Alpha Pack opening but there's ONLY LEGENDARY AND EPIC PACKS! 

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93% 428 000 32 000

Once again, we are opening HUNDREDS of alpha packs and not showing any commons. Enjoy just Epic, Legendary, and rare alpha packs. Let's hope we can get some black ice!

Don't miss out on the limited Black Ice IDOT hoodies and t shirts.

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Marley 9 hónapja
THE MERCH IS LIVE! www.marleyclothing.com/
lol Hónapja
video was posted a day before my birthday
Lucax-kun Hónapja
Its R$235,74 in Brasil and the mask is R$78,58 its sad
GBELEECK 2 hónapja
Man u soo unlucky 5:40 this skin i got from my first pack and i didnt even know how to equip it :D
JAnderson 0007
JAnderson 0007 3 hónapja
Sarhat Gardi
Sarhat Gardi 3 hónapja
500 comment
Azure the Snek
Azure the Snek 12 órája
I am a snake actually Thank you Dom
Solar Taco
Solar Taco 15 órája
They should make white ice the ice is backwards so white into blue from the stock it should have a white mple leaf for all the guns after operation black ice
Nixon Keeton
I have one black ice :(
Bananão Delas
NioNic Wolf
NioNic Wolf 2 napja
I have been click baited it said orange and purple bit Marley says orange purple AND BLUE
mhm 3 napja
wamai is cool
sharon poeppel
Buck black ice
chad bubb
chad bubb 4 napja
My best luck was 3 purple in a row. The order of what i got. R4c black ice, c8 black ice, and f8 black ice
Julian Griffiths
1:50 definetly not stolen from star wars
Kapow Kapok
Kapow Kapok 5 napja
I have the ump45 black ice
Buck black ice
Dizzy Indeed
Dizzy Indeed 5 napja
Subscribing to this channel does increase black ice chance. I got glaz black ice after subbing
Squiddy 5 napja
Buck primarty
-`Katt's ! Shrine`-
Bucks primary assult rifle? Naw that aint gonna happen. *the gods with have your luck stripped from you*
Its true i subbed from this vid and got mp5k black ice
Upcoming bullets
Black opps skin
Funkyfreshkb 6 napja
Bucks primary assault rifle
Ayden Helms
Ayden Helms 7 napja
Bucks primary assault rifle
Axt Chaos
Axt Chaos 7 napja
22:09 but not that one....
Nos Gaming
Nos Gaming 7 napja
Buck primary asuault rifle black ice (i dont believe) :/
Greg Laurie
Greg Laurie 8 napja
Juan. Is. Best.
Pog Six
Pog Six 8 napja
1:48 kinda looks like mandolorian from star wars
Rose 9 napja
i know this is an old vid but dont worry my first primary black ice was 417 at level 120 or something like that
Domykas 3000
Domykas 3000 10 napja
I got kapkans black ice in 2 weeks xdd
Butter _Melon
Butter _Melon 10 napja
Idk if he has the sledge black ice but I kinda feel like flexing a bit
Alex Dambra
Alex Dambra 11 napja
The funny thing is when I was watching this my friend opened an alpha pack and got glazes primary black ice and u said u wanted glazes black ice
Sub2 -Libra-Yt
Sub2 -Libra-Yt 11 napja
Thirmite black ice
matthew infante
matthew infante 12 napja
do you have the F2 black ice marley cause if you don't then I do and I also got bucks primary black ice srry
Matthieu Gerard
Matthieu Gerard 12 napja
I have an L85A2 Black ice hope you get yours mate
Blue 125
Blue 125 13 napja
425k likes!?!?!?!1
hyper gamer13x
hyper gamer13x 13 napja
Ordered it a year ago still didn't get idot merchandise I got scammed
Delise Lewis
Delise Lewis 14 napja
IMEFVI±±±±±± §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§KKKKK§KK§K§K§K§K§K§K§KK§K§K§K§K§K§KK§K§K§K§KK§K§K§K§K§§KK§K§K§K§K§K§K§K§K§KK§K§M§K§K§K§K§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§KK§K§K§K§K§K§K§§K§K§K§K§K§K§K§K§K§K§K§K§KK§§KK§K§K§K§K§K§§K§K§
torren torren
torren torren 14 napja
Buck black ice
Charon Li
Charon Li 15 napja
Believe in the Juan
Kashout-gods 15 napja
buck black ice
Inotna52 16 napja
If they added Juan black ice it’d be so hot the ice would melt
ruhi kulkarni
ruhi kulkarni 16 napja
The fortunate confirmation beverly knot because columnist clearly complain athwart a utopian ex-husband. faithful, ambitious ketchup
joseph schroeder
Sledge black ice
Jus Landen
Jus Landen 16 napja
Play 25:40 at .25 speed, it sounds like a village being crudely murdered
Lehi Vera
Lehi Vera 16 napja
It really does lol
keith johnson
keith johnson 17 napja
Nightwolf and Bunni
I just got my first black ice last night
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 18 napja
The only primary black ice I have is for glaz 😂
