365 DAYS - Netflix's Terrible '50 Shades of Grey' Rip-Off 

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365 days is a terrible Netflix movie
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Elvis The Alien
Elvis The Alien 10 hónapja
Hello friends, thanks for clicking on my video! This one took me 10 years to get monetized (for obvious reasons). I made a bunch of different versions trying to find a way to get HUtown to green light it; and finally they decided this one was okay. If you wanna see the original demonetized version of this video (which includes some interesting masks lol) I posted it on my patreon: www.patreon.com/elvisthealien Thanks for watching!
Kuba Puchii
Kuba Puchii 13 napja
@Unknown Chick or he can just say white moustache , saves the brain cells used to say the word
Unknown Chick
Unknown Chick 13 napja
@Karol K yeah, and a hated one, may I add. Polish people are pretty famous in US movie industry, infamous too (Polanski) and during the 40s most of Californian population was inbreeded with Polish blood hence strange names you have in there.
Unknown Chick
Unknown Chick 13 napja
You pronounce it Barbaba Beauauwo-vones, my mom is a Pole.
Karol K
Karol K 25 napja
In Poland that thing wasn't netflix movie, in Poland that thing was a cinema movie.
Kuba Puchii
Kuba Puchii 2 hónapja
@Anonym Anonym pro tip : do.not.skip english class
smartPuff 73
smartPuff 73 12 órája
Wasn’t this based on a 50 Shades of Gray Wattpad fanfic
BearMeatTaco 3 napja
I once went out with a girl who showed me this movie, literally 4 days after we met, she thought this movie was a masterpiece and -surprise surprise- she was the most toxic woman I’ve ever met in my life
Mer!! 7 napja
the dude is kinda like santa claus
Kaleem ullah
Kaleem ullah 7 napja
I hate this movie with passion. And I will find the guys. who made it and made them suffer
Ever read a webcomic? Yep. This is how they always struck me. Powerful CEOs with their money which gives them a right to own and dominate women. It's disheartening, if unsurprising, that this is popular.
Brb gonna go watch the dexter 2021 teaser again
Ray Huang
Ray Huang 10 napja
but is she Stevie from Schett's creek?
Depressed dork
Depressed dork 11 napja
Mom can we get LCD Soundsystem? We have LCD Soundsystem at home. LCD Soundsystem at home: 17:33
Henry the Anglerfish
The only way I can ever see this movie working out to any extent is if she plays along with his plan and at the very end of the movie, she beats him to death as punishment
Rylee Osborne
Rylee Osborne 12 napja
Y O O N B U M 12 napja
Are u lost bbg 😘🙄😏🥵🤤
beReal 12 napja
poor massimo
Desmond McGill
Desmond McGill 12 napja
What was that woman talking about typhon and Zeus . Isn’t typhon male and god of all monsters
Melinda Ahmed
Melinda Ahmed 12 napja
That opening scene 😂
saar levin
saar levin 12 napja
So it’s like the super rapey version of 50 shades of grey
Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert
A kidnapping turning into a relationship has happened, but awful movies are far more common.
Barbara Białowąs, basically means Barbara white moustache. As a polish person i confirm, this is stupid. And Yes, polish movies are stUpID.
tenlettaRiah 13 napja
I fucking loved this movie. didn’t quite understand it but hey it is what it is
Marconi Santana
Marconi Santana 13 napja
"are you lost baby girl?" "stay lost"
Jesse Bond
Jesse Bond 14 napja
When Stephenie Meyer had a dream about a young girl falling in love with Frankenstein's monster, and decided to write a book about it... She did not know what she was creating. This, this is Twilight's legacy. This is her real creation. Her Frankenstein's monster.
deadbadugly 14 napja
As a Pole, I'm ashamed...please forgive us...
Feather Bow
Feather Bow 15 napja
My 14 year old friend is watching this.
Checkmate 15 napja
Fifty Shades of Black was easier to watch than this.
Steel Soild
Steel Soild 15 napja
"Are you lost baby girl?" Baby girl uses tazer! It's super effective!
Nevermind 16 napja
wtf was that !!! so disgusting
Franca 16 napja
The director is polish and it's pronounced Biawowons (not kidding)
Queenie 16 napja
i watched it with a friend and we had such a good laugh because it is so ridiculoia but also what can i say the dude is so handsome so obvs we enjoyed it lol
Will I guess
Will I guess 16 napja
What’s this about Typhon and Zeus? Typhon was a son of Gaia along with Kronos, Zeus’ father, making Typhon Zeus’ uncle. So what’s this about Typhon not falling in love with Zeus in 365 days?
