthly being, unable and unready to perceive the vastness of space. I believe if I was meant for it, then I'd be able to do those things but I am not. I would rather die here on Earth to the violent tides of it's natural cycles than in black nothingness of open space. Earth brought me into this life, and it will bring me out of it.
Turing Machine
Turing Machine Hónapja
Such a good flick. Has stuck with me for weeks.
Vancore Hónapja
I think you hit the nail on the head as escapism and hope being something humans can't really live without. Religion has been with us for a long time, probably ever since we started thinking practically and started making stuff. It makes total sense that M.R. joins the cult in the end as making the ship a home has gone out the window, and the cult is the only source offering hope. So ya, sign up, stay 'Sane' and wait for the end. Its too bad they were not able to figure a way to a planet but I'm unsure how good that would have been. They could have figured a way to continually live on the ship but they didn't put any resources into that. Anyway depressing flick about the end of humanity. Also, I think M.R. did a oopsie by reminding everyone of what they left behind. That glimmer of remembrance is sometimes the trigger to set off people in deep depression and yea, they might kill themselves and their child cause 'They will only live a life on this ship' and that's sad and unbearable.
frank facts
frank facts Hónapja
The only hope for mankind is to rid itself of militaries
WG Hónapja
Am i the only one who wants elvis to talk abaut the movies he liked and not just roast the shit out of the bad ones :/
Dario George
Dario George Hónapja
A feel good movie ... damn.
duudsuufd Hónapja
They always forget that people need connection with nature. Even if its no more than ornamental plants in a pot. In Sci-Fi movies we often see 'advanced civilizations' with only buildings and floating vehicles. People can not (happily) live with only tech. A planet with a really advanced society should have parks and trees everywhere. The builders of these spaceships should include greenhouses with some smaller animals in it like hamsters, ducks or parakeets. Better for a human mind than a computer introducing happiness in your brain. Maybe they made this movie to make the viewers aware of the most important things that we should miss out in this situation. But I have not seen the movie. Btw I don't know how the YT algorithm took me here because I don't watch movies (average one every 2 years).
Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn Hónapja
I hope you dooremovies you like elvis brother
Janeen Febles
Janeen Febles Hónapja
Cant wait to watch this! Review 'The Void'
Vlad the Wild
Vlad the Wild Hónapja
Could have fast forwarded to when the algea evolved.. would've been less of a bummer
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker Hónapja
we got space travel to mars but nobody, not one person thought about putting in a reverse option
og k
og k Hónapja
Ignorance is bliss
og k
og k Hónapja
I had a minor panic attack as every year passed
og k
og k Hónapja
Jiffy Pineapple
Jiffy Pineapple Hónapja
Did they all die? ( they ptobally did but just asking)
Jiffy Pineapple
Jiffy Pineapple Hónapja
What happens when they finally reach that selestial body?
Salty Syren
Salty Syren Hónapja
this movie just makes me wanna cry.
Dwayne White
Dwayne White Hónapja
What’s interesting about this film is how humans lose hope so quickly, and instead of using their time to try and keep things up running; they just allow themselves to die. Had they stopped worrying and lived their lives, and actually pulled together to focus on fixing their situation; they would have lived long full lives and brought forth new generations. Instead; they lost themselves to hopelessness; holding onto a past and a world that they could never be a part of again...ever; not even on Mars. This is why interstellar travel would be such a problem to begin with. If we were to leave our planet to explore a outside of our galaxy; we would never actually see our destination. It would be our distant ancestors who actually have that honor. The rest of our lives would be spent on spaceship in a completely communist society; where everything from the our jobs to the number of children we’re allowed to have is already predetermined.
Keta Hónapja
Bro this mad me have an existential crisis
Andres Rangel
Andres Rangel Hónapja
HBO ripped off this book
sweet heart
sweet heart Hónapja
sounds like a beautiful movie but the dread i felt just from watching this review makes me hesitant on ever watching it. being devoid of any significance , floating endlessly into the vastness of space is terrifying. i’d like not to think about that lol.
Bizarre GioGio
Bizarre GioGio Hónapja
I dunno guys seems like a depressing version of SAO
psybunny Hónapja
This movie was sooo good.
Certainly11 Suspenseful22
Imagine being the last person alive on the ship
Andres Tapia
Andres Tapia Hónapja
Credit to this movie, any other film maker would’ve EASILY made the Captain the villain and have this be a huge action movie or something else. This movie is a trip!
Erik Finkel
Erik Finkel Hónapja
bruh been watching your vids last few days. smart fun engaging. good shit
alan mcclure
alan mcclure Hónapja
Not such a bad ship, as there was like a many year supply of alcohol, funny hey packed enough booze and not enough food.
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