Cbx_boi 18 napja
Ace ak
Cbx_boi 18 napja
Black ice
Christian Bastos
Black ice
That One Dude
That One Dude 18 napja
When I clicked on the video I got a vans ad that said “the ultimate waffle” sign?
Mad Bruv
Mad Bruv 18 napja
Okay... I can calculate exactly how many cards he started with. I've never seen other footage but this one and it's all I need. If we know that he has 30 minutes worth of only blues, purples, and gold's................... He has a lot. I mean holy shit. He had more cards than most tik tokers iq amount. Oh wait he says. It's 395
Pink RVG
Pink RVG 19 napja
Thermite utility headgear,
Mason Villarreal
Charles Matthews
Leon Godfrey
Leon Godfrey 19 napja
I enjoy his misery 🤣🤣
Billy bob
Billy bob 19 napja
Lol I always watch you and I was watching you one day, and I opened an alpha pack, bam, got R4C black ice lol, love you Marley
Nathan Buda.
Nathan Buda. 19 napja
I’m lvl 107 and still no black ice, I’m kind of used to it now.
FadedShadowYT 20 napja
game_fuse 20 napja
I just started playing rainbow again not that long ago and the first pack I ever opened was sledges black ice primary
Chance Pyeatt
Chance Pyeatt 20 napja
My first was glaz
gamingtotheMAX 21 napja
Bucks ass- dang it to slow
Abby May
Abby May 21 napja
mp7 black ice
national. chaxx
national. chaxx 21 napja
Buck primary
joseph morrison
joseph morrison 22 napja
I got ump black ice last night it's my first one
Jameson Mazy
Jameson Mazy 22 napja
black ice
Joe Savoie
Joe Savoie 23 napja
..... The Ak12... and Kapkans smg..... those are my top 2 favorites I NEED this next pack opening im doing 200 packs.... can't wait
ItzMane 23 napja
The blasphemoushd clip when he gets the kapkan black ice
Phildiop 23 napja
I got L85 black ice at like my 3rd black ice
Kyzy777 23 napja
I got ak-12 black ice at level 15 hehe
Why I am bored
Why I am bored 23 napja
Riz_is 23 napja
everyone looking for that one angel that timestamped when he got the black ices
foresst 23 napja
417 blackice
I'm bored Everything
If Marley gets 4 mil he should get his own face mask for operators or maybe his own skin or gun camo
Tode 8 napja
Or a Marley charm
snipingmything yeet
That would be so cool
Declan Ziolkowski
Liam Logan
Liam Logan 18 napja
Memeboi 21 napja
JUAN black ice
Caidan Gower
Caidan Gower 23 napja
MP7 black ice
ukdrillpops 24 napja
Gaminghood Brothers
"You do not believe in Juan, Juan believes in you." -Dom lol
Cosmic 24
Cosmic 24 24 napja
bucks primary black ice
Trintan Hall
Trintan Hall 25 napja
Hi I love your vids they make me happy and excited
Kool kid
Kool kid 25 napja
IlusiveLive 25 napja
black ice buck cmon babes
Thicc Gaming Doggo
lIBeastIl 25 napja
the dwyer hill skins look like fuckin lincoln logs
Jotaro Koju
Jotaro Koju 25 napja
I liked
Brobro 5560
Brobro 5560 26 napja
bucks primary assault rifle
Sam B
Sam B 26 napja
How do u get all the alpha packs
Zinkizoonki E
Zinkizoonki E 26 napja
My prediction is 417 black ice
DarkLighting 2768
Marley is jealous... Because I have buck's black ice skin
rick Sanchez
rick Sanchez 29 napja
Marley I have black ice for the pmm and kapcans smg MARLEY I GAVE YOU THE LUCK I PASSED IT DOWN
Ali Alis
Ali Alis 29 napja
alla fine moriremo tutti
Mp7 black ice dupe
Andy Bernard
Andy Bernard 29 napja
Me sat here at lvl 80 with no black ices. My friend has 6 black ices and he is lvl 105
Ben Parker
Ben Parker 29 napja
I've only got Kapkan's shotgun, Buck's pistol and Thermite's AR black ice
Novisor 29 napja
Buck black ice
hutson vanderford
My first ever alpha pack was the L8A52 black ice
Joaquin Suarez
Joaquin Suarez Hónapja
Where’s my smooch
Mr Gamerz
Mr Gamerz Hónapja
Marley: gets a third Dino charm. Background music: dinosaur train but it’s dinosaur charm
BotW Link
BotW Link Hónapja
I find it quite sad how Marley hasn't gotten Bucks primary in black ice for so long, yet my second alpha pack ever gave it to me.
Assistance By Design
buck primary
The Q couse
The Q couse Hónapja
Buck primary
Andrew Tumms
Andrew Tumms Hónapja
1:51 The Montylorian
seeegle Hónapja
seeegle Hónapja
lol literally liked the vid right before he pulled the ak12 black ice 😂😂😂
viper 1
viper 1 Hónapja
Everygun Marley wants I have black ice for but then my account got hacked and I lost them
dexx art
dexx art Hónapja
Who rembers when the guy calls dom an idot
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