Will I guess
Will I guess 16 napja
Fun fact: Cerberus was one of Typhon’s children
hello :3
hello :3 17 napja
It feels like something out of wattpad
StarzRiser 18 napja
I actually wouldnt mind this happening to me. It'd be way better than the life I actually have right now...
carrie boyd
carrie boyd 18 napja
When he says “Are you lost baby girl?” I dry heave and my skin crawls. Women love this because he’s rich and handsome, but thats not how it happens in real life!! We need to stop normalizing abusive relationships, they aren’t sexy, and these type of obsessive relationships often end up badly for the person who’s being controlled.
Breathing Is good
I've seen porn actors do better performances
toxicccream 18 napja
The most misplaced song in this movie ist "I see Red" thats played in the boat scene. Like the song is about a woman killing her cheating husband.
Frozen 17
Frozen 17 19 napja
This movie is retarded but its just a chicks porn. It doesn't say anything about women or society or anything out of the bedroom. For lots of women one sexual fantasy is to be "owned" by a rich "bad boy" and popularity of this movie proves it. Last 10y of snowflake culture has created this new age puritan mindset for lots of people and its so funny seeing all this butthurt and cancel culture about a harmless porn lol
Grace TUG
Grace TUG 19 napja
Bro my friend was like it’s so good and hot and well we don’t really talk to her anymore-
jam spread
jam spread 19 napja
"aRe yoU lOst bAbY gHorl?" If it's Bang Chan, hell yeah, I'm in.
jam spread
jam spread 19 napja
No one asked, but only BANG CHAN can call me baby girl HAHAHAHHAH
sharzin lalebazri
How is it that these romantic movies are scarier than most horror movies?
lychee luvv
lychee luvv 20 napja
lmao is it bad that i am not even surprised by the slightest bit since these kinds of stories are pretty prevalent in wattpad... (ah those cringey days of mine)
Director last name translate as: White moustache.
So wait, all that and she died? Oh that makes it even more stupid.
Elongated Muskrat
Are you lost baby girl
Blue Berry
Blue Berry 22 napja
This whole movie is just a book on Wattpad
JayKay 23 napja
When rape is made into a Netflix original
Mlgdash 24 napja
50 shades of grey at home
Lindsey Johnson
Lindsey Johnson 24 napja
I'm thinking I am never gonna eat ice cream again... also, I am feeling that Laura is kinda just a dumbshit...
Olivier Roussin
Olivier Roussin 25 napja
My ex-girlfriend romantise this movie... She left me to go back with her ex who cheated on her 6 times. Now i know how brainwash she is and i cant do anything about it
Carrie McDonald
Carrie McDonald 25 napja
You had me hitting that subscribe button as soon as you said Shuck his corn. lmfao
hollybears 25 napja
my friends and i made the mistake of watching this movie together at 3 am and anyway that’s why our group chat has been named “are u lost bbg 💦” for the past two months
Paweł Samotik
Paweł Samotik 25 napja
What is worth pointing out, Barbara Bialowas is infamous in Poland for arguing with reviewer from polish imdb imitation of her first movie, which of course was very bad. Yes, she seriously criticized proffesional movie critics, cause tHeY dIdNt UnDeRsTaNd her art. And for her defence she had ver wise sentences like: Words, words, words or: About movie in a movie in movie concept. So yeah
a witch with 3 diplomas
It's like all those shitty guilty pleasure fanfictions I definately never read but just lacks all the taste...
Satan Satan
Satan Satan 25 napja
The intro I’m dying inside 😂
Zee Reyes
Zee Reyes 26 napja
This is literally a movie about romantizing rape omg
why my country had to shit out this abomination of a movie lmao
Absolute Pineapple Studios
OutSource Kings
OutSource Kings 27 napja
Soon as the movie got 10 minutes I was like this has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Of course girl I was with wanted to see it. So bad I had to turn it off. Literally watching HUtown reviews for laughs that’s how bad it is. Now I hear a Sequel may come out. Make it stop lol
DeadbeatJean 27 napja
I'm half Italian so I guess I've a free pass to be a sexual freak
Jaqueline 28 napja
When I was 10 years old I had a crush on an german actor and this is literally what I imagined. Now I see my imagination on screen with some special effects.
Princess Marshella Horman
Who is that German actor? I'm curious
The wanderer
The wanderer 28 napja
But when I say "are you lost baby girl" in my sexiest voice I get a restraining order.
Natalie's Workshop
I dont think I have ever been more ashamed of being Polish tbh.
Cheri Kozie
Cheri Kozie Hónapja
Lmao 😆 The way she falls off! Haha
Rufus lion
Rufus lion Hónapja
Don’t worry mate Nic will protect you from the movie
nagitos dead dog
are you lost babygorl 😜
JJC Johansson
JJC Johansson Hónapja
I got an ad for Italian sausages in the middle of the video.
Myracle Woodford
The only thing this was is "If Wattpad and fantasies" were a movie (👀)
Rhino Hónapja
Rated R Beauty and the Beast
I was seeing this movie w my family...
reubenli1234 Hónapja
It's not rape.... as long as the guy is hot I guess ...
Sou Hiyori
Sou Hiyori Hónapja
Wait.. so this was where the "aRe yOU LosT BaBYy GOrLl" crap thing started? Oh shi-
Deidre L
Deidre L Hónapja
Honest to God lm dying laughing at this😂😂😂 Are you insane Baby Girl?
Mewtwonite X
Mewtwonite X Hónapja
*While watching this video I got a video about this thing called Amaze that talks about sexual shit, okay then, youtube*
Rebbie Swift
Rebbie Swift Hónapja
I loved this movie
Clover G
Clover G Hónapja
This was such a funny review 🤣 "trying his popsicle"
Odity1858 Hónapja
Nick was shown so much in this video that he should be featured
Odity1858 Hónapja
12:00 my guy why'd you dive like that. You look like I damn seagull diving for fish😂
Hiraeth Nightshade
I love the dog clip, so cute and also hilarious how accurate the comparison is. PD: The use of the music in this movie should be ilegal.
Gamingnerd19 Emonerd
“Are you lost babygirl?” *Me laughing for two minutes*
Yuki L. Spencer
Yuki L. Spencer Hónapja
This movie is provably made to see how borderline pawnhub content you can put onto a public streaming platform
DeeDee Says Raaa
I'm not too sure if men are aware that not many women get turned on by men getting a BJ lol
Ty Hónapja
I will now initiate in pelvic slapping by asking ‘wanna join giblets? 😌
Jaiden Corbey
Jaiden Corbey Hónapja
15:08 Me when I try to act crazy to look intimidating in front of friends.
Nova7770 Hónapja
As a Polish person, I am so terribly ashamed of this movie. We apologize for making this monstrocity.
Koray Cnd
Koray Cnd Hónapja
14:55 makes me laugh so hard
Hayhay626 Hónapja
Wow :0 This guy is attractive. The youtuber, not the actor XD I'm not a minor so hopefully it's not TOO strange of me to say that
Sarah Bohr
Sarah Bohr Hónapja
liberal arts please
Shr1mpSush1 Hónapja
Is it weird that I'm disappointed that most of the cringe dialogue in this movie ISN'T in the book?
Maggie Hatton
Maggie Hatton Hónapja
this is gross. It's making me uncomfortable
The boy with a rainbow VEVO
This was made in Poland.Don’t be suprised.
LeeLanHua Hónapja
I love that being Polish makes me know million facts about making of this movie and I’m just cry laughing at people’s comments. (Also the way he read Białowąs made me cry)
Mira .45
Mira .45 Hónapja
It blows my mind a Woman directed something so redicuously out of touch and not hot... 😖😖😖
Jacob Goldee
Jacob Goldee Hónapja
Movie idea: 57 shades of red; The Heinz documentery
Wiktor Szymczak
Wiktor Szymczak Hónapja
One day one of those awful awful polish movies had to reach some streaming service. And even thou I didn't watched it I feel so sorry just for being born in country which created it. Btw Barbara Białowąs director of this abomination already made another movie about abusive relationship before. Yes it was as bad as this one just in polish and a lot lot cheaper. Why can't somebody stop her? Why?
Plague Dokktor
Plague Dokktor Hónapja
The fact that there's a bread brand called "Massimo" just makes this video so much more amusing to listen.
Linehp _
Linehp _ Hónapja
We really don't get a Lot of movies in the kink community lol
Linehp _
Linehp _ Hónapja
This movie was really stupid and I somewhat hate myself for finding it hot. Like none of the characters are likeable but the powerplay is interesting and the sex scenes tho
Chaz Henderson
Chaz Henderson Hónapja
"Typhon didn't fall in love with Zeus in 365 days." *Excuse me whaaat*
Natalie Martindale
You know what pisses me off about this movie especially is that he basically gets her killed! It’s his fault she was with him and those other mobsters went after her. If he left her alone she would be alive.
Mr. D e v i a n t O t a k u uwu
There's a scen in polisch in this movie and I m from Poland ❤
Gsav Hónapja